Democrats Call For More Black Teachers While They Put Black Teachers In Jail For Fighting Violent Black Students

DISTURBING: Milwaukee Teachers Aide ARRESTED After BODY SLAMMING and CHOKING Student In CLASSROOM!! – YouTube


Top education officials say America’s schools need more black teachers…but Schools with mainly black and Latino students have less-qualified teachers, NYC report says  But…according to the news story, ‘Schools where black and Hispanic students — who make up 70 percent of New York City’s public-school students — where the majority tended to have smaller class sizes and smaller student-to-teacher ratios,’ (than white students).  There are white students in NYC, but the vast majority go to private schools as my children did, this is due to safety reasons and having quiet, well run classrooms instead of what we see above.


The latest campaign stories of the Democratic side are all about how race things are going badly.  And this is certainly true, all the statistics are pointing increasingly towards utter social annihilation of black communities as marriage rates fall into the cellar, graduation rates for black males falls to the same level, crime rises and jobs for the working class vanish except for the lowest paying jobs, etc.


This destruction looks like a nuke has hit many US manufacturing cities which are now holding cells for black youths who are considered, except for a tiny few at the top, as trash that no one wants.  I remember when black males wanted to get married and have jobs!


Now, they mostly go into crime.  Drug dealing is a great way to make easy money, quickly.  It lures in white males, too.  Since there seems to be no other useful economic goals left, the majority of inner city blacks is squarely aimed at claiming territory and using this to deal drugs.  Doing this requires killing each other over territorial disputes.


The broohaha about Prince dying still is running strong as if he were a role model for black youths…oh, and he is, he is!  They are told, if they emulate him, they, too, can live in a palace and run wild and die young but rich.  Now, Beyoncé doubles down on Black Lives Matter theme in Lemonade album which features the bereaved mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown because…they were useless males running riot in the streets late at night terrorizing everyone and got shot.


That is, why isn’t this female featuring young, black GIRLS murdered by…rampant black males?  The vast majority of blacks are killed by blacks and as white teachers flee black schools, the majority of school staff fighting with black students are…black!  They are being arrested and pilloried like white teachers only…they aren’t racists.  So why are they attacking their lovely students?


The answer is obvious, in virtually all videos online of student/teacher fights the students, except in a very few cases, are the instigators and they throw punches quickly when attacking staff.


No one dares discipline students in black schools anymore.  The defiance levels have risen to the point of no return and most teachers punch in to collect their pay and leave with students triumphant in their tireless efforts to learn nothing.  Milwaukee teacher aide filmed violently abusing teenage student | Daily Mail Online


A number of students were ‘ripping on each other’ in biology class when one 14-year-old told the teacher’s aide to ‘shut the f*** up’, according to court documents cited by the Journal Sentinel…


The video doesn’t show the beginning of this fight.  The defiance levels are so high, students can openly cuss and demand teachers shut up.


One parent James Sinkey told CBS58: ‘He (THE TEACHER!!!) should have just marched out right away. There’s no need for actions like that, it’s just too much.’…


This, in a nutshell, shows how badly things have deteriorated.  The mothers/grandmothers (there are nearly no fathers involved) demand that the TEACHER flee the obnoxious, violent child and give up, basically.  So again, why is that child in school at all?  Most drop out eventually.  But if the parents don’t want teachers, the children demand no teachers, then we should have no teachers for them.


Democratic state senator Lena Taylor also issued a statement condemning Pennix’s response. She said: ‘I believe violence is a major educational barrier for our kids.


‘We need to create schools and communities free of violence so that our kids can focus on learning, not looking over their shoulders.


‘Until that day comes, we must ensure that our kids have access to school therapists who they can talk to about any trauma they experienced. Additionally, we must ensure workers have special training to address conflict.’


This utterly deranged remark by a Democratic leader shows how dangerous it is for blacks today: their leaders don’t back BLACK MALES trying to TEACH out of control black youths who defy them.


Violence from black students menace everyone and is destroying schools where the murder rate is much higher than when I was a young lass.  This deranged black woman should seek psychiatric help.


Who are these ‘workers who have special training to address conflict’, anyways?  I have a name for them: police! I remember when schools didn’t have police stations inside except…my ex-husband went to such a school in Brooklyn 60 years ago and there were cops there and they would pummel the violent thug students, smack them around, and everyone thought this was FUNNY especially the thug students who looked upon all this as a point of honor.


They certainly didn’t whine about it, they boasted about how they could endure being slapped around!  Street cred and all this.  I know because back then we used to all boast about it, I have been severely beaten by parents and school staff at one point or another and thought it was hilarious by age 14 years.


Indeed, back then and all the way up until my old age didn’t allow it, I spent my fun time fighting, mostly sword and shield or other tools of the trade. Fighting is fun, ask any ghetto person, they would cheerfully agree.


This is also why I could live in a ghetto years ago and got ‘respect’ because I was trained in various forms of fighting and this is how I organized the street patrols which was bi-racial and the black males loved doing these patrols and we had a great time arresting criminals.


