A Peek In The Past: 2000 Failed Election Vote Counting

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No one in the media dares mention the failed election in 2000 when the Supreme Court overturned our Constitution and imposed a victory on us via denying time to count the votes in the fetid Florida swamplands.  When reporters asked me about this ruling on the steps of the Supreme Court, I announced that I and my friends were going to sue for a new election based on this ruling when a reporter told me that the Court appended this ruling with ‘It cannot be used as precedent, it is a one time ruling’.  I blew up.  ‘How dare they do this, it is unconstitutional!’  And I ran off to Congress to protest this and find sponsors to go after the Supreme Court for dereliction of duty.  Alas, not one Senator wanted to do this.  They all said collectively…LITERALLY…’Forget this, it is one time only.’  Seems all of America was told to go back to sleep to this very day, it is never talked about or mentioned.  Dead silence.


Here we are entering another election that may be close!  It can and will happen again!  My bill, ‘The Uniform Voting Act’ whereby all states had to use the exact same voting system that was not riddled with fraud and goofy messes.  Before the Supreme Court ruling, Congress was willing to consider my bill.  After it, I was told nakedly that ‘No one cares, it won’t happen again’ as if Florida reformed somehow, magically.


At the top of the page is an old editorial I wrote for the Columbian Journalism Review wherein they had an article previously attacking me for my efforts to force the media to report Bush Jr.’s AWOL business for I was one of the key members of the committee to uncover his nefarious past though my point of concentration was on his Skull and Bones activities, too.  Skull and Bones Kerry begged me to stop investigating that matter, by the way, and I tried to get the press to talk about both candidates and their nefarious religious beliefs in the Devil That Is Death and met with indifference bordering on insanity.


Here is my editorial:


The overall problem with the press coverage—or should we say NONcoverage—of Bush’s many chunks of hidden history —‘Missing the DUI Story’, CJR January/February) is that, unlike any previous politician or even celebrity, there was no media storm demanding he release his medical or school or military or CRIMINAL records.


This was and is unprecedented.  I belonged to a team of concerned citizens who researched the missing years and when we talked to the New York Times and George Magazine about this matter, both admitted that Bush and his people in Texas were stonewalling the press and refusing to even minimal cooperation with normal everyday questions.


So I wrote to both publications and requested that they have headlines saying, BUSH CONCEALS QUESTIONABLE PAST and then detail the stonewalling coupled with cries for release of records, especially the missing military records we needed.


They bluntly refused!  I couldn’t figure out why (Note here: I am being coy with the press, not telling them why, of course, this is a letter of protest I needed to see published!) Tompaine.com also tried to budge our media into at least pressuring Bush to come clean, but they were all intent on figuring out if Gore really said he was in Love Story.  When we got under their skins, they told us that the missing two years of 1972-1973 were too long ago.  They also said, no one cared, yet whenever we polled the public on our own always there was intense interest in the information concerning the missing military years.  So the real question here is why our media suddenly got cold feet whenever any subject of Bush’s malfeasance arose.


And why the press changed the explosive DUI story from questions about Bush’s past, one that has more than three arrests, to who revealed the essential information.


We smelled a rat here and the corpse still stinks.


End of the editorial back in April, 2001, just before 9/11.  By then, the elimination of me from the media was going full force and by November, 2001, I was an official ‘nonperson’ who could not be published, ever again.  Then I began my little miserable blog.  I used to be a big shot back then.  Reporters knew I was Somebody Who Knew and talked to me.  The FBI and CIA also contacted me every time there was any big terror event, for example.  DEAD SILENCE on 9/11 even though I predicted it, online, and people were discussing it ten minutes before the attack.


Our crippled nation limps onwards with more and more Americans becoming aware that something isn’t going right.  This election showed our rulers in full blown hysteria and they are cooking something hideous (Trump is a dead man walking, of course, and note how the media blames him for any violence around him while coddling demonstrators who they normally attack ferociously).


We will have yet another crappy election thanks to nothing being fixed after the fixed election of 2000.  The fact that  no one in the media is mentioning 2000 when talking about a close election shows us clearly how our rulers want no one to understand that particular crime against democracy which Congress, both candidates for President and the Supreme Court conspired to impose on us.


I knew Al Gore.  I begged him to denounce the Supreme Court ruling as illicit and demand Congress open hearings about this vital matter and to support my Uniform Voting Act and know what the bastard said to me, ‘Forget about all this.  We need to heal’.  And he walked out on me.  Healing!  Yes, 9/11 mass murder healed America, united us to go to war with totally the wrong entity, a war crime on top of the crime of destroying the Constitution and both are very connected, there was a coup and then a totally illegal war.  And we are paying for all this today, every day we pay for this and the price gets higher and higher and the morass deeper and deeper and none of our rulers dare mention any of this in public but in private, they sweat it.


They know that I know and they know that more than I know what they know and the Skull and Bones evil ceremony to the skulls of Geronimo and bin Laden will be performed yet again, in secret, as they howl for more war, more death for their true god is the Devil That Is Death and their back door is open to me via my ancestor, Henry Steele, who gave them these ceremonies in the first place.


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16 responses to “A Peek In The Past: 2000 Failed Election Vote Counting

  1. Melponeme_k

    “…I know what they know and the Skull and Bones evil ceremony to the skulls of Geronimo and bin Laden will be performed yet again, in secret, as they howl for more war, more death for their true god is the Devil That Is Death and their back door is open to me via my ancestor, Henry Steele, who gave them these ceremonies in the first place.”

    So why not exorcise the whole lot?

    I’m Native American 100% as far as I know. You have my total permission to exorcise Geronimo. He was a failed leader by all accounts. And he is still a failure in death, if your story is true. So get rid of him.

