Trump Sweeps All Primaries, Hillary Doesn’t

Donald Trump: ‘My Primary Consultant Is Myself’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC – YouTube

True, the headlines all scream that Hillary is the One even though she is still spectacularly weak within her own party.  The losses she is taking on are piling up, not going away.  Considering that there were never more than 2 candidates, her weak showing is painfully obvious.  Trump’s wins are twisting a lot of tails mainly of the elites who are worried, ‘He ain’t one of US!’  Their fear is palpable.

Joe: GOP Has Much To Lose By Angering The Base | Morning Joe | MSNBC – YouTube


Ted Cruz is still the best bad option claims the Los Angeles Times only you click on their stupid editorial and get this:  There was an error processing your request. Please try again, or go back to the previous page.  


HAHAHA.  Very funny.  This bellowing beast of a commentator is being gaged by his own web site.  So much for influencing people!  I hope the LA Times continues this process of not letting anyone read their crap.


The NYT is smarter and lets me read their crap: Sanders’ Bid Reaches Turning Point After Northeast Losses – The New York Times which lies and says he lost all the races in the NE.  He didn’t.  His amazing run was in the teeth of nonstop resistance and fury from the Real Rulers who own Clinton how has gone about this planet collecting money from these saps and telling them, she will lie her silly head off until voters are forced to vote for her and they are to ignore any attempts at pretending to be Bernie Sanders.


So she said Bernie Sanders stuff with a straight face and will resume her planetary looting garbage once in office.

 Sanders was campaigning Wednesday in Indiana, which holds its primary next week, and looking ahead to upcoming contests in Oregon and California. He vowed to compete until the final District of Columbia primary in June.


Clinton’s campaign and Democratic leaders are watching closely to see if Sanders will continue to raise issues that could damage Clinton’s chances in November or whether he will encourage his youthful following to support Clinton.


“I would hope that there is a beginning of a pivot for him to make it really clear to his supporters what’s at stake against the Republicans,” said former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who supports Clinton.


Clinton’s allies note that Republican Donald Trump has been co-opting Sanders’ pitch against Clinton, which the businessman acknowledged on Wednesday.


“Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting. I’m going to be taking a lot of things Bernie said and using it,” Trump said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” ”When he said ‘Bad judgment’ I said, ‘Soundbyte!'”


Since Trump isn’t a party operative and doesn’t belong to either the Skull and Bones or the Bilderberg gang, he can do and say anything and actually do it!  Oh my god.  End of the world for the One World Order Gang!  Gah!


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8 responses to “Trump Sweeps All Primaries, Hillary Doesn’t

  1. Melponeme_k

    It is funny watching the media on this issue. The tarring and feathering did not work. It just makes Trump more popular. But what is the elite response? More Tarring and Feathering!


    Mumps at Harvard. The comments at the Daily Mail are disturbing. No one understands vaccination. Vaccination just makes the disease harder to be transmitted due to herd immunity. But just one unvaccinated person can start an outbreak even among the vaccinated.

  2. Jim R

    If the vaccinated can be infected, then how is the vaccine doing them any good?

    And, a member of my family contracted mumps in college. That is apparently the worst age to get it.

  3. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Vaccinations raises immune response in the body and to only one strain. Hence why the cold/flu is so hard to combat because it keeps changing its mode of attack and evolving in the ecosystem.

    The vaccinations we get depend on raising immunity of the herd and thereby eradicating its reservoir. Diseases need a reservoir to evolve. The mass vaccination program for smallpox, destroyed that disease’s ability to evolve and mutate in a human pool. The same with the vaccines we get in childhood. When parents don’t vaccinate their children, they are re-establishing a viable human pool reservoir for mumps, measles, rubella, diptheria etc to evolve, mutate and infect EVERYONE. Because it then makes our vaccinations useless. So do you see how important it is to vaccinate and also BAN anyone from entering the country without them? We used to screen for this at custom checkpoints. NO more.

  4. e sutton


    Thank you for the excellent description of why vaccinations are critical to those of us who still cling to a First World civilization. You and Elaine are a consistent source of sanity in this world (even if we agree to disagree on racial matters). 🙂

  5. e sutton

    Back on topic: Trump and his continued resiliency.

    Gee, I don´t know. I am about as outwardly libtard as you can freaking get, except I´m getting old. I see the whole dog and pony show for what it is. Trump, although I´d vote for him than any other, will not save us from this cesspool. It´s of our own making and we have allowed it to happen.

    Let´s be honest. It didn´t start with Obama, Bush 2, or even Carter. Systematically we have been over taken by a Zionist oligarch for more than one hundred years. There is no way this will end without bloodshed. I do not wish to see the growing civil war this country is about to experience. I do know that not a single one of us will escape this thing unchanged.

    ****now back to your regular scheduled program*********

  6. Petruchio

    “Since Trump isn’t a party operative and doesn’t belong to either the Skull and Bones or the Bilderberg gang, he can do and say anything and actually do it! Oh my god. End of the world for the One World Order Gang! Gah!” So when does the smear/destroy op against Trump begin in earnest? Seriously. I can’t believe the GOP elites are going to take this lying down.

  7. Lou

    Now will you open yr eyes to the gunk in the skies?


    ELAINE: The ‘gunk’ in the skies are due to jets flying where humidity levels are rising. So we see this when storm fronts are approaching, the day before the disturbance of the air by the jet engines creates clouds. Minus this increasing humidity, clouds would show up later than we see today thanks to air traffic.

  8. Ziff

    Trump says friends with Putin , talk about the deadly sins, dead man walking,

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