Election In Chaos As New World Order Candidates Flounder, Upstarts Continue Strong

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Bernie supporters shower Hillary Clinton’s motorcade with $1 dollar bills – YouTube

The workers are revolting.  Candidates who represent the New World Order are freaking out because despite the media supporting these drones working for international powers, local citizens not owned by these powers are gaining support from angry voters.  This open revolt against a revolting system set up to eliminate voting power (remember the failed 2000 election?) of citizens is increasingly naked to any observer who bothers to look carefully behind the curtain.


George Clooney admits Bernie Sanders was ‘absolutely right’ to criticize $353,400 ticket price of his Clinton fundraiser dinner: so, Clooney is embarrassed by his naive attempt at controlling all of us by using money from foreign and local interests who are basically paying bribes to that witch?  HAHAHA.


His own money depends on being popular.  This is why he apologized for working for our Real Rulers to raise money for Hillary who is rolling in dough from rich people who want her to keep our system rolling onwards relentlessly crushing US workers.


There was a brush up with one candidate who is not chosen by the Real Rulers that illustrates how odd things are today:  John Kasich tells college student to avoid parties to reduce sexual assault risk | Daily Mail Online


John Kasich prompted a firestorm of outrage after he told a female college student worried about sexual violence not to ‘go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol’.


A first-year student at St Lawrence University asked the Ohio governor what policies he would implement to help her ‘feel safer and more secure regarding sexual violence, harassment and rape’ at the Watertown, New York town hall event on Friday.


The Ohio governor discussed the need for readily accessible rape testing kits, but ended his response with a piece of advice that many thought placed the blame squarely on victims of sexual assault.


OK: time for a reality check for chicks.  Believe it or not, when I was only 17 years old to 19 years old, I worked in bars to make money especially from tips to go to school.  Honest to god.  During this time, I was kidnapped by a  motor cycle gang…yes, really…and they wanted to make money off of me so I was forced to work for them at a bar run by the Mafia and the boss liked me so he ended up saving me from them and there was a nasty blowback for them all and they no longer exist.


I was a victim of sexual assault and I also took care of it, so to speak.  Ahem.  The point is, young women want to be free but also be safe when they run riot like the Maenads of ancient Greece.  Remember these women?


They got ripped, ran riot and tore goats limb from limb and then would beat men with the legs while screaming.  HAHAHA.  Dangerous women indeed.  Telling young ladies that they must be careful when going out drinking and rioting while drunk is now verboten.  They are being told by the media and our rulers that going forth to get soused and then raped is the fault of the men, not themselves putting their bodies in dire danger.


Way back in the Dark Ages, I used to lecture on campuses to young ladies how to protect themselves from rape.  One key warning was about getting drunk or stoned or both.  Once a person indulges in either or both, one becomes very vulnerable.  So don’t do it.  Getting rid of Kasich means siding with young ladies who want to be drunkards with no consequences so our media giants do exactly that, in lockstep.


Supreme Court Divided on Obama Plan for Immigrants because legalizing illegals means what?  Well, our jobs that can be sent overseas are going there at a mad rate and what remains here is being handed off to illegal aliens who want to be citizens but then they will not get jobs anymore but then, this is so they can access welfare instead.


Lagging U.S. Colleges Cast a Global Net for ‘Warm Bodies’ as they bring in legal aliens with a promise, they get their degrees and then can stay and compete with Americans who are getting degrees and finding jobs harder and harder to find or the pay is lower and lower as more workers are lured in by the New World Order dictators who run our country deep into debt and destroyed our industrial base.


The upside of all this is, many are coming over from China and are interested in good paying jobs, not welfare.


Meanwhile, our rulers are bogged down in Afghanistan.


I remember bin Laden.  He wanted to lure the US back into Afghanistan so…he encouraged Saudi Arabia to attack us again and to attack the WTC again.  It worked.


Huge Blast in Afghan Capital Kills Dozens as our ongoing disaster there that started under Reagan and both parties made worse and worse over the years, anyone remember bin Laden of Saudi Arabia hiding out there and working for the CIA?  HAHAHA.  Note how the politicians are debating this issue…NOT.


Saudi Arabia had everything to do with 9/11 and the Afghani and Iraqi citizens had absolutely nothing to do with it and our invasion of both countries was a total war crime and no one is arresting the clowns who did this and no US or EU media is demanding these people connected with NATO be put in prison and punished for this fiasco that is utterly illegal and in no elections anywhere is anyone talking about this huge gigantic mess these rulers caused.


I will note here how elegantly our rulers got leftists to protest warm weather instead and demand poor people be denied heating in winter and how easily this demand was processed by our rulers who are more than happy to oblige this desire to freeze poor people to death in Europe and the US.


In Europe as well as the US, right wing organizations are gaining power due to the left jumping off the cliff.  Instead of protecting citizens, the left has done the opposite, it is an international force that wants no borders but is very easily exploited by rulers who want to dilute working class power this way.


