Turkey Asks Merkel To Put Rude German Citizens In Prison For ‘Bad Words About Him’

Ein Lied für Erdogan | extra 3 | NDR – YouTube


A little ditty video made by Germans is causing Turkey’s leader to attack German citizens.  Now, another German spoke up and said Turkey shouldn’t be allowed to do this and…is also being threatened with prison time!


Turkey demands Germany prosecute comedian for Erdogan insult


Jan Böhmermann, one of Germany’s most successful young comedians, faces up to five years in prison over a poem in which he referred to Mr Erdogan as a “goat-f*****” and described him as watching child pornography.


Insulting a foreign head of state is illegal under German law, but a prosecution can only take place if a foreign government requests it.


Germans have no freedom of speech.  Any dictator on earth can put a German in prison if they say rude things about these creeps.


Any prosecution also requires the express authorisation of the German government — leaving Mrs Merkel in a difficult position…


Turkey was previously thought to be prepared to let the matter lie after Mrs Merkel personally intervened with a phone call to Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish prime minister, and issued a public condemnation of the poem…


He (the rude German poet) has defended his poem as a satirical response after Turkey summoned the German ambassador to complain about a song mocking Mr Erdogan that was aired on German television.


It all began with this:  WATCH: The video Turkey wants banned from Germany – The Local

Germany’s top diplomat in Ankara has been summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry for a telling-off after public broadcaster NDR mocked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a comic song.


The song mocks Erdogan’s thousand-room presidential palace, famously built over a nature reserve bequeathed by modern Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk…”A journalist who writes something that doesn’t please Erdogan will already be in prison tomorrow,” the singer intones.


“The time is ripe for his great Ottoman Empire.”


Further footage in the video shows Erdogan shaking hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


“Be charming, because he holds you in his hand,” the lyrics continue…


German journalists have been smarting especially at Turkey’s treatment of the press after weekly magazine Der Spiegel announced this month that it had been forced to withdraw its Istanbul correspondent.


“Journalists are being arrested, there are absurd court trials against media representatives, and newsrooms are being placed under state control,” the DJV statement read.


And Turkey wants to be part of the European Union.


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5 responses to “Turkey Asks Merkel To Put Rude German Citizens In Prison For ‘Bad Words About Him’

  1. kenogami

    If there is a law in Germany against insulting foreign heads of state, how come the crummy german media have been insulting Vladimir Putin for years with malicious lies and slanders and worse.

  2. Nani

    Merkel’s pandering to Erdogan is disgraceful, and cowardly. Hopefully this will weaken her leadership even further.

    Merkel is a political diaster. No one has caused so much damage to Europe since the reign of Hitler.

  3. Well said – in a nut shell! I don’t understand how Merkel has been allowed to get so out of line. I am dubious of present day politicians of Europe, as we all are. But an intelligent, democratic, well meaning general public should not leave it all down to politicians when the country is in disarray, politicians did precious little to take a stand in recent terrorism, Paris ‘Je sui Charlie’ Bastille Day may never have happened if Politicians of the EU had cracked the whip hard, shaken them rigid, filled Paris with troops from any, and as many, by member countries of the EU filled the whole of Paris with troops and national flags flapping to show we mean business and solidarity. Instead, it was the invaders who closed roads, spread mats over the streets of Paris and languidly said their prayers. It should have been the EU troops kick those asses and used the mats to lay the bearded men out cold. The public groan and moan but no action! Retaliation will cost lives, but wouldn’t we all prefer to die fighting the intruder, bravely, than being chopped up by caliphs and the likes of the Turk. There is still time for Europe to sort itself out and to solve what is being allowed to happen, including Germany despite the lunatic with her toy-boy who he recently thought nothing to condemn 1,500 Armenians to death, and now refuses to come clean over his evil deed and refuses to call it by its proper name ‘genocide’ it’s laughable! He’s just a foul man. Which reminds me, it seemed most ridiculous to see Merkel (now claimed the most influential woman in the world) sporting a Muslim head gear, scarf wrapped around her head
    and neck. Is that dignified behavior for ‘most powerful woman in the world?It didn’t do much for her, but how uncouth and disrespectful to those women who got raped and their family, she must be going through a breakdown, or gone potty should be wrapped in a sling bag and taken to a nuthouse until she recovers, some say she’s fallen for the Turk. It could possibly be fear of the Muslim population in her country that’s preventing her to stand by her country, now she’s knows full well about Arab’s way to deal in any situation, soon rectified by a limb or two amputated, fearing a horrific death, one word of disapproval out of her towards her ‘guests’ she’d be a chopped up fodder for the animals in the zoo, the wretch women has dug her own grave. The longer she’s allowed to reign supreme, on her pedestal, the longer she’s stays the harder will become to eradicate Muslims from Europe, which in turn could affect other continents as well. It’s time for Europe to act, after Bastille Day Massacre in Nice, what else can one say? . All the last four or five terrors committed, including Belgium’s have been allowed to pass without causing the terrorists much hustle, consequently, terror gets more violent, more deaths. It has to stop. The populous in each corner of Europe must take action. Other countries may offer to join in. An organization should be in place by now to get all of European that is not in favor of migrants get together to remedy this appalling situation we’re facing now.

  4. Christian W

    It’s important to point out that the French terrorists were French and Belgian nationals, born in Europe. So this is partly a domestic problem, and partly a direct consequence of US/EU policies of tolerating Israeli, Turkish and Saudi/Qatari nonsense and elite corruption.

    “Muslim terrorism” is not Muslim as such, it is part of the economic system of the West. When the MSM points fingers at Syria etc it is just part of the disinformation program. The Western elites love the very same terrorists in Turkey and Syria and Caucasus etc and have no problem using them as tools for their twisted policies.

  5. emsnews

    Saudi Arabia is at war with all other people who are not controlled by Mecca. Period.

    They believe this fully and talk about this all the time and then our media lies about this. The ONLY country my mother stormed out of was Saudi Arabia.

    Even Madame Mao didn’t make my mom mad enough to storm out though it was a close second.

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