My Park Slope Brooklyn NY Neighborhood Is Again Plagued By Criminals Preying On The Elderly

Black People Rob and Assault Old White People All Over the Country – YouTube is the title but it should be, ‘The very same streets Elaine, the Housewife From Hell, lived on has returned to crime and brutality thanks to no one bothering to fight thugs and put them in prison!  Yes, my old neighborhood which became a high class place to live which was once a slum, became rich due to me and my friends running a street patrol that was very, very proactive and even rather violently proactive.  I also did things with the 78th Precinct to get the cops to do things for me and one of them was shot dead right in front of me but didn’t escape because I did a fine ID on him as he fled and he was caught soon afterwards.


Well, here we go again: thanks to the new mayor who lives in my old neighborhood, who effed around with everything we built up despite attempts at stopping us from stopping crime, well, the new Democratic mayor has wrecked the city and now even in rich neighborhoods, the hoods are hunting the populace which has grow weak and unwary compared to after the riots in the 1970’s which terrorized everyone and burned down huge hunks of NYC.


Seems the cops are looking for a thug who attacks the elderly to rob them. Cop Shot in Chester — Then Black Crowd Attacks Police – YouTube a riot is started when thugs try to kill cops. Note in this video all the police officials are black.

It is obvious the police officer when he tried to open the door, was shot by the thugs and…blacks are blaming the police for this.
In this video, the host shows a clip of Bernie Sanders claiming there are too many cops patrolling black communities.  Greensboro surprised at Black Mob Violence at UNCG They should not be – YouTube

In the part of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, where I had to form my own police force to fight the army of well-armed criminals who were attacking us all relentlessly years ago, the fight ended years ago but today, it is now back again.  Sanders, like Clinton, is pandering to black people and the tool is to excuse black crime and yet, the most common victim of black crime, by far, are black victims.


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32 responses to “My Park Slope Brooklyn NY Neighborhood Is Again Plagued By Criminals Preying On The Elderly

  1. Jim R

    Nice rant.

  2. e sutton

    Thanks, Elaine, for showcasing my neighborhood, Greensboro. It´s probably the next to fall to the black undertow. They have actively been working toward its destruction for nigh on sixty years. Greensboro will go the way of Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia, Camden, Selma, Birmingham, ………….do I really need to go on? Every single negro infested city will guarantee you exactly one thing: financial ruin, constant mayhem, violence, and a steady stream of robbery. It is why, whenever I see a black face, I immediately put up a guard and become mentally aware of the exact location of my glock 45. I will put one of these animals down in a heartbeat if the need arises. Negroes are the single largest threat to civilization as we know it since the Plague in the Middle Ages. Look that one up, kids. It weren´t pretty.

    Oh, and I have an advanced degree from UNCG and my spouse of twenty years is an alum. They´re all out of the Big Chill era…..protest marches, peace signs, etc., etc. Tick tock, bitches…….

  3. Mike in Pennsylvania

    RE #2, . I tell my children “When around blacks, never relax.” What really strikes me in some of those Colin Flaherty videos is that whites walk right into groups of Negros or a Negro comes right up to them, and they don’t put their guard up — they don’t sense danger or they ignore their instincts — and they get suckered. I teach karate-based self-defense classes and I draw some of my teaching ideas from watching those videos, and include not only striking techniques, etc., but AWARENESS and how to deal with being attacked by a group, or knocked down, for instance.

    In a Bell Curve kind of way, Negros in general are just not fit to live in societies created by whites, I’ve become convinced. And when they mix in too high proportions or when whites try to elevate them based on false feel-good notions of “equality,” you get the kind of slow-moving disaster that the US has been experiencing. Every white society that coexisted and mixed with Negros has declined and/or crashed as a result — South Africa being a very recent example.

    And as always, we have our Tribal friends to thank for shoving these notions of “equality” and “race is a social construct” and “society is to blame” and “they just need better education” on us. And we have been gullible enough, Christian enough, to believe them.

    When I have to go into Philly for whatever reason, I am always carrying.

  4. F

    Christinsanity is a dangerous cult.

  5. DM

    OK, E Sutton and Mike in Pennsylvania, what’s your solution?

    Maybe ‘Separate Development’ ?

