Snow, Winter Cold For Eastern North American Continent In April

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A sustained, very cold Arctic blast is going down all across the Northeast and Eastern half of Canada straight out of the most dire place on earth for Ice Ages: Hudson Bay.  This Hudson Bay cold push is causing blizzards in April which are normally very rare.  It is snowing heavily outside my window as we can see in the picture here.  LA may roast but LA didn’t get covered by a mile of ice over and over again like my mountain which was shaped by glaciers over a two million year period.

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Please note this double cold wave goes all the way down to the Caribbean Sea and it hit Mexico, the low temperatures for my mountain the next three days will be below 15 degrees with high winds.  It may be warm in Seattle but Seattle was never covered by a mile of ice over and over again, either.


If one is searching for signs of bad cold coming, the only place one should look is Hudson Bay.  I have said this over and over again because few ‘climate scientists’ recognize this dire fact.  They imagine we have to look at everywhere BUT Hudson Bay to determine if it is going to be super duper warm.


This blindness to the true warnings of Ice Age conditions is what plagues ‘climate studies’.  They have twisted data to hide this information which is why they can, with a straight face, issue comforting predictions for example, that no Ice Age can show up for at least 30,000 years which is insanely optimistic indeed, for no Interglacials has ever lasted that long if you add our present length of 18,000 to that number.


Why would our Interglacial magically be longer, double longer, than any previous one?  I see zero cause for this belief.  The past informs us of the future and pretending the past is of no consequence is lunacy.


A History of New York City Snowstorms (1960 – 2016) – New York City Weather Archive


April 6, 1982 – Just 1.1″ of snow had fallen in February and March when a blizzard dumped 9.6″ of snow on the City today, less than a week before Easter. More than a foot fell in New Jersey and Westchester County. The storm started as rain in the pre-dawn hours and changed over to snow mid-morning and lasted through late afternoon. By midnight the temperature had fallen to a record low 21°. This was the most snow to fall so late in the season since ten inches fell on April 3, 1915.


April 7, 2003 – Four inches of snow fell, the biggest April snowfall in twenty-one years. This brought the season’s snowfall close to 50 inches.


So, we had one blizzard this month and it was worse upstate than in NYC.  I remember that snowstorm because I had to do snow removal back then as I did since because I own sometimes multiple snow plows and make money doing this in winter.  Now, I only snow plow family since I am getting too old for this sort of fun.


Note how, after many years of no April snow falls, we had one just a few years ago and now another one.  This oddity is a warning.  You see, if it snows early in winter, we can get a warm spring and everything is dandy.  But late spring snowfalls kill off budding plants and has a huge impact on living things.


This spring, it won’t harm the plants much because the last three weeks have been very winter-like so trees are only just beginning to show any sign of budding and the damage hopefully, won’t be too great. None of my fruit trees have flowered yet which is good but the first half of April is going to be colder than normal according to the global warming fanatics who work for the weather service.


A word from NOAA:


Starting with the ice ages that have come and gone in regular cycles for the past nearly three million years, there is strong evidence that these are linked to regular variations in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the so-called Milankovitch cycles (Figure 1). These cycles change the amount of solar radiation received at each latitude in each season (but hardly affect the global annual mean), and they can be calculated with astronomical precision. There is still some discussion about how exactly this starts and ends ice ages, but many studies suggest that the amount of sum- mer sunshine on northern continents is crucial: if it drops below a critical value, snow from the past winter does not melt away in summer and an ice sheet starts to grow as more and more snow accumulates.


Climate model simulations confirm that an Ice Age can indeed be started in this way, while simple conceptual models have been used to successfully ‘hindcast’ the onset of past glaciations based on the orbital changes. The next large reduction in northern summer insolation, similar to those that started past Ice Ages, is due to begin in 30,000 years.
Although it is not their primary cause, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) also plays an important role in the ice ages…


Note how they run off to talk about CO2 and then mix up cause and effect!  When it warms, the oceans release a lot of CO2. When it becomes much colder, the CO2 is sequestered again.  What causes this warming and cooling is the key and CO2 amounts are the effect of what causes Ice Ages.


 Much warmer times have also occurred in climate history – during most of the past 500 million years, Earth was probably completely free of ice sheets (geologists can tell from the marks ice leaves on rock), unlike today, when Greenland and Antarctica are ice-covered. Data on greenhouse gas abundances going back beyond a million years, that is, beyond the reach of antarctic ice cores, are still rather uncertain, but analysis of geological samples suggests that the warm ice-free periods coincide with high atmospheric CO2 levels. On million-year time scales, CO2 levels change due to tectonic activity, which affects the rates of CO2 exchange of ocean and atmosphere with the solid Earth.


These examples illustrate that different climate changes in the past had different causes. The fact that natural factors caused climate changes in the past does not mean that the current climate change is natural.


Let’s see, the Little Ice Age warmed up without any obvious cause at the same time sun spot activity suddenly reappeared.  Way back in 1800, astronomy buffs (there were no ‘professionals’ back then) who thought Galileo was hallucinating when he drew pictures of sun spots, suddenly began to see sun spots again and were amazed.


Then it got warmer and warmer.  So smart people began to talk about how the sun changes over time and since the 19th century was also the time when Ice Age information was first gathered and people thought there was only one Ice Age, they figured out that the sun may just be the cause of this sudden Ice Age and its sudden end.


Then the scary stuff happened: people studying this singular Ice Age figured out that there were many Ice Ages, that they began around 3 million years ago and that these all began very, very suddenly and equally, all ended abruptly with a sudden shot of hot weather which never lasted longer than 30,000 years.


