Hillary And Bill Clinton Now Attacked By Black Lives Matter Students

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President Bill Clinton Gets It Wrong On Mass Incarceration says the Huffington Post. There are two things the liberal community has embraced that is destroying it rapidly: global warming is more dangerous than WWIII and Muslim fundamentalism, and the destruction of the black community is due to too many police, not free trade/unlimited illegal aliens is what is destroying the economic base of the black community.  Black families are now nearly totally destroyed while at the same time, the main employment for black males is to be criminals.  The liberal fix is: no more cops or laws for blacks and an even further reduction in industry to stop fictional ‘warming’.


‘Tell the truth:’ Bill Clinton clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters who think that the world revolves around them even as blacks are herding themselves into worse and worse ghettoes because there, they can do many illegal things and there are few cops who mainly protect the richer communities.  I once lived in a black slum in NYC and getting the police to patrol our community was DANGEROUS.


The cops didn’t want to do it and the ‘community organizers’ especially Al Sharpton, were lying to black mothers, telling them that getting less police protection would mean their children would be safer.  Au contraire, 99% of black murders are not done by cops but by blacks to themselves.

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From the Huffington Post.  The above graph doesn’t note that many of the blacks in prison are there due to crimes they committed against other blacks or businesses that catered to blacks in our cities which are now under siege thanks to rampant black crime. Why is that?


Of course, Clinton is part of this problem: he, like the GOP, let in a flood of illegal aliens who then replaced black workers in various fields including janitorial jobs, construction jobs, etc.  And the free trade deals killed union jobs in big cities and so workers had to flee these dead cities and blacks seeking higher welfare payments replaced these populations and now major manufacturing cities like Detroit are hell holes populated by welfare families producing criminals at a mad rate.


The Huffington Post solution to all this is…let these dying cities become even more hellish by not patrolling them again.  I say, ‘again’ because this happened before!  I had to fight like a demon to force NYC to patrol my community.  I had a number of meetings with officials including one in the middle of a street of a burned out community, when Koch said ‘Why are you bothering me all the time for more police?’ when a shoot-out occurred right down the street from us and Koch’s bodyguards had to protect him while I stabbed at him with my finger and said, ‘I need them now!’


I got them!  It was a huge battle.  At one point at a meeting, Koch held up his five fingers in my face and said, ‘The criminal justice system is like my five fingers’ and then listed the inept parts of the system and I said, making a fist, ‘The only way to stop crime is this.’  This is when the Daily News dubbed me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ and I got my patrols and the changes but only after I also got five politicians sent to prison for taking bribes, stealing public funds and making Mafia-style threats, the President of Queens committed suicide as the FBI came to get him, stabbing himself in the stomach.


Well, here we are, I am no longer in NYC, the new Democratic mayor is conspiring with the Huffington Post and other liberals to reproduce the exact same chaos and evils of the 1970’s including bankrupting the city all over again.


Most L.A. car chase ever! Hollywood Boulevard comes to standstill as suspects flee cops in convertible and do donuts before stopping for SELFIES – cheered on by celebrities and people on social media who thought it was very funny that a pair of black thugs stole a vehicle, damaged other cars, stopped traffic and so forth.  These thugs were very happy to make the news and thought themselves to be very clever.


At the secure, privileged colleges, we have this news: Furious Duke University students call for termination of school’s Executive Vice President over claims he ‘called black worker stupid n****’.  Students have taken down school presidents over all sorts of tiny issues or rank allegations and instead of appeasing them, they are now very bold about doing this.


Evidently, the VP bumped a traffic person on the campus prior to a football game and they exchanged words.  The VP was in the wrong here and he may be a very stupid man but then, the entire football thing to me is the bigger issue: black male ‘students’ play basically for free making these colleges very rich, they get TV money, for example.


These gigantic stadiums are built for these violent games that destroy not just bodies but cause significant brain damage and the players are mostly poor kids seeking an NFL career and they are tossed onto the garbage pile when they ‘graduate’ with brain damage.  This entire business should be investigated as exploitive and shut down entirely.