  6. e sutton

    @#5 ,

    For starters, end Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which moves negroes right next door to me on my dime. Next, start severely trimming welfare. The fact that we are financing a failed race of people who by the looks of things will n*e*v*e*r get their sh*t together is idiocy. Link welfare benefits to sterilization and maybe in another fifty years things won´t appear so bleak. It is a start. 🙂

  7. Mike in Pennsylvania

    The best solutions were rejected long ago. The first was to earn your wealth via your own sweat or those you paid a decent wage, but I guess importing slave labor was too big a temptation. The next was supporting Marcus Garvey and the “back to Africa” movement — funding it and making it happen. (Similar to what the Germans did with the Jews in the “Transfer agreement” in the 1930s.). Last was the “Jim Crow” separation arrangement in the south until it was busted up starting in the 1950s.

    After half a century of “the Great Society” welfare system and Affirmative Action and all the social engineering and brainwashing…..E.Sutton’s ideas are good but I don’t think our political system is capable of enacting such things, and certainly even if some gradual policies along those lines were instituted, there would be plenty of time for the usual suspects to game them and sabotage them.

    I think separate nations within the former one nation, ie, “balkanization,” is the only long-term answer. There is no way to achieve that peacefully, but fortunately (?) white people are good at violence when they finally get provoked too far. (See “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” poem by Kipling.). As bad as that may be, it beats the alternative of slow boiling, IMO.

    But in any event, first you have to deal with the troublemakers behind all the “multiculturalism” and moral relativism.

  8. JimmyJ

    Those of you in the US think that your underclass are animals in the same way that any other country views theirs, in Canada, First Nations for example, for many whites. You just can’t get past the blinkers of race versus economic disadvantage. The hilarity is that the Elites think of all of us no matter what race as underclass. And more and more we’ll all find out how it feels and white people will have to get used to the idea like it or not. But of course the moral outrage of class betrayal will still justify the us and them illusion to many whites who won’t admit the reality that they are just as savage as any other desperate human being.

  9. Melponeme_k

    “You just can’t get past the blinkers of race versus economic disadvantage.”

    This is partially untrue. Blacks and Hispanics get a HUGE leg up in welfare, education programs, scholarships and aid. Unfortunately, the human animal in general does not value boons. In fact we look upon them as worthless and weak. So all those opportunities are squandered.

    I’m Native American, I’ve seen my fellows at the reservations. They are, by and large, alcoholics, drug addicts, prone to violence and gambling. But I have none of those problems. I don’t drink, I don’t gamble and I’ve never been in trouble with law enforcement. However I wasn’t raised on a reservation and I was adopted by a white family. The majority of my growing years spent under the tutelage of a WASP grandfather (stern taskmaster). I finished grammar school, High School and College. Also I never received any aid due to my ethnicity. Simply because I was not affiliated with any tribe. I did however receive some aid from a Native Corporation which required receipt verification from my college otherwise I would have been sued for misappropriation of funds.

    What does this say? I confirm what Elaine has said all along. IT IS A MATTER OF CULTURE! Fix the cultural problems along with Free Trade and we would have a civil society for everyone in the country.

  10. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @JimmyJ: I don’t say “animals,” although I don’t criticize those who do, because we are talking about the same thing.

    Anyway, I disagree that “we would all be savages,” given their circumstances. I would never prey on innocent, physically weaker people, like the elderly, handicapped, or women — or do “the knockout game.” I’d never join a flash mob organized via the Web to loot stores or cause mayhem at an outdoor festival. We’ve had wealth inequality in America worse than now, and millions of impoverished people during the Depression, and never this kind of phenomenon. This violence directed against whites is *race based*. They don’t attack people of whatever color, based on their economic class. They are attacking *white* people, because they’re white. Anyone making excuses for their behavior is an enabler of this.

    When crime and other sociological factors have been studied in large populations, the statistically most significant factor correlated with crime is IQ, not poverty or education level. American blacks’ average IQ is about a standard deviation LOWER than that of whites, and this difference is partially genetic. (Sub-Saharan Africans score on average close to what we consider mental retardation, and East Asians score a little higher than whites.). There are other relevant differences as well. Race is real, and it matters. Cultures arose from races, and the races evolved differently in different areas of the world. Denial of this means our “solutions” will only make things worse.

  11. melponeme_k

    “Anyway, I disagree that “we would all be savages,” given their circumstances. I would never prey on innocent, physically weaker people, like the elderly, handicapped, or women — or do “the knockout game.” I’d never join a flash mob organized via the Web to loot stores or cause mayhem at an outdoor festival. ”

    Yes, you would. During the Civil war in NY, a white poor/lower class mob formed to protest the draft. They then proceeded to tear apart New York City, killing minorities, looting and burning down buildings. They had to pull in the military to put them down.

