Hillary Clinton Should Pick Billionaire Blankfein For VP

Hillary Clinton meeting with Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs – YouTube

Instead of releasing the videos of Clinton speeches to small groups of extremely rich bastards, she has doubled down on the secrecy. Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, Cautious but Confident, Begins Considering Running Mates and I would suggest she choose the man above: Lloyd Blankfein.  She made over half a million dollars yapping at him at these ‘speeches’.  Bow wow.


Ms. Clinton is a lying bitch from hell, giving speeches to goofy people who think she isn’t a hell hound.  She is entirely in the pay of Wall Street manipulators and pretending to be a radical against Blankfein is profoundly dishonest.  Clinton was hired for her ‘unique perspective’, she tells Good Morning America | Daily Mail Online


‘I am not gonna be responding to all the crazy stuff he (Sanders truthfully) says,’ Clinton said today on Good Morning America.


Clinton faced a fresh round of questions this morning at the town hall about her paid speeches, the 1994 crime bill signed by her husband some say lead to mass incarceration and the public’s belief that she’s untrustworthy.


‘For whatever reason I do attract a lot of attacks,’ she stated as she tried to explain her unpopularity.


Duh.  We attack her because she is entirely in the pay of Wall Street billionaires.


The ex-cabinet official said she does not ‘regret’ giving lucrative speeches to large corporations and financial institutions after leaving the Obama administration and again defended her post-government pay day…The former cabinet member explained that when you leave a high-power government job like secretary of state, ‘people from all kinds of perspectives want to know what do you think’s going on in the world.


Absolutely, these guys want to know what is going on but not from her.  They want to have her be their plantation slave bitch and spread her legs for them or lick their boots for them or whatever it takes so she can be a House Slave.  Right now, Obama is the House Slave.


One thing about Trump, he is the slave owner and proud of it, so to speak.  He doesn’t hide the fact that he is ridiculously rich.


‘I think that’s actually a useful conversation,’ she said. ‘So like all my predecessors I gave speeches to a wide variety of groups, and it was predominately about what’s going on in the world.’


Meanwhile, Skull and Bones skulker, Kerry claims, ‘US military would have been within its rights to shoot down Russian aircraft’ if Russians are flying less than 20 miles offshore of Russia and we are 4,000 miles from our own shores.


Prowling the planet for money and selling our soldiers to work as slaves for dishonest dictators…here is what our own people are turning into, courtesy of modern media giants peddling poverty porn, this is a ‘fashion show’ for people at the bottom of the barrel.

Screen shot 2016-04-23 at 8.54.04 PM

Anna Wintour savaged for ‘migrant chic’ comment about Kanye West’s fashion show which is hilarious since these fashion models look like they are waiting for the A train in the Bronx and they lost their welfare checks and are now in a bad mood.


The White Plantation Lady apologized to the slaves and told them they are all free and happy and can vote for someone to represent the people on the subway who have low paying jobs and high rents.  Yup.  Can’t wait.


Billions of cicadas prepare to invade the East Coast next month: and this isn’t about the Kardashinians or whatever trashy rich folk, these are real bugs and I have lived through three such invasions and these creepy critters don’t come over on boats, they come out of the ground and then, to have sex, make a tremendous racket.


Sort of like a buzz saw.  How charming.  Sort of like elections.

Cicadas Soothing Summer Song Ambience 12 Hours – YouTube

Oh my god, this is easier to listen to than Hillary making a speech.


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9 responses to “Hillary Clinton Should Pick Billionaire Blankfein For VP

  1. Petruchio

    No, Elaine, Blankfein would never be Mrs. Clinton’s Vice Prez. That would be a step down for him for one thing. The other would be an image issue. If he is VP, Blankfein would look like he answers to Clinton. Blankfein’s ego wouldn’t stand for that. Mrs. Clinton is Wall Street’s boot licking lackey….oh, don’t get me started on describing that hideous, vile hag Hillary Clinton.

  2. Jim R

    Some people think the cicadas are kind of cute.

    Hillary, not so much..

  3. e sutton

    Hope when Hillary gets to be president she´ll get Congress to allocate some cash for the DC metro. Aging infrastructure is over 40 years old. I mean, Mrs. Clinton cares so much about the little people and all. You´d think they would save at least some of our tax money on things we use here and not give it all to the banks.


  4. Petruchio

    Slightly off topic here, but have you noticed that the economy almost NEVER comes up during this current Campaign Season? All you hear is the VERY SAME boilerplate quotes voters have heard on the Campaign Trail since Reagan was a candidate. You know, “I want to reduce government Bureaucracy so the Small Businessmen and women can be “job creators”. Or, “I want to reduce taxes so the job creators can grow the economy.” Now WHO are these “job creators” and WHERE are they? No candidate’s comments or record in Congress is ever questioned. No one in the media asks for examples from the candidates of exactly HOW our honorable candidates are going to grow the economy. Simply saying ” I want to grow the Economy.” is enough for our MSM.

  5. emsnews

    No discussion of free trade. No discussion about endless religious wars, either.

  6. floridasandy

    stop pumping money at foreign countries, where they won’t send their own children to fight, and there will be a lot more prosperity here at home, ditto the free trade crap we have been fed. We were told free trade would net us cheaper goods-are prices low now?

    that’s not what i see.

  7. ziff

    Should call him ‘Bankfiend’.

  8. Lou

    discussion of free trade. —

    Whats the new trade agreement that is or will be passed?

  9. Lou

    Chelseas orthodox jewish hedge fund husband has failed.
    His fund is closing. Marc Mezvinsky. these jews, I tell ya—

    Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc from Goldman Sachs shutters $ …
    Chelsea Clinton’s husband and his partners have suffered a huge loss after trying to bet on the revival of the Greek economy, and are now being forced to shut down …
    [Search domain http://www.dailymail.co.uk] dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3584863/Chelsea-Clinton-s-hu…

    Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Fucked Up – gawker.com
    Marc Mezvinsky, husband to Chelsea Clinton and occasionally successful hedge fund manager, thought it would be a good idea to bet on the Greek economy a few years ago.

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