Arizona Rallies For Trump Attacked Violently By Leftist Gangs Again

Woman in Klan Outfit Disrupts Trump Rally – YouTube


Trump is being openly attacked over and over again by DNC supporters or soon-to-be-kicked-to-the-curb delusional Sander supporters.  They are quite violent.  Like in 1968 when antiwar leftists attacked Nixon supporters over and over again, this leads to victory for the one they are kicking so hard.  Hillary, instead of calling off her dogs, eggs them all on and Sander does worse, he thinks this is good!  Using thugs to attack political opponents is the road to ruin and for the Democrats to cheer this on, is insanely dangerous and stupid.


Donald Trump rally ends in violence as female protester wears KKK hood and Nazi salutes.  This is a typical example of what not to do at a political rally.  If this woman wanted to support her own candidate, she should have done her street theater event there, not at a rival rally.  She certainly should be arrested for trying to provoke a riot.  Here are some comments to the article by readers which nearly all, are angry about leftists attacking people at right wing rallies and then whining about being hit after doing ‘in your face’ stuff:


Cameliabud, NC, United States, about 6 hours ago
Shame this news agency didn’t see fit to report how the “protesters” were putting cameras in the faces of Trump supporters doing nothing more than trying to get in the doors to attend the rally. The protesters did this as they screamed “Hey bigot! I got you on camera you racist piece of ****!” To people they don’t know a thing about. And all the while they are screaming such hate at perfect strangers, they are carrying signs saying “United against hate”. It doesn’t get any more hypocritical than that. Oh…the protesters have also taken to pelting the Trump supporters with rocks as they leave the building. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s Trump and his supporters who are filled with hate and violence. It’s the liberal left.


Jared King, Cary, United States, about 6 hours ago
Violence happens when you trample on other peoples rights. Trump supporters have the right to peaceful assembly. They are being denied that right by leftists that are interrupting their assembly. I know you Brits have a hard time understanding this concept. Which is why you LOST the Revolutionary War to begin with.


Sy Sharp, melbourne, Australia, about 6 hours ago
The guy who gets hit is white saying that the black guy is racist? He better check his white privilege 🙂 The swing to the right all around the world is going to be huge as societies have begin to splinter and Regressive so called liberals double down whilst losing control of their countries and their tongues.


Yes, a white left wing radical disrupting a peaceful assembly, called a black man a ‘racist’.  This shows how insane things are today.  Below is a video showing yet another factory moving to Mexico and not a single leftist is there to protest this:

And why are right wing voters who are mainly working stiffs, going for Trump?   Well, we had so far, 7 years of Obama and the Democrats running the White House signing more ‘free trade’ deals that screw US workers: Carrier Workers See Costs, Not Benefits, of Global Trade – The New York Times


“This is strictly a business decision,” a Carrier executive tells employees, describing how their 1,400 jobs making furnaces and heating equipment will be sent to Mexico. Workers there typically earn about $19 a day — less than what many on the assembly line here make in an hour. As boos and curses erupt from the crowd, the executive says, “Please quiet down.”


And so it rolls relentlessly onwards as our entire country gives up its industrial base.  Our rulers scream at us that we will roast to death if we have an industrial base and that we should cease consuming energy and live like Africans live, in mud huts with zero services.  Big Ben, Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House turn off for Earth Hour and then turned on the juice again since this is a stupid stunt, not a smart one.


Why turn the lights back on???  This is utterly irrational.  What they are really saying is, ‘We will turn off YOUR lights and keep our own pet lights blasting away at the dark at your expense!’  If this is so serious a problem, the worst on earth, why aren’t all the rich blowing up their private jets, burning down their stupid huge mansions, etc.  Why aren’t the British Royals and the Pope riding bikes or walking or riding horses instead of using private jets and huge limos to get around?


And Obama, jet setting all over the planet earth while whining that this is going to kill us all?  HAHAHA.  And they wonder why increasing numbers of voters are angry about all this.  UN Names “Angry Bird” as their Latest Climate Ambassador | Watts Up With That?  Indeed.  So, this huge red commie bird is pissed off that the planet isn’t in another Ice Age?  What?  It is going to peck us to death unless we make the planet cooler, somehow?


