Liberals Want To Criminalize Climate Debate: The New Inquisition

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition – YouTube

The ‘climate change’ thugs are hard at work trying now to criminalize ‘climate denial’ which is insane and dangerous to civil liberties and sanity.  Lying about the weather, lying about the material costs of ‘alternative energy’ and lying about nearly every aspect of this energy/climate business, all sides ignore various levels of reality.  On one hand, we do NOT have unlimited resources to exploit, our planet is very much finite, and on the other hand, focusing on the wrong way to ‘fix’ things leads to disaster.  We need birth control in Catholic and Muslim and Hindi countries.  China has birth control, the rest of the ‘developing world’ actively forbids this.


The GOP is a fine example of schizoid thinking: against birth control, wants infinite exploitation of fossil fuels.  This yin/yang belief that we must force women to infinitely expand the human population via forced birthing clashes with a desire to have lots of cheap energy.


On the left, they want lots of birth control but no limits on a flood of Catholic/Muslim/Hindi immigration coming from countries where birth controls are strictly limited or outright forbidden.


The elites want birth control for the middle class and tap into the flood of humans pouring out of the anti-birth control countries to be exploited as cheap labor.  Republican politicians exploit fear of cheap foreign labor when running for office but, like Reagan, let the flood pour in when in power because their real support comes from corporations wanting cheaper labor.


The Democrats are against stopping this flood of cheap labor even though it is destroying unions and killing Americans (the murder rate of this cheap labor is much higher than the citizen population when you eliminate the statistics for black ghetto crime which is the bane of black citizens).


Free speech at risk as debate on climate change grows | IOL


The intellectual war is heating up between climate alarmists, who believe the world climate is changing for the worse due to human activity, and the non-believers, who hear not a trumpet call of an approaching Armageddon but an attack on fundamental democratic values and freedoms.


This war is so hot in the US (where free speech is protected) and in France (land of liberty and equality), that it is beginning to look like a witch-hunt, a cross between the 17th century Salem witchcraft trials, Senator Joe McCarthy’s Anti-American Activities Committee in the 1950s, and the lunacy that lead to the disaster of alcohol prohibition in the US a century ago.


The climate alarmists have shifted from proclaiming “the science is settled”, and have now moved up a gear: Anyone who disagrees is a heretic, a criminal, an idiot and a wilful liar in the pay of industry. And, as the word heretic implies, those who disagree with climate dogma deserve a social death; cast out of the congregation.


Conservative news sources are sour on ‘climate change’ due to CO2 and the liberal press is in hysterics that we are all roasting to death (it was 4 degrees F on my mountain this last week!) due to some CO2.  This is the battle ground which is now being contested.  One issue is, fossil fuels have become ridiculously cheap.  People love this.


Support for far more expensive fuels is down.  This is hard for the global warmists who also have to fight off cynicism due to the increasingly cold weather we have been having in Europe and half of the US which scares people and reminds them that all Interglacials are very short and end very suddenly.


Here is today’s climate story from the conservative paper in DC:  Climate change consensus increasingly questioned amid government crackdown on dissent – Washington Times


Even as Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker demanded the free market think tank’s climate research and communications, a rising tide of evidence has challenged the narrative that increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are driving floods, drought and other disasters.


The conservatives are pushing hard for the governments and universities cough up raw data, various systems to tweak data to make artificial heating scare stories, etc.  I fully endorse all efforts to force these fraudsters to put into public, all their raw information and other stuff so we can see exactly what they are doing.


Naturally, since leftist climatologists are doing this to fool people, they have to hide the raw information or make excuses or worse, wipe out the raw data.  This is fully supported by ‘liberals’ who are headed by the Bilderberg One World Government gang.  Many liberals are more along the anarchist lines when younger in age and these have embraced ‘global warming’ because they want to go ‘back to nature’ which is understandable, I actually did this for many years.


I lived next to raw nature, in a tent, for ten years, with sheep, an ox team, a team of horses, sold farm produce, etc. and all this was killed off by…FREE TRADE!  Yes, the value of all my farm efforts collapsed to a pittance and all the farms around me have now also vanished.


Are there anti-free trade demonstrations at our schools today?  There were, many years ago!  Nope, now they demonstrate against warm weather.  My orchard trees, by the way, have so far been spared being decimated this spring thanks to the severe cold being so nasty, none have gone into bud yet.  But south of me, the destruction was severe indeed.


No global warmist is talking about the economic hit from severe cold.  They look the other way since their ideology forces them to be blind to the horrors of a colder climate when it slams into us.


From the lunatics at the Huffington Post:  Is the World Bank Snatching Climate Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?


Even if other Development Banks collectively make up the rest of the Copenhagen $100 billion pledge, low carbon development in emerging nations will still be credit starved. Let’s be clear. The problem here is not cost – clean energy is cheaper — nor a lack of capital – there are trillions of dollars sitting in investment funds in advanced economies which would love the 6% returns that properly guaranteed clean energy investments yield.

Clean energy is cheaper…if we are talking about hydroelectrical power.  It is much less ‘cheap’ when we look at nuclear power for one major, major reason: if either nature or war or terror or stupidity causes a nuclear power plant to blow up, cleaning up is nearly impossible and the effects are for a hundred or more years and it totally decimates entire regions rendering these uninhabitable for generations.


Dams breaking are very deadly, too, but one can rebuild afterwards.  Solar and wind energy have less dire effects, much less.  But still requires modern manufacturing systems and materials and have major drawbacks, the #1 being, the energy production is fickle and sporadic by nature and thus, unreliable.  It is also much more expensive than other forms of energy per kilowatt.


