CIA Plants Real Bomb On Real Bus To ‘Test For Terror’ Which Is Typical Of This Insane Organization

Color footage of soldiers being exposed to high levels of radiation – YouTube

CIA left bomb behind on Virginia school bus: yes, the CIA really did place a REAL bomb on a REAL bus secretly at night and then ‘forgot’ about it later!  This supposedly was an ‘exercise’ in how to deal with ‘terrorism’ but seriously, this insane business is not insane, this is NORMAL for the CIA which has been doing this sort of creepy, mass murder stuff since day one and certainly during my childhood which I fruitfully spent spying on my CIA-connected dad who was part of the OSS who penetrated deep into Germany during WWII to find and bring out the Nazi rocket scientists under Operation Paperclip.


Most Americans naively believe that our spy services are good things when they absolutely crawl with bizarre things like letting in a Marine guard who defected to the Soviet Union, married a Russian woman, was let back into the US, allowed to arm himself and then shoot Kennedy dead in Texas.  JFKfacts7 JFK files the CIA still keeps secret – JFKfacts has a nifty list of what is still possibly classified.  Hell’s bells, my dad’s secrets from WWII are still classified!


I did a lot of Sherlock Holmes investigations as a child leading to me winning a scholarship to go to Germany to study when my intention in 1968 was to track down and interview all Nazis who interacted with my dad during WWII and getting drunk with them.  Heh.  Easy for a cute teen girl to do, actually.  Nailed every one of them.  Learned a lot.  Was arrested when I attempted to enter East Germany to visit the secret rocket caves which were being used by the Soviet army for WWIII preparations.


The truth of the matter is, our government has many, many stupid secrets which have zero reason to be hidden from view except for one big, fat reason: our ruling elites who belong to international conspiracies are very very set on keeping a lot of stuff secret.  Why does Yale University keep the Skull and Bones secret?  My own family had a lot to do with the founding of Yale as a school way back when it began, we also founded the Skull and Bones.  I have a right to call for it to be revealed to the public and despite efforts for years and years, this isn’t happening.


To this day, if you use Google Map to see Yale University, it has little icons showing all the other societies on the campus some of which have similar windowless crypt-like buildings but you can’t see any identifying signs for the Skull and Bones crypt!  Nothing!  Why is Google hiding this?  Who twisted their arms?  HAHAHA.


Back to the CIA bombing school children in a terror attack: It was found by staff who wondered about this device.  Oops, said the CIA.  But ‘no one was in danger’ when the bus carried children about, ticking away.  Oh, that is because the CIA didn’t activate it!  Thank god for that.  The entire business stinks to high heaven and nothing will change after this.  We live in a country which set off nuclear bombs and poisoned the land and atmosphere and…LIED ABOUT THIS.


I was a small, small child when I witnessed the nuke tests.  Once, because my dad was watching it explode.  He explained to us how prevailing winds means the nuclear poisons would avoid us because we were upwind, on the border of California.  ‘So everyone east of us is getting it instead?’ I asked.


Fast forwards to when I was 13 years old and leading to a major breakdown with my father that meant I had to leave home within two years (and my father gave me adult rights via the courts so I could leave his presence): Carol, a girlfriend of mine who grew up on the eastern side of the nuclear bomb tests in Nevada, suddenly began dying of leukemia.  I already knew from spying on my parents that everyone in the nuclear bomb business was terrified of being exposed to the fallout and we were kept indoors when testing was done for this reason.


But no one told anyone living in the shadow of these dirty bombs, to take shelter!  IT WAS TOP SECRET!  I would babble about it at school and my parents would laugh and say I was crazy.  But I wasn’t crazy, my parents were crazy.  As were all the people who were part of the nuclear nightmare.


Back again to the CIA bomb on a bus carrying children: the CIA was practicing terrorism.  You can bet, if this bomb did go off, they would blame some target they want to destroy and then hit it a la Saddam Hussein, for example.  To ‘test’ systems to prevent bombs, say, bomb sniffing dogs, you don’t have to use children’s buses to do this.  Go to a junk yard.  Sheesh.  Put a bomb in the vehicles driven by the CIA top honchos.  HAHAHA.  They would never do this, the bombs might be activated just to get rid of them and start a war.


No, they chose to endanger school kids and NOT THE FIRST TIME, either.  Carol was only 14 years old when she finally died an agonizing death.  I will never, ever forget her.


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9 responses to “CIA Plants Real Bomb On Real Bus To ‘Test For Terror’ Which Is Typical Of This Insane Organization

  1. abbu

    OT but how do you feel about Trump’s position that a woman who has an abortion should be punished?

