Bernie Sanders Wants Free Schools For All, No Way To Pay For This

SIMPLY AMAZING: Bernie Sanders FANTASTIC Rally in Binghamton, New York (4-11-16) FULL SPEECH

It certainly was amazing.  Bernie promised endless spending on endless list of things young people want for free.  He was cheered on endlessly.  Oh, more goodies.  His proposals would have been serious if he also talked about taxes and how to pay for all this but he did not do that.  It is identical to GOP speeches that are cheered endlessly about cutting taxes and then not paying for anything which is why both political parties are relentlessly piling a Mount Everest level of debt on our ledgers.


So in England, they published this interesting story which isn’t unusual, it is quite common, about a third of ‘college students’ are actually living the live of Reilly by piling on loans or getting grants for school and then, instead, using it to vacation, buy toys, etc.  California student spends ALL of his financial aid on couples’ trip to Thailand | Daily Mail Online


When one 22-year-old was awarded $2,500 in financial aid by his school, he didn’t put it toward pricey textbooks, a backpack, or even a new computer for writing papers. Instead, the young man basically said ‘YOLO’ and blew the entire thing on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend.


Brandon, 22, was given the financial aid check by his Los Angeles-area college to use for school supplies, but decided to find the cash for spring semester textbook some other way, instead spending the money ‘like a boss’ on a ten-day trip to Thailand to surprise his girlfriend of a few months.


You da boss, man!  The girl is a bar maid he met while guzzling the brew.  She thinks he has money when all he has is taxpayer funded debts he will never, ever escape.  This particular chain and ball is forever and he seems the kind of kook to not do well at work later in life since he isn’t very interested in working today.


He does part time by driving his own car at his own expense for Uber.  This is stupid since it doesn’t pay back very much since drivers are driving their cars into the ground and these items cost over $20,000 to replace every four or if you are lucky, five years.


The mileage added on by this activity is immense but young people don’t think ahead about that problem all that much when they have endless funds to tap for ‘school’ even though this often buys useless degrees that enable college kids later in life for an exciting job…driving Uber cab customers!


Bernie Sanders, like the rest of the crew running for President, is trying desperately to bribe people to vote for him.  He promised in yesterday’s speech, to allow students to go bankrupt and never pay back loans, basically.  Or better still, fund the useless classes students take that does them no real good since there are few jobs that result from this effort, while we pay for this via school taxes.


I had the violently powerful lesson many years ago about all this: I was one of the top German language students in America, I won a scholarship to go to Germany to study, for example, which was hard won indeed.  I was already taking graduate courses alongside my regular courses because I was so accelerated in this field when across the entire US, all the universities nearly simultaneously, chose to shut down German Language Studies.


My advisor, professor Oonks, was devastated and had to leave the country.  I was cut loose with a total waste of education.  I then turned on my heels and ran in the opposite direction and took some night school courses at the local high school to learn how to do various carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing courses and then had a fine career building houses.


All my courses put together cost less than $300, by the way.  Today, young people get massive, $20,000 a year plus loans which they think, ‘I’m rich!’ rather than, ‘Good lord, this is like buying a car every year!’  The cost of higher education can be  more than the cost of a house.


Bernie Sanders thinks turning this loot into loot for young, reckless youth is the way to go.  Since more than 50% of the degrees issued by schools are utterly worthless, I would suggest government loans so young adults can go on vacation to Bali before being shackled to low skill/low pay jobs is the way to go, it is infinitely cheaper than pretending many of these kids are interested in learning anything smart.


Confessions of a College Professor: Yield To Progressive Demands = College Destroyed: Professor Doom is infinitely amusing to read.  He writes amusingly and with a fair amount of rage, anonymously because he would be fired if he was caught telling the truth, about how almost all schools are now scam schemes to take money from feckless fools:


 Admin: “To facilitate student demands, we’re creating a fake algebra course that will satisfy the math requirement…”


–Yes, faculty protested. No, we didn’t have the power to stop this. Yes, we told admin that doing this would shut too many students out of useful degree programs, to no avail. Now we have millions of waiters with college degrees…


Admin: “To facilitate student demands, we’re moving the drop date from the second week of classes, to the 14th week of classes. Also, students can now drop an infinite number of times for a degree program, instead of just three times.”


