US Military Provokes WWIII By Encouraging War Games Right Next To Russia’s Borders

U.S. Navy ship encounters aggressive Russian aircraft in Baltic Sea DSC 0015 – YouTube

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 9.08.05 AM

We see that the border of Russia is right where this took place offshore of Kaliningrad.  Less than 30 miles from the Russian base.  Russia has a right to be very paranoid about mass sneak attacks because this happens over and over again to Russia for the last several hundred years.  Of course, the US is using muscle in Europe to scare Putin even as mobs of aliens from Muslim nations assail Europe by the millions.  Europe totters on the edge of economic and social collapse due to this so…the EU leaders, all Bilderberg gangsters, want to confront Putin on ‘security’ issues.  This is beyond insane, it is suicidal.


It holds a huge annual drill known as BALTOPS, which sees other allies send ships to the region for what it calls routine exercises but are seen by military experts as a show of force.


BALTOPS 2015 saw more than 5,000 units from the U.S., the UK, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Turkey conduct operations in the Baltic Sea, and off the coasts of Sweden and Germany.


Tensions with Russia were further raised earlier this year when the U.S. announced plans to station six F-15 aircraft in Finland and artillery in Norway, with both nations sharing a border with Russia.


The US already has fighter planes based in the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Iceland and the Netherlands.


Yes, the EU leaders really think, ‘Hey, the US pays 80% or more of the overhead costs and will take most of the damage if we fight Russia but Russia won’t nuke us all and leave us in ruins during WWIII, would they?’  Um, yes, they would and yes, they MUST do this.  The logic of WWIII is the same as WWII: annihilate the enemy as fast as possible preferably in a sneak attack.


Preventing a sneak attack means…DIPLOMACY.  We have none of this going on. Obama’s ‘diplomacy’ with Russia is to confront Russia with guns and to isolate Russia.  This is due to our lovely gang here that runs our foreign policies for Israel and Russia is supporting Assad, not ISIS or al Qaeda.  Israel and the US support al Qaeda and al Qaeda is who, according to our leaders, attacked us on 9/11 so of course, they are our allies now not that they were not back then, too.


You started it! Russia claims its fighter jets only buzzed US Navy warship because it was ‘in proximity’ of nearby Baltic base: below is a picture from the news in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I remember that very well because…my dad was directly involved in it all.  He was flown by the fastest flying military jet to the White House to talk to President Kennedy about pictures of the missiles taken by satellite using a camera my father designed and installed back then.  Below shows how close the missiles were to the US:

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 9.22.31 AM

The nearest was 234 miles away!!!  Now we are building bases and stacking nukes less than 30 miles from Russia!  What gives here?  Of course, according to US propaganda, we have the right to this and do this to China, too.  We have junk parked all over the planet, itching to start WWIII.  Our military in DC are lunatics who think we can win WWIII if we kill Russia and China suddenly, a la Hitler’s plans Barbarossa, and Japan’s plans, the bombing of Hawaii, and bingo: we win.


History is a bloody bitch and paying attention to Her is vital for survival which is why many rulers ignore Her imagining that they are all Gods, themselves.  Since History always gets the last laugh, these vain human attempts at glory end up in Her dust bin, dead and gone forever.  Listening to History is wise and of course, powerful people seldom are wise.


I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis!  Why?  Well, before it really erupted into hysteria, the doorbell rang and a top general was standing there demanding to talk to dad, now.  Then they ran off but my mother told us dad was going to fly to DC on a military jet so we stood on the roof with binoculars to watch the planes take off from Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.


We then got a call later from him telling us to prepare for WWIII.  Back then, people took this seriously. Remember the constant school drills from back then?  Tucson was going to be annihilated in WWIII and we kids knew this very well which is why, when all the jets began taking off from the air base one fine day not long after the Cuban Missile Crisis, I told my school teacher that WWIII has begun and I ran from the classroom, got on my bike and peddled like mad to the Rincon mountains which was the ‘safety zone’ while all my classmates sat stuck at their desks, waiting to see if any nuclear warhead was going to land on them.


