Tsunami Of Student Debt Will Destroy Our Economy And Even Our Civilization

SFSU 2016 – Campus employee assaults white student for “cultural appropriation” – YouTube

The #1 topic for all college kids today is student debts.  It is now over a trillion dollars overall and one cannot escape it via bankruptcy. It is for life and the plot is, when these poor kids become elderly adults and haven’t paid it off, it comes out of their Social Security money leaving them to die in the streets, starving to death, when they reach retirement age if they don’t manage somehow to pay it off earlier.  Children from poor families are very much more vulnerable to this future whereas richer families can pay off student debt for their own children.  The worst part is, much of this school activity produces little economic gain for students when they leave school.


The above video is frightening in several ways.  The black female works for the college.  She assaults a white student not because his hair is a rat’s nest and shows he is probably going insane.  No, she is angry that he is ‘expropriating’ her ‘culture’ which is to have men wear their hair in a very filthy way, as a sign that they are addicted to drugs.  I remember vividly when that ‘hair style’ first showed up in the freak community in California in the early 1970’s.


The man with this hair was disgustingly dirty and he would let these knots of hair fall our and then drop it on women making them scream in terror.  Anyways, it is everywhere now like many disgusting activities our young people indulge in to make people queazy.  Gets attention.  The bad thing about this event caught on video is how an official was demanding that white students not ape black students and she put her hands on a kid to compel him to do as she ordered.


Staff on many campuses today are assisting students in ‘protesting’ stupid things. For example, black students are encouraged to do the ‘Black Lives Matter’ stuff but if a white student does the same, they are punished whereas the black ones are praised.  This bizarre business is due to mostly ‘liberal’ people working for schools and why is that?


Well, conservatives see how the staff of schools outside of the very top administrators, live miserable lives!  Mostly adjuncts now teach and they are kept in strict poverty so mainly women supported by men at home are able to endure the low pay, bad work conditions.  Instead of protesting this, they focus mainly on worry about ‘We are going to roast to death and the sky is falling!’ and other non-important issues.


Growing number of small liberal arts college face closure after the Great Recession | Daily Mail Online


A number of small liberal arts colleges are facing financial difficulties after the Great Recession.  Many of the schools share certain traits like minimal endowments, high tuition and locations in suburban or rural areas.

The Wall Street rating agency Moody’s predicts the number of four-year, nonprofit colleges closing annually will triple in the next few years.  Moody’s also predicts mergers will more than double.  Between 2004 and 2014, the nation averaged about five closings and two to three mergers per year, the agency said.

An analysis of hundreds of colleges and universities released in 2014 by found that 43 per cent were on an ‘unsustainable financial path’.


Word is getting out, somehow, that piling on student debt doesn’t lead to a life of luxury except in various difficult, key sciences.  I feel really sorry for the army of ernest young people who are now taking ‘climate science’ classes hoping to hop on the global warming fetish train as our climate goes into its 30 year cold cycle.


Then there is ‘women’s studies’ which is a favorite for many young ladies.  Way way back in the Stoned Age (ahem!) I was busy suing schools for equal rights.  I did this entirely on my own self with no organization aside from ACLU lawyers who volunteered to represent a girl in high school.  I went on to organize for women’s rights and gave speeches on this topic and so forth.


I didn’t learn this in school, I learned this via LIFE EXPERIENCE.  The women’s rights movement then veered off into stupid things and other women who came in my wake and were not active when I was first active, kicked me to the curb and denounced me for making speeches on behalf of men’s need for changes that benefit them.


Today, we see the results.  For example, in the black community, marriage has nearly totally collapsed and today, more black males are married to white women than black women who nearly totally, are having children out of wedlock and raising them alone with disastrous results.  Liberals are making this worse and worse.  Every one of the ‘black lives’ which seemingly ‘mattered’ that the black community was yelling about, were dangerous young males killed by cops after being raised by single mothers who didn’t have much relations with any of the fathers of any of their children.


On college campuses, no one dares talk about all this!  On the contrary, schools are places where our children, far from maturing, are becoming more and more childish.  This began with my own generation, by the way.  I was very fortunate.  I was heading towards a future as a professor like my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother when the universities across the nation eliminated German language departments including my own program.


Instead of continuing school, I quit and joined the reality forces and made money doing totally different things, namely, building houses.  I had zero student debt due to using scholarships and working at night to pay for my living expenses.  But today, kids leave school with the equivalent debt of a new house on their shoulders and it crushes them.  They can’t go on to buy a house, for example!


I bought a brownstone in NYC less than three years after leaving school, penniless and with no degree and no work if I had a degree, anyhow.  I didn’t start my family with a load of debt.  Indeed, after buying my house, I then sold it for a fantastic profit!  All before I was age 30.


