Obama Nominates Yet Another Jewish Lawyer To Supreme Court: Zero Protestants In Court

Merrick Garland whose ancestors changed their name to hide who they were, is the Obama choice for the Court.  Lots of Americans have zero representation in this court and this continues forever, it seems.  More than half the population has zero representation at this point if we include all Asians of all sorts.  This is insane and ridiculous and shows who is pulling what strings and where.  Pandering to minority groups has led to this mess.


This court’s decisions are impositions if 50% plus Americans are totally and utterly excluded.  Religion and law always very much intersect so pretending there is no difference is dead wrong.  Laws are expressions of religious beliefs in all societies and changing these over time as people struggle to gain civil rights is very important and for example, the right to have an abortion is a religious issue to many, and so is segregation as we see black youths demand segregation all over again…who sits in this court is highly important and forcing things on people who have no representation leads to violence and we see this in the present election.


This very lopsided situation was the subject of this interview with the top Justice, Scalia On Separation Of Church And State – Business Insider


 “The fact that the Supreme Court consists of–what now?–six Catholics and three Jews: I would like to believe that it’s because of more religious toleration, but I think it’s actually because of indifference,” Scalia said.


“‘[G]ood government should abide by natural law,” Scalia reportedly said. “And, as Catholic Church teaches, natural law prohibits certain things, such as abortion, that Catholics in public life can oppose.”


Betrayed yet again by liberals in today’s case!  Israel looms very large.  Our systems are enslaved to Jews who believe that segregation, sectarian politics, religious brutal dictatorships are all wonderful and good if you are a Jew and if you are not a Jew, you are a subhuman with no civil rights whatsoever.  This core belief of anyone who is Jewish and I have known very liberal Jews who would refuse to let me eat at their table due to me being a dirty outside female, for example.


Liberalism when it is married to fascism, is fascism totally.  The schizophrenic views of liberal Jews always smashes on these rocks of cruel segregation and enslaving of outsiders. Then there are the Catholics who take orders, like the Jews, from religious foreign powers.  Both obey non-American elites who hate our basic civil liberties and want to control us and I say, impeach the entire court and start new again.


But this won’t happen, it will only get worse and worse as religious and language (note that everything now has Spanish attached!) eat away at our ‘unity’ and we go down the road of


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so many nations that fall apart thanks to religious and or race issues.  What a mess we are in for!



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6 responses to “Obama Nominates Yet Another Jewish Lawyer To Supreme Court: Zero Protestants In Court

  1. Jim R

    The archaic English term pale is derived from the Latin word palus, a stake, extended to mean the area enclosed by a fence or boundary.

    — Wikipedia

    Interesting. His father’s family was from “beyond the pale”. I never knew where that phrase came from. ‘Palus’ — word root for ‘to impale’. A stake, hmmm…

    Probably means he’ll be a Russophobe. He’ll probably be like that screwball who just decided, on the record, that 911 was Iran’s fault. Next it’ll be Russia’s fault.

    Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here.

  2. Christian W

    Meanwhile Trump has decided to genuflect before AIPAC.

    And… Sheldon Adelsohn hints he may endorse Trump according to The Times of Israel.

  3. Lou

    Jews keep pushing back against our rights—-

    Revised UC intolerance proposal addresses anti-Zionism | KSL.com

    The University of California has revised a proposed policy on
    intolerance to include anti-Zionism and antisemitism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as forms of discrimination that won’t be tolerated …


  4. Petruchio

    Notice how there is NEVER a “celebration” or respect for multiculturalism when it comes to those things the Real Rulers of the US value? Like who is on the Supreme Court. The Rulers and Enforcers of Political Correctness would never allow a Fire Department or a Police Department to be run this way. We would need to have everyone except white Middle Class types on these Fire and Police Departments. And of course, I feel VERY comfy knowing that we have someone on The Supreme Court who is fearful of his actual ethnic background being discovered. The Double Standard couldn’t be harsher.

  5. Christian W


    “Another way Democracy is rigged in America

    Did you know that if a given political party already has an incumbent in a particular political post, it’s standard practice in the United States for a political party to prohibit its voter-list to be purchased by anyone who’s not an incumbent office-holder in that party — including by someone who wishes to challenge or contest within that party the incumbent, in a primary election?”


    This neat system ensures that corrupt politicians that the elites are satisfied with stay in the system, rather than voters getting competent politicians and lawmakers that serve the public good.

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