–Yes, faculty protested. Yes, we explained that moving the drop date so late and allowing casual drops would only have students take classes less seriously, leading to students taking much longer to finish their degree program. Our explanations counted for nothing. Now it takes more like 6 years to get the 4 year degree.


Yes, the actual goal is to trick the stupider students into staying in ‘school’ for as long as humanly possible.  This way, the school gets immense amounts of money and the students don’t have to grow up and be responsible for years and years and years.
Professor Doom talks about this incident:


 Admin: “The student complained that you didn’t say “good evening” in a timely manner. Please correct yourself.”


–I’m serious, and this official, written complaint was passed on to me by a deanling after going through layers of bureaucracy.


I have worked at a major university and it was a very odious experience.  I was punished because the school’s President’s husband was a drunkard.  I exposed a mess he created.  It was a stupid experience and it was swept under the rug with the only witness, myself, eliminated so no one could know about it.


In the Professor Doom story is this story:  After Caving To Protests, Mizzou Has A Huge Budget Gap | The Daily Caller.  A drop of 25% in new students.  1,500 fewer in just one year, a $32 million budget deficit yawned.


Professor Doom (one should read him every week!) ‘chuckles’ over the news that the university is going to not give staff pay raises.  Teachers and professor get none in the first place.  Only administrators get these.


Professor Doom suggests readers visit this page:  Staff | Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative at Missouri University:  is the only really ‘black’ person, the only male, too, and he is a ‘office support assistant’ which means ‘student working cheap’.  Aaric Doyle-Wright is getting lessons in who is da boss: in this case, mainly white females with chips on their shoulders.


Seven women whose jobs are to make students happy and all of them are still there after students protested that the school was racist and evil, the few people kicked to the curb include a female part-time ‘professor’ who attacked a student newspaper reporter because he wanted to report about her group’s tent complex they built to protest the president who they called ‘a racist’ and wanted fired.


He was fired and now the school is struggling, drowning, actually.  And everyone is being cut except for this staff which will probably see more hires for utterly useless jobs that do nothing constructive.


Students should protest all this garbage because that crew of women and one male student excepted (he is truly a victim here) cost a fortune!  They are part of the manure pile of garbage dumped on students and are directly the cause of the high cost of ‘education’ today.


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13 responses to “Bernie Sanders Wants Free Schools For All, No Way To Pay For This

  1. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Excuse me while I crawl back into bed. Better yet, I’m going to check out airline ticket prices to Thailand. One way.

  2. Jim R

    Collapse is such a messy process.

    Mizzou is going to have to shrink drastically, or it will disappear altogether.

    Free education is actually a good idea. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, you know, the basics. 100 years ago it was a fantastic thing. Nowadays, they seem to have forgotten the ‘education’ part, and substitute bullshit for it.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Yes, women are a big group in education gunking up the works.

    I worked for an outside company that was creating education programs in NY, LA, & MI. It received funding from the Bush family. The programs they created were all about blaming child behavioral problems caused by poor parenting, on the teachers. They also included aspects that turned teachers into “parents”. They were big into charter programs that disempower the public school system.

    The employees were basically all women and mostly black. Which is also the case in public school as well. We are at the mercy of angry women looking for a crusade to fight. They will create one if there isn’t one to be had.

  4. Anything for a vote and immediate gratification. Our higher institutions will soon be teaching to the lowest common denominator, if they aren’t already.
    Just like our public schools.

  5. Jim R

    Melponeme, I do not blame women, so much as I blame the Bush clan. While I don’t think Dubya was smart enough to think up that clever scheme, he certainly pushed for it.

    Under the guise of universal education and political correctness, it was exactly what you describe — a plan to leave the public education system as a shriveled lifeless husk, and divert public money to the private charter-school system.

    And it is still working. Evidence is in the many many articles Elaine has published here about the topics of political correctness and broken eduction systems. And Elaine is right, it started long long before “No Child Left Behind”. But that particular program was its ultimate expression.