This scary future whereby 50% of more of our college age kids end up living in the gutter when they are 65 is a frequent topic at this very good website run by a professor who has to keep his name secret to survive for he would be fired, not feted, if found out:  Confessions of a College Professor: Student Loans Draining Social Security


“…Between 2002 and 2013, the number of senior citizens losing out on a portion of their Social Security to pay back education debt soared 500% from 6,000 to 36,000..”


Sure, 500% growth still just means 36,000 victims, but realize the student loan scam has been running for only a few decades, it really just started to become a major scam in the last 30 years. It will get much, much, worse than a measly 500% percent growth, once those former students reach that magical age of 65:


“…More than 3 million Americans ages 50 to 64 are in default on their student loans, putting them at risk of having their benefits garnished when they claim Social Security, if they don’t find a way to become current on their debt…”


Seriously, do the math. If a 50 year old is defaulting, he’s probably not going to be able to pay back that money, ever. 50 years old, + 15 years, is the magic age of 65. So, in 15 years, we’ll go from 36,000 victims to 3,000,000 victims. That’s a 20,000% increase if these people don’t die first. Yikes. Am I really the only one able to connect the dots here? We’ll be ridiculously lucky if the problem of vanishing social security checks sticks to “only” 500% growth.


And here are some scary headline from the last two years illustrating how this whole Ponzi scheme is now beginning to collapse:


More U.S. Colleges Poised To Go Bankrupt, According To Three 

Nov 28, 2015  Today, two to three schools annually are forced by economic necessity to merge with another school or schools. Moody’s predicts that this …

Many Colleges and Universities Face Financial Problems – The New 

http://www.nytimes.com/…/many-colleges-and-universities-face-financial-problems .html

Apr 14, 2013  STUDENTS piling on debt to go to college might attract all the attention, … InJanuary, Moody’s Investors Service put a negative outlook on the …

Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral as Enrollment Drops 

http://www.bloomberg.com/…/small-u-s-colleges-battle-death-spiral-as-enrollment- drops

Apr 14, 2014  Moody’s, which rates more than 500 public and private nonprofit colleges anduniversities, downgraded an average of 28 institutions annually …

Moody’s downgrades Dowling College, NY to Ca; outlook negative

https://www.moodys.com/…/Moodys-downgrades-Dowling-College-NY-to- Ca-outlook-negative–PR_294652

Mar 10, 2014  Moody’s downgrades Dowling College, NY to Ca; outlook negative … debtrestructuring, debt acceleration, payment default or bankruptcy filing.

Mills College struggles with financial difficulty, faculty unrest as 

https://www.insidehighered.com/…/mills-college-struggles-financial-difficulty -faculty-unrest-president-calls-it-quits

May 12, 2015  Last November Moody’s characterized the college’s outlook as negative andreduced its rating to one …. Look for a bankruptcy before 2020.

The fake University of Phoenix has seen enrollment drop 50% in the last three years.  Its stocks have also collapsed so it bounces this month between $5 to $7 dollars a share, down from over $50.  It will probably declare bankruptcy by next year.  It was a fraud from day one.  But was allowed to flourish for a while due to the fact that ALL our schools practice this fraud, lying to students about degree values.


As schools squeeze staff by increasing student loads they must carry, reduce wages of staff teaching students, increase costs of students, providing zero guidance about a student’s future prospects, etc.  we will see a gigantic social disaster leading to the entire collapse of our society in the future especially since colleges are encouraging kids to do very stupid, ugly, useless things that make them even more unemployable than they would be on their own!  Amazing, isn’t it?


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14 responses to “Tsunami Of Student Debt Will Destroy Our Economy And Even Our Civilization

  1. Lou

    Off topic–In my continuing attempt to get people to do some research into Geo engineering–


  2. Jim R

    Think how hot the climate would be _without_ those ‘chemtrails’, then?

  3. e sutton

    Itś very doubtful that Social Security will even be around when these folks reach anywhere near retirement age. Anyone under 55 now can pretty much kiss that shiite goodbye. So we have to move on to the reality of it all which is: how do you collect on an unpayable debt? The entire world is about to face that rather inconvenient truth (thanks, Mr. Gore!). The answer is, of course, you cannot. You either write it down or you enter into life long peonage – what used to be called the poor house when I was a lad.

    Itś all so exhausing, not to mention nauseating. These smug, twenty and thirty somethings marchng around with their degrees in Social Justice Studies and Ethnic/Gender Disporia Ethics truly believe they are intelligent, morally superior folks. At one time college was reserved for a select group of intelligent people who created equations which would launch rockets into the heavens. Now we get people with advanced degrees whining about not having ¨safe spaces¨ where their cultural beliefs will remain unchallenged. Not exactly a recipe for a successful future for our country or western civilization, but that seems to matter less and less as each year goes by.

