Trump Triumphs, Skull & Bones Numbskulls Go Nuts, Must Call On Geronimo’s Skull April 15th

ABC News: Skull & Bones Ritual Caught on Tape! – YouTube which is all about worshipping the Devil That Is Death


Trump forces Rubio OUT: The Donald wins THREE primaries, crushing Marco in his home state of Florida with 45% but Kasich wins Ohio and Missouri is a virtual TIE with counting suspended while the media crows that Hillary won her primaries in a ‘huge sweep’ while the figures show she barely squeezed past Sanders who has been alternatively ignored or taunted by media owners nearly nonstop.  The uprising on the left continues virtually unabated and this will produce a lot of anger at Clinton on her ‘supporters’ on the left.  Meanwhile, meetings about how to eliminate Trump on the right continue in the Dark Realms.  I wonder if these guys are calling on Geronimo and bin Laden’s skulls for intervention and assistance?


I am not joking, either.  We are fast approaching the April 15th annual Skull and Bones income tax ceremony night and they will be at work, making deals with the Devil That Is Death which is their own name for their own entity they worship in reality.  One of my ancestors, Henry Steele, created this coven and I am indirectly attached to is in odd ways that irritates me no end.


‘It wasn’t God’s plan’: Marco Rubio drops out of the race and says he will join the ‘Stop Trump movement’ after being walloped in his home state because he isn’t popular at home and thinks that if he joins fellow Cuban, he can get some goodies of some sort.  I will note here that all candidates this election are appealing to distinct minority populations hoping to swamp the 50% white population in primaries.  That is, Hispanics and blacks figure in both GOP and DNC plans.  Hillary’s many wins in the Deep South are due to blacks voting for her in big numbers where they have zero chance of winning a full election, the DNC has conceded the Deep South to the GOP.


Which is furious because Trump says openly what the rest of the GOP robbers say via ‘dog whistle’ words.  And since voters there want to hear what they say to each other, echoed by their own leaders, they are happy with Trump, very happy with him.  The other candidates are gaining the ‘protest’ vote but have very little enthusiasm or love from their voters, these voters are anti-Trump.  This is a gigantic problem for the GOP and ditto with Hillary who is the ‘she is inevitable so I may as well surrender’ candidate, little real enthusiasm.


Top conservatives gather to plot third-party run against Trump – POLITICO


“Please join other conservative leaders to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination,” the three wrote in an invitation obtained by POLITICO that recently went out to conservative leaders, “and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”


AND they won’t mention Rand Paul.  HAHAHA.  End of story.  I suppose they will push for another Bush.  Hope they try this.


And this is the definition of insanity: Mitch McConnell spoke with Trump about unrest at rallies – POLITICO:  note how McConnell ignores the fact that the violent attackers and protesters disrupting Trump’s rallies are all extreme leftists who want Sanders, not Clinton.  Why they don’t disrupt Clinton baffles me.  Or rather, makes for some humor since the protestors are OK with warmongering, I suspect.


The Senate majority leader abandoned his cautious nature on Tuesday to tell Trump he needs to actively work to dissuade violence on the campaign trail. It was the second time McConnell has called out Trump this year despite his vows to stay out of the race…“We had a good conversation, and I appreciated his call. And I took the opportunity to recommend to him that no matter who may be triggering these violent expressions or conflicts that we’ve seen at some of these rallies, it might be a good idea to condemn that and discourage it no matter what the source of it is,” McConnell said on Tuesday.


The private phone conversation was sought by Trump himself…Several senators said Monday that they agreed with Trump’s assertion that clashes in Chicago on Friday were ginned up by liberal activists, and McConnell’s leadership team refused to criticize Trump when asked on Monday why the real estate mogul was not doing more to disavow the violence.


“I think nobody condones violence, but people have to be free to speak their mind in a country that believes in freedom of speech,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Monday evening.


