Black Housing Authority Mob Attacks Cops Trying To Arrest Man Who Beat Up Woman

Officers attacked by bystanderswhen trying to arrest suspect – YouTube

As Hillary Clinton met with a bunch of ladies whose sons who were thugs, got shot by cops, commiserating with them about how evil cops are, a policeman in Nashville was attacked by a mob when he struggled to arrest a violent young black thug who was beating up a girlfriend in a housing project.  The taxpayers built and run and fund the families living there who, in turn, make life a misery for everyone because this generation is now utterly out of control.  The blacks surrounding the cop that was beaten took turns attacking him.  Mobs are taking over European and US cities turning these into mayhem playgrounds.


I lived in this mess before when, during the 1970’s, the power structure decided to let blacks run riot even over stupid things like a lightning bolt burning down a power station in the Bronx, as an excuse to have mass looting and rioting while we were all told to not use or buy guns because the State would protect us.  A total lie.  I was very lucky to survive that night, my darling neighbors tried their best to burn down the entire city.

Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 7.53.15 AM

Slightly further northwards, Philadelphia girl fatally shot after her 5-year-old brother grabs father’s gun.  Sixty violent crimes were committed in this small neighborhood in ONE MONTH.  Mom and grandma both wear wigs and are on welfare.  They have expensive cell phones (I have very cheap ones that are old but very durable).  Time to take selfies, no time to supervise children.
The gun wasn’t for ‘self defense’, it is a business tool of daddy:  Father flees Kensington home after daughter, 4, shot dead by brother.

Phillips’ current Facebook cover photo, posted Feb. 14, shows a semiautomatic pistol with a box of hollow-point bullets. Another photo, mixed in with images of children, shows what appears to be an assault rifle.


Several neighbors identified the girl’s mother as Tera Riddick. They said she and Phillips are the parents of six children, four daughters and two sons.


Neighbor Louise Sawyer said Riddick has been quite protective, rarely letting them out to play for fear of violence.


So, home is safer?  The guy has this arsenal laying around, ready to use.  Unlike my use of guns, hunting, he had them to protect his ‘business’.  Who knows what crimes he committed with his gun collection?  He also never married his hausfrau because he would then have to pay for the children.


And frankly, I don’t believe the mother’s story that she was highly protective, either.  She just doesn’t look like that, I am being judgmental here but I also ran street patrols in brownstone neighborhoods like the one she lives in and know how people survive there living off of the bounty of the taxpayers.


Rundown rowhouses fill the neighborhood, notorious for crime and a haven for heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana. Drug needles and other debris are scattered on the streets. Police call the few blocks that include the scene of the shooting “the gun grid.”


Sounds like 6th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, back when I began cleaning it up.  Arson, gun battles, all that quite in the open.  When I was arguing with Mayor Koch about exactly this while standing with him and his body guards in the middle of the street, a gun battle broke off three blocks up from us.  I snarled at him, and he was forced to give me my street patrol.  Took little time to clear out the area criminals.


The police in places like Nashville are giving up.  A few foolhardy ones try to be heroes and stop black men from beating their baby mommas, but most know better, they stand aside and collect the corpses instead.  Once there is a dead body, the crowds always disperse since they don’t want to be arrested or called on to be witnesses.  Eventually, just like the 1970’s, the police will become increasingly invisible and let whole cities burn down again and I will not be even slightly surprised.


I remember vividly arguing with my darling neighbors during the NYC blackout to not torch our neighborhood.  They thought it was funny, doing this.  Then they whined like crazy when homeless.


Side story from Philly:  19-year-old woman pleads guilty to fatal stabbing in brawl with another GIRL when she was only 18 years old.


Assistant District Attorney Kristen Kemp said Tuesday that Frisby will face at least five to 10 years in state prison. In exchange for Frisby’s guilty plea last Thursday, prosecutors dropped a murder charge.


The fight that claimed Cotton’s life began with an altercation on South Street following the Fourth of July fireworks, police have said. Cotton and her friends got into an argument with another group of girls, including Frisby. Nearby police officers broke it up.


Not long after, the dispute started anew as the teens got off SEPTA’s Broad Street Line at the Hunting Park station, and continued into a Walgreens parking lot.


Looks like cops in Philly are still trying to break up these mass mob fights.  Black women, even, don’t think twice about murdering someone over a small squabble.  I remember many years ago, when I joined a brave, good group of black mothers, we linked armed and entered the riot zone walking down the street littered with half burned loot and bricks and debris and yelled for everyone to stop looting our homes.  Didn’t work but the looters did avoid us, they didn’t attack us.


