US Media Giants Desperately Beat Down Trump, Now Rising Fear About Sanders

Montana homeowner who shot dead burglar who broke into home is hit with lawsuit after a trial of the homeowner who was accused of murder because he shot the crook as the man climbed back out of a window.  The shocking moment a Texas school police officer is caught on camera body slamming 12-year-old girl face-first on to concrete and Cops Slam 12 Year Old Black Girl Onto Squad Car are all in the news today.  I see something bad developing: we went through this way back in the 1970’s when minorities discovered that they could riot, steal and kill each other and everyone would run away or pretend to not see anything and NYC, for example, was nearly destroyed during that epic time and today, many of our cities are being systematically destroyed by minorities who were given the green light to do this.

The really nasty fact here is, our Real Rulers are doing this today for the same reason they did it in the 1970’s.  That is, it is a plan to eliminate our former industrial giant cities that now are wastelands with few jobs for the ‘working stiffs’.  They are now holding pens for socially dysfunctional families with no real fathers.


The media giants continue to hammer Trump but they are confused about what to do about Sanders who beat the hell out of Hillary in Wisconsin last night.  This election isn’t going the way our rulers wanted and their agitation is increasingly obvious.  Meanwhile, they use race to divide us and drive black and now, Hispanic families off the economic and social cliff by encouraging them to be filthy, dangerous and stupid.

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 8.08.56 AM

The issue of how to deal with violent minorities is a huge election topic with Trump voters angry about yielding to demands of racial activists and the topic of ‘free speech’ which leftist activists want to eliminate (!!!) from college campuses still makes news:  Azealia Banks hits back at Sarah Palin for her support of Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online


Media Research Center managed to grab Banks’ initial tweets before they were taken down, the most vulgar of which said; ‘Sarah Palin needs to have her head shaved off to a buzzcut, get headf***** by a big veiny, ashy black c*** then be locked in a cupboard.’


She also wrote an open letter to Palin on Tuesday, saying; ‘Now since learning that the article was not published officially, I sincerely apologize for any emotional distress or reputational scarring i may have caused you.


‘In my honest defense, i was completely kidding. I happen to have a really crass, New-York-City sense of humor, and regularly make silly jokes in attempts make light of situations which make me uncomfortable.


‘As the fabric of the American Nation is EMBEDDED with racism, I merely made a raCIALly driven joke to counter what i believed to be real, raCIST rhetoric.’


This ‘singer’ posted some of the most obnoxious, racist rants ever and then ‘apologized’ by claiming she was ‘only joking’ and had a ‘sense of humor’ and was ‘uncomfortable’ with Palin talking about how blacks embrace trash talk as normal while demanding we all pussy foot around their feelings by not using even mildly annoying words.

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 8.08.23 AM

These ‘students’ were obscene and crude and loud while proclaiming their helpless innocence and easily hurt feelings that get bruised when they hear words they dislike.


The female rap ‘singer’ (sic) wrote an amazing final paragraph about how she is fighting racism by being obscene, crude, vicious and violent is exactly what is wrong with the race issue today.  This new double standard where blacks and others may be as vile and violent as they wish and the rest of us are to be super careful and not fight back, will backfire and is backfiring and Trump has clicked onto all this whereas Cruz, a guy who is Canadian and American until this year, whose family is Cuban, is supposed to represent angry GOP voters who are tired of gangs of illegal aliens taking jobs and committing crimes and other issues…this election which was supposed to be easy cheesy for our elites is turning into a nightmare for them as they see Hillary go up in flames, too, against a socialist candidate talking about economic issues….

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 8.00.53 AM

An interesting election that will be resolved by both parties in a rather violent way, I am predicting.

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 7.52.17 AM

Anger against illegal aliens is growing rapidly in Europe which is under seige:  A Tale of Two Cities: Retired Swedish Police Chief Says Malmo Crime Skyrocketing Due To Uncontrolled Immigration, No Go Zones


Despite the population of Malmo growing by a 50 per cent in 20 years, the amount of crimes committed has increased out of all proportion – and the number of officers available to police the streets has halved.


The reasons for this are complex, Elofsson explains. As Malmo becomes a less easy place to police, officers with any experience request to transfer elsewhere, leaving the force with mainly young, rookie cops. These officers are at the typical time of life to get married and have children, and generous Swedish child care leave laws can take professionals, both male and female, away from their jobs for months at a time. This “negative circle”, as Elofsson calls it, combined with again generous annual leave allowance can render much of Malmo with no police officers at all over the summer, as Breitbart London discovered when it called on an empty police station this week.