Yikes.  They are insane, really, really insane.  And the UN is doing this stupid thing, the UN has a gigantic carbon footprint and the leader of the UN thinks nothing about consuming vast oceans of energy to gad about the planet doing nothing useful, certainly, not anything to do with ‘peace’ between empires.  A US power elite toad, if there ever was one.


I forgot to go to the Washington Post for its daily across the board attacks on Trump for being popular with the crazy Zionist neocons and the leftists all howling like banshees:  No one will be able to stop the political violence Donald Trump is unleashing which is blaming the victim for illegal disruptors at his own rallies which are funded by himself.


I yelled ‘Black lives matter!’ at a Trump rally. This is what happened next. is hilarious. Imagine if ‘black lives matter’ guys do this sort of screaming at a Sanders rally.  Then there are the multi-millionaire Clintons who have secret deals with Wall Street rich dudes:  Trump isn’t just campaigning. He’s selling his supporters a glamorous life.  Oh my, how dare he?

When it’s easier to fight than to speak up is a guest editorial excusing violence as a means of getting one’s way in the world which is again, hilarious.Five myths about political spin whines about how politicians ‘spin’ stuff, sort of like the spider complaining about birds building nests.  How childish this all is!  The real firestorm looming from all this is with the ‘working stiff’ and ‘deep in debt students’ finally figuring out who is destroying them both.


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23 responses to “Arizona Rallies For Trump Attacked Violently By Leftist Gangs Again

  1. melponeme_k

    I could see the potential for all this way back in the thick of the Occupy Wall Street movement. During the march an agitator went around and graffitied buildings, windows etc. Most of the “liberals” cheered on this act even though it disrupted the Occupy protest and led to scuffles with the police. I stated on Huffingtonpost that this act should not be supported and the vandals denounced or the Occupy movement would be ruined. Everyone answered that the vandals were not wrong and strong arm tactics were required.

    Well now….here we are now only with more violence.

  2. Mike in Pennsylvania

    “All the world’s a stage.”
    What a clown show.

    Another view of The Trump Show, from TruthStream media: Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves the Matrix Is Real (

  3. Lou

    Mike—how is the Matrix real? Or global?

  4. Petruchio

    ” Hillary, instead of calling off her dogs, eggs them all on and Sander does worse, he thinks this is good! ” Eventually, the people who NOW think this kind of thuggery is good will come to regret it. Why? Because TWO can play that game. NO ONE has a monopoly on thugs. I believe that as soon as enough voters find out how little the Political Wh#re Class cares about them and that this Class will use thuggery to enforce their will, the Political Discourse will become one of violence–of the physical, not verbal kind. We will see how much the Leftist/Anarchist (Corporate owned AND funded, however) likes a taste of their own medicine. I do NOT advocate violence, but once enough people come to believe that the Political Sysytem is totally unconcerned AND unresponsive to them, the use of (physical) violence will ensue.

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Lou, I assume you didn’t watch the video or read the text version of it, so I’ll try to briefly summarize. The Matrix was a movie that came out in I think the late 90s, in which the world is controlled by AI machines who keep humans physically imprisoned in tubes and use them as living battery cells that power the machines. To keep the humans mentally alive, they connect their brains to an artificial-reality created by the machines, on the machines, and make them unwitting ‘players’ in a simulation of ca. 1990 America. All of the humans think their virtual reality is real and have no clue that they are actually suspended and immobilized in the tubes.

    Whatever the science fiction or cinematic merits of the story, many people who saw it took the movie as allegory for current reality. The video I linked to is saying that the Matrix story is a good metaphor for the Trump/anti-Trump phenomenon playing out in media and governments, not only in the US but in many other countries. The clues that the media firestorm may be at least partially contrived is that they all seem to be piling onto him, often using the exact same catchphrases or trigger words (“Hitler”); and, what pundits and other media figures are responding to, and in some cases irrationally over-reacting to, is mere words that Trump is saying, not actions. In other words, they are making him out as one of the greatest threats to mankind, and all he is doing is going around giving speeches and interviews, and otherwise being Trump-ish.