It is fraud!  And being the only open door to the NFL which is celebrated far and wide as it destroys men, is open only if players first play for free at these ‘universities’ which are actually slave plantations.  For a good rant about all this:  Confessions of a College Professor: Missouri: Sportsball Genie Out Of The Bottle hits a home run.


Why are not Black Lives Matter students protesting this football fraud?  Well, no one really cares if black men are destroyed, not even black men care anymore.  It is like everyone has given up!  The protestors at the university, by the way, are demanding a $15 minimum wage.  The other key thing happening today is, PhD holders who are hired by schools these days are not on any tenure track, they are being forced to work at minimum wage, teaching ‘students’ who are viewed as money machines for the schools who pile up gigantic debts only to find there are no good jobs to be had when graduating!


This exploitive system needs badly to be shaken up.  It is heading off a cliff.  As word creeps out that school diplomas are increasingly worthless, that schools have very definitely dumbed down to pass students no matter how little they learn, that this entire system is now based on exploiting young people in various ways that cause them real harm…this debate is screaming to happen and not be distracted by silly debates that lead nowhere.


I say, bravo to students and their slave wage teachers, protesting important things and payment of wages is a huge issue, stopping the exploitation of our youth is a gigantic issue and the dangers to our youth of crime as a career as well as the collapse of wages due to free trade deals and aliens brought in en mass to replace citizens: and liberals can’t connect all of these!  They want more illegal aliens, for example!  Utterly at odds with saving black lives who are now being sidelined and slated for only one career choice: crime.


Fear grips University of Texas campus as cops hunt bike-riding suspect after freshman dance student, 18, is found brutally murdered in a creek and the suspect is a black male.


Confessions of a College Professor: California: Free Diplomas for Dropouts


On principle alone, this is just more California-crazy, and reading the explanation for the thinking behind this doesn’t help:


“…to counter the phenomenon of students receiving passing grades while learning almost nothing. The test is hardly complex. The math test, for instance, only covers 8th grade-level material…”


Honest, there’s a reason our “colleges” start at the 9th grade now, what’s happening in California, academically, is comparable to the rest of the country: what a high school graduate knows today is comparable to the 8th grader of decades ago (outside of the exceptional students).


The gentle reader really needs to understand how minimal the standards are now, and how many of our victims in the public schools are gaining nothing despite the kind of tax dollars spent:


249,000 students failed to pass the test by the end of senior year from 2006 to 2014.


Now back to today’s regularly scheduled blog. You can’t get into college without a high school diploma. Well, legally, you can’t, but admin overlook this law as well as they overlook every other law that would cut into growth. It’ll be a moot point soon, as dropouts can just get a California diploma in short order.


Now let’s connect the dots. There are no standards in the public schools, so we graduate illiterates, and this is justified because these schools have to take everyone. Seeing that isn’t even good enough, we’ll be awarding diplomas to anyone who wants one, and this is justified because people “need” a diploma to succeed in today’s world (or so they say).


California wants to fix the problem of black and Hispanic students not doing well in school by making diplomas totally worthless.  Except for ones from a tiny handful of elite universities, of course.  But even these have to admit students who can’t do the work in order to have ‘diversity’ otherwise, Asian students would be the only ones there, for the most part.


Highly competitive, hard working, studying very hard in high school: these students are in competition with each other while alongside them are students who do far less and are let in due to ethnic traits and thus, are woefully unable to cope with the speed and determination shown by Asian students and this leads to a huge gulf between students at schools.  One that no one dares talk about but which has huge future implications.