    So yes, all ethnicities are capable of uncivil behavior. It is a matter of culture, access to education and decent employment.

  12. Mike in Pennsylvania

    RE the draft riots — I don’t condone riots or random killings, but it’s easy to judge from my comfortable position 150+ years later. Sounds like the good low-income folks of NYC weren’t down with Mr. Lincoln’s war against their brethren to preserve the Union. Good on them for that.

    Anyway, how exactly are those events a counter to anything I wrote? Most of today’s black criminals are probably materially much better off than those 1861 New Yorkers, and a disproportionate number of them prey on innocent people or businesses just because *they can*.

    By the way, did you ever look into what Honest Abe thought of the Negroes? I recommend it. I would say that his views fall somewhere between mine….and E. Sutton’s….But we all agree on this: race matters.

  13. melponeme_k

    NO, Mike it is the same.

    The whites in question were Irish. And they were treated just as bad as blacks at the time. There was loads of racial violence between blacks and the Irish immigrants that was ignored. Because hey, the WASPS at the time thought both groups were ANIMALS. Plenty of evidence from newspapers at the time of satirical cartoons portraying Irish immigrants looking like apes. The explosion in rioting was due to inequality in education and money. Both lead to breakdown in civil behavior.

    If the Irish had just kept their rioting to the five points, the powers that be would have just let them burn their own neighborhoods. But when they moved up against the rich, well, well, well. National Guard, here they come!

    However, look at the change that has occurred since then. The Irish aren’t even a blip on anyone’s radar. They adopted the current American culture and pushed for education for their children and didn’t turn up their noses at hard work.

    It’s culture. And it doesn’t matter what Abe thought personally, he still fought for emancipation.

    And I wouldn’t make too much of IQ. There were only a few, questionable studies that everything is based upon. There is no scope to the research right now. Oh and since the Asians are a few points smarter, I guess we should all worship them as a master race and accept racism from them? Right? But which culture collapsed and had to take 100s of years to come back from the dead? Why didn’t that IQ help them? CULTURE. It’s all CULTURE.

  14. emsnews

    Ah, the Irish!

    My ancestors went into Ireland around 1400 or so to kill them and steal their lands. Built a castle there and over the centuries, treated the natives badly and the ancestors who came to the New World went there because of fighting the King of England…took land here from the natives.

    Look: much of the ‘upper class’ European stock like my family were raiders, killers, stole stuff since they first launched a Viking ship, terrorists and troublemakers.

    So pointing out others are indulging in this is rather odd to me. I just think that black people in the US and other places need to have a different approach which works because I did pull black men out of prison and they did well and they worked and built their families stronger and in full, reformed so they did good things instead of destructive things.

    White or black, people can be stupid and destructive, I have seen this happen to anyone and everyone. We are all one step from being barbarians, no?

  15. Lou

    I did pull black men out of prison and they did well–the jobs for Blacks are taken by immigrants or have been off shored. You Know That!

    Jobs that were middle class and Blacks [before LJB and welfare state]
    held, licensed cab driver, janitor, nanny, etc.
    Jobs that required neither a lot of schooling nor high IQ.

  16. melponeme_k

    “We are all one step from being barbarians, no?”

    Well that is the crux of the human animal’s problem. Because all of us are here today because our ancestors did whatever it took to stay alive and that included killing. Every culture killed, every one had blood sacrifice. It’s a cycle we keep going back to over and over again. Our brains haven’t evolved fast enough to leave that stone age life behind. We may never evolve and just blow ourselves up.

    Now we have Culture as a weapon.

    “Jobs that were middle class and Blacks [before LJB and welfare state]
    held, licensed cab driver, janitor, nanny, etc.
    Jobs that required neither a lot of schooling nor high IQ.”

    We all need to move away from the IQ crap. Because even the studies state that they are speaking of averages. They admit point blank that they have tested genius level in every race. But they only weight the average.

    George Washington Carver, was he high IQ? He was motivated because his family held a culture of education near and dear to their hearts. He fought for his education. And I find it horrible that many black children just give up because they have no support, because they are told to give up and that it doesn’t matter. It does, very much so. And Carver’s fight is now going to waste.

  17. emsnews

    They don’t ‘give up’ they instead, have a lucrative but short career as criminals just like the Italians during Prohibition. It just is, the work is highly competitive and they end up dead due to competition from other drug runners.

    Prohibition has destroyed black neighborhoods. I am against drug laws since they obviously do not work. The lure to make millions of dollars via drug selling and distribution has taken over the black community, the Hispanic community and now lower class and some upper class white community.

