More Senators Demand Secret Saudi Information About 9/11/1 Be Released

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 – NOTE THE DAY OF THIS SPEECH.  9/11/91.


One of the most vicious dictatorships on the planet is Saudi Arabia.  Only North Korea can compete in this contest to see who is the nastiest. vThe US is in this huge alliance with this vicious, murderous regime and we are supposed to think of these jihadists as our best buddies.  They attacked us on 9/11.  The only planes allowed to fly, not even Senators could fly their private jets…after 9/11 were the Saudis.  They flew all over the US removing their gang so they couldn’t be questioned about 9/11 and they all disappeared back into their own hell hole in the Middle East.  Since then, all sorts of stories and theories about 9/11 popped up while the truth has been relentlessly classified as a super state secret and even our Senators (so much like ancient Rome when it ceased to be a democracy) can only look at this information after being carefully briefed and cannot repeat what they see, photograph it or anything.


Now, due entirely to pressure from citizens angry that all this is top secret for no good reason, our Senators are demanding this information clearly showing how the Saudi royal family is up to their eyeballs in conspiracies surrounding 9/11, they attacked us!  Fearful of what will happen next, Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill – The New York Times:


The Obama administration has lobbied Congress to block the bill’s passage, according to administration officials and congressional aides from both parties, and the Saudi threats have been the subject of intense discussions in recent weeks between lawmakers and officials from the State Department and the Pentagon. The officials have warned senators of diplomatic and economic fallout from the legislation.


The mess, the psychological and political mess from 9/11 continues roaring onwards, it is like a huge tower is collapsing.  Our crazy foreign policies, our rulers’ demands and schemes are all a big, roaring mess and Saudi Arabia is just one facet of all this mess of the New World Order that Bush Sr. babbled about one fine day when he thought no one would figure out who this ‘New World Order’ is all about.


Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi foreign minister, delivered the kingdom’s message personally last month during a trip to Washington, telling lawmakers that Saudi Arabia would be forced to sell up to $750 billion in treasury securities and other assets in the United States before they could be in danger of being frozen by American courts…


Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate panel in February that the bill, in its current form, would “expose the United States of America to lawsuits and take away our sovereign immunity and create a terrible precedent.” The bill’s sponsors have said that the legislation is purposely drawn very narrowly — involving only attacks on American soil — to reduce the prospect that other nations might try to fight back.


Path of $681 Million: From Saudi Arabia to Malaysian Premier’s Personal Account, no strings attached according to the Saudi royals. $4 billion had been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies by Mr Najib, the ruler of that poor, struggling nation.  The Attorney General of Malaysia appointed by this crook, cleared him of any misconduct the same way Nixon used his own justice department gang to do the same for him.


Najib was forced to return much of the loot except his sticky fingers kept $61 million for himself.  This sort of ‘deal’ is made all the time by Saudi royals who are buddies of the Queen of England, too, by the way.  The British overlords want to keep this relationship under wraps, too.


In our own attempt at pretending we have a ‘democracy’ Americans are urged to hate each other before we decide which NWO beast enters the White House to kiss Saudi ass like Obama is doing today:  Bernie Sanders releases his tax returns whereby he shows his entire income is less than three Goldman Sachs speeches by the very boring Hillary Clinton.  The torture she put them through as they sat, probably reinforced by a few glasses of wine, is against the Geneva Conventions.


But they paid their bribe and hope to collect.  In just seven years, the Clintons collected $139 million in bribes.  This is double what the ruler of Malaysia ended up with from his owners.


Donald Trump hammers Ted Cruz and the entire Republican primary system in op-ed because, like with the Democratic Party machine, these various systems for choosing our leaders is profoundly corrupt and stupid.  Both the GOP and DNC LOVE TO DEATH this crooked, creaky, poorly functioning system because this is how they can gain political power without doing squat diddly for voters.


Hillary hopes to ‘win’ this way, too.  She is using the ‘extra delegates’ route which means before even the first vote, the ‘winner’ is pre-selected by insiders who collect bribes, line their own pockets in various ways, impose trade rules that hurt US workers, etc. They are the ones who have the Super Vote and control elections.


Going downhill fast in all states that allow primary voters to choose, Hillary Clinton to release Goldman Sachs speeches MAYBE, her ‘insiders’ claim.  She will do this, promise.  Some day!  When the 9/11 24 pages are published, she might publish her stupid speeches!  Maybe.


UK’s funding of NHS and universities over defence of Europe is blasted by Bernie Sanders. Britain and Europe must spend more to boost Nato, says Hillary Clinton: Democrat’s warning comes despite defence cutbacks.  Europe has ridden piggy back for decades with US taxpayers paying for snits with Russia through the nose.  The EU aristocrats want this war with Russia because Europe has gone for 70 years with no wars wiping out everything.  Time for another.  But they want the US taxpayers and soldiers to take on the debts and die on the battlefield this time around.


