Across World, Everyone Praises University For Taking In Down’s Syndrome Girl Who Is Barely Literate!

Noah is going to college! – YouTube

Everyone in the media is oohing and ahhing over the news that profoundly mentally disabled adults are now getting acceptance to ‘universities’ that cater to Down’s syndrome victims;  Moment Down Syndrome teen Rachel Grace reads her acceptance letter to college  | Daily Mail Online


The Pennsylvania teen, who has Down Syndrome, recently received the all-important letter confirming that she had been accepted into East Stroudsburg University.


The heartwarming moment the North Penn High School student realized she got into her college of choice was filmed by her mother, and the video is giving people joy across social media.


This program costs over $13,5000 a year for three years.  How very touching the above videos are.  And ridiculous. I decided to look up information about this latest scam to steal future funds from helpless people. This is a NON DEGREE program designed to exploit the severely disabled:  Special Education Department – ESU


CTP Comprehensive Transition Programs are degree, certificate, or non-degree programs for students with intellectual disabilities that: 1. Are offered by a college or career school and approved by the U.S. Department of Education; 2. Are designed to support students with intellectual disabilities who want to continue academic, career, and independent living instruction to prepare for gainful employment; 3. Offers academic advising and a structured curriculum; and 4. requires students with intellectual disabilities to participate, for at least half of the program, in: Regular enrollment in credit-bearing courses with nondisabled students, Auditing or participating (with nondisabled students) in courses for which the student does not receive regular academic credit, Enrollment in noncredit-bearing, non-degree courses with nondisabled students, or Internships or work-based training with nondisabled individuals. If students with intellectual disabilities are attending a CTP, they are able to use federal financial aid to help pay the cost of attendance.


To be absolutely clear, this verbiage talks about these profoundly low IQ victims could take regular courses with non-disabled students but mostly they are expected to ‘audit’ and get ‘NO CREDIT’ for this.  And they will have ‘work’ programs.  We all can guess what that is.


This bogus college program was created recently and now, as we see from videos posted by proud parents, these poor kids and their families can now go deep into debt with them pretending to be part of a university program which is really pablum to keep them inside the system and to be exploited by ‘teachers’ and ‘schools’ that have nothing much to offer compared to say, an employment program that supervises and helps disabled young adults gain some quality of life doing things that they are capable of accomplishing.


Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.
DD Developmental Disability
disability support office The office responsible for supporting students with disabilities enrolled in the college.
DOL Department of Labor
Enrolling in postsecondary education and secondary education simultaneously. Usually done by secondary students to use local education funds to pay for postsecondary education.


What on earth can these poor people learn ‘after high school’ since they are operating at a grade school level around 3rd grade after 12 years of learning?  I am not against them getting aid in  coping with adulthood.  But going to college is insanely expensive with very little outcome help as evidence this is a good idea.  Here is what this ‘university’ is teaching these kids:


 Coaches students in the typical role of a college student including appropriate classroom behavior, study skills, test taking skills, time management, organizational skills and how to access resources on campus. May assist students in arranging for tutors and/or accommodations from disability services.


I have assisted, when I was in high school, Down’s syndrome children.  They are sweet, wonderful kids!  Utterly helpless and easily exploited.  Trusting everyone which is why the major job of anyone helping these kids, is to protect them from nasty people who seek out the helpless to exploit or destroy!


Now picture college campuses.  Ahem.  GOOD LORD, the last place on earth I would put some Down’s syndrome girls, for example.  Many campuses are not in ‘safe’ places, either, most are in cities and we know what surrounds them.  I lived in these places.  High crime, indeed.  This is why I became so prolific in street patrolling and taking on hoodlums way back when I began going to university.


Look at the school work planned for these disabled adults:


A group of individuals with disabilities working in a particular setting doing the same type of work (i.e. cleaning crew).
A legal right, typically used in the context of Ch.766 where children are entitled to services written in the IEP that are provided and/or monitored by the school system, or in the context of Ch 688 where a person is entitled to a plan, but receiving services is not an entitlement (i.e. services are not guaranteed).


And so they will train to be…janitors!!!  At tremendous expense, no less.  And are not even promised that wonderful job, either.


FDIC Money Smart A training program to help adults outside the financial mainstream enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships.


And they will learn (a one day lesson) how to use a bank, something mom or dad could do easily at $0 overhead cost to taxpayers or the child when the future disability checks are garnished.


Costs the college requires that are not part of tuition for courses (pays for athletic events, clubs, laboratory expenses, student activities).


These profoundly disabled children will have to pay for all the goodies via debts.


financial need In general terms, “financial need” is defined as the difference between what it costs a student to attend school and what they and their family can afford to pay. Student resources are the amount a student and their family are expected to have available for school and is calculated based on the information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. A standard government formula is used to determine the family’s contribution. It takes into account the family size, number in college, total income from the previous calendar year, and assets.


The parents will pay for everything eventually.  What is worse, the children being ‘taught’ will still be unable to get anything above a janitor’s job which will go to illegal aliens, anyways.  They will all fall into this money trap because the parents who love their children, will see them so happy to be ‘normal’ and everyone will forget the real goal here: stripping the most helpless people in America of future money for this gargantuan expensive holiday.


intellectual disability Intellectual disability is a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. This disability originates before the age of 18. Intellectual disability is the currently preferred term for the disability historically referred to as mental retardation. (AAIDD).