    Note how this is not a topic of conversation much this election cycle.

  18. Melponeme_k

    “They don’t ‘give up’ they instead, have a lucrative but short career as criminals just like the Italians during Prohibition.”

    Yes, that is giving up. It is giving up on the ideal of society and deciding that since it is broken/can’t be fixed that they are well within their rights to run crazy. The same thing happened in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. We had vast swaths of populace from the lower class to the middle classes deciding that they were going to go their own way. Hence large criminal syndicates filled with people who were formerly school teachers, university professors, white collar workers, police officials as well as your average street thug. I know this is true, I sat a murder trial involving this group. A lot of them are college educated. We are going to see that again here.

    “Prohibition has destroyed black neighborhoods. I am against drug laws since they obviously do not work.”

    It doesn’t work. However then we’ll have the problem that Amsterdam currently suffers in regards to prostitution. Criminal gangs using non-prohibition laws (drugs, prostitution etc.) of different countries as safe havens. Legal prostitution in Amsterdam has led to a vast underground problem of slavery of women from all parts of the world.

    Amsterdam have also put in tougher drug laws because of large groups coming to take advantage of the free and easy leading to crime.

    So Prohibition is not the answer anymore than banning it is. After all, Prohibition failed but alcoholism (what it was trying to stop) still cripples families today.

  19. F

    “give up” on education… was the point here,, right?

  20. F

    well well, intervening post…

  21. Mike in Pennsylvania

    “Look: much of the ‘upper class’ European stock like my family were raiders, killers, stole stuff since they first launched a Viking ship, terrorists and troublemakers.

    So pointing out others are indulging in this is rather odd to me. ”

    Elaine, I think you are making my point for me. *After* all those raiding, marauding, and trouble-making activities worked themselves out, the Europeans built civilized societies with magnificent achievements, which never could have been realized unless people within them acted, well, civilized. They progressed beyond that stage.

    The sub-Saharan Africans had never achieved anything even remotely comparable, prior to exposure to the Europeans. Am I wrong?

    By comparing them to your ancestors, I think you are saying that the Negroes in America just haven’t reached that civilized stage yet, as evidenced by a large portion of them still being raiders, killers, thieves, and troublemakers within a society that has already been established by civilized generations, and in which the Europeans & Asians within it generally do NOT act that way. (Reference huge disparities in criminal behavior among blacks, compared to whites and Asians, and even Hispanics.)

    And in case anyone mentions that European countries continued to maraud uncivilized lands and fight with each other, obviously I know that. I’m simply talking about the ability and the proven track record of building civilized European societies that were relatively stable and peaceful within and which saw general improvements in life, which is what “civilized” means.

  22. emsnews

    And who, pray tell, destroyed much of Europe twice in the previous century? By the way, I am half German and very aware of who ran wild, killing people recently there.

  23. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Mel, you have overwhelmed me :-] . Thanks for the dialogue. I want to just clear up a few things.

    1. I judge people as individuals, which is the way it should generally be. However, if I see a group of black teenagers approaching me on the street, I am going to think and act differently than if it’s a white group. Generalizations are very important and we should not dismiss them.

    2. I know all about globalization and the destruction of working class and middle class employment. Elaine has covered these topics brilliantly. I know about the rigged central banking/financial system and the rigged voting and political systems. I know that the ruling class thinks of all of the “ninety-nine” percent as slaves and sheep and cannon fodder, regardless of race. I also know which tribes or groups dominate this ruling class, and how they use “multiculturalism” and sentimental notions of “equality” and “we’re all one” to debase and degrade our societies, to mix us up and set us against each other.

    3. All societies that were stable, ie, not in collapse, have always valued intelligence. All other things equal, more intelligent people are going to be more successful, ON THE AVERAGE, than less intelligent people, in any kind of task that requires abstract thinking, troubleshooting, or problem-solving — everything from the politician to the lawyer to the engineer to the electrician. We all recognize that it’s better to be smart than dumb.

    4. IQ testing has proven to be a valid predictor of abstract intelligence. You can look up the research yourself; read The Bell Curve, a long but very helpful book, if nothing else. The technology of the tests has improved over the decades so that they can remove most of the cultural specificity, ie, there are tests that can measure intelligence across cultures. Ashkenazi Jews, as an ethnic group, score very high. East Asians (Koreans and Japanese rather than Chinese) score higher than whites, who score higher than the ethnic group Hispanics, who score higher than American blacks, who score higher than African Blacks.

