Bill Clinton Takes Back Tough Talk To Black Lives Matter, Surrenders To Pro-Crime Group

Bill Clinton to Black Lives Matter Protesters: You Are Defending Murderers and Drug Dealers – YouTube

As the Democratic Party panders to black voters, Hillary is slipping badly in her quest to be queen after strong arming her way to the convention which was intercepted by an elderly man outside of her charmed circle.  Her husband was assailed by Black Lives (Don’t) Matter protestors who want to see more crime and destruction of the black community which is rapidly falling into utter social chaos. Now, Clinton has changed direction Bill Clinton Says He Regrets Showdown With Black Lives Matter Protestors and he wants to retract every truth he said in the above video.  He chickened out in the end.


Talk about a spine of spaghetti.  Kiss my ass, Bill.  He had a flash of ruling elite power and then covered it up with muck because he has to fool blacks into supporting his evil wife.  The protestors were not protesting free trade and the importation of millions of illegal aliens to undermine wages and take jobs.  Nope, they want…to run out of control in their communities and to be criminals openly with zero consequences such as prison time!


We are witnessing a total collapse of society.  Marriage: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 5.45.53 AM

The above graph shows the near-total collapse of marriage in the black community.  Actually, it is worse, more than half of the remaining 26% of married blacks are in biracial marriages.  Black on black marriage has nearly vanished and this isn’t a common condition, it is a development that surged relentlessly after the Civil Rights Act was passed.


No one expected this to happen in 1963.  But by 1980, it was very obvious and nothing was done to stop it, nay, the bedrock of any marriage is men having good paying jobs and that has vanished when free trade was introduced.  Here is what the NYT says about the Clinton backtracking on the obvious due to pressure from anarchistic black leftists:


 “I know those young people yesterday were just trying to get good television,” Mr. Clinton said Friday of the Black Lives Matter protesters who had accused him and Hillary Clinton of supporting policies that devastated black communities. “But that doesn’t mean that I was most effective in answering it.”


That is, he should have lied to them and not tell the truth.  Not that he told much of the truth because he also supported free trade which ravaged us all.


None of those issues has been more central to the 2016 campaign than the 1994 crime bill, which created tougher penalties for nonviolent drug offenders, erected dozens of new prisons, banned certain types of assault weapons and sent 100,000 more police officers to American cities.


Today, Black Lives Matter protesters have pointed to the effects of that legislation as contributing to the high rates of incarceration of black men and the current tensions between police officers and black communities…


What Black Lives Matter wants is no laws to be enforced.  They want gangsta zones and Chicago, Obama’s home base, illustrates this clearly.  Nothing infuriated black activists more than when NYC disarmed black thugs.  Today, they are rearmed and cocked and ready to kill and lo and behold, are doing exactly that in increasing numbers. Bloody weekend in NYC puts rising murder rate in spotlight with liberals whining that it isn’t their fault this is happening again.

From June, 2015:  NYC Murder Rate Up 19% – Still Way Below Record High – YouTube


‘Ferguson Effect’: Commentators claim ‘criminals are feeling empowered’ as police back off after months of protest and violent crime rises in all cities and this will be much worse in the future since the pandering to black criminals is getting worse, not better.


The Black Lives Matter activists don’t care about children.  They have no solutions to this problem:

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 5.47.11 AM

White out of wedlock births are rising at a slightly slower pace but is rising, too.  All went shooting upwards with blacks doing it the earliest and fastest, right after WWII.  In 1964, the irresponsible rate of child-bearing without fathers for black mothers was only slightly more than 20%.


By 1970 it was 50% and rising rapidly.  Funny, that is plateaued when Clinton was elected President.  Even dropped a tad.  Then it resumed its fatal rise.  This graph ends in 2008 but it is now worse, not better.


We see that the Hispanic rate mirrors the black rate and is well over 50% now and I expect it to be over 70% in the next 10 years, too.  The white rate is climbing more slowly but has already reached 30% unwed and this social destruction is gripping the entire culture and the GOP talks about all this but does nothing to stop it since the leaders of the GOP like the leaders of the DNC, are all lying bastards who wish to line their own pockets, not save America from destruction.


Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders supported the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and have had to answer to Black Lives Matter protesters at their events. Both candidates will face tough questions on racial issues next week at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network annual convention, less than a week before the April 19 New York primary.

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 5.49.33 AM

Incarceration rates by race and gender, 2000 | Prison Policy Initiative

The huge rate of incarceration of black males mirrors the collapse of marriage in black communities. Way back when I worked with black prisoners to rehabilitate them, I had them marry the mother of their children and if there were a scattering of children, they had to pay child support and invite them to family gatherings and I was very deeply involved in their home lives and their wives could call me at any time and I would go into Newark, a place white liberals fear to go, to check things out and do something.


