Hillary Meets Mothers Of Black Criminals Shot By Cops, Announces She Intends To Take MY Guns

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Obama is sending home to SA guys who were supposed to be causing 9/11 type problems…to make room for citizens who don’t return library books.


I used to run a street patrol in a black/white neighborhood in Brooklyn years ago and made many arrests (my favorite words to criminals was, ‘You are under arrest) and here we are, many years later, and the Clinton campaign gathers moms to discuss violence -by focusing on the mothers who raised hell-raising sons who got in shoot outs or other violence with cops!  That is, this BITCH who has ARMED GUARDS AT ALL TIMES is sitting around with a group of nasty mothers who raised some very nasty sons who resisted arrest and got shot.  Meanwhile, many black people go to an early grave because many blacks believe it is perfectly OK to murder each other and a lot of other people, too, so long as they are doing it, not the rest of us.


The mothers of sons killed in street violence and in clashes with the police gathered Saturday in shared grief and anger.


In panel discussions in Brooklyn and Queens, the women — burdened with similar stories — laid bare the impact a criminal justice system in need of reform has on African-American families.


The collective of moms, dubbed “Mothers of the Movement” by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which organized the events, evoked the unimaginable: facing the loss of their children while trying carry on.


Roughly 100 people packed the Mount Ararat Church in East New York, Brooklyn, to listen to the mothers of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner.


Yes, this gaggle of females are the one who raised kids to be street trash who eventually were killed by someone because they were running out of control in various ways.  Clinton has a fix: disarm the rest of us so black males won’t murder each other at a mad rate.  Not fix what ails the black community (hint: no one wants to hire young black males anymore because they are nasty now, and the sorts of jobs working class males need are now given to either illegal aliens or shipped overseas mainly to Asia!).  No, Clinton wants to make MY life pure hell!


Clinton has increasingly attacked her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders over his vote for a 2005 law that grants gun sellers broad immunity from liability lawsuits.


Sanders has repeatedly said his rationale was to protect mom and pop gun shop owners in rural Vermont.


I happen to live very near to the Vermont border!  And, we use guns.  Used one today, in fact, to shoot vermin breaking into the house, you know, the little furry guys.  We need to use the gun on bigger game periodically including Bambi.  Have one in the freezer.


I am a very good archer and can hit a target easily at 100 yards.  I can throw knives and have thrown knives at criminals in the past not to mention throwing hammers.  Swoosh.  Actually, with a gun, people surrender pretty fast whereas when I am using a hammer, they think I don’t know how to accurately throw it so they don’t surrender so fast.


Hillary wants to disarm everyone assuming we all live in cities.  We don’t all live in cities and we have bears visiting us up here as well as other animals.  But then, in the cities, disarming everyone doesn’t stop crime, ask London about that.


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5 responses to “Hillary Meets Mothers Of Black Criminals Shot By Cops, Announces She Intends To Take MY Guns

  1. Jim R

    Didn’t Australia disarm most everyone recently?

    How is that working out for them?

  2. K. Chris C.

    Someone hasn’t been reading their copy of the Protocols.

    The whole black white thing is a divide and conquer stratagem to keep us divided against each other instead of focused on the Khazarian fifth-column criminals and their treasonous puppets.

    Not that anyone has to like black people, but they are NOT our enemy. Our enemy steals our wealth via fiat, and sends our children overseas, and soon here at home, to steal and kill.

    Pols and crats believe nothing. Their only faith and belief is money and power All else is a front deigned to appeal to, appease, and mollify their victims, the people. As such, there is never a statement or action by a pol or crat that is not a lie–ever.

    So, who cares what this treasonous criminal and Khazarian puppet has to say?!

    As for guns, I’m 100% pro gun control–Government first.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  3. Petruchio

    Ya know, Hillary Clinton never surprises me. She’s always the sleazy, lying hag sociopath. Of COURSE she favors confiscating guns from honest citizens! The Nazi’s were against personal gun ownership and so are people like Hillary Clinton.
    People like Mrs. Clinton see this issue as a power grab: make the honest citizens as vulnerable as possible, and then be the only solution to the problem of violence the honest citizen has. Kind of like killing off the competition so you can have a monopoly on something.
    At least the Nazi’s wore swastikas on their persons. You knew they were Nazi’s. People like Mrs. Clinton have to con their way to power. Oh yes, it takes a Village.

  4. floridasandy

    it takes a village to watch her husband.

    she may not even win the nomination if she doesn’t take NY, and Sanders is picking up a lot of endorsements now after her lousy debate performance.

    of course, that may just be a bit of wishful thinking on my part. 🙂

  5. emsnews

    She is going down in flames. The GOP is getting rid of Trump by screwing around with primaries and rigging it so that people who voted for someone, say, Trump, get ZERO delegates to the convention.

    This ‘stab everyone in the back to push the establishment guy along’ game has been going on a long, long, LONG time but is now nakedly in the open.

    They whine about ‘why don’t more people vote?’ and then make voting impossible, crappy, dangerous, or meaningless.

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