We have NEVER had real ‘freedom of speech’ in this country.  Never.  Or rather, we had it briefly online years ago but not since 2001.  I was part of the ‘Free Speech Movement’ and at Berkeley, no less.  I gave speeches that were disrupted by the police and by radical LEFTISTS because they screamed I wasn’t radical enough and that they were pure and good Maoists even though I warned them that some of their own leaders were working for Hoover, not Mao (HAHAHA).


Especially on campuses, one is not allowed to ‘speak one’s mind’ at all, crushing free speech is what the far left is aiming for and they take offense over nearly everything even as the females cuss in public like longshoremen (or rather ‘longshorepeople’) on the docks of Port New York.  These fainting flowers of womanhood sound like tattooed dock workers…and often ape their tattoos and looks, too.  And then get faint and dainty if you say something they disagree with which then causes a flood of screaming and howling like tormented souls deep in personal hells.


The screeching of devils on the fake rightwing operations is equally deafening:  Why John Kasich might just prove to be the Donald Trump killer – CBS News screams, gnashing their fangs and tearing out their pointy tails.


‘Don’t worry, he won’t get beaten up at our event’: Rubio jokes about Trump violence as ‘Comedians’ posing as protesters interrupt both his and Kasich’s speech: so, these Bilderberg bozos have to hire fake ‘comedians’ to pretend to protest them so they could ‘joke’ about the very real death threats and threats of extreme violence aimed at him personally?  Good lord.  This is not at all funny.


Then there is this news which leaves out all the occasions where the Clintons and Bushes cooperate with each other endlessly since they all belong to the same gangs in private that work for the global elites:  Hillary Clinton slams George W Bush days after warm embrace at Nancy Reagan’s funeral  | Daily Mail Online


A picture of both Bush and Clinton sharing a hug went viral over the weekend after it was snapped at Mrs Reagan’s funeral in California on Friday…Clinton can then be seen laughing as Bush but his head down on top of hers. The pair seemed to be enjoying each other’s company as they chatted following the memorial service, with Clinton serving as governor of New York while Bush was president.


But just days later with Clinton back on the campaign trail in Chicago, she was asked about the GOP presidential field’s plans for the economy.


‘What certainly influenced me’ to support Iraq war, Clinton says, was Bush’s billions of aid to NYC:  The article and Clinton both go on to blather about how Bush Jr. ‘saved’ NYC after the 9/11 attack by our Saudi allies, he gave money to NYC which the GOP didn’t want to give.  Goodie gum drops.  Too bad, the plotting of 9/11 was done right offshore of Jupiter Island in Florida which is a Bush secret compound and that Cheney watched it unfold, feet up sitting happy at his desk and Jr. read to school children after GRINNING when he heard the news…good lord, I don’t forget these things, but the public is encouraged to forget these things.


This is how our elites lecture us about taking in a million angry Muslim males like Germany!  They tell us, these guys won’t ever harm us!  And propaganda stories all over the place tell us that we must do this and we should take in the Palestinians, too…NOT!  Oops. Wrong Muslims! Israel Confiscates Large Tract of Palestine Land in West Bank as the Jews try and try to drive out the Palestinians and no one takes them in for the Jews but leaves them all festering there and the Palestinians don’t want to go anywhere, they intend to stay.  No politician in the US dares mention these poor people.  No Palestinians attacked on 9/11, either.  Just Saudis, or paid by Saudis.


George Clooney slams America for ‘forgetting who we are’: Actor and wife Amal reveal anger at US’s failure to tackle migrant crisis after listening to harrowing plight of ‘tortured’ refugees who made it to Europe .   How many houses do Angelina Jolie and George and Amal Clooney have between them? EIGHT. And how many refugees do they house? NONE says the media in England not the US.  The rich hypocrites love to lecture all of us.  And they all agree we will roast to death unless we stop consuming energy and exhaling, too.


