Another Icon For Black Lives Matter: Obvious Thug Killed In Shootout With Cops

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Protests erupt in Chicago —‘They shot him in the air’: Black teen, 16, killed by Chicago cop was jumping a fence when he was shot claims eyewitness and police source as protests erupt – but department maintains he pointed a gun at officer.  Yes, this happened last night and the Black Lives Matter Only If They Are Thugs hopped into gear and had instant rage protests aimed squarely at getting cops out of crime riddled slums so they can run drug gang activities with no one hindering this.  Obama, of course, being a Chicago politician, fully supports this activity and wants it to be worse, not fixed.


All of this infuriates me.  For years, I worked with the Fortune Society to pull black men out of prison, teach them how to live good lives and fix their problems and was highly successful, only one of my clients was sent back to prison.  Now we have liberals supporting outright revolt in black neighborhoods, not against the Machine but pro-crime syndicate violence!  Of all things!  The last thing the hoods need is encouragement to shoot out with cops, kill each other, and to use drugs.


Look at this latest ‘victim’ of desperate police attempts at stopping hoodlums.  He is, by far, the nastiest looking wretch chosen for icon of ‘victim of cops’.  I doubt his family can find photos of him looking innocent.  I knew child-thugs in NYC back when it was falling into ruins.  Adults, getting in fights, would snarl, ‘I’m sending my kid to do it..’ and a 12 year old with a gun would show up!  I actually had one of these knife a man on my very front doorstep one day!  I caught the kid.  He was a mere child but a mere child with a big knife can kill, he hit the man in the stomach but our swift actions saved his life, barely!  Some Chicago stats:

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 10.41.21 AM

Shootings — Crime in Chicagoland —

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 10.41.47 AM

From the above news story:


Chicago Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy said the teen ran from a car believed to be connected to an earlier shooting and an ‘armed confrontation’ resulted in the officer shooting Loury.


He also said that a weapon was found at the scene and taken into evidence, while another law enforcement source said Loury was a ‘documented gang member.’


‘They shot him in the air,’ the unidentified woman, who said she did not want to be identified for fear of police backlash, told the Chicago Tribune.


‘His pants leg got caught on the fence and he hit the ground. If he hadn’t gotten shot, he would have cleared the fence.’


A law enforcement source confirmed the account, saying the boy’s clothing had become caught in the fence.


Now the activists don’t want the cops to chase obvious criminals.  They don’t want the cops to do nothing, so to paraphrase their own words.  I have chased down and brought down, often VERY VIOLENTLY, violent criminals.  I have been shot at by violent criminals, too.  I have used various weapons on criminals in the past and used dogs and even my famous pet, Killer Rabbit (seriously, I had to put him down after he chased and bit a postal worker!) to run down criminals.


The criminal class respects only severe force.  You can’t sweet talk them to stop them.  Once force is applied and they surrender, then one can discuss their bad choices in a fairly calm but very firm voice.  They have to surrender, of course.  The main reason my prisoners working for me and learning new skills worked is because they knew I was dangerous and my amusement in sports was to shoot in competitions (crack shot) and fight in medieval armor and other fun stuff.  I was dangerous and they were certainly dangerous.


We got along great.  Had tons of fun together, they even helped me run down, tackle and subdue a criminal one fine day.  They loved doing this, too, and formed a patrol to work with the police in Newark, NJ, a crime hot spot if there ever is one.


And here is more information about the latest ‘Black Lives (don’t) Matter gang:  Chicago Tribune – Family says boy, 16, fatally shot by cop had scrapes with law but no major trouble:


Police say the officer shot Pierre Loury after stopping a car suspected of being connected to an earlier shooting.


Officers pulled the car over around 7:40 p.m. in the 3400 block of West Grenshaw Street in the Homan Square neighborhood, according to Chicago Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy. Loury jumped out and ran away, and an officer followed, he said.  


Note that the others surrendered and nothing bad happened to them all.


“(Officers) attempted to stop the car, at which time the offender fled from the car, with one officer in pursuit,” Roy said on the scene shortly before 10 p.m. “A foot pursuit ensued, during the course of that pursuit, it led to an armed confrontation between the offender and the officer, resulting in the officer firing shots with his service weapon, striking the offender.”


No one interviewed this thug’s father.  This man was long, long gone.  All this ‘child’ had was mom and grandmom.


Loury, his mother and his grandmother were mentioned in a 2000 Tribune story about the high rate of truancy at Rezin Orr High School, where his mother attended. In the story, Tambrasha Hudson, then an 18-year-old junior at the West Side high school, said she missed school for a number of days to care for her then-infant son.


The thug’s mom was in the news 16 years ago because she was a huge truancy problem for the school.  She got pregnant when only 15 years old.


At the time, Hudson said Loury’s asthma attacks had gotten worse and she needed to get him to a doctor.


“It’s not like I’m just out hanging in the streets,” she told members of Orr’s truancy crew who stopped by her home at the time. “My baby needs me at home. That’s where I’m going to be, school or not.”


This is an old, old story, it is a warning where blacks are heading: to hell.  Tommy Sotomayor | black fathers Archives – Tommy Sotomayor‘s attempt at raising money to make a movie about why there are no black fathers living with any sons anymore.  He grew up this way and he laments this. Recently, he carried this story which I linked to recently:  Chicago Thug Shot While Video Taping The Whole Event On FaceBook Live! (Video).


