NYT Feature Story About Obama Saving US Jobs…By Working With Foreign Corporations

Obama visits Ethiopian factory run by owners from India to spur economic development where he talks about how Africans should bring in industry.


President Obama Weighs His Economic Legacy – The New York Times has this long magazine story about how wonderful our economy is and Obama joins his Bilderberg media giant buddies to commiserate at to why Americans are hysterically pleased with how they run the joint for all of us peons.  Everything is coming up roses for lower Manhattan!  Property values shoot to the roof!  Their palaces are going for millions of dollars as they sell to each other. What is wrong with the economy, they cry.


Obama is animated by a sense that, looking at the world around him, the U.S. economy is in much better shape than the public appreciates, especially when measured against the depths of the financial crisis and the possibility — now rarely even considered — that things could have been much, much worse. Over a series of conversations in the Oval Office, on Air Force One and in Florida, Obama analyzed, sometimes with startling frankness, nearly every element of his economic agenda since he came into office. His economy has certainly come further than most people recognize. The private sector has added jobs for 73 consecutive months — some 14.4 million new jobs in all — the longest period of sustained job growth on record. Unemployment, which peaked at 10 percent the year Obama took office, the highest it had been since 1983, under Ronald Reagan, is now 5 percent, lower than when Reagan left office. The budget deficit has fallen by roughly $1 trillion during his two terms. And overall U.S. economic growth has significantly outpaced that of every other advanced nation.


If Obama left his bubble and actually went to say, Chicago by himself and went, say, into the hood where he once represented people there and talked to them…but he would have to do this anonymously because they would not speak honestly to him.  The fact is, Hillary is running for President relying on black women voters (many black males can’t vote) to push her agenda even though she has done nothing constructive for black men in particular.


But they do this because the GOP is worse, on the other hand, under the GOP President Eisenhower in the 1950’s, the marriage rate for black families was nearly 100% and today it is barely 20%.


Black poverty has grown, not diminished.  Reliance on government money to pay for black children is greatly out of control as black males live with mama, not the baby mama.  The social disintegration of the black family has worsened under Obama, not gotten better.


The NYT does admit that things are not rosy for the average American.


There are, of course, many reasons so few Americans seem to be celebrating. “How people feel about the economy,” Obama told me, giving one part of his own theory, is influenced by “what they hear.” He went on: “And if you have a political party — in this case, the Republicans — that denies any progress and is constantly channeling to their base, which is sizable, say, 40 percent of the population, that things are terrible all the time, then people will start absorbing that.”


But as Obama also acknowledged, the public anger about the economy is not without empirical basis. A large swath of the nation has dropped out of the labor force completely, and the reality for the average American family is that its household income is $4,000 less than it was when Bill Clinton left office. Economic inequality, meanwhile, has only grown worse, with the top 1 percent of American households taking in more than half of the recent gains in income growth.


Hillary Clinton is cynically running against Obama’s economic policies!  She is telling black women that she can fix this for them and they, in turn, vote for her while Bernie Sanders wants to give them all sorts of goodies and his agenda pretty much matches their own needs but black leaders support Hillary for obvious personal reasons (they get showered with goodies, of course!) so the black vote has gone mainly to Hillary who has zero intention of doing anything different from today.


Obama seems to understand that his economic legacy might be judged not just by what he has done, but by how the results compare to a bygone era of middle-class opportunity, one that perhaps no president, faced with the sweeping changes transforming the global economy, could ever bring back.


That is, the Bilderberg gangsters imagine their rule is never ending.  They will force us to slave for them and keep our borders open and flood us with legal an illegal aliens and thus, dilute native political power, they will break up families more and more and leave everyone wards of the State and live like kings and lords at the very tip top, looking down on the rest of us.


So believed the royals of Europe right before revolutions overturned everything.  My family came to the New World due to being driven out of England by the royals and founded this nation and decided that having kings is evil and here we are, look at who is running things!  Bush/Clinton New World Order gangsters!


The evils of the present system are going to manifest more and more in the future as more and more young people who can’t do college level learning, still go to school to get free government loans that they must pay back in the future and most are too gullible to realize exactly what this means and that this will be done to them via taking money from welfare so if they have illegitimate children, they still have to pay up!