  4. venguer

    Here is an example of the absolute TIME BOMB of ruthless violence that is being prepared in cities all across America :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMlJevZ4RbA

  5. JimmyJ

    In BC our Premier’s son is enrolled at St. George’s, an elite Vancouver boarding school. Coincidentally $millions in public revenue goes to support private schools while public school funding is cut by the equivalent amounts. I’m a product of private schools myself so not against them per se, but most parents can’t afford private schools while the wealthy who can afford it get increasing amounts of public money.

    We live in a time of corporate welfare while those same ideologues who rail against public wastefulness vote their own wealthy class raises, bailouts and subsidies. BC is one of the worst offenders of this nature in Canada. Sadly with $billions of offshore Yuan still pouring in the monied class’ wet dreams of avarice won’t turn to nightmare anytime soon.

  6. Petruchio

    Students need to thank the Bush II Administration for student debt not being dischargeable. This debt ‘tsunami’ was created DELIBERATELY. Those pieces of sh@t in the Bush Administration knew FULL WELL what pain for students not allowing student loan debt to be discharged through bankruptcy would cause. A business like Enron can rip off investors for billions of dollars and it is a slap on the wrist. Same thing for the Too Big to Fail banks. Shows you who runs the government.

  7. Lou

    was she an employee?
    was she arrested?

  8. Petruchio

    What is totally mystifying tome is WHY do students put up with it???!!! WHY don’t students realize that with tuition being as extremely overpriced AND having no economic benefit to themselves, simply STOP entering College? Of course no one who benefits from this student abuse is going to “wise them up”, but students and their parents should be able to figure this out on their own!
    Students and their families should also realize–by now–that a college degree is a BAD, BAD investment! A student could invest their tuition money into a sensible IRA and have MORE money at retirement than the alleged-and FALSE-returns a college degree is supposed to confer. AND they could do this and not contribute ONE MORE PENNY-after the young person contributes only their tuition money. Instead of paying off student loan debt, the young person who invested into an IRA instead of throwing borrowed tuition money down the college tuition sewer, s/he can save money for a house. Or could go to a trade school. Learn a skill set that has some relation to a REAL job.

  9. emsnews

    What lures students into deep debt is this: they get a stipend for living that is very generous!

    When I was a student and I had scholarships due to winning contests of wit and skill requiring much hard mental work, they gave not one dime for living expenses, I worked in a bar for that! At night, of course.

    I paid for my own home and raised animals for food and grew veggies to eat so I could save money and when my major was turned to mush with the elimination of German Language studies (except for beginning German which is taught by ill-paid part time workers brought in from Germany!) I quit school swiftly and shifted gears into taking construction courses so I could build houses.

    Today, kids figured out they could pretend to be ‘students’ and have fun on campus for up to ten years and be childish and not grow up and then…well, stupid children never look to the future, they figure they can find another scam, don’t they?

    Drug dealing, for example.

  10. Lou

    WHY don’t students realize that tuition is extremely overpriced —

    Young people may not COMPARISON SHOP.

    No economic benefit to themselves, simply STOP entering College?
    You can search online to see what percent of young people go to college, by the decade.

    Also some go to college to ‘dodge the weak economy’ meaning that THE JOBS ARENT THERE BUT THEY CAN GO TO SCHOOL, INSTEAD.

    Anyone else want to offer thoughts on this?

  11. Petruchio

    Elaine: I am a University graduate myself. I even had a small student loan. Anyway you slice it, a college education is a LOUSY investment! I have no problems with kids today taking a 2-3 year “college break” before they enter the “real” world.. I don’t know how long kids can milk the system today, but they SHOULD realize that, while they Party, their future debt load is getting bigger and BIGGER–by the day! And it doesn’t take long today for former students to realize that, a.) the job market sucks and b.) they have a HUGE debt load–that they can’t discharge through bankruptcy. Enron could discharge 100’s of millions of dollars of debt via bankruptcy, but Joe and Jane College Grad can NEVER get away from their crushing student loan debt–EVER. I am, to be quite honest about it, shocked to discover that College Administrators and the members of State Legislatures who enable all this ‘debt tsunami’ to happen are not getting assaulted, even shot at. and I do NOT advocate violence, but I do NOT mean verbal shots.

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  13. Lou

    EMS, the short clip of the assault shows TNB.
    Typical n—- behavior.
    Ooops, you have posted that I am a racist, previously.

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