  2. Jim R

    About that JFK thing … a lot of people who have looked into it do not believe that Oswald actually shot him. Not that he wouldn’t have, but the book depository didn’t really have a good angle. And the Zapruder film clearly shows Kennedy being shot from the _front_, while the car was headed _away_ from the building. (ballistic demonstrations with watermelons prove nothing)

    I never really paid much attention to the Kennedy assassination until about ten years ago. Some of the inconsistencies of the 911 attacks came up in another forum… and the assassination was mentioned again.

    Did you know that there actually was another Congressional investigation into the assassination? They investigated again, and concluded that there were more than three shots fired, based on audio tape evidence. And then Congress quietly dropped the matter, and it was never followed up.

    Since then, it hasn’t really mattered who we elect.

  3. emsnews

    Note how we are being egged into ignoring Oswald???

    Look, the facts about Oswald are scary as all hell. He is a key to the CIA business that is black as night! So what do all the people who sense a conspiracy do?

    Pretend there was another ‘assassin’! Stupid, stupid, stupid stuff. Like 9/11: the fact that a bunch of Saudi students murdered thousands of Americans in a massive terror attack is obvious, our our faces and utterly horrible.

    So curious people focus on totally fake stuff that DISTRACTS them from reality utterly and totally and is also very stupid.

  4. Jim R

    The point being, that Oswald did not carry off the assassination all by himelf. It was planned. Oswald was the scapegoat, thrown to the masses to divert attention from the plan. Garrison exposed the plan, back then, but he was ridiculed, ignored, silenced.

    Further, the CIA never answered most of the key questions asked by the Congressmen. And Congress finally let it go, back then, in the ’70s … The diversion worked.

    Some decades later, 911 came along. And the masses are supposed to believe that a dozen or so Saudi criminals carried it off all by themselves, complete with fancy stunt flying and spectacular suicide crashes. Flying wildly off-course for an hour or more. (before that, when Payne Stewart’s plane went off course, it was accompanied by military jets within about 15 minutes until it finally went down)

    Congress hasn’t even asked many serious questions about this one, and something like 2/3 of the questions they DID ask were simply ignored.


    ELAINE: Yes, this was a typical CIA ‘OPEN DOOR’ scheme. They opened all the doors for Oswald to do his thing. There was no need for a ‘second shooter’ because the CIA knew Oswald was a crack shot!!! Why so many people want elaborate, complex schemes to explain events baffles me. The naked information we already have is crystal clear. Of course, our government refused to explain how the CIA did all this. That is most annoying but then my father’s secret activities during WWII are still classified for the most part even though I tracked down all the information and he confessed to me before he died.

  5. Petruchio

    “About that JFK thing … a lot of people who have looked into it do not believe that Oswald actually shot him.” I have looked into it. I used to be a JFK Assassination buff. I have read numerous books on this subject. I seriously doubt Oswald was the or a shooter of Kennedy. Oswald actually WORKED at the Texas School Book Depository. Of course he was there! We also know that Oswald WAS on the 6th floor of the Depository Bldg WORKING, not putting together a rifle.
    Further, we know that, from his days as a US Marine, that Oswald was a rotten shot. He couldn’t even hit the paper when he was trying to qualify on the gun range. ALSO: we know that a second rifle was found inside the School Book Depository. Images of this are on film. The rifle has disappeared.
    The House Select Committee on Assassinations, in 1978, concluded that JFK, to a “high probability” was killed as a result of a conspiracy. Meaning a second (at least) gunman. Oswald WAS a patsy; he thought he was working for anti-Castro Cubans. He wasn’t. Lee Harvey Oswald was a the turkey in a turkey shoot; it is why Jack Ruby had to kill him before Oswald talked.

  6. hans

    I did a lot of Sherlock Holmes investigations as a child leading to me winning a scholarship to go to Germany to study when my intention in 1968 was to track down and interview all Nazis who interacted with my dad during WWII and getting drunk with them. Heh. Easy for a cute teen girl to do, actually. Nailed every one of them.

    i presume you missed George Soros, here we have a man who openly admits to helping Nazis steal, says he will do it again, and yet there is no uproar

  7. Jim R

    Elaine, I think you are right about Trump, though.

    It will all be so unexpected. Trump’s individual one-cup coffee maker will explode and kill him. Some brown guy with a beard will be blamed, but will die in a hail of bullets before anyone can ask him a question.

    And the Republican convention will proceed without him.

    And Hillary will win the general election. It’s all so neat and clean…

  8. emsnews

    This is how the open door works: if they want Trump killed, at some point he will not be guarded for some reason and then the killer will act. It will be some deranged lunatic who has been egged on by our media owners. Everyone’s hands will be clean because there will be no direct connections.

    Trump supporters will go into elaborate conspiracy schemes to explain all this because they will need to feel better about the inevitable. Meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang will be untouched since all allegations will be wild, stupid and poorly researched and the wrong people will be fingered yet again.

  9. Jim R

    The ‘open door’ is still a conspiracy.

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