When I got home, I discovered that our President was assassinated and this is why the jets took off carrying arms for WWIII.  There were instant negotiations with Kruschev that day and our rulers were proud that WWIII did not start but then…there was the Oswald coming out of Russia business.  Why did the US let him back in when he defected?  This, at the height of the Cold War, no less?  And why did all this lead to us bombing Vietnam relentlessly and starting this huge war there?


And all this led to me devoting much of the remainder of my childhood to fighting the warmongers who brought us the useless War in Vietnam?  Ah!  Stupid wars=destruction.  I read tons of history books when a child and it was obvious what was going on and why WWIII was a stupid idea, etc.  Still is.  Yet here we are, blaming Russia which also reads history and has a long history of sneak invasions attacking Moscow, and we want to strut around right  next to major installations in Russia, flashing weapons and talking war?  This is a war crime.  We executed Nazis and Japanese war leaders for this.

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 8.29.15 AM

Yes, our darling ally Turkey is now demanding Europeans be put in prison if they make fun of Turkey’s repression of freedoms.  These same rulers in Germany and other EU nations think it is entirely fine to mock Putin.  But not Erdogan.  And the flood of Muslim males continues to invade Europe in ever-greater numbers.  The rules forcing reporters in Europe from reporting any news about Muslim crimes is collapsing since Muslims are now openly attacking Europe in mass murder events.  Duh. This is called ‘war’ and must be fought and can’t be evaded so…US media giants and EU media giants are attacking Trump for suggesting we should stop all Muslim immigration until this war stops.

Then there is this ally we have that supports Muslim Sunni terrorism and supported this on 9/11:  Islamic rules in Saudi Arabia known as the Haia force to be ‘kinder and gentler’ | Daily Mail Online


‘Neither the heads nor members of the Haia are to stop or arrest or chase people or ask for their IDs or follow them – that is considered the jurisdiction of the police or the drug unit,’ the regulations say.


Saudi Arabia’s religious police enforce the country’s strict interpretation of Islam including segregation of the sexes and ensuring that women cover themselves from head-to-toe when in public.


Formally known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, its members also patrol shops to make sure they are shuttered during prayers five times daily.


My mother witnessed these clowns deliberately murdering a Dutch lady in Saudi Arabia which led to my parents boycotting the country and leaving in a rage.  This was over 45 years ago!  Now, these gangsters in nighties run around verbally abusing and annoying women in public, basically molesting them.  But the women are now arguing back!  What a shock!  Will they win this fight?


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11 responses to “US Military Provokes WWIII By Encouraging War Games Right Next To Russia’s Borders

  1. Melponeme_k

    I saw the rules change for their religious police. But I don’t see this as being a social growth moment. More like the Saudi Royals trying not to anger the populace in general since they will now impose austerity on their subjects.

  2. I thought Kaliningrad was between Lithuania and Poland.

  3. Check the Artic Trefoil with 41 icebreaker ships, 6 nuclear powered to our one?? They can break ice in the Artic sea and it is a hop, skip and a jump to Alaska. Also Kurile Islands 20 miles from Japan and forgot the other one. Trust me, the Ruskies are taking advantage of our debt and turmoil. We really had better get our act together as a country or its Rome again.

  4. Petruchio

    And now everyone knows why Barack the Puppet President was sent to Cuba to make nicey-nicey! The US War Machine doesn’t want to get a taste of their own medicine. If the Cubans were to allow the Russians to establish Naval bases in Cuba, can you imagine the outcry in the presstitute MSM in the USA? Why, a Russian Naval base in Cuba would be considered an Act of War. Of course, F-15’s in Finland and Norway are not a warlike gesture on the part of the US, no way.