    Throw in agitators and situations that seem scripted to create a dialectic — you have to be either for or against Trump — and the fact that, while apparently despising Trump and wanting him to be stopped at all costs, the media are making him the biggest story on many days, it seems like they are trying to feed this phenomenon and draw more people’s attentions and energies into loving or hating, supporting or opposing, Trump. Creating a narrative and drawing masses of people into it.

    If you happen to think that there are no such efforts made to fabricate narratives for public consumption — ie, that movies like “Wag the Dog” are merely entertaining fiction — then you may not buy the Matrix comparison. I happen to think the media and other players are trying to do this all the time, so the Truthstream interpretation is plausible to me, although, as I’ve said previously, I still don’t know what to make of Trump himself.

  6. vengeur

    Elaine proves again and again that she is an old school liberal WHO ACTUALLY LEARNED THINGS from her many life experiences. Today’s liberals are cowardly lemmings who are afraid NOT to pander and submit to the demands of the most anti-free speech hate groups such as the Negro-Nazi Black Lives Matter and La Raza.

  7. floridasandy

    i think it is very telling that we don’t see the Trump supporters agitating at the Bernie or Hillary rallies.

    I guess we have better things to do.

  8. wellwell

    here’s someone called Ben Casselman, who is apparently FiveThirtyEight’s chief economics writer, telling us to forget about manufacturing jobs coming back because factories are automated now:

  9. Christian W

    Freedom of speech must be sacrosanct, even if someone is talking rubbish/hatespeech.

    These “leftist” anti-free speech Soros sponsored groups stink of government controlled agitprop to me.

  10. Petruchio

    @#10 Christian W: Correctamundo, Christian. Elaine is wrong (well, maybe slightly off the mark) here. These folks attacking Trump are NOT DNC supporters!!! I don’t care what costume they are wearing! These thugs attacking Trump are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ruling Elites. Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter. If these thugs were somehow forced to wear jerseys that ACCURATELY identified them it would say “US Ruling Class” front and back < Maybe there would be–if the Ruling Class were forced to be TRULY honest–a swastika on their jerseys as well. One other thing. These thugs sure disappear fro looooonng periods of time and they are mighty picky about who they protest against.

  11. Lou

    ‘Ben Casselman, who is apparently FiveThirtyEight’s chief economics writer, telling us to forget about manufacturing jobs coming back because factories are automated now:’

    Automation is the future.

    Thanks for the info on ‘The Matrix’. Glad I didnt watch the film.

  12. Mike in Pennsylvania

    I don’t get the comparison of the anti-Trump agitators with “Nazis.” To me, the Black Li[v]es Matter and La Raza (the race) are actually the opposite of Hitler’s party. The Nat. Socialists wanted to, and did, restore power and prominence to the founding stock of the nation, those who created & built everything, who were the majority, and they removed a certain minority from their positions of power and pernicious influence. They also rid their country of the toxic influence of the Marxists (temporarily…). The groups harassing Trump supporters want to remove the founding stock of the U.S., the *majority*, from positions of power and influence, and many of them would prefer to see us gone altogether. To the degree they support Sanders or Clinton or just want more gubmint handouts for minorities & immigrants, they are far closer to the Marxists than to the Nat. Socialists.

    I’ll say it again: their apparent hatred for Trump is really hatred for those who are rallying around Trump.

  13. Christian W

    So, Trump joins the “Iran as bogey man” stampede. Sorry folks, but Trump just showed that he will do nothing about Israeli influence over US politics. Trump, like Hillary, is just another American Likud politician.

    Sanders was smart to stay out of the degrading AIPAC dog and pony show. Maybe Sanders is secretly anti-Zionist after all. Doubt it, but hope so.