Here is a good look at Chicago’s schools after Obama reformed that place:  Last Chance Chicago School! You Get To See First Hand The Violence That Students & Teachers Are Subjected To! (Video) | Tommy Sotomayor

Expelled From Every Other School: Last Chance High (Episode 1) – YouTube–a ‘therapeutic’ school for asocial children raised by third or fourth generation welfare mothers.  Note that the staff is black.  Note how the students fight each other and staff.


Back to the Democrats burning down the hood:  Barack Obama calls out Black Lives Matter Activists for their harsh tone | Daily Mail Online


Hillary Clinton has also faced an avalanche of criticism from BLM supporters.


At a private fundraiser in South Carolina back in February she was heckled by a BLM activist.


The activist demanded an apology from the former first lady for mass incarceration and her claim 20 years ago that children in gangs had become ‘super-predators.’


At the same time, black voters are generally voting against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton!  Go figure.  If black women (many of the men can’t and don’t bother with voting due to criminal records or they just don’t care anymore) are so pissed off at the Clintons, why are they carrying her on their backs?


Clinton plans only to remove cops and remove all civilization forces from what remains of our inner city slums and return them to the conditions of the 1970’s.


Fun times.  Won’t burning cities cause global warming?  Or will the dark clouds of burning buildings lower temperatures?  Is this the Gore plan to stop warming?


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9 responses to “Democrats Call For More Black Teachers While They Put Black Teachers In Jail For Fighting Violent Black Students

  1. Ken

    I attended all black schools in Detroit in the 1960s, before the city became entirely black. Every teacher was required to have at least a brown belt in at least one martial art.

    Violent interactions between students, and between students and teachers, was a daily occurance. Most of the teachers back then were white. It didn’t make a difference. None of the teachers got in trouble for trying to maintain discipline so that the few good students could have a chance to learn.

    The thing that has changed now is the prevalence of cell phones to record the action.

  2. e sutton

    Every child, white or black, is a special snowflake – an individual with feelings and rights. If they are in pain, as this black student clearly was, it is not only his right (rite?) but obligation to his oppressor/teacher and demand the right to be heard (herd?).

    Young people today are marching in lockstep to run things as they see fit. Our political candidates will not stand in their way. An educated populace is the very last thing they wish to be confronted with. Party on, Garth.

  3. melponeme_k

    In NYC, all teachers, no matter what their ethnicity, want to be placed in schools that are in good neighborhoods. In honest words, white or asian neighborhoods. Then they know they can teach children who actually want to learn and not be asylum orderlies.

  4. e sutton

    but, but, but……..I want teachers who …….look like me…(sob!)…….

    Funny. In high school, none of the nuns looked like me. Heck, for that matter, the priests didn´t either. I still managed to escape the place with a diploma and a little bit of knowledge between my ears. Gnome sane?

  5. csurge

    Hilarious. And the whites pay for all this? Yank welfare from inner city blacks, and send those kids in military school. Then you might see some real results

  6. Jim R

    The solution is simple — just deputize all the teachers as cops. We see videos of cops doing this stuff all the time. They never get fired for it, either.

  7. emsnews

    The cops are now afraid of confronting black criminals so how will they control these same when they are in school? The street is the school for these poor children and they grow up knowing the only way to make lots of money is to be a criminal so they practice these skills in school as well as out of school.

    The economy of our former industrial cities is now drug dealing. Since 1969 when I worked in the Free Clinic, I have held that giving addicts whatever stupid drug they want, is far saner and safer than turning it into a vast criminal empire feeding these same drugs to them all.

    Note how we are told this week that Prince was a wonderful person…but he was really a drug addict celebrating this very much and his home life was increasingly insane but he had full access to various drugs and still was able to earn a living for many years, he just over-did it finally due mainly to work stress.

  8. Petruchio

    The overall objective for allowing, even encouraging what goes on in Public Schools today is to gain control of the education system of the masses–by completely obliterating the traditional Public School education model. You used to be able to get a good education at many Public Schools. Then the education saboteurs took over, disguising themselves as “education reformers” or “Progressives”.
    It isn’t hard to figure out how to create an Education system that WILL educate students. You MUST expel troublemaking students, so the vast majority of kids can and will learn. And that is just for starters. REAL educators need to set and enforce strict, but reasonable skills standards; if the kid doesn’t meet the standard, s/he does NOT advance to the next grade. If that hurts the kid’s morale, well that’s just too bad.
    US Elites have always been students AND admirers of the Nazis. The Nazi’s planned, after they conquered Russia, to “educate” their Russian servants so they could only be able to count to 100 and read road traffic signs.
    The current education system is designed to perform as it does ON PURPOSE. Similar goals in mind, too. And these sleazy Nazi lovers do NOT plan on teaching critical thinking skills. No one is allowed to think for themselves. Submit. Conform. Obey.

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