    5. Intelligence tests are good predictors of success in modern societies — re marriage, education, employment, adult poverty, & crime, among other measures. The fact that employers can’t use them anymore, and that we’re not supposed to talk about it, does not make it untrue. GW Carver, whose father was unknown BTW, would have probably scored along the right tail of the black intelligence distribution, ie, was probably well above average intelligent by white standards.

    6. There used to be far more jobs than today that did NOT require above-average intelligence, and that’s why employment was much better for minorities until the 70s and 80s. Also, of course, unchecked immigration has increased the competition for those jobs. Automation is another factor.

    Dang, I have work to do! I guess I’d like to let this lay, but will answer anything else if anyone cares to continue it.

  24. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Yes, the Nordics are warlike, as are most peoples. They just do it “better,” ie, more destructively, because of their technologies and their tenaciousness. That’s not the issue; I acknowledge that. But, they built their civilizations right back up, didn’t they? (So did the Japanese, another warlike and tenacious people.)

    I’m talking about the ability to live civilly and thrive in civilized societies.

    It’s a damned shame that Europeans warred against each other twice, and the Americans pitched in, even though the US population in general was smart enough not to want to get involved. My Italian-immigrant grandfather, who like Hemingway was an ambulance driver in WWI Italy, never forgave Roosevelt for breaking his promise to keep us out of the European war.

    I am never going to get into it here, but I don’t accept the official narrative of who’s to blame for WW I and II, and who ravaged whom. I look deeper as to who really wanted it to happen, and who benefited from it.

  25. Melponeme_k


    1) Anyone who lives in a big city, when they see groups of teenagers (mainly black or hispanic) loitering, they go on their guard. It is unfortunate but even though the media won’t admit it, everyone knows these kids are most likely planning nothing productive. Unless you count being robbed of 50 bucks productive for them. However in my own experience I have traveled all over London, Paris, NY, Albuquerque, Philadelphia and more with nary a problem. However, I was robbed in my own neighborhood as a teen. Which rarely had any crime of that sort.

    2)”I know that the ruling class thinks of all of the “ninety-nine” percent as slaves and sheep and cannon fodder, regardless of race.”

    It isn’t only that…you are missing the last half of the equation. The elites, especially the old families (royals), believe they are magical beings with special blood. This message is encoded in all our mass entertainment. This belief system is called Alchemy. I study it so I can pinpoint the BS. All of it is geared to making us accept that some people are just so much darn better than the rest of us and deserve to rule.

    3) It is better to be smart rather than dumb. However the smart suffer from more instances of mental instability and other ill health effects because of it. Nature giveth and it taketh away.

    4) I have read the Bell Curve. I’ve read other studies. And all of them are based on about two studies done in the 70s and 80s. Hardly a vast study on which to base extreme assumptions. The best people can say that high IQ gives you is faster reaction times. Average IQ for Native Americans, from these two studies that everyone uses for crazy theories, is 87. Gee, I guess I’m lucky that my 87 IQ allows me to write on this blog. I can also speak without drooling. Lucky Days!

    5) High IQ also predicts high suicide rates. A young Asian girl just threw herself in front of a train because she couldn’t take the pressure anymore. This also happens all the time in Asian societies. However there were highly intelligent children of all races who made the same drastic action. So is this a measure of success?

    6) I firmly agree that the borders for illegal aliens and H1B Visa slaves should be closed and locked indefinitely. ALSO we should tariff the ying yang out of “American” companies products being made outside the US. If we did that, they would all come running back yelping like cry babies. We also need to massively overhaul rights and compensation terms on the internet. Right now many companies are making mega bucks on blogs, instagram etc where dupes like us do all the work and garner none of the benefits. Read Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future”.

  26. Jim R

    Mike and Mel,
    Yes, to all of that! Good comments.

    Carry on.

  27. emsnews

    Yes, a huge brain can be deadly!!! I was, before I got the Hong Kong flu, had a ferocious IQ, I took my first graduate course when only 17 years old! But my brain was fried in 1969 by the Hong Kong flu. A 105+ fever for three days did it.

    Before this, I was also suicidal when I was one of the smartest kids in the US back then, crazy as a loon, ran wild, was horrible. After the flu, my brain had to recover, I had to learn how to read and write again and learn who I was, and was much saner afterwards (well….SORT OF SANE…hahaha).

    I looked back on my youth with horror at how running circles around adults nearly got me killed more than once and even then, I outwitted the adults. Now, I am much more careful.