  14. Petruchio

    @#13 Mike in PA: The anti-Trump crowd are not promoting the same “ideals”, but their TACTICS are the same. An inclination towards violence. Deep intolerance of those with differing views. An UNwillingness to use legitimate, civilized methods of voicing their disagreement. And most of all, imho, is their total unwillingness to accept that their views have lost in the legitimate areas of issue resolution, such as by a fair and honest vote. The anti-Trump crowd are not Hitler supporters, but they use Nazi tactics.

  15. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @ Petruchio — We’ve got Godwin’s Law [’s_law] going in both directions — both sides are said to be Nazi and of course Trump is Hitler.

    Hitler was compelled to recruit tough young men to defend the NS speakers and street leafleters, etc., from the Marxists, who used mob intimidation and violence to try to shut down them down. The NS were small and powerless at first, & the Marxists ruled the streets in early postwar German cities. IMO, the tactics you listed are what the NS’s faced from the Marxists as they attempted to spread their ideas and gain supporters.

    The NS, once achieving power, were very successful in rejuvenating German society from the ashes and the extremely punitive Treaty of Versailles, and they enjoyed high popular support even throughout the war years. They created an economic miracle in a matter of a few years, that to my knowledge has never been matched. At the time and even after the war, they had many admirers among people that *we* are supposed to admire. This includes JFK and General Patton, who came to believe that we had backed the wrong side in the war (between Germany and Russia).

    They weren’t perfect of course, but as the losers of WWII the Nazis have become the go-to guys when you want to smear someone you dislike or fear. I think this is important to know, because the same people that are spreading lies about the present have also lied to us about the past countless times, maybe even more than 6 million.

    @ Christian, I haven’t heard anything about Trump at AIPAC yet, but I’m not expecting any bombshells from someone who “supports Israel 1000%.”

  16. nclaughlin

    The NS were successful largely due to debt repudiation, not just the War Reparations debt, but all other kinds of debt as well.

  17. Seraphim

    The litmus test of AIPAC has revealed the true colors of Trump. I am curious how the tone of the media would change.

  18. John Doe

    Hillary’s Bold Lie: Her Omission That She Was FIRED From Her Staff Position on the House Judiciary Committee to Impeach President Nixon –

    As reckless as George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton helped create disorder in Iraq, Libya, Syria — and, scarier, doesn’t seem to understand how –

    WikiLeaks publishes searchable archive of Clinton emails –

    Even the chocolate factory is involved

    Clinton email reveals: Google sought overthrow of Syria’s Assad –

    The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House –

    Hillary Clinton has far too many enemies and a mountain of dirt behind her. At this stage the elites have so much leverage over her she is reduced to a puppet who must do their bidding to avoid jail.

  19. DM

    “Maybe Sanders is secretly anti-Zionist after all”

    Not a chance.

    For my 2 cents worth, the only change (admittedly very slim, and I don’t really hold out too much hope) – is that (a) Trump is genuinely pig ignorant about Iran and (b) he is not as obtuse as he looks and might eventually discover that he is pig ignorant about Iran and (c) he really does have some balls or will eventually grow a pair.

    Naw! That’s just wishful thinking.. You’re all fucked!

  20. emsnews

    Correct, DM. 😦

  21. Lou

    Richard McCulloch –at OO site

    What do the detestable George Will and Rich Lowry have in common with the execrable Tim Wise and Bill Ayers? Answer: fanatical opposition to Donald Trump, to the point of regarding Trump supporters as enemies. Why not? They all share something in common at the core of their beings: they are all anti-White.

    Will held forth on the March 20 edition of Fox News Sunday:

    The problem is this, not only are his [Trump’s] negatives — 61 percent, almost doubled his positives, 32 percent, but he’s appealing entirely to white people. Now, in 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush got 59 percent of the white vote which was high and that translated in 426 electorate votes. Mitt Romney in 2012 got 59 percent of the white vote, that translated into 206 electoral votes. Romney got 17 percent, that is all, of the non-white vote. Trump, by every measure, would do worse than that which means he would have to get not just the 65 percent of the white vote to win that Ronald Reagan got sweeping 49 states, he would have to get 70 percent of the white vote. A, it won’t happen and B, it would destroy the Republican Party by making it the party of white people.

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