Lastly, Bernie flew to Rome to kiss the Pope.  Bernie Sanders takes a private flight to Rome to speak at the Vatican conference – burning gallons of fuel just hours after attacking Hillary Clinton on climate change:


He was joined by his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, secret service detail and members of the press. The total group of what is believed to be below 50, flew in a chartered Delta 767 for their trip which can seat between 211 and 261 people.


Sanders’s wife, who’s Catholic, and four grandchildren came on the trip. A 767 like Sanders’ that is flying 4,435 miles from New York to Rome uses approximately 16,596 gallons of fossil fuels.


Who on earth can we vote for?  They are all crazy loons screaming at the moon.  Howling like banshees and then collecting or giving bribes, stealing stuff, lying about sex (that is normal behavior) etc.  Gah.


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12 responses to “More Senators Demand Secret Saudi Information About 9/11/1 Be Released

  1. Ken

    So now Bernie and Hillary are saying that other NATO countries have to pay more and not stick the US taxpayer with a disproportionate share. Isn’t that what Trump was so widely critized for saying last week? Where is the outrage when the Democrats say it?

  2. nomial

    It’s interesting to compare the Syrian leader, with the Saudi king, on all levels he is the superior, yet the USA helps the saudis, and tries to destroy Assad.

  3. Gurrker

    And more Saudi information from the always informative Moon of Alabama.

  4. e sutton


    The US government seeks to cooperate with Israel as well as Saudi Arabia in a unified front to dismantle Russian sovereignty. The goal of the NWO is American Zionist hegemony. After systematically destroying the surrounding countries that border Israel, the result is governments are severely weakened and prone to accept whatever terms the US/Zionist regime dictates. Assad, unlike Ghadaffi, Sadam Hussein, et. al., has not gone quietly into that good night. The fact that Russia has stepped into the fray to back Assad has infuriated our rulers.

    Once you consider their motives, the situation is not all that surprising. The Saudi threats to liquidate their treasury holdings are most likely a hollow threat in that doing so would unravel their own fragile economy – not to mention the chaos it would unleash in the world economies since the US is still the world reserve currency. The wild card is China, which on Tuesday will be joining the SWIFT exchange system in trading outside of US greenbacks. It would appear that a slow unraveling is in the wake, which is preferable to the whole thing going nuclear. What goes on behind the curtain bears little resemblance to what we are ¨allowed¨ to see by our rulers and the MSM – something that Elaine does an excellent job of exposing.

  5. e sutton

    Greg Hunter has a pretty good spin on the above over at USA Watchdog:

  6. Petruchio

    “Going downhill fast in all states that allow primary voters to choose, Hillary Clinton to release Goldman Sachs speeches MAYBE, her ‘insiders’ claim. She will do this, promise” I personally heard that sleazy, vile hag’s response to calls that she (Hillary) release copies of her speeches to one of her owners, Goldman Sachs. “I’ll do it when the others release THEIR speeches” whimpers Mrs. Clinton. Nice leadership. Really a Take Charge kind of move. Presidential material to be sure. Does anybody really think Mrs. Clinton (I always like to call her Mrs. Clinton. She HATES it!!!) will ever release anything meaningful? Has she ever?

  7. Petruchio

    So….more of our honorable US Senators are demanding full disclosure about 9-11 and Saudi involvement? You know what that means? It means it is safe for US Senators to play the “I want the TRUTH about Saudi involvement regarding 9-11!!” routine. Apparently most if not all incriminating information, information that would indicate Saudi culpability in 9-11 has been removed. Deleted somehow. “We can’t find any information about the Saudis and 9-11” they’ll say. Left unsaid of course, is that someone or some people have “scrubbed” the record of Saudi involvement in 9-11 clean. Oh, go take some acting lessons, Senators…..

  8. Jim R

    They should investigate involvement much much closer to the Capitol.

    For example, why was no one fired as a result of this obvious incompetence? Nobody at the CIA noticed the Saudis playing in its back yard? (nevermind the possibility of complicity)

    Where are the public inquiries, the firings, the trials, for this incompetence and/or treason?

  9. Hal5001

    Always enjoy your take on things, Elaine. Just one comment, I have lived in Malaysia, to categorize it as poor and struggling is misleading. This is not to excuse Najib, however.

  10. emsnews

    Malaysia, when it comes to things like demanding global warming money from us, pretends to be poor.

    I know that the capital city is, like even in third world countries, is ‘rich’ just like Manhattan is rich while the Bronx is third world.

  11. Christian W

    Calling for the release of a few reducted pages is just setting the Saudis up for the stab in the back and theft of all the Saudi money, like they did to Gaddafi.

    Only when role of Israel, the CIA, the Pentagon, the WH etc is made clear can the real clean up work begin.

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