Rich people can still declare bankruptcy but not poor people who have school loans which can run up to well over $100,000.  It is forever and this information is only just beginning to seep into the brains of our young people.  Just the other day, our media giants were celebrating that young adults with profound mental disabilities were now going to expensive universities, I was furious, aghast.


This is scraping the barrel for victims of this loan scam business.  On top of dumping a mountain of debt on young people, this prevents making families in the future and supporting children.  It prevents marriage because this debt burden is unescapable.  Yes, young ladies are still having out of wedlock births at a terrifying rate in the expectation of welfare payments but then they come to old age and the only way to survive is to care for grandchildren abandoned by their own children…a social death spiral.


The NYT article mentions the financial crisis which developed under Bush’s insane rule.  The NYT claims that the bail out of the bankers was a ‘rare moment of bipartisanship’ which isn’t so rare, actually, when the bankers are in deep doo-doo, this always happens.  Bailing them out is always bipartisan.



To Obama, this was a necessary alliance with Wall Street and a Republican president. To many others, it looked like a sweetheart deal for the same people who created the mess; some critics wondered why he was not equally quick to help aggrieved homeowners through an aggressive mortgage-relief or forgiveness program.


There is a ‘relief program’ for homeowners underwater: bankruptcy.  This is a key issue!  You cannot go bankrupt and clear school loans this way.  There is no escape.  This issue is gigantic and is barely mentioned this election cycle.


The NYT and Obama decided to feature him being happy as can be due to SAFT worldwide which is a European corporation, opening a small factory in Florida.  The NYT shows a photo of Obama being pleased by all this.  As is the NYT.  But this ‘factory’ which seems to be mainly for ROBOTS, can be easily researched via Wikipedia which the NYT obviously never uses:


Saft Groupe S.A. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 The Société des Accumulateurs Fixes et de Traction (SAFT) was founded in 1918, mainly by Victor Hérold, which since 1913 had been manufacturing batteries for the luggage carts that were used in railway stations and for the lighting of the locomotives from the Paris-Lyon-Marseille Company (PLM).[4] In 1924, the company was partially listed on the Paris Bourse.[5]…


In 1980, together with PSA, Saft conducted a study to evaluate the potential of using batteries to power electric cars. During the next years, the investment was focused on built a sophisticated robotic assembly line.[8]…


In 1995 Alcatel delisted the company from the stock market and acquired a 100 percent of its shares. Later, Saft purchased Nife and Alcad, its main rivals, as well as the Czech company Ferak. In 2001 it suffered a setback and sold facilities in Korea and Mexico.[5] The same year it acquired from Invensys plc the American company Hawker Eternacell, a leading provider of lithium batteries to the American and British armed forces.[10] It also took control of the American company ASB and Sonnenschein Lithium. In 2003, it purchased the German company Friemann und Wolf Batterietechnik GmbH (Friwo), and the assets of Emisa and Centra, from Exide.[5]


This ‘factory deal’ which is a sign that the US is not being taken over by aliens and running things for only the rich foreign powers is… exactly that very thing I talk about here so much!  The fact that the French guys figured they ought to do a bit PR number to keep the US voting public from being furious, has led to this story being pushed by the NYT as proof our Dear Leader is working for us and not the Bilderberg gang.  HAHAHA.


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2 responses to “NYT Feature Story About Obama Saving US Jobs…By Working With Foreign Corporations

  1. Jim R

    Jill Stein has mentioned these problems, and more.

    Will more people listen to her, as the empire falls apart? I doubt it.

  2. Petruchio

    ” Everything is coming up roses for lower Manhattan! Property values shoot to the roof! Their palaces are going for millions of dollars as they sell to each other. What is wrong with the economy, they cry.’ It looks like Manhattan will be at the top of the list when the Pirates like for booty to plunder. By Pirates I mean the traditional kind, the ones with guns and looking for plunder. This type of Pirate appears when the Social Fabric of a Society dissolves. And the ‘Manhattanites’ are in for a very painful surprise if they think their security can hold these Pirates off.

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