This very scary information is swamped at the official NOAA site by chatter about CO2.  There is zero mention that CO2 levels of the last million years is greatly lower than any other time in Earth’s long multi-billion year history.  The fact that all living things have adapted to this low CO2 levels is amazing and shows how life on earth is amazingly adaptable.


Of course, alongside this is the dire news that mass deaths that nearly killed all life on earth has happened several times and all these times were when asteroids hit our planet.  I remember when the first musings about all this began because my grandfather was part of the debate about extra-terrestrial terror when he climbed into what he named Meteor Crater in Arizona, way back in the horse and buggy days and picked up a piece of the meteorite which hit the earth.


He cut it in two to see what it looked like inside.  It is now with the Smithsonian Institute but I used to play with it when I was a child, it was very, very heavy.  Drop it on my toes and I would have to see a doctor.


Since Edison Pettit’s adventures seeking meteor strikes, we now know for certain that this is an immense danger to everyone and everything on earth and we now track asteroids that lurk nearby.  Near Earth Objects Map

Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 8.16.10 AM

Oh my!  Lots and lots of space stuff itching to hit us thanks to our gravitational pool!  Of course, we can’t see our Rulers taxing us for polluting space so they NEVER MENTION THIS STUFF.  Note how all the fear mongering fails to mention any of our gravest dangers.


There is evidence that there are a MILLION space objects that can hit us that we don’t know about.  Imagine that news broadcast far and wide.  No, it is not mentioned except rarely when some object comes particularly close.


In the past, when comets came roaring past our planet, our ancestors would be filled with greatest fear and this was not irrational, it was a correct feeling of doom.  For our doom will come from outer space exactly this way.  From last April:  Bigger problems than global warming – NASA discovers 8 new dangerous near Earth asteroids | Watts Up With That?


These THREE asteroids REALLY could HIT Earth … – Daily Express reports last September.  I said back in December that the goofy, noxious ‘Climate Change’ meeting in Paris of all places, was foolish and insane.  Why?  If even one participant in that sex orgy was even slightly serious, they would have not gone due to it consuming vast seas of oil and energy to meet and greet each other.


It was a naked looting expedition aimed squarely at European and American taxpayers.  And the fact that they didn’t use modern technology to ‘talk’ but instead, insisted on doing this via yachts, private jets, etc.  proves that global warming is meaningless to them all.  They don’t give a damn.  Not one of these creeps has blown up their palaces and erected huts to live in.  Not one has blown up their private jets or gas guzzling limos.


Not a soul has changed their energy-mad consuming habits and systems.  All of them including the army of hysterical actors and performers and Popes has changed one iota to ‘save the earth’ because this is all fake, it is a tax looting excuse aimed at making the middle class miserable and poor as if present economic systems which are doing an excellent job at this, aren’t enough already.


So far, since it hasn’t hit hard yet, young people are protesting things that our rulers want them to protest.  Demanding heavy taxes on energy pleases our rulers no end so ‘global warming’ demonstrations are encouraged as are ‘Black Lives Matter’ stuff which does nothing to save blacks from total social disintegration and destruction.


But looming on the horizon are riots by young people who discover there are no jobs, pay is dropping even for young doctors like we see in England today who are demonstrating louder and louder for higher pay, we will see all the kids who were conned into deep debts, rising up in rage.  The ‘Thou Shalt NEVER Declare Bankruptcy’ rules imposed only a few years ago are now rapidly appearing on the radar of young students who suddenly are becoming aware of this bear trap which they are stepping into.


They must wake up soon, I personally know young people who tried college, didn’t do well, and are dropping out but only after accumulating more than $20,000 in debts in a short period of time, my heart breaks for them.  Soon, a million young people will discover they are deep in debt for life.  Talk about a potential revolutionary force cooking up in the near future.


They won’t be marching demanding higher energy costs and fear of warm weather.  It will be colder in the next years and there will be angry, cold, hungry marchers demanding an escape from debtor’s prisons.


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11 responses to “Snow, Winter Cold For Eastern North American Continent In April

  1. JimmyJ

    Recent research about moon and sun effect on earth through orbital resonances. The energy, 3,700 billion watts worth, enhances the earth’s magnetic field by tidal motions in liquid iron outer core, and creates heat pulses effecting the mantle. I’m now wondering if orbital resonances can be tied to ice age periodicity or creation of ‘large igneous provinces’ such as Siberian or Deccan Traps.

  2. darius

    Yesterday Chicago area had very bizarre weather. It was snowing blizzard one min and sunny the next. On and off the whole day.

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  4. emsnews

    Here it is, April, it is 19 degrees F outside my window. It is snowing AGAIN, heavily. Except for one day this week, it will be winter weather with snow all the way to next Sunday. This is no small cold snap. It is winter again.

  5. Jim R

    .. So, we can put you down in favor of that 2° temperature rise?

  6. emsnews

    Actually, YES. I live where it is quite cold most of the time! Remember: I once lived in one of the hottest deserts on earth…heh.

  7. Jim R

    You’re gonna love this:

  8. emsnews

    Oh, the Michigan Wolverines! Yes, we must study them closely, they are nasty on the football field.

    Then there are the 6. Moscow Wolverines – Team Manager: Anatoly Filatov who play poker!

    North Georgia wolverines…more football. If they fight the Michigan ones then this would be wolverine holocaust.

  9. DeVaul

    Global Warming researchers flush with academic funding “unexpectedly” came across the real reason Greenland is melting (from the bottom up):

    It’s now sitting on top of an active volcano. What a surprise.

    What does CO2 have to do with sitting on top of a volcano?

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