  28. emsnews

    When I was an elite student, I competed with other kids equally ferociously smart. Oh my god… the funerals were the worst. At the University of Kansas in 1967, when I was only 16 and in college already, we had a terrible death that I was directly involved with dealing with the aftermath…a long and horrible story.

    We were few there, the super smart kids and the suicides I watched as they unfolded led me to joining the Free Clinic to advise suicidal students, for example.

    The suicide of Chinese students is a HUGE warning sign. It is heart breaking. Some kids kill themselves within two months of going to college.

  29. kenogami

    “IQ, …., who score higher than American blacks, who score higher than African Blacks.”

    I have read that African Blacks mostly score higher in IQ tests than American blacks. Africa is a huge continent: there are many ethnies and there are very large variations in the results of IQ tests between ethnic tribes that sometimes live close to one another. I don’t know if the results are of cultural or genetic origin.

    American black culture seems sick and degenerate.

  30. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @ Mel, I see that Elaine has put up a new post — she’s really on a roll — about race and crime, so I’ll leave after this and head over there.

    1. I’m glad you haven’t had any problems with street crime as an adult. Of course it depends on *where* you go in any given city, what time of day, and just plain luck. I haven’t had any bad confrontations either, but still I prepare. In the late 80s I had my car broken into and robbed twice in Philly. Once was in West Philly, in a formerly grand neighborhood adjoining the Univ. of Pennsylvania. The other time was on South Street, in a part of the city that my mother, as a teen, and her girlfriends could walk all around in, any time of day, in groups or alone, without fear. We both know what changed. No need to belabor this.

    2. I didn’t miss the occult proclivities of the ruling class (something Elaine also covers), I just didn’t choose to mention it. My comments are already long enough….Did you ever look at the website ? I learned a lot from that. And from Mark Passio…

    3. OK; I’ll take your word for it about the correlation between mental illness and intelligence. I’d rather live in a society of more intelligent than less intelligent people. If for no other reason, I’m more likely to get effective treatment if I go off the deep end, if I live in an advanced society — talk therapy or whatnot, rather than witch doctors….

    4. Did we read the same “Bell Curve”? The one with 100 pages of end notes and 60 pages of references at the end? Intelligence testing has a history of more than 100 years and got steadily better and there is tons of data on it. For one, the military conducted intelligence testing on recruits for many years (don’t know if they still do) and, well, anyway, I guess we’ll just have to disagree on the extent and robustness of the intelligence-test data.

    RE your own IQ being the average for your ethnic group, that is a fallacy. I’m sure you know what the literal “bell curve” is in statistics, and you could be at any point on the curve. Knowing about the group says *nothing* about the individual. The fact that you are a regular reader and commenter here suggests you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for, and that also probably explains the absence of drooling. :-]

    5. Jeez, Mel, why’d you bring suicide into this? Are you suggesting a correlation between intelligence and suicide, and that this makes intelligence less desirable? When a low-IQ thug shoots a cop and then goes on a joyride, that ends up with him being shot to death by cops, is this much different than suicide by jumping in front of a train? Low IQ also means lack of future time horizon, in other words acting w/o regard for consequences, and in my opinion this can be a form of suicide.

    I have very close connections with Japan and have spent a lot of time there, and here with ex-pat Japanese, and the ordinary folks are some of the most good-natured people I’ve known, and generally very cheerful. Is that related to intelligence? I don’t know, but I definitely think it’s related to growing up in a homogenous society.

    6. It sounds like you have boarded the Trump Train. Make America Great Again! ;-]

    Mike in PA

  31. Jim R

    I can vouch for the high IQ suicides. At least from personal experience, … no details please.

    But the IQ test is biased. When they gave it to Koko the gorilla, she thought that a flower would be good to eat, but did not know what an ice cream cone was. It was very unfair.

    But one of the most toxic ideas floating around right now is that we can correct a low IQ with education. The possibility of doing this is extremely limited. But we have discussed this topic to exhaustion here already.

    Another toxic idea is that war is good for the economy. Also dead wrong, and likely to result in a lot of unpleasant outcomes.

    Interestingly, one of the best ways to stabilize a bunch of people is through a common mythology/religion. It helps people accept their station in life, and reduces discord… too bad we don’t have that.

  32. emsnews

    After Queen Elizabeth died, my family ended up helping set up New Amsterdam because they couldn’t live in England anymore. Naturally, religious warfare was responsible for this (the two following kings of England being Catholics).

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