Hillary Barely Won NY Via Inner City Voters, 80% Other Areas Voted For Sanders

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Hillary and her gang of Bilderberg buddies are making a huge thing about winning the primary in New York.  Look at how she did NOT sweep my state at all, she won only in the cities.  And the vast majority of this voting group were black voters.  Note also the naked numbers: only roughly a million votes for her in a state that has roughly 20 million people.  The meagre vote for her shows up in detail below:

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Gotham Gazette:  The ethnic layout is interesting.  White middle/lower class neighborhoods voted for Sanders, the rich white Manhattan voters joined with black and Hispanic voters to vote for the status quo.  This voting base is not big enough for Hillary to win the election and it shows a very strong rift in the Democratic Party side of the ledger that is fatal in the long run.

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Trump, unlike Clinton, won everywhere, he wiped out Cruz nearly totally.  The turnout was half of the Democrats but if the Democrats have angry voters of the sort that voted against Hillary in the primary, I see a 100% chance they will desert the Democrats and vote for Trump in the general election.  They are not a small group, either, they are nearly half of the Democratic voting base here.

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Our media mavens are pretending Hillary is a huge winner here whereas I say, she is extraordinarily weak and have a very, very narrow appeal.  She shouldn’t be struggling so hard with all the massive help she is getting.  I live in the non-urban part of NY and I didn’t see a single Hillary poster or sign anywhere at all.  I did see a number of Trump and Sanders signs all over the place.


This is another bad sign for the Democrats.  The GOP is no longer stuck with Cruz, the half-alien who was definitely not born here, and will now dump him and hope for a brokered convention and as I keep saying, the way to do this is to remove Trump the usual way, that is, violently.


TRUMP PICKS UP MAJOR ENDORSEMENT THAT SHOCKED THE MEDIA WORLD…that is, the New York Post.  The Subway Paper Special (that is where I used to pick it up off the benches when riding the trains).


The Gang of Four won’t stop stealing elections:  Cruz and GOP Elites May Steal Half of Pennsylvania Delegates Even if Ted Cruz Finishes Third which is why this very unpopular candidate is continuing to sneer his way forwards.


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8 responses to “Hillary Barely Won NY Via Inner City Voters, 80% Other Areas Voted For Sanders

  1. Melponeme_k

    Whenever I try to explain NY and NYC to non-residents, I can never get across how CONSERVATIVE the state actually is, including the city. People just don’t understand. They think big city, wild living but in fact most of NY are old school conservatives. Conservatives that have been disenfranchised. 9 times out of 10, NY will always go Republican.

    Quite frankly I don’t know where NY received the reputation of being a bastion of the democratic party. That just isn’t so. So we elect a Democratic president more often than not, but look at most of the state representatives…straight Republican.

    However looking how Trump has pulled everyone out of the woodwork, the elites better watch out. If he goes independent due to their gerrymandering, he will take ALL of NY with him.

  2. floridasandy

    first, let me say i LOVE NY.

    second, bernie would have picked up a lot of independent voters (unlike hillary) but they were not allowed to vote, same as here in Florida. I thought he would do better, but it was stacked against him -and for the establishment candidate- from the beginning.

    the rules need to be changed because a lot of people are being disenfranchised and it isn’t over yet.

  3. Petruchio

    Elaine: I don’t know as if Mrs. Clinton won New York honestly. You of all people should know that just because the New York Times doesn’t report it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Bernie Sanders is making some noise–publicly–about the long waiting lines in some Districts. Yes, I know it is shocking. Mrs. Clinton doing something underhanded. Who would have thought it?

  4. floridasandy

    i think the biggest problem is that Hillary only gets the hardcore democrats and sanders pulls a lot of independents. If they can’t vote, that clearly helps her out.

    I don’t know how the other primaries are as far as allowing the independent vote. This has been one heck of an eye opening experience, this election cycle ..

  5. Christian W

    @ #2

    “second, bernie would have picked up a lot of independent voters (unlike hillary) but ***they were not allowed to vote***, same as here in Florida.

    That fact is pretty extraordinary and makes a mockery of the concept of the US being a democracy.


    In related news:

    Hundreds arrested at “Democracy Spring” protests in Washington DC


  6. floridasandy

    Christian, I think we didn’t really even consider this because we always had frontrunners with the momentum of the press behind them, and this is the first election I can remember where the frontrunners (bush and hillary to start) were being actually challenged. Now we see all the lawlessness of BOTH parties to try and stop any outsiders from winning the nomination.

    It has been an eye opener to be sure.

  7. Here is a history of Hillary’s rise to power. “Mein Kampf” pales in comparison.


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