Well, the demonstrators in Chicago will get exactly what they want: no more cops, no more arrests, no more protection and of course, like Newark did in the past, in the near future like this summer, they will end up with no more city after the thugs riot and burn it to the ground.  I was once dead center to this in NYC when we had a simple blackout back in the 1970’s and my darling neighbors decided to loot the place and then torch it only figuring out while the flames roared, that their own hideouts were burning, too.  Sheesh.  And the city gave them new housing after they did this. Sheesh, again.  I moved out.


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8 responses to “Another Icon For Black Lives Matter: Obvious Thug Killed In Shootout With Cops

  1. Melponeme_k

    It is unfortunate, but clearly once you get past a certain age…all is lost.

    Education not only stands as a bulwark against illiteracy but as a civilizing force on the human brain. This works in tandem with a culture that values marriage and family.

    Our culture stopped valuing family and started to push the good times philosophy during and after the 60s. Men and women were told they didn’t have to marry. Note that the elites don’t follow this plan. Marriage is the whole KEY to their power plays. As family life fell into shambles so did education. Teachers cannot be parents. That isn’t their job. Their job is to teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic plus civics.

    Unfortunately the human brain experiences lock downs. If you don’t reach a milestone before any of these lock downs, that’s it. OVER. You may be able to learn after the fact but it will be harder or you may never learn. We have whole minority generations missing psychological and intellectual milestones. They are uncivilized and little more than tribal bands rampaging for a block of turf. There is no help for these groups. Only the young ones can be helped.

    Unfortunately the racist policies in place make it impossible for potential parents of other races to adopt minority children.

    The end result of this will be extinction. This is a soft “final solution”. Why doesn’t everyone see it?

  2. Peter C.

    Dontcha just love those neck tats too!
    Looks like Mom didn’t teach him how to wash either when she was playing truant.

  3. JimmyJ

    I doubt extinction for anyone. The incivility will simply spread beyond the current underclass since the middle class are heading there too. You can have thousands of years of incivility given enough power disparity between classes (see castes).

    Technology makes it easier than ever before to supress an underclass. In North America the rise of the Police State has barely begun as they accumulate military grade technology.

  4. e sutton


    Well stated, Mel, however………

    Inside of sixty years or so, you typically can find two generations, roughly speaking. In the negro, that´s FOUR generations, hardly enough time to determine who you are and what you stand for as an adolescent. To the fifteen year old negress, a baby means an eighteen year, all expenses paid, no work existence. Food stamps are used not for food but are actively traded for drugs. It isn´t uncommon for a negress to be a grandmother before she´s thirty. They care not where their food comes from, only that the ebt card is fully loaded each and every month. Good times.

  5. Petruchio

    Ya know, I thought this was going to be about Will Smith, the New Orleans Saints NFL player who was shot and killed a couple of days ago. His girlfriend was with him at the time. She was shot twice but is still alive. It ended as a ‘Road rage’ shooting, but the police are trying to determine if Smith and his attacker, Cardell Hayes knew each other from before the shooting. Both cars in this incident had black males with guns in them. Then a minor altercation explodes into people getting out of their cars. Angry words exchanged followed very closely by shooting. Hayes is reported to have shot Smith 3 times and Smith’s girlfriend twice. Watch the surveillance videos yourself (New Orleans has their streets under video surveillance as a routine thing). See how stupid this was.
    And then there is another one of these “Thug Life” athletes: Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez was a big time player for the New England Patriots NFL team. Plays well for a couple of years, then gets a new, $40 million contract from New England.
    Then one night, Hernandez is out ‘clubbing’. Somebody bumps into him, spilling a drink on Hernandez (how much drink was spilled on Hernandez is not clear). The guy who bumped Hernandez and his friend are shot dead that very same night. Aaron Hernandez will face trial later this year for the murders of these two men. Hernandez has already been convicted of killing one man, Odell Lloyd, a former friend of Hernandez.
    The only reason for the delay in the double murder trial is that Aaron Hernandez is already serving a life without Parole prison sentence for the murder of Lloyd. With the money Hernandez has, his blood sucking lawyers will squeeze every single dime out of him they can. Three murders. All because someone–probably unintentionally–spilled a drink on Aaron Hernandez.

  6. vengeur

    A good report on this new “Trayvon” :


    ELAINE: The media did it AGAIN!!!

    The picture I have here shows this wanna be thug looking really nasty…the picture the news report showed was him when he was about 8 to 9 years old and he didn’t look like a vicious thug back then. Today, he is terrifyingly nasty looking.

  7. e sutton



    This mass slaughter of our innocent black youth will not stop until the racist police stop persecuting our future presidents and congressmen. It´s a national shame that our police are killing our nation´s future business leaders and causing the African American community endless strife while they try to protect their sons and daughters from this virulent white racism. It must stop, now!

    Please, if you are a police officer working in the large African American cities, please stop profiling and persecuting our young black youth. They are on their way to self actualization and may one day discover the cure for aids and perhaps cancer. We will hold you accountable for each life you disrupt or terminate, because black lives matter. Try to keep that in mind. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Hey Hillary tells black people it is all white people’s fault for every thing…this will not end well.

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