Richard Branson’s Moroccan paradise and Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian escape: The jaw-dropping holiday retreats of the world’s billionaires none of which host refugee Muslim families at all nor are any of these places eliminated as ruining the environment.  These energy hogs who don’t share their homes with the homeless are shameless blabbermouths telling us what to do while not doing it, themselves.


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14 responses to “Trump Triumphs, Skull & Bones Numbskulls Go Nuts, Must Call On Geronimo’s Skull April 15th

  1. Lou

    I have a question.

    ‘I wonder if these guys are calling on Geronimo and bin Laden’s skulls for intervention and assistance?’

    How does ‘praying’ over a skull or 2 do anything? What am I missing here?

  2. Lou

    Clooney, Branson and Zuck are leftists who want to destroy USA [and freedom] Leftists all.

  3. Jim R

    Lou, that tape was made a while back. I don’t think they had bin Laden’s skull at that time.

    I wonder if they’ve added Charlie Manson’s skull to their collection now?

  4. Obama appoints another Jew to Supreme Court. No WASP’s on SCOTUS until Trump gets elected and lucky. Hopefully, the Repub’s will just vote him down. Maybe Presidents should be limited to two Scotus seats per term.

  5. Petruchio

    ” These fainting flowers of womanhood sound like tattooed dock workers…and often ape their tattoos and looks, too. And then get faint and dainty if you say something they disagree with which then causes a flood of screaming and howling like tormented souls deep in personal hells.” Oh, I can’t let this one pass. Elaine, be thankful you are a woman; you won’t have to face one of these “liberated” ladies in Family Court for a divorce. Believe me, these “liberated” womyn (it is improper, btw, to spell woman with an “a”; because the m-a-n part of woman/women spells “man” or “men”. That’s sexist AND elitist! HAHAHA). become quite the old fashioned “gurlz” when it comes to things like, say, division of marital assets. They come across as the poor, helpless female (femyle) type then. And then of course there is alimony. These chicas need a lifetime of support. Not very liberated if you ask me.

  6. Melponeme_k

    I really don’t know what to say about Skull & Bones, in that I find it silly to believe that there are a group of rich people who think rolling around in graveyards will give them everlasting wealth. Rational explanations for their condition in life are pretty obvious to everyone. They come from money and they hob not with money. Its pretty much guaranteed that only money will support money.

    Also why pray to the devil? Wouldn’t Kali Ma do just as well? How about Cerridwen, Hekate, or more likely the Morrigan? If not females than what about Yanu or the Lord of Naraka? Is Hades too boring?

    I’ve read Antony Suttons book and despite it chronicling how S&K people have affected Yale itself, education etc. there was no information on what their beliefs were and why. So please, write more about it if you know.

  7. tio

    It is difficult not to despair sometimes.

    [Reacting to Obama’s comments, Prince Turki opened his response with: “No, Mr Obama. We are not “free riders”. We shared with you our intelligence that prevented deadly terrorists on America.

    “We initiated the meetings that led to the coalition that is fighting Fahish (ISIL), and we train and fund the Syrian freedom fighters, who fight the biggest terrorist, Bashar Assad and the other terrorists, Al-Nusrah and Fahish (ISIL). We offered boots on the ground to make that coalition more effective in eliminating the terrorists.”

    He went on to highlight Saudi Arabia’s role in initiating “the support — military, political and humanitarian — that is helping the Yemeni people reclaim their country” without calling for American forces; instead establishing a coalition of “more than 30 Muslim countries to fight all shades of terrorism in the world”.]

    As for the S&B death cult, sickening, horrible.

    Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I’m going to get plastered.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, Saudi Arabia is ‘saving’ Yemen by murdering everyone else there. Sort of like us in Vietnam.

  9. tio

    The big fat spider lies with the truth, I am now comfortably numb.

  10. Jim R

    Haha, this just in!

  11. floridasandy

    my vote here never got counted, but Trump won Florida handily.

    He should play well in Arizona too because of all the illegal immigration problems, and the endorsement by Arpaio,

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