FedEx Messes Up Medical Delivery Leading To Chaos Due To Foreign Labor Replacing Americans

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FedEx Office – Albany New York – 110 Wolf Rd 12205 – Print & Ship | Kinkos: We need a medical delivery for my husband who is permanently disabled.  We were getting concerned as several days passed and nothing arrived.  Then I got the above email.  I clicked on the Receipt.ace link and…it would not open!  This began a telephone chase after I looked up the number to contact the local Fedex office…and my call was first some incompetent robot machine and then finally, a human got on the line.


In HONDURAS.  Not Albany, New York.  The nice lady had to have the unpleasant experience of feeling my understandable rising rage when I couldn’t get her to understand how to process my call.  She kept asking me for information I already told her, I didn’t have because the computer guys gave me a link that wouldn’t open.


Finally, I threatened her and got her to send me to her supervisor who finally admitted that they were both in a foreign country which means they have accents as thick as molasses in March and they also had NO INFORMATION.  What?


This system was set up to work for them, not me.  Or rather, work for a bunch of snotty, disgusting, evil, highly educated executives who should be taken out and executed.  These snarky, stupid, nasty creatures are part of our modern system set up to exploit everyone as much as possible while keeping the executives sheltered from customers and those who they harm.


I remember when Fedex actually functioned.  I could call their local office to chat with US citizens speaking English with no problems and could resolve issues in five minutes or less.  Instead, I spent half a hour in rising rage, trying to force them to find information…which the poor staff didn’t have because the computer system is set up so if you don’t get a tracking number, you can’t find squat.


Instead of simply sending this information, they used an application.  Why, I have no idea, it is inefficient.  By hiding my tracking number so I couldn’t access it, the entire system basically was shut down even for the staff.  No one could find this vital information.


We are having an ‘election’ and our Rulers are pissed that two outsiders, Sander the independent leftist and Trump, the rich gambling boss, are both highly popular compared to the New World Order machines that are in the pay of corporate America and above all, foreign powers who want to control and exploit American citizens.


This stupid delivery problem was made ten times worse for us because of this system set up by our real rulers.  It is annoying and expensive at the same time.  I get to vote in a primary today and I hope everyone votes down the System’s ‘choices’.  Have fun, everyone!


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7 responses to “FedEx Messes Up Medical Delivery Leading To Chaos Due To Foreign Labor Replacing Americans

  1. e sutton

    I have a strong connection with what you wrote because I once worked for UPS, a stalwart organization, Irish mob mafia run organization back in the glory days. Like a well oiled machine, if you needed something delivered, those guys would get it done.

    One day, lo and behold, many years later, Fed ex appeared on the horizon and scared the daylights out of of them. Let´s just say it´s a good things those boys trousers are brown. They were no longer the only game in town. Next, the US government wants in on the game. They spent the next ten years (1990-2000) trying to out perform each other. Again, a capitalist situation that ultimately served us, the consumer.

    The backdrop to all this was the Reagan´s amnesty back in the ’80s The open door immigration and NAFTA trade agreements ruined the beauty of our once peerless economy. I was part of that old economy. Before it was turned completely over to the neocons/Zionists. May they all rot in hell.

  2. Jim R

    Irish mob mafia?

    Will E. Sutton, perhaps? (heh, heh)

  3. JimmyJ

    I feel your pain. While not nearly as crucial as medical supplies I have continual problems with Purolater Canada computer part “deliveries”. The most recent being a driver who couldn’t read numbers on a building directory resulting in a lost day and a trip across a city to a distant warehouse, the only pickup location in the entire city. I have to use Purolater for the one supplier who has no alternatives and every single “delivery” for the past decade has been bungled one way or another.

    It’s a wonder Just In Time works for anyone but at least meds and food show up at the stores on time, so far. I doubt it will take much of a system glitch for that to change though. With the recent Japan earthquake, for example, Toyota and others suspended manufacturing entirely. A particularly high energy Carrington event would end civilization as we know it because the very few links in the chain are so tenuous and the level of competence so scarce no one could take any initiative except self sufficient rural folks like Elaine.

  4. e sutton


    Jim R,

    No foolin´! I was hip deep in it way back in the early 80s. They made no bones about it either. You either joined the Teamsters or you were locked out. Good times. 😀

  5. Maddie's Mom

    Prep for pandemonium, as best you can.

  6. Petruchio

    FedEx, the Federal Reserve. In my opinion, no private business or entity should be able to use the term “Federal” in their name. People can get the wrong idea about a company or entity if it has “Federal” in one form or another in it.

  7. e sutton



    At this stage of the game, if anything´s got the word ¨fed¨ associated with it, I promptly run in the opposite direction. (har, har)

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