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10 responses to “Hillary And Bill Clinton Now Attacked By Black Lives Matter Students

  1. floridasandy

    I honestly think blacks are waking up to the self destruct course that liberals have set them on. I think they hate the Clintons because they know about all the bad free trade deals, illegal immigration, and job destruction that await them. They need to go after the mayors in the cities, too, because the cities get tons of money and it is literally stolen from them, stolen from their future. All the rent paid in the cities could have been applied to home ownership tied to good behavior. When you have no hope, you just don’t care .

    look at Chicago and rahm, Obama and Baltimore’s “shovel ready” jobs that didn’t exist but money was appropriated, and a mayor that wanted her own city to be looted to get some MORE federal money.

    the answer was (and still is) jobs, home ownership, and a stake in your country. We are all in this together and we need to see that change actually happens with this election cycle. I am encouraged how many NEW voters are out there, ,how many people are trying to stop the massive corruption-even against almost incredibly odds with both parties being so disrespectful of the voting public..

    the Asians generally don’t complain, don’t rely on the government—, and tend to succeed beyond any other demographic for exactly those reasons. They don’t fall into the victimization trap (even though they are a minority in this country) and they don’t want for someone to pick them up.

  2. e sutton

    As long as blacks expect freebies from the gubmint and see it as their entitlement, they will refuse to connect any dots that confirms they´re on a 21st century plantation. Self determination is so last century. Negroes and increasingly their white counterparts jump up and do tricks whenever the powers that be toss them a biscuit, you will never see any change in behavioral patterns.

  3. vengeur

    Black on white crime is monumentally disproportional to white on black crime:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWe1Rufv7lk

  4. Petruchio

    “Honest, there’s a reason our “colleges” start at the 9th grade now, what’s happening in California, academically, is comparable to the rest of the country: what a high school graduate knows today is comparable to the 8th grader of decades ago (outside of the exceptional students).”
    The Prof. here makes a good point, but s/he leaves out the OBVIOUS cause: the complete breakdown in standards at the K-12 level. How on Earth can you expect a College student to perform well if the K-12 education system has low or no standards?
    College students are products of their prior schooling Underperforming College students are what they are because nowhere along the way to their High School graduations did ANYBODY make real, actual DEMANDS on them! In practical terms, the solution involves K-12 students being ‘eligible’ for receiving a FAILING grade. If the student does poorly enough, s/he will have to do a grade over.
    Hold the student’s feet to the fire: set real but reasonable and fair graduation standards in the K-12 system. Only then are you going to see American College students entering College who can perform at a College level.

  5. floridasandy

    what is the point of higher educational standards when there aren’t any jobs available after graduation? the most expensive schools have the best connections and they will get top level government jobs,(can you say harvard?) where they can enact policies that screw over the country, but most other students are shut out.

    trump is the only candidate who talks about jobs and not expanding those foreign visa programs, and only because he is using his OWN MONEY and doesn’t have to kiss ass like the rest of the candidates do. We need small businesses starting up, manufacturing jump started (the border fence will create a lot of border jobs), energy independence, and repatriation of companies who have relocated in other countries.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5, floridasandy: Well for one thing, an educated workforce is the Ruling Elite’s absolutely WORST nightmare!! An educated public, an educated average Joe and Jane are MUCH more difficult to fool, especially in the area of Politics. Think of all the sleazy, corrupt, LYING Presidents the country would NOT have had IF the masses, the General Public were even moderately informed. Informed on the issues AND the candidates. No Ronald Reagan. No Bill Clinton. No George W. Bush II. Think of all the damage they did to this country. Now think the same way about what an educated General Public would do to an equally corrupt and sleazy Congress.
    Another reason for the value of an educated General Public. Their job prospects are better. There are a lot of factors affecting employment in a national economy, but a job applicant who has a solid foundation in things like Math, Reading and–this is the one the Ruling Class REALLY hate–critical thinking skills has a better chance at a job than Jane Average who can’t read the comic on the back of her “Frosty Loops” cereal box.

  7. emsnews

    The voters were all bribed with TAX CUTS. And then government debt exploded upwards and this began with Reagan!

  8. Lou

    The voters were all bribed with TAX CUTS.–going back to? FDR? LBJ?

  9. Jim R

    Reagan actually RAISED taxes. (Shhh, don’t tell nobody)

  10. emsnews

    Reagan dropped the taxes ON THE RICH. Sheesh.

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