  6. Melponeme_k

    “Melponeme, I do not blame women, so much as I blame the Bush clan.”

    Bush clan has a lot to answer for, but short of giving money they don’t plan the programs. The women at these companies did based on based upon failed social policies and beliefs.

    The education sector is a female ghetto and there are loads of horror stories of them turning on each other, hounding other teachers out of jobs or into rubber rooms etc. The fact that the women in charge are also a great deal of angry minorities looking for a pound of flesh does little to help.

  7. e sutton


    Amen, Mel! I was in the teaching trenches for ten years and I´ve never seen a larger group of nasty bitches than those that occupy the schools, both teachers and especially the administrators. Women are cut throat and will do whatever they can to get rid of you if they think it will advance their own lot. It´s been that way for over fifty years.

    I remember when I was in sixth grade. Due to over crowding (baby boom) our class was held in a trailer adjacent to the school. Our teacher, who was probably in her mid to late fifties at the time, routinely lit up a Lark 100 while we were doing seat work. One of the reasons I ended up doing so poorly in math was because when it was time to learn about ratios and percentages, she pointed me to a Harcourt-Brace ¨student-paced¨ file, where you read the card and did the excercise. Being ¨student-paced¨ you could decide for yourself exactly how much work you wanted to be doing. In my case, it was ¨none¨. That was before the days of high stake testing. The most we had to contend with was the CAT.

    Angry minority women are the rule rather than the exception. The white male is the enemy today. Blacks and Hispanics have been told that the reason they´re all so poor and stupid is because yt has held them down. They aren´t smart enough to look behind the curtain and see that they´ve been sold down the river by every single president since Lyndon Johnson was in office. Good times!

  8. Melponeme_k

    “One of the reasons I ended up doing so poorly in math was because when it was time to learn about ratios and percentages, she pointed me to a Harcourt-Brace ¨student-paced¨ file, where you read the card and did the excercise. Being ¨student-paced¨ you could decide for yourself exactly how much work you wanted to be doing.”

    I can’t blame my teachers for being so poor in math. I was just bad. It was some kind of block or maybe a type of learning disability. Or…it could just be laziness. LOL

    Nowadays I would have been coddled, medicated and sorted into many different financial leech programs on the public dollar. But back in the 70’s, it was only my problem. I had to deal with it alone and make my way. I did and I’m okay. It also helped that I did well in reading and writing so teachers left me alone…in public school. In my Catholic school, yelling was the teaching method of choice. A lot of very impatient and no nonsense nuns who wouldn’t stand for pushing academically weak kids to the next level.

    I still think back and am baffled by my whole problem. If put into a group exercise, I could explain the problem and how to solve it to everyone around me. Then my group mates would get 80 and above. And I would fail. I never could figure that out.

  9. Lou

    Learning is an ongoing process [hopefully]. The WWW makes much of school learning irrelevant. Thats why Colleges scrambled to create online
    classes and even, degrees. To keep the income stream moving to them.

    The importance of Degrees is in their help in getting a job or into a profession.

  10. emsnews

    Thank you all for sharing personal stories here. I really appreciate this, it is a fine gift indeed.

  11. floridasandy

    take away the government guarantees and school would be affordable again .I also bet there would be a lot more needs based scholarships, with no repayment required.

  12. Take away governments using education as a political football to make themselves look good and ending the monetisation of education.

    Both of these have the inevitable consequence of lowering education standards.

    This is due to an unspoken conspiracy between governments, teachers, parents and pupils to lower education standards so that as many pupils pass with good grades as possible.

    The expansion of university education from 30% to 50% graduates means that graduates as only above average not exceptional. With the inevitable devaluing of the value of a degree to the student.

    This is basic economics.

    High Tuition fees also reduce university from a learning and self development experience to that of buying degrees. If you have to spend $65,000 on a degree you expect to get value for money.

  13. Jim R

    Crucial to a good education system will be the ability to expel those who just can’t do this activity. Not all people are the same, sorry, but this is the way things are.

    Not everybody can play basketball in the top NBA team, and not everybody can complete a PhD. If they could, the PhD program would be worthless.

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