It is a problem the force acknowledges – and admits it is powerless to prevent. Sweden has started to redeploy officers from other cities to cover the shortfall, but this is expensive as the officers are housed in quality hotels and regularly travel home to see their families.


Old lady interviewed in Germany about migrants – YouTube

As this German lady is interviewed, within minutes, aggressive aliens come forward, stand next to her menacingly and then interrupt her, more and more collect as she talks.  This is often seen in Europe these days, they are all very aggressive and know they can intimidate and this will backfire, the next elections coming up will see all this change direction, already, the elites are backing down on flooding millions of aliens into Europe to destroy political and economic power there.


After all, there are still unions in Europe unlike the US which has seen this utterly destroyed by offshoring jobs.


I almost forgot this amazing news story:  Mixed Race, Award Winning News Anchor Fired For Telling The Truth About Black Moms Failing Their Kids In Murder Case! – YouTube

This poor woman will never be hired for any jobs now that she told the truth and note how she is suddenly a ‘white woman’ instead of ‘black’.  And her many Emmy awards are just so much garbage now, she will be exiled forever unless someone goes against the grain and hires her.


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10 responses to “US Media Giants Desperately Beat Down Trump, Now Rising Fear About Sanders

  1. Lou

    The ‘New America’, brought to you by the left. Immigration, Open Borders, Multi cultural, Multi Lingual and BROKE.
    And our population is booming.

  2. vengeur

    You often talk about your experiences about New York in the 70’s -80’s and how bad it was becoming, i.e. out of control criminality. Nobody ever talks about it anymore, but the Bernie Goetz case of a serially mugged white man who shot several black muggers on the subway seemed to be an emblematic turning point in the collective conscience about how bad things had become? I think we will soon be there again.

  3. Lou

    Vengeur—- BG was so ’30+ years ago’–the memory of JQ Public is short.
    USA has declined much since 1980. While our population has grown.

  4. e sutton


    Well Lou, back in ´80, a white man being raped by a Somali invader in his own country would have raised quite a few eyebrows. Now? Not so much? In an upside down world where down is up and up is down, defending yourself is an afterthought and mourning the deportment of your rapist is the order of the day.

    I remember back in the ´70s being shocked by Time magazine showing two men holding hands on the cover, advocating for gay rights. How times have changed.

  5. Lou

    on–theres news a man was raped in Norway? and sympathizes w the attacker.

    Image for the news result
    Norwegian politician felt ‘guilt & responsibility’ after being sodomized by Somali refugee
    RT‎ – 2 days ago
    A male politician in Norway has opened up about his rape by a Somali man, stating that he …
    Leftist Norwegian Politician Gets Raped By Somalian, Questions Whether Man Should Be Deported
    Daily Caller‎ – 3 days ago
    Norwegian politician who was raped by Somali asylum seeker says he felt GUILTY after attacker was deported‎ – 2 days ago
    More news for somali rapes norwegian
    Norwegian Politician Gets Raped By Somali, Advocates For ……/leftist-norwegian-politician-gets-raped…
    The Daily Caller
    3 days ago – Leftist Norwegian Politician Gets Raped By Somalian, Questions … Hauken has finally come out to tell the public his story of his rape and …
    Norway syndrome: a new condition for Western victims of rape…/norway-syndrome-a-new-conditio…
    The Spectator
    1 day ago – A male left-wing politician in Norway – Karsten Nordal Hauken – has spoken out about his rape, a few years ago, at the hands of a Somali …

  6. “These ‘students’ were obscene and crude and loud while proclaiming their helpless innocence and easily hurt feelings that get bruised when they hear words they dislike.”

    You didn’t note that the one photographed talking back to Cruz was behaving just like Trump would, same pointed finger, angry raised voice and curled lips, once the GOP National Convention takes the nomination from Trump and gives it to Mr. Ted.

    Oh the elites were soooooo hoping for H>illary vs. Jeb! this year.

  7. floridasandy

    the elites WANT ted bs Hillary. a slam dunk for them.

  8. Lou

    Cruz and wife. yikes. His ‘baker’ wife helped with TPP.

  9. Yokes. Now I know we’re going to be stuck with Cruz. The worst of the lot — a theocrat AND a corporatist.

  10. Ted Cruz is an insane end-of-times born again Christian who think his stripe of Christians should rule the world, starting with the USA.

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