Desperate NYT And WP Attacks On Trump Means Praising Silly Opponents No Matter How Childish They Are

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Trump slammed by founder of Humans of New York – The Washington Post who is a blogger who thinks NYC should be a bad a mess as Chicago and is angry that anyone would try to stop this from deteriorating like Chicago.


After radicalists working to overthrow the Rule of Law successfully prevented Trump from giving a speech at a legal rally by illegally invading it and starting fights, 3 Chicago police officers shot and injured while doing their jobs in Windy City which is also Murder City thanks to out of control turf battles over drug dealing.  I am so liberal, I am 100% for ending the drug laws because all this does is make illegal drugs very, very profitable.  I will note that the Washington Post is so desperate to attack Trump, they feature an obvious starry-eyed chipmunk of a young man who thinks that the present NYC environment, finally a habitable city, is an evil thing.  I lived in NYC when it was dying and it was extremely dangerous, living there, thanks to criminals and gangsters and rioters who tried to burn down the entire city when the lights went out.


The cute puppy featured by the desperate neocons running the Washington Post as their machine to push for wars, is very much hated by these stupid neocons who really, really want to crush this naive, silly kid.  They can’t march in unison screaming about Trump cutting off their dicks since most people hate them and want this to happen to them!  So they fished around until they came up with this poor sap who is so young he was very much born long after the black out riots in the mid-1970’s.


He was born long after I campaigned very hard to restore police services after the city nearly went bankrupt and I was known as the ‘Housewife from Hell’ because I got so  many arrested and did the take-down of around 100+ criminals and vandals.  I brought law and order to downtown Brooklyn and was at the core of the arrest (and suicide) of five top elected officials when they tried to shut me up so they could continue looting the city coffers!  Al Sharpton sharpened his fangs trying to get me destroyed via mob violence but blacks in the community stood up for me and he failed.


Now, the Washington Post and the New York Times are pressing hard to praise rioters and gangsters and romantic revolutionaries so they will attack Trump and perhaps, preferably, kill him.  They are desperate knowing the average American will not vote for Sanders if Trump is killed by radicals. No way!  Looking at history, the neocons know perfectly well, the anti-establishmentarians will be hated if Trump is killed and the regular middle of the road voters will march to the neocon’s choice for President to ‘stop the chaos and fighting’.


The key question here is, who is going to do the deed and it looks strongly like the Secret Service attached to Trump are on high alert right now.  I suspect the neocons will bide their time until the convention and then after pressuring Trump to have a Bush Sr. type VP…I remember how that worked for Reagan and understand why Nancy took charge to protect her husband and she really hated the Bush clan, big time, but had to keep silent.  From the WP article interviewing this naive child:


“I try my hardest not to be political,” Stanton wrote. “I’ve refused to interview several of your fellow candidates. I didn’t want to risk any personal goodwill by appearing to take sides in a contentious election. … But I realize now that there is no correct time to oppose violence and prejudice. The time is always now. Because along with millions of Americans, I’ve come to realize that opposing you is no longer a political decision. It is a moral one.”


Stanton noted that Trump has tweeted “racist” lies, delayed disavowing “white supremacy,” defended those who commit violence at his rallies and has “gleefully” told “stories of executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood.”


“I am a journalist, Mr. Trump,” Stanton, who has worked with the U.N. Refugee Agency, wrote. “And over the last two years I have conducted extensive interviews with hundreds of Muslims, chosen at random, on the streets of Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan. I’ve also interviewed hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees across seven different countries. And I can confirm — the hateful one is you.”


HAHAHA.  So, after interviewing various people overseas, he can assert that there is no ISIS, no Saudi funding of fundamentalists to overthrow much more liberal governments, there is no Muslim terrorism aimed squarely at the rest of us and no mass murders because of this ideology?  Good lord, and who did 9/11, Mr. Liberal Child?  Oh, you were still in grade school back then, no?


I remember 9/11.  For me, it was quite traumatic.  I remember the WTC bombing, too, again, by Muslim terrorists.  My ex-husband worked on the 68th floor of Building #1 and my best friend worked on the top floor of Building #2 and I begged both to leave before the first Muslim attack and they did.  I had to hospitalize my ex on 9/11 because he went insane watching it happen.  It tore him up, badly.  He knew people who died that day who worked with him.  They are all dead and obviously, forgotten.


This is most odd to watch unfold.  The neocons HATE Muslims because they are all Zionists and when we have puppets running for President, they all promise to fight Muslims who are angry about Jews taking over the Holy Land.  This is supposed to be the best of the best: hate Muslims and love Jews.  But…Trump is promising to not hate Muslims!  So he is accused of…hating Muslims when the entire reason the neocons are going insane is because his ‘we don’t need to go to war with all Muslims’ message is popular!