Note how this editorial nakedly lies about this.  The subject of energy production is rife with lies of various sorts not to mention, magical thinking.  We do not have infinite fossil fuel power.  That is ridiculous and insane.  We should design and build with an eye on how to live in harmony with nature, this is a fine thing to do.


I spent my long life building stuff.  I always design and build for comfort, beauty and harmony with nature.  My house is built to exploit the sun and the earth both at the same time.  For example, I have lots and lots of full sliding glass doors facing south to capture winter sun and eaves set in such a way that it totally shades the south facing windows all summer long, no sun comes in at all.


The lower story is all south facing windows and the north side is buried in the earth and even with zero heating, never falls below 40 degrees F even when it is below zero outside.  Most houses are plopped down on the ground in haphazard fashion even when ‘global warming’ became the major hysteria point of reference.  I see not one city or state or country demanding that ALL houses be built like mine in cold climates.  Not one!  It is not even mentioned.


From a newspaper in Philadelphia:  Commentary: Prosecute climate deniers? Yes, hold those who mislead accountable


Scientific findings and associated uncertainties should be scrutinized carefully and debated vigorously within the scientific community and among the public. However, denying the best scientific evidence we have could lead to greater societal harm than if we had taken sensible action when reliable knowledge was first available.


Dismissal of climate science has parallels to decades of debate over tobacco use. Tobacco companies long denied any causal relation between smoking and disease.


The editorial calls for terrorizing anyone who irritates global warmists/Bilderberg gangsters.  Do note one are the foot soldiers of the other.  Why do the Bilderberg gangsters want to destroy first world economic systems?


Well…look at any third world country!  In all of them without exception, the rulers there all live in fine palaces, have many slaves and servants and huge estates and yachts, private jets, huge vehicles, etc.  Oh, what fun!


In countries with some form of democracy, the global warming business isn’t doing so hot:  Political storm clouds outlook for Brazil’s climate change plan | Reuters


As at least 130 countries prepare to sign the Paris climate agreement in New York later this month, environmental experts have warned that enthusiasm for climate change action may be waning in Brazil.


The political and economic crises now rocking the Latin American heavyweight could undermine the key role played by Brazil in shaping the new international deal to curb global warming, they say.


“It is very clear that the federal government is struggling for its political survival. As a consequence, the climate change agenda is frozen,” said Carlos Rittl, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, a Brasília-based coalition of 35 non-governmental groups.


Brazil was warm and damp during every Ice Age.  It was warm and damp during every Interglacial.  It has virtually no change in climate for eons.  Ditto, the Congo in Africa.  Humans rapidly evolved over the last three million years because we did NOT live in the Congo or Amazon, humans evolved from apes that were on the southern fringe of Africa or in the Sahara/Kenya drought areas.


And this is why we are naked apes.  We didn’t need fur during all this to keep dry when it rains a lot.  We evolved to soak up the sun in dry climate conditions.  We are, in short, a desert ape. The dark skin of all early humans prevented the skin from burning due to so much solar exposure.  The pale skin humans are from the most recent Ice Age when they began exploiting the cold climate conditions of Eurasia.


Note that the natives of Australia who went there early during the beginning of the last Ice Age, are all dark skinned like in most of Africa.  They never evolved pale skin due to less sun/more covering of animal or plant products that caused sudden genetic changes in Eurasian African humans.


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8 responses to “Liberals Want To Criminalize Climate Debate: The New Inquisition

  1. Melponeme_k

    I always said the only thing the coming ice age lacked is some good, old witch burning.

    Well now, here it is. It’s just too bad that we are the witches this cycle.

  2. Jim R

    Always a mistake to criminalize debate. It is anti-science, for one thing, science is all based on debate.

    In Germany, they made it a crime to promote Nazi ideology. Now there are Neonazis running around, and they can’t even talk about ’em.


    ELAINE: ouch, das schmert.

  3. Henry

    Canada better watch out! Climate change will bring hoards of poisonous snakes to Canada! LOL

    I find it interesting that all the stories about climate change are by and large completely catastrophically negative. Surely there would be some positive benefits to global warming as well as the negative things, but these are never mentioned. Very suspicious.


    ELAINE: I can’t wait for the scorpions, roadrunners and coyotes to show up…the coyotes are already in upstate NY, I miss the others, growing up in Tucson.

  4. Lou

    Henry, I saw a show on the pole. A few birds and fish and lots of rocks and ice. I got a kick out of the leftists wanting to preserve this desolate scene. cold, icy, rocky. The shows theme was the tragedy of AGW and how the ice would melt., Dumb.


    ELAINE: I think we should move all global warmists especially Gore, to Greenland to learn how to farm.

  5. JimmyJ

    The criminalization of climate dissent is solely economic. There is no real effort by the same Gov to develop appropriate alternatives so their hypocrisy is blatant. They simply want to ‘encourage’ people to go along with the transfer of wealth that the whole climate scam is really about.

  6. Seraphim

    Natality in Catholic countries is actually decreasing. Italy’s birth rate is ranked 203rd out of 224 countries of the world. And that is not, for sure due to the interdiction of birth control by the popish church.

  7. Lou

    EMS –LONG AGO YOU POSTED A PIC OF YRSELF, SHOVELING SNOW ON A MOUNTAIN OF SNOW–does the mainstream ever note winter cold and snow?

  8. Lou

    ‘ELAINE: I think we should move all global warmists especially Gore, to Greenland to learn how to farm.’–see my post above this. The media does not mention how cold much of the planet is.
    Or how cold some winters can be.

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