  5. Submarine

    Mister Sergei Shoigu doesn’t need to establish Naval bases in Cuba. News from December 2015: Russia says it has for the first time hit targets in Syria with missiles launched from a submarine.
    Why use expensive cruise missiles, for targets easily destroyed by much cheaper equipment? Clearly a demonstration of capability and strict warning to US.
    How many Submarines needed in the Atlantic to take out US coastal cities in a few minutes?
    A submarine hiding under the murky polluted fresh water out there, could melt all Wall Street computers in a few seconds.
    Russia hits targets in Syria from Mediterranean submarine

  6. Seraphim

    Before remembering Cuba you should remember that the Donald Cook destroyer was “buzzed” by Russian fighters on the 12th April, the second anniversary of the “buzzing” of the very same ship in the Black Sea (12th April 2014), when the Russians completely blinded the electronics of the ship, indicating that any ship is a sitting duck in a floating coffin. Since then Russians regularly reminds the Americans and their hapless allies like the Poles, that these systems are applied to any military gizmo moving close to their borders. Americans are still not convinced.

    On the other hand, in order to oppose the “full combat brigade” in Eastern Europe, deployed to counter an “aggressive Russia“ (4,500 men, along with 250 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery, as well as 1,700 cars and trucks), Russia is bringing back two divisions and a tank army (A Russian tank army is a corps of two to three armored divisions with integrated artillery, bridging and helicopter support and motorized infantry divisions assigned on an ad hoc basis when needed).

  7. Nani

    What exactly does the US want to achieve by these provocative maneuvers so close to the shores of Russia and China? Is the desire for world war three so strong?

    It clearly shows the level of insanity that prevails inside of the US leadership.

  8. Melponeme_k


    Germany is willing to allow prosecution of comedian on Turkey’s behalf.

  9. Jim R

    Nani, the warmongering ‘Neocons’ (or ‘Neolibs’ or whatever) seem to have been in charge of US policy for at least the last several decades. They seem to be guided by the opinion that Washington should run the whole planet. I believe the wrongness of this opinion will become more apparent as time passes.

    The experts I have been following on Russian history and politics, have affirmed that Putin is not, in fact, a warmonger. But that there are many warmongers in Russia, waiting to take over when Putin steps down. Eager to do creative things like retaking the Ukraine or carving out a land route to Kaliningrad. (one thing that hasn’t made many headlines: the Kuril Islands are not going to revert to Japan, they will remain in Russian hands)

  10. kenogami

    “What exactly does the US want to achieve by these provocative maneuvers so close to the shores of Russia and China? Is the desire for world war three so strong?”

    The goal of the Anglo-saxon empires, for more than a hundred years, has been to prevent the alliance between Germany and Russia, for that would have been the end of British hegemony; that is why the British did everything to provoke Germany into the first world war, just as the USA is doing everything to provoke Russia into the third world war. With their control over most of the media on the planet, they would then blame Russia as the agressor, just as the history book blame Germany for the first world war.

    Russia and China want a peaceful world to develop their economy and bring prosperity to their people. The Anglo and the Jews banksters want to prevent the new Silk road from taking shape by any mean, including terrorism and world war: the Silk road would unify China, Russia, Germany and France and soon the whole Europe and Asia. That is why the New York-Washington-London psychopaths want to create an iron curtain of failed states on the western border of Russia, to prevent economic, cultural, technological links between Russia and Europe.

  11. Seraphim


    Correct. This was clearly, unequivocally expressed in the ‘seminal’ essay of 1904 of the ‘Father of Geopolitics’, Sir Halford Mackinder:

    “True that the Trans-Siberian Railway is still a single and precarious line of communication, but the century will not be old before all Asia is covered with Railways. The spaces within the Russian Empire and Mongolia (read Mongolia and China today-w.e.) are so vast, and their potentialities in population, wheat, cotton, fuel and metals so incalculably great, that it is inevitable that a vast economic world, more or less apart, will there develop inaccessible to oceanic commerce.”

    The politics of the British Empire (cum its transatlantic partner) was ever since to map out finite resources, and get victim nations to slaughter each other in territorial disputes that would necessarily occur as the outcome of each striving to possess as many of these “finite resources’ as possible before they ran out. As the goal indicated by Mackinder (“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island; Who rules the World Island commands the World.”) proved to be impossible to achieve for the Oceanic Powers, the solution left is to permanently sabotage the emerging “vast economic world” by fomenting wars, revolutions, destruction of economies by economic sanctions, boycotts, terrorism.

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