Where on earth did the idea come that mentally retarded adults could benefit from going to a very expensive university where they take classes in how to write simple sentences, look at a bank account data, use Google on a computer or other simple skills people learn early in life at zero cost?  Their parents can’t teach them this simple stuff???  Neighbors?????


I am amazed at this new scam.  But not surprised.  Universities are tricking endless kids to go deep into debt to take ‘classes’ in frivolous things such as ‘Harry Potter’ classes, no less.  When I was in college, eons ago, we did have various interests.  We then FORMED CLUBS which revolved around these topics and I ran several of these such as my Tolkien Mythology Group, for example.


Cost: 0$.  Fun levels: high.  Scholarship: learned a great deal about pre-Norman England and the languages and other things, got to correspond with Professor Tolkien to my great joy, held some really, really fun parties and got to fight a Nazqul on the campus center lawn one night, swinging my very real sword!  Didn’t take on one penny in debt to do all this, either, and still did the strict work needed for a degree…which vanished right in front of my  nose.  Harsh lessons here, seriously.


My medieval sword fighting skills honed on behalf of Tolkien were very useful when I took up street fighting with criminals in Tucson and then NYC.  Continued sword fighting medieval style all the way until I was nearly 60 and too old to risk life and limb this way.  So much for my own ‘university experience’ which included trying to end the Vietnam War and helping found the Free Clinic in Berkeley.  Again, all $0 and outside the system.


Our children are being dumped with tons of useless debt designed to fool them into thinking they are ‘learning something’ when most real schooling comes from outside except for the sciences which requires some attention from professionals who know their business.  All the rest if fun stuff for professors who are fewer and fewer in number.


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6 responses to “Across World, Everyone Praises University For Taking In Down’s Syndrome Girl Who Is Barely Literate!

  1. e sutton

    What´s really painful to watch here is that these students are very clearly mentally disabled. Wanting to belong to something greater than oneś self is the essence of what it means to be human. Taking advantage of that need is beyond cruel. Itś shameful that the parents are so dumb as to allow this to happen to their offspring.

    When I was in school, there were colleges known to be ¨open enrollment¨ which meant they´d take in anybody. It probably started as a way to keep men who were otherwise too stupid for college to stay out of Vietnam. Now, only a few colleges, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. are selective. I suppose the drive to get all that free federally guaranteed loan money drives the admission policies of most universities. More and more money is being spent on rock climbing walls, spas, and upscale apartments on campus, which rival resorts more and more each year. People who have absolutely no business being in university are now majoring in Ethnic Studies or Bisexual Gender Appreciation Awareness Studies and the like.

    College has now turned into a tacked on four to six year addition to a high school diploma. The rising and monumental cost of a college degree guarantees just one thing, which is a lifetime of servicing unpayable debt. I firmly expect the real estate market to dry up over the next year or two as these youngsters find themselves unable to afford an efficiency apartment in the remote outskirts of any city. In fact, one of the fastest growing loans in the banking world is the forty (!) year mortgage. Egad, you mean I´m going to be paying on a house when Iḿ well into my sixties or seventies? Niggah, please!

  2. Petruchio

    I can tell you what is happening here. The folks running and profiting from Higher Education see a profit to be made by allowing mentally disabled people take College level classes. The profiteers want in on the action. Better they get to line their pockets for these kinds of programs than some group that actually does care about Down’s Syndrome kids. These profiteers are shameless; absolutely despicable.

  3. Jim R

    Jeesh. The Idiocracy comes into full flower.

    Time to kiss civilization goodbye.

  4. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Could these universities possibly help the Down’s children, when they aren’t even giving most non-disabled children an education worth the price tag? To quote Professor Doom, one of Elaine’s favorite bloggers, in his latest post (

    “Today’s higher education has little to do with self-improvement, however. The entire system has been taken over by a plundering mob of mercenary administrators, whose reckless irresponsibility is leading to the failure of higher education…. [O]ver 90% of remedial students get nothing out of higher education, and merely end up being victims. Vicious administration decides growth is achieved by offering mostly 9th grade or level courses…and “higher education” is debased into sub-high school on many campuses…”

    So into this rapacious environment, send your vulnerable, over-trusting kids, who are well *below* the “remedial” cognitive level… what could possibly go wrong?

    We live in the North Penn school district and my son goes to high school with Rachel Grace. He said that she is often featured on the district TV broadcasts because she is so enthusiastic; I guess she has a lot of ‘school spirit.’ I wonder if there are “recruiters” who reached out to the family to sell them on the idea….

    I advise my children NOT to go to college unless you have a specific, compelling reason to do so. We don’t have the luxury of throwing money down a black hole…

  5. tio

    “Commodification is the transformation of goods, services, ideas and not least people into commodities or objects of trade. A commodity at its most basic, according to Arjun Appadurai, is “any thing intended for exchange,” or any object of economic value.[1] People are commodified – turned into objects – when working, by selling their labour on the market to an employer.[2] One of its forms is slavery. Others are, the trading with animals and body parts through formalised or informalised organ transplant.[3]

    Commodification is often criticised on the grounds that some things ought not to be treated as commodities—for example education, data and knowledge in the digital age.”

  6. tio

    State Dept suspends review into ‘top secret’ $Hitlary emails
    “An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment.”

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