Hispanic Demonstrators Openly Physically Attack Trump Rallies In California

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Protesters clash with cops at California Trump rally: Hundreds of Mexican flag-waving demonstrators smash up a squad car, punch a Donald supporter and scuffle with riot police amid angry scenes as people who basically are demanding more alien invasions and who don’t want to integrate, assail the GOP candidate that is suggesting that people who want to be citizens be full citizens, not dual citizens.



The debate about illegal aliens is raging in Europe and North America.  The side that wants open borders, free trade that wrecks domestic economic systems, the side that wants to put the police on the same level as criminals, are liberals.  Liberals are losing elections all over the place due to this clash of ideologies and the Democrats, for example, want more illegal aliens hoping they will vote with them and challenging this plan to replace citizens with aliens is very, very strong on the left.


 He began Thursday’s event at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, by bringing on the families of people allegedly killed by illegal immigrants.


‘They’re unbelievable, they’ve suffered. These are great people,’ Trump said before handing the mic to Jamiel Shaw whose son, a Los Angeles high school football star, was killed in 2008 by someone in the U.S. illegally.


Shaw, who has spoken at numerous rallies, praised Trump’s calls to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and his calls for deportation.


‘When I saw Trump and what he said, for the first time it gave me real hope, gave me real change,’ he said.


‘They all have a very similar story to tell,’ Trump said after Shaw’s speech.


‘People that shouldn’t have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like its nothing, they walk through it like its nothing,’ he said as the crowd chanted ‘build a wall.’


‘We’re going to stop it and we’re going to build a wall.’


The horrible thing here is, all liberal (sic) politicians are also fascists when it comes to Jews building walls, stealing land and abusing the natives way over in the Middle East.  This schizophrenic ethics system works very hard to punish anyone who suggests segregation and oppression and theft of native lands is evil in Israel.


We are NOT supposed to build walls to stop aliens while Jews build huge walls to keep out the NATIVES.  They are mainly recent immigrants.  In 2004, the World court tells Israel to tear down illegal wall that runs across Palestinian territories, taking away land belonging to the Palestinian natives.


So, with 100% support of US politicians including Hillary, Israel makes it official: Another wall on the way just last year in total defiance of the World Court.  Here is Elizabeth Warren who is a ‘liberal’ when it comes to letting aliens invade the US with impunity. Elizabeth Warren’s Israel Position Surprises All, Especially Liberals—that is, Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu in order to run for President back last year before Hillary made it crystal clear, she is the right wing candidate in this regard:


One voter who identified himself as a Warren supporter, John Bangert, stood up and objected to her recent vote, in the middle of the horrific attack on Gaza, to send yet another $225 million of American taxpayer money to Israel for its “Iron Dome” system. Banger told his Senator: “We are disagreeing with Israel using their guns against innocents. It’s true in Ferguson, Missouri, and it’s true in Israel . . . The vote was wrong, I believe.” To crowd applause, Bangert told Warren that the money “could have been spent on infrastructure or helping immigrants fleeing Central America.”


But Warren steadfastly defended her “pro-Israel” vote, invoking the politician’s platitude: “We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.” According to the account in the Cape Cod Times by reporter C. Ryan Barber, flagged by Zaid Jilani, Warren was also asked about her Israel position by other voters who were at the gathering, and she went on to explain:


“I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right. America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren’t many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law. And we very much need an ally in that part of the world.”


Liberals working with aliens are on a jihad against previous Americans starting with the Founding Fathers and all the way back to the discovery of the New World.  They don’t go all the way back to condemning the Vikings or Romans but I suspect they wish to do this, too.  The invasion of foreign lands is a very old human thing that has gone on since humans walked out of Africa during the last years of the most recent Ice Age.


This lead, invariably, to conflicts and now that the entire planet has been divided up into political entities and inside these rage many wars like we see in Ukraine or Middle East, etc.  Borders are fluid unless a country makes them less fluid.


The EU experiment of no borders has collapsed now and it is reverting to stronger borders and England is most likely going to vote to not be part of the EU system due to demands that England have no borders and the deal the EU made with Turkey to stop illegal alien invaders includes a demand from Turkey that Turks can be allowed to roam Europe at will, instead.


NYPD’s Bill Bratton defends nuisance abatement amid News exposé about how bodegas run by mainly illegal aliens sell drugs and other illicit stuff NY police commissioner says:


 “And bodega owners who want to continue to provide useful services to communities, fine. They want to continue to poison the communities with illegally selling knives, illegally selling alcohol, illegally selling drugs such as K2, well we’re coming. We’re going to come with every tool available to us.”


