Snowing In Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado…in APRIL

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IT IS SNOWING IN ARIZONA! And New Mexico is going to get snow and it is snowing heavily in Colorado, some snow in Nevada and Utah, Idaho and Wyoming…mid April!  It isn’t snowing this week on my mountain, finally, and today it actually got up to normal temperatures a tiny bit and so I got on my tractor and rebuilt the road which has to get re-graded every spring to get rid of winter ruts.


The ground was still frozen only three days ago!  This has got to be the funniest ‘global warming’ ever and it seems that Climate is very fickle and we get winter weather in spring and fall weather in winter and what will summer bring?  Penguins?


It will still be below freezing tonight, my poor daffodils are shrunken and tortured and I expect no flowers from them, my crocuses were crushed by ice and snow so no flowers.  None this spring, the trees are venturing to begin pushing for some buds, the twigs are swelling so they hope…pray in tree religions…for no more freezing cold weather.


Day after tomorrow which is already half way through April, it will finally be above freezing at night.  Wow.  Will wonders never cease? Climate Prediction Center – Seasonal Color Maps

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Supposedly, the Northeast where I live was to be super warm this month according to this hilarious forecast map above.  I presume all of Canada was supposed to be ‘warmer than usual’ but it wasn’t, not even slightly.  Texas was supposed to be cold.


Well, today, Tucson is going to be cold!  Hahaha.  Wow.  This reminds me of how cold it was back in 1969 there.  I had to get as many old fur coats from Value Village to keep warm.


According to the ‘experts’ I am going to roast to death all of April until January next year.  Then it will be very cold the rest of the winter.  We shall see…they shoot blindly, don’t they?


When I looked at this forecast map stuff last month, it showed nearly the entire US roasting to death all year long.  Now it has changed drastically.  Fickle! Feh.


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2 responses to “Snowing In Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado…in APRIL

  1. Lou

    Look at the wall behind him. The ‘F’ word. Some educator for children.
    The fake NPR guy.

  2. Lou

    Comments at link——-What kind of degree in the physical sciences does Bill Nye “the Science Guy” hold?
    A – Absolutely none. He’s an engineer (a glorified garage mechanic to a real scientist) who once worked at Boeing, primarily doing training videos before they let him go. He followed that up working as a TV comedian before reinventing himself as “The Science Guy.”
    Well okay then, when they start putting people in jail for disagreeing with wackos and libs
    I remember being taught in school that Science was based on facts. Since when does science come down to a CONSENSUS? “Bill Nye “the science guy” says in a video interview released Thursday that he is open to the idea of jailing those who deviate from the climate change consensus.”(Valerie Richardson, Washington Times)

    If we are to start basing everything on a consensus versus true scientifically proven facts then science becomes nothing more than a feeling and thus is NO LONGER A FACT!

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