Rulers Of Planet Are Furious That Oil Prices Keep Dropping, Want Us To Be Scared About This

Oil Prices: What’s going on? – An Animation – YouTube explaining how we need expensive oil to save ‘alternative energy’ which is very expensive.


A funny thing happened on the way to cheap oil: our media giants are all screeching that cheap oil is an evil things and will lead to chaos and death, doom and destruction.  OPEC was born in a war waged by Israel.  I said way, way back then that Texas was an OPEC operation, too.  Well, we had economic chaos and death, doom and destruction when OPEC was born and the price of oil shot up (making Texans very rich).  Since 1960, the new post-colonial warlords of the OPEC nations tried and tried to control the price of oil to make it as expensive as possible.  But when OPEC nations war with each other (being mostly dictatorships) then the price of oil drops for the rest of us which the average person loves, by the way.


Well, our media headlines are all about how the falling price of oil is bad news.  There are a number of operations here in the US that love high oil prices.  Our Congress and President and the Pope are all screaming at us to not consume any more oil because we are all going to hell in a handcart shaped like a basket due to global warming (it is FINALLY above freezing at night here at last!!!) and we are supposed to hate oil and love other things due to this hot weather we are  not having lately.


The jangling nerves of modern media hysteria means ripping off in totally contrary directions.  We see wars raging all over the Muslim world and these are intensifying, not going down at all.  Saudi Arabia is going bankrupt and can’t stop pumping oil like they did in 1974 so they can’t dictate oil prices this way.

Counting the Cost – Why is OPEC refusing to cut oil production? – YouTube

Obama Plans Further Escalation in Iraq, Syria as things fall apart further, UK May Deploy 1,000 Troops to Libya to Fight ISIS which the US created in the first place with the help of the bin Ladens of Saudi Arabia…US Releases Nine Guantánamo Bay Prisoners to Saudi Arabia as we return the criminals there because Saudi Arabia beats to death women who refuse to wear a veil, poets who write love poems and assorted helpless people.


Cash-strapped ISIS introduces new levies to compensate for loss of oil revenue, taxpayers, this is a big miscalculation of the Islamists.  They thought warfare would raise the price of oil, not drop it.  But naturally, thanks to the fall of the Soviet Union and the pouring of Russian oil and gas into Europe, for example, and oil exploration in Canada and the US due to the same forces, we are awash in oil even with a number of Muslim oil producers shutting down due to wars and insurrections.


The battles between Sunni and Shia has destroyed OPEC’s power, too:  Botched Doha deal undermines OPEC credibility, oil prices tumble


…the agreement fell apart after top exporter Saudi Arabia demanded that Iran, which was not represented, should also sign up.


Morgan Stanley said that the failed deal “underscores the poor state of OPEC relations,” adding that “we now see a growing risk of higher OPEC supply,” especially as Saudi Arabia threatened it could hike output following the failed deal.


Oil prices have fallen by as much as 70 percent since mid-2014 as producers have pumped 1 to 2 million barrels of crude every day in excess of demand, leaving storage tanks around the world filled to the rims with unsold fuel….


Traders said only an oil worker strike in Kuwait had prevented Brent from tumbling below $40 per barrel, while a cut in U.S. drilling down to 2009 levels had prevented steeper falls there.


Global shares go downwards and the media giants storyline is, this is due to oil being cheap!  HAHAHA:  Global shares follow oil down after Doha disappointment | Reuters


A dive in oil prices sent stock markets lower on Monday after producers meeting in Qatar failed to agree on a plan to curb global supply, quashing the more optimistic tone which prevailed for much of the past week.


Now, the Paris and NYC luxury markets are suffering from all this, they depend on Muslims and oil lords spending money like literal kings in the case of some of the Muslims.  The huge palaces built in France, England, the US, etc. depends on oil lords spending like kings.  Now this market will be squeezed.  Oh, the agony.  HAHAHA.


The idea that the average worker and middle class person is better off with cheaper energy doesn’t enter the minds of the robots who service the very rich and very powerful.  Clashing ideas about reality are pretty noisy now.  Ask any American, ‘Do you want to pay ten times more for gasoline to stop global warming?’  We know what the answer will be.


All the global warmists can continue gadding about the planet in their private jets and yachts while bellowing doom at us.  Remember: Putin wants high energy prices.  And Europe is putting up barbed wire fences to keep out the army of Muslims invading it.


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9 responses to “Rulers Of Planet Are Furious That Oil Prices Keep Dropping, Want Us To Be Scared About This

  1. Jim R

    One thing that has amused me is the propaganda spin on the currency wars.

    You know how the ‘common knowledge’ was that a cheap Yen is good for car prices … and a cheap Dollar was good for, um, interest rates or something.

    And then between the oil price and some central banker shenanigans, the Rouble was driven down from about 30 per $ to 70 or 80 per $. I haven’t looked today, think it’s about 60. And Obama says “the Russian economy is in tatters…”. While the average Russian hardly notices unless she/he is buying things imported from Europe.

    By 2025, we’ll probably be driving cars made in Russia. Japan will continue to shrivel, and their nice cars will be un-affordable as well as un-available. And forget about cars made in Detroit, they don’t make ’em there any more.

  2. Lou

    Deflation, bring it on. Gas at $1 a gallon and Cheese at $1 a pound.
    Cars at $5000.

    we’ll probably be driving cars made in Russia.
    No, we’ll probably be driving cars made by robots.

  3. Jim R

    Russian robots.

  4. tm

    The British Off-Shore Banking Business of Tax Havens and Criminal Drug Running Ops is tied to Big Oil and Other Monarchies like UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Jordan and of course Saudi Arabia. (and of course Shell Oil- Dutch Monarchy. Not even the Guardian will cover the 28 pages of redacted info implicating this collection of “dirty hands” because of the possibility of exposing to the public the depth of the criminality involved in this illicit system.

  5. Jim R

    The reason being: Russia has the resources. The ones that the Neocons/Neolibs were hoping to steal. Everything from oil, coal, gas, to diamonds, to rare earth elements, to iron, to uranium.

    It was all going so well for them under Yeltsin … but not so well for the average Russian. And now, it isn’t like it was under Yeltsin. It’s the other way around. Nobody can seem to figure out why.

    They are still selling rocket engines to the USA, ponder that little fact.

  6. Lou

    The ‘International Gamesmanship’ is too much for me to understand.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Jim R: I think it is even worse than that. The US are buying rocket engines from Russia, but NASA still has to rent out Russian rocket launches when the US wants to launch a satellite.

  8. Petruchio

    “Now, the Paris and NYC luxury markets are suffering from all this, they depend on Muslims and oil lords spending money like literal kings in the case of some of the Muslims. The huge palaces built in France, England, the US, etc. depends on oil lords spending like kings. Now this market will be squeezed. Oh, the agony. HAHAHA.” Yes, well think of all the strippers and hookers who are seeing their wages cut because of these ‘oil lords’ cutting back.

  9. Jim R

    I have the dissonance on display in my twitter feed. I follow a number of Russophiles who post in English, to get some idea of what is going on over there. And I also follow the International Space Station.

    So, it’s always interesting when an American astronaut tweets about traveling to the Cosmodrome to get a lift to the station. Somehow, the evil Mr. Putin never bites their heads off.

    And then it’s embarrassing to watch Obama or some Pentagon functionary talk about ‘Russian aggression’.

    As Dmitry Orlov has said, we have closed the ‘hated evil empire’ gap.

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