THIS IS INSANE.  But this is how propaganda works: ignore the past, reality and logic and go for the emotional.  The young puppy featured by the WP who won’t talk to me anymore, hates Trump because Trump might mess with liberal things that the Post doesn’t care about.  He also believes, thanks entirely to liberal propaganda, that Trump, UNLIKE HILLARY, is going to fight Muslims, not stop them from terrorizing us.  Trump is against fighting in Muslim countries so far!  Even Sanders wants to fight in Muslim countries overseas and he is the ‘antiwar liberal’ in this twisted mess of an election.


This is insane, of course and Trump has peeled back the tarp to expose the rats and slime and cockroaches scurrying underneath.  What is even funnier is this quote of one of the buddies of this kid who thinks we should all be nice and vote for warmongering monsters and not Trump who promises to bring the troops home:


“I’m just working on universal peace and getting everybody to love each other,” a quote from man, in a recent post, read. “I’m an official brother man. I’m the one. Well, I’m one of the ones. There are all kinds of brother mans: black, white, Indian. A brother man is somebody who helps when people need help. A brother man will stand up and say: ‘That’s not right.’ A lot of women are brother mans too. But we don’t call them brother mans. We call them sisters.”


What a mess of a statement and hilarious, too.  Talk about confused and ‘PC Perfect’.  Primaries in five states could breathe new life into lagging campaigns is one of the top headlines of the WP. They are furious that we still have debates, the chosen Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg gangsters are still not shoo-ins to win.  The lone black neocon ‘liberal’ editorial staff writer, Robinson, has an interesting editorial:  Chicago shows Americans will not take Trump’s nonsense lying down because we all know that blacks and young white students sheltered in school are good guys for attacking a legal political rally in order to turn it into chaos and prevent a legal candidate from addressing his own people and rioting is perfectly fine if the WP staff and owners think someone should be terrorized to shut them all up????


Chicago shows us that thugs win!  And they accuse Trump of being a thug.  Protesters should let Trump air his hate says stable mate Zionist Jew, Richard Cohen.  Who supports segregation of Nazi-type severity in Israel, his home base.  Maryland officer likely killed by friendly fire during gun battle in a black neighborhood and the officer is black.  And the liberal solution to all this?  More of the same thing that is destroying the black community.  More illegal aliens and paying them to kick blacks out of jobs, more segregation as black communities grow blacker as whites flee black crime.  More of everything that is wrong.

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NYT continues the hysteria on the front page…note no mention of Sanders, he is the Invisible Man in this election.


No solutions are being offered except by Sanders who is offering more socialism and more money spent on the lower classes but then he also wants a flood of illegal aliens, too, so the lower classes will be increasingly trapped in dead industrial cities while overrun by angry aliens who want to overthrow our culture and government.  This lunacy is obvious to a historian but invisible to the people who control our country and who have driven the US upon the stony shores of Reality Land which is also called ‘Hell on Earth’.


And a peek overseas as the same turmoil there leads to nativism and cutting back on New World Order plans to control everyone from a bureaucracy hidden from view:

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 6.57.03 PM

And Russia is doing the peace thing?  HAHAHA, again, note that the Top U.S. general wants to resume strikes against the Taliban and Top Islamic State commander dies of wounds from U.S. strike in Syria as we continue to fight where Russia is finishing fighting and leaving.  And Putin is the scary evil one, not the manic US bombers and drone assassins.


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6 responses to “Desperate NYT And WP Attacks On Trump Means Praising Silly Opponents No Matter How Childish They Are

  1. Melponeme_k

    The young were raised on computers and other technology. It has literally changed the structure of their brains. In fact I doubt they read the same way as you or I do. They don’t use the same neural connections when they write.

    So is it any surprise that they are suckers for any con man coming down the social media pike?

    They are truly the Eloi. And the Morlocks have to destroy the rest of us who were raised with some brain cells still firing.

  2. Jim R

    We have a large convention of such suckers, going on in downtown Austin right now.

    Obama was here over the weekend, patiently explaining why we have to tear up the structure of the Internet. (agreeing with Melponeme’s ‘con man coming down the social media pike’)

  3. CK

    We have to tear up the current structure of the internet because the current structure allows site akin to Culture of Life news to be heard and seen by the children … won’t someone poison the children?
    The internet must become a safe space for Black lives Murder, Illegal immigrant rapists, every Semite in every town, every sexually confused paederast, every rape fantasist mattress woman and her enablers.
    Build by white hetero males ( and the occasional white hetero female admiral ) the internet is obviously evil … original sin in the machine.
    The height of white privilege is the internet.

  4. vengeur

    “…they feature an obvious starry-eyed chipmunk of a young man…” LOL Elaine.

  5. Christian W

    Microsoft ran a huge psychological survey and found that modern people literally have the attention span of goldfish, but are much better at multitasking than before.

    So now we have goldfish voters…

  6. Melponeme_k

    Laugh all ya want people. But the fact is, we are in essence conducting an uncontrolled, potentially harmful experiment on our children by exposing them to so much technology at very young ages. They are not learning the same way as children did before technology.

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