Here is a sterling example:  MPs warn vote to leave EU would threaten UK environmental policy | Environment | The Guardian is a leftist paper.


Leaving the EU would threaten the UK’s air and water quality, biodiversity and the countryside, a committee of MPs has warned.


The UK has benefited from an EU-wide environmental cleanup in the past four decades, and giving up membership would lead to a damaging policy vacuum and an end to influence over green regulations, the commons environmental audit select committee has said in a report.


Britain was once “the dirty man of Europe”, pouring out toxic pollutants that caused acid rain, industrial pollution, poor air quality, contaminated land and sewage-filled beaches. After taking on EU membership, successive governments had to mend their ways in line with rules on the environment developed over decades.


So, the dirty work is now gone along with union jobs.  Overseas overnight.  The rich love this transformation.  They get their cakes and eat these, too while telling the workers to ‘go eat cake’.


“The UK has also lost its voice and voting rights on many international wildlife conventions. If we vote [to] leave and take control, we will regain our seat at the table at these conventions. We would be able to innovate, to pilot ideas and to really deliver for our natural environment.”


The ‘controls’ are controls on citizens of Britain, oops, I mean the ‘subject’ of the Queen and her prolific brood.  Dirty peasants periodically annoy them all.  The carbon reduction trajectory is menaced by people demanding an exit from all this international conspiracies set up by the Bilderberg/New World Order team.


The Guardian is whining that…


Environmental issues were largely left out of the prime minister’s negotiations earlier this year in which he sought to reform aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU. According to the environmental audit committee’s report, the government does not have contingency plans for what would happen to environmental regulations if the UK were to leave the EU.


The New World Order is using environmental issues to seize more and more power.  I protect my environment here on my own mountain which I own and today, for example, a bachelor flock of turkeys wandered past my doors, patrolling the nesting sites of the hidden females on the edge of my forest.


A pair of crows mated on the septic field (hahaha) and my bird feeder is full of finches of various colors and types.  The cats are chasing the squirrels and the owls hoot mournfully high in the trees up the mountain.


I am perserving nature!  On my own.  And pay taxes on my land to do this.  I am not freeloading off of taxpayers to do this, I am a taxpayer.  This system of government via distant, very rich rulers who have a different idea what is ‘good’ is pissing me off greatly.  And elections are increasingly showing how the populace is unhappy and we don’t even have a full blown economic crisis, yet.


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9 responses to “Election In Chaos As New World Order Candidates Flounder, Upstarts Continue Strong

  1. Petruchio

    Rest assured. The Real Rulers do not plan on tapping out —EVER. If they have to “go naked” with a Power Move–such as suspending the whole Election Process and just anointing a US President–THEY WILL. I will refer you to the GOP’s Paul Ryan (R-WI) as denying that he will declare himself the GOP’s Presidential candidate in a brokered Convention. If the Real Rulers believe they must come right out and tell the American People: “F#ck You!! We are in charge. You will get the US President WE want.” This will happen if rigged voting machines don’t do the trick–again.

  2. floridasandy

    i fully expect that Bernie (a native NYer) could beat HIllary (a carpetbagger), although i did see that they are not going to allow independents to vote today (same as Florida)- and more of his base is independent.

    there are a lot of little tricks used to influence the election before they go to that outright stealing part, which may very well be coming-but at least they will be out in the open with it now.

  3. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @Petruchio: Good comment. I have been waiting years for the “masks off” moment — although by now it could hardly get more obvious. I would think they would go with a massive false flag or hoax event to justify some drastic clampdown, probably another “drill gone live” only on a bigger scale than we’ve seen since 9/11.

    Although I also don’t rule out a giant holographic Messiah in the Sky…..

    @Sandy: I wonder how many people still believe that the elections *aren’t* rigged from start to finish. This could be a very hot summer…

  4. emsnews

    Trump won big in NY.

    Now the hounds from hell will be released.

  5. Petruchio

    Like I have said before: the Real Rulers don’t plan on tapping out–EVER. For one thing, controlling the levers of political power make them ALOT of money. Also, they have this delusional, utterly false self-image that they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best. What they REALLY are are a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who are overly inbred resulting in the inevitable drop in their collective IQ’s . George W. Bush is a good example.
    #3 Mike: up until now, the Rulers have been able to operate behind the scenes. They have puppets like Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama to play the front man. I think too many of the “soiled masses” are aware of the Rulers existence now. Soon, the Real Rulers are going to have to drop the pretenses and just “put the hammer down” on dissent. BTW: this mass surveillance stuff is NOT about keeping the Good Citizens safe from terrorists; mass surveillance is a power tool of the Real Rulers on dissent.

  6. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @Petruchio…You may be right, but I’m not ruling out the giant holographic Jesus.

    Happy April 20th everyone!

  7. emsnews

    Only three daffodils survived the freeze this week. My mother in law’s magnolia tree had five blossoms instead of being a cloud of white.

    What a miserable spring this has been so far…

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