The college Black Lives Matter children (they are not very adult) want this wreckage to worsen.  They think, if we had no laws to confine black males, these men would all be nice people and not gangsters.  At the same time, Hollywood and the entertainment industry celebrates the music and actions of black gangsters and uses them to make money while the black children ape this garbage and end up dead or in prison.

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 5.51.30 AM

Unemployment rates by race and ethnicity, 2010 : The Economics Daily : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

We see from the above graph how the unemployment rate led to crime.  We had a lot of crime beginning in 1979 and I was named ‘The Housewife From Hell’ by the Daily News back then because I and my fellow crime fighters, half of whom were married black fathers fearing their sons would be lured into crime, had brought some law and order to our neighborhood.


Gangsters who were blacks and many were recent immigrants, were terrorizing us including throwing sticks of dynamite into a building on my block occupied by a black mother and her children which we rescued.  They were shooting guns, stealing stuff and intimidating everyone and we stopped this and it was very dangerous work indeed.


Note how the unemployment rate is rapidly rising since Obama was elected and is approaching the heights of the early 1980’s.  When the unemployment rate shoots upwards, so does crime.

T.I. – About The Money ft. Young Thug – YouTube is a typical rap ‘song’ about sex, money and being unemployed but rich thanks to dealing drugs, etc.  This culture was celebrated for many years and I will never forget the impact Michael Jackson had on my community when we were fighting crime there: it was a disaster.


We were flooded with kids from all over kingdom come, they came to our subway stations to vandalize everything in sight and they ran around our neighborhoods, pretending or working on being hoodlums and they succeeded in this venture and did become hoodlums and they whined like crazy whenever we arrested them and sent them to prison!


In Europe, we see liberals turning whole neighborhoods into crime infested no-go areas just like our own inner cities, when I first went into Newark, people were shocked but then, I was ready to deal with criminals and didn’t fear them.  Now, we have to coddle them and help them rule ruthlessly their neighbors by abandoning whole sections of what used to be powerful, wealthy, industrial cities.  This is suicidal and insane and I can’t stop this behemoth from stomping on everyone since our Rulers love this system.


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6 responses to “Bill Clinton Takes Back Tough Talk To Black Lives Matter, Surrenders To Pro-Crime Group

  1. e sutton

    We are living in a world where the emperor wears no clothes yet nobody will come out and say it. Those who do are destroyed. Personally I am fine with blacks killing off each other. My only problems are that they are not doing it fast enough and the government is moving them into middle class white neighborhoods through Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing – an everlasting gift bestowed upon by Emperor ¨I have dis hair pen…¨ Obama.

    Over the span of sixty years we have seen crime escalate, school performance plummet to shocking depths, and widespread mayhem unleashed upon Western society due to ẗhe never ending, fruitless attempts to ¨uplift¨ the negro. It´s scarcely any wonder that the few black males who do marry go after the white women. Cannot possibly blame them for that.

    Is there any country, civilization, or geographic region that is enhanced by the presence of negroes? What? Too much to ask? Okay, is there any place on Earth that doesn´t fall to complete ruin when a black populace is allowed free reign? Bueller???? Anyone????

  2. Lou

    Sutton—Black womanhood at its snarkiest —

  3. Ken

    Lou, at least the grandmother was trying to instill discipline in the children. Perhaps, with luck, they will not grow up to be criminals.

  4. Lou

    meanwhile the fear continues at campuses —INDIANA PRIEST MISTAKEN FOR KLANSMAN
    Voltaire once wrote, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” These days, since the KKK hardly exists, people are finding it necessary to invent Klansmen.

    In 2013, students at Oberlin College hallucinated a Klansman in the form of a person walking around campus swaddled in a blanket. Last year during the racial hysteria at the University of Missouri, there were false reports that violent Klansmen had stormed the campus. And last week from the college town of Bloomington, Indiana came panicked reports that a whip-wielding Klansman was terrorizing locals. To the dismay of people who taste Klansmen in their hoagies, it only turned out to be a Dominican monk in a white robe carrying rosary beads.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  5. Petruchio

    First off, thanks Elaine for NOT posting a picture of that vile, disgusting, sleazy hag Mrs. Clinton. I forgot to mention that pics and vids of Billy Boy are a close second on Petruchio’s “Revolt-o-meter”. I understand incarceration rates for blacks went way up under Bill Clinton? Didn’t seem to help. Maybe Bill Clinton isn’t responsible for the breakdown in Black families. He sure didn’t do anything to help it, imho and I doubt that lying, sleazy b#tch of a wife of his cares onelittle bit about anyone–other than Bilderbergers and those with money to donate. I noticed the Hillary signs in the video: “Hillary, working for us”. Gee whiz, I didn’t know the Bilderbergers were brazen enough to come right out and make campaign signs for their Chosen One, Hillary.

  6. Lou

    They ‘savaged’ them ——

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