    I don’t believe in magic anyway. But I believe that people think magically. So get them psychologically.

  2. emsnews

    The Apaches already did their ceremonies back a dozen years ago when Bush’s uncle gave them the wrong skull back. It is a long story here. They believe that the Geronimo business will take a long, organic time to act that is, the US will eventually go bankrupt.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “The Apaches already did their ceremonies back a dozen years ago when Bush’s uncle gave them the wrong skull back.”

    Then obviously different ceremonies are needed. Ones that target the psychology of the perpetrators.

    “They believe that the Geronimo business will take a long, organic time to act that is, the US will eventually go bankrupt.”

    Might as well have not done anything at all then. The result was the same and the true criminals are allowed to wallow in their own delusions.


    According to RT, Border Patrol union supports Trump.

  4. Petruchio

    “I knew Al Gore. I begged him to denounce the Supreme Court ruling…” I KNOW Al Gore. I never met him, but I have seen enough of him to know what he is and who he is. When Gore conceded the 2000 Election–even though he claimed he STRONGLY disagreed with it–I immediately thought, “This whole f#cking thing is RIGGED. Gore has been ordered to concede the Election.” Likely the Powers that Be would have had Gore killed had Gore not conceded. Oh well. There was ONE good thing to come out of watching that sleazy Numbskull and Bonehead Al Gore whore himself: Petruchio, yours truly, began his deprogramming period. Up until this time, I was a brainwashed, brain dead, true blue right wing Republican. So at least one SMALL thing came out of this sleazy, despicable period–for me personally anyways.

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Ah, the memories of the blessed, innocent 2001 days, pre-Sept. 11. I remember early in the year it was laughable to me that a buffoon like George Bush Jr. could become the President. Then I watched in disbelief and horror, through the spring and summer, as THE MEDIA turned him into a reasonable, and then the inevitable, Repugnacan. candidate. I was at the anti-Bush demonstrations at the Republican convention in Philly that summer, and seriously believed at that time that we needed Gore to win….

    I am convinced that it was *the media* who brought him to the general election as the Rep. nominee, and then Florida Republican operatives and then the “Supreme Court” delivered the coup de grace. This was my first lesson in the fact that the person who “wins” is whomever the Shadow Rulers needs to have win. Bush’s successor is also a blatant example of this.

    Cruz was on Jimmy Kimmel joking about running over Trump with his car.

  6. emsnews

    And Cruz was not arrested for threatening a candidate for President. See? Amazing, isn’t it?

  7. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Elaine, one of Kasich’s state campaign chairmen said “If you’re going to take on Donald Trump, you’ve got to take him out with a head shot.” Trump actually comes across as the classiest, most rational person in this campaign — which is bizarre.

    I have a friend who just came back from a trip to northern Mexico and said that groups are burning Trump in effigy down there.

    I get the feeling of a large psy-op going on here, a program of mass public manipulation extending even to other countries. I just don’t know if it extends to the Trump campaign itself.

  8. vengeur

    The Bushes HATE Trump, which tells me he must be doing something right. The same Bushes that LOVE Bill Clinton. Now Cruz has NEIL BUSH ( of Savings and Loan Billion dollar fiasco infamy) working for him! And Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs, the SAME Goldman Sachs from which he received a million dollar loan, and somehow “forgot” to declare it.

  9. emsnews

    Correct, Vengeur. And Cruz’s wife was hired by GS precisely because she is married to her guy! Duh.

    You see the Beast, and note that our stupid media can’t see it at all due to the fact that it is part of the Beast! I spent my long life trying to force our media to report stories and had a ‘flash back’ moment yesterday and decided to publish what I did in the past to illustrate all this during the present, obviously controlled elections which pitch American against American fighting for TWINS that are all the same…except this time, an outsider came in and ruined this game!

    Trump will be killed, no doubt in my mind. They have to do this to him, the tool used is to demonize him and lie about him and work someone into a fever pitch to kill him.

    Trump won’t listen to me, of course, he hates me! HAHAHA. He couldn’t lure me into doing something stupid that would make me poorer and him richer, I won the bet, literally, and he never forgets people who do that to him. Silly guy.

  10. Lou

    Trump will be killed — then will citizens wake up?

  11. Jim R

    No. They won’t wake up until the economy breaks, and their credit/EBT cards don’t work, and the store shelves are empty.

    Then they will wake up. But will have no idea what happened.

  12. floridasandy

    trump won’t be killed, quit putting stuff in people’s minds. and it is so negative.

    let’s think positive, which i admit i didn’t do before-but do now.

    we can break this cycle of victimization.

  13. Petruchio

    Elaine: what do you think will happen to Cruz after his sex scandal blows wide open? Cruz has like 8 mistresses who are spilling the beans about him. Think it will go the way of the Bill Clinton sex scandals, where Clinton raped women but nothing happened? Will the media just plain ignore the Cruz sex scandal? Maybe create some kind of false flag event so they can talk about that instead of naughty Teddy who can’t keep it in his pants? (Oh, those Republicans!! They are such Pillars of Morality!! Why can’t the rest of us be like them?

  14. Lou

    Pet, if the Jews [who own much of media] want Cruz in, scandals will disappear as much as they can make them do so.
    If they want Cruz out, the ‘scandals’ [if they are such] will be in the news like a Trayvon Martin or ‘gentle giant in ferguson.’

  15. Lou

    Jim R —-when? tahts what I need to know. Not ‘if.’

    They won’t wake up until the economy breaks, and their credit/ EBT cards don’t work, and the store shelves are empty.

  16. Pingback: 2000 Election Coup Haunts This Election Due To Unconstitutional Supreme Court Ruling | Culture of Life News

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