I would never do that today!  I was crazy to do it back then.  Today, we see black mothers demanding less police action, less protection.  They want their darling children to run riot and virtually no mother is demanding that gangsterism stop.  No, they all benefit from the drug business, the unmarried ‘daddies’ spread some of the loot to them all.  So now all are equally degraded.


The stalwart black women who I worked with to stop the crime were very brave.  Drug lords would try to even kill them like my friend who had her brownstone firebombed with an explosive device at midnight, thank goodness they missed her bedroom window!  This event led directly to my confrontation a week later with Mayor Koch right in front of her burned out home.


About the fight that ended with a dead girl in Philly, this happened at three am in the morning!  What the eff were all these girls doing, high school age, running riot at 3am?  Even nastier: the killer had a child at age 16 or so!  Even stupider, the gang was mostly friends of the victim, not Frisby, and they hunted her down but again, all this was long after midnight, all school girl ages.


More information: the VICTIM also had a daughter and was pregnant at 15 years of age!  Ouch.  Will Obama talk about this mess?  HAHAHA. His wife?  Anyone?  Hillary???  Good gods. Not her.


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10 responses to “Black Housing Authority Mob Attacks Cops Trying To Arrest Man Who Beat Up Woman

  1. Lou

    Thats nothing compared to y’days yahoo News—Fireman killed by black. killer released. Prince George County.

    We don’t track you.
    Prince George’s County firefighter killed in triple shooting …
    Two Prince George’s County firefighters were shot Friday night. Police worked Saturday to determine why a person opened fire on firefighters who were …
    [Search domain]…
    1 firefighter dead, another injured in Prince George’s County …
    “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Prince George’s County firefighter John Ulmschneider,” Hogan said in a statement. … TWO FIREFIGHTERS WERE SHOT AND …
    [Search domain]…
    One firefighter dies after Prince George’s County … – WTOP
    Prince George’s County, MD News Previous Story U.Md. students get the chance for a piano break (Video) Next Story Police: Man who shot firefighters released from custody

  2. Lou

    T Reddick, a vile fat Negress who lives off of White peoples taxes.
    There was another —half ton gal–the White devils had to take her by CRANE out her window.
    When you weigh 900 pounds its hard to move.

    Crime n Blacks? How many shootings in last 3 months in Chi congo?

  3. Lou


    – Occult Holidays and Sabbaths, Cutting Edge

    Here’s a short list of awful events that occurred during the second half of April.

    April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
    April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.
    April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.
    April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.
    April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.
    April 18, 2013 – Fertilizer plant explosion, Texas – 5-15 killed (Notice that this event occurred almost exactly 20 years after the Waco Massacre, which is in the same area. Also, on April 16, 1947, a ship loaded with ammonium nitrate docked at the Port of Texas City and erupted in flames, causing a massive explosion that killed approximately 576 people).

    Knowing these facts, is it a coincidence that a replica of the Temple of Baal will be erected on April 19th? The occult elite is all about symbolism and numerology. Nothing is coincidence.

  4. Mike in Pennsylvania

    RE #4, The first half of spring — March 20 to May 1 — is supposedly the “season of sacrifice” for the dark occultists at the commanding heights of our corrupt institutions (government, media, banking, etc.). Not only for false-flag events but for staged events like “Boston Bombing.” [].

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    If you spend enough time over at Colin Flaherty’s Youtube channel — — and other sites that document black–>black and black–>white crimes, then events like those Elaine documents here stop becoming surprising. There are other elements involved besides the low-IQ racial characteristic that I claimed on another thread, namely impulsivity and aggressiveness, both which are higher in blacks than other groups — on average, *not* every single person. This is why black criminals are over-represented in the sudden, stupid, overtly violent crimes, while criminals of some other ethnicities are disproportionately found at higher levels, especially corporation and government, committing crimes that take more forward planning and manipulation of other people — from individuals up to mass populations.

    That’s my understanding of it, anyway.

  6. Yeah, there’s a “Fuck tha’ Police!” mentality amongst urban blacks these days. It’s probably THE reason why here in New Orleans a millage for public safety measure failed, but the commentator in liberal Alternative News Weekly here won’t mention it. He just notes the white neighborhoods turned out in favor but negative votes in the black neighborhoods were enough to sink it.

  7. Check out Kensington (Philadelphia) on You Tube you’ll find that when Whites can’t escape ghetto blacks, the gblacks will just drag them down to their level. They do it to Latinos, too; Exhibit A is the South Bronx from 1950 through the 1980s.

  8. Melpomene_k, there’s a reason why they’re in the subways and terminals: people are now being KILLED in the shelters! Probably by their fellow clients.

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