The liberals want the police to stop investigations of bodegas.  They are complaining that the undercover police are breaking rules and focusing only on illegal alien operations.  The suggestion is, the cops are supposed to focus only on shutting down stuff run by citizens?  Ahem.


I think what the liberals really want is no one stopping anything.  Except they want to control the words used by non-liberals, for example.  Cussing is perfectly OK if you are a minority but saying something that offends illegal aliens is verboten, for example.  I was a liberal but a real liberal, not what we see today which is a destructive system that has constant double standards.


One rule for say, white males, and an opposite rule for black males whereby white males have to watch what they say or do lest it offend anyone whereas black males can be totally obnoxious and it is either ignored or cheered even if it is totally racist.  This double standard can’t exist forever.  It is beginning to create considerable blowback.


And here is the push by liberals to eliminate the names and icons of various people due to ideology that recent immigrants are not invaders but people who were born here are invaders:  California lawmakers reject ‘John Wayne Day’ because of the actor’s racist comments, specifically, Wayne said: ‘I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility’ made many years ago.


Wayne is the latest deceased white icon to recently come under attack.


Former President Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and Indian fighter, is being removed from the face of the $20 bill.


Princeton University recently announced that former US President Woodrow Wilson’s name will remain on its public policy school despite calls to remove it because he was a segregationist.


What will happen next is demands we remove George Washington from everything, Jefferson, et. al. and so forth.  Right wingers love to talk about how John Wayne is a heroic person when he as not that at all, he was an actor and didn’t fight the battle of Okinawa, for example, like my father-in-law or deal with the Nazis at the secret rocket caves like my dad, both of whom are real heroes.


Trump has raised the anger of US citizens on his behalf due to what liberals have done to undermine or destroy pride in our country and the strict rules for integrating aliens set up long, long ago, a hundred years ago using public money for public schools to educate the children of immigrants to be PATRIOTS is collapsing in a horrible way.


It will end up with the US not being united…again…and the battle to end slavery waged by the Northern States will happen again this time, as aliens carve out their own nations out of the flanks of the US itself and we have language chaos and sectarian hatreds leading to endless wars like we see across the planet in other continents.


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16 responses to “Hispanic Demonstrators Openly Physically Attack Trump Rallies In California

  1. Christian W

    There are no liberals. The epitet liberal is just fading lipstick on the Pig of Tyranny.

    In the UK the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn just capitulated to the Jewish lobby. The Jewish lobbies now run the US, UK and France outright. It is no coincidence that these nations also are the center of the global financial banking systems.

    If Americans want a say in the governance of their own nation they have to

    a. get the Jewish lobby, and other lobbies, out of the political and law making processes

    b. Reinstall Glass-Seagal, break all trusts and limit or prohibit usury outright. This means a complete reform of the global economic system.

    c. Dismantle the Deep State.

  2. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    All great suggestions, but there are too many pockets being lined who benefit from the Jewish lobbies, blatant fraud in the financial markets, as well as maintaining the Military Security Complex. Until something breaks, like an economic calamity of epic proportions, the status quo will remain in effect.

    In somewhat related news, Russia is quite pissed off about Obama sending more (250) boots on the ground into Syria. Some cute observation about violating a country´s sovereignty whatever that means. 🙂


  3. Petruchio

    “I think what the liberals really want is no one stopping anything. Except they want to control the words used by non-liberals, for example.” Isn’t it curious how people who preach tolerance the loudest are very often THE most intolerant people in existence? This riot at the Trump rally is EXACTLY what the Elites want. Create racial riots amongst the masses. Keep the masses’ focus away from the REAL problem: the Elites.

  4. DM

    Sorry Christian W. It is a tad late for all that. Abandon all hope!

  5. Rob

    Problem is, the world knows now that the problem of American foreign policy to date is, that it destroyed their economies in order to syphon cheap labor and resources from the third world and some European countries. They also know now, that it does not stem from Americans of every type. No sir, that expansionist imperialism and expoliation of other countries stems from Anglo Saxon supremacy. England started, America continued it, even Canada with their gas and mining expoliation.

    Now their lumpen masses of Scotch Irish and lumpen Italians which the WASP’s look down upon as they themselves look down upon other minorities are complaining because as a result of their lack of further education, the dim wits are suffering and wanting the same type of government intervention which the liberals want, i.e., Trump the con job specialist. The world has had enough with Anglo Saxon hegemony and from China to Russia and across every continent, the world is sick and tired of their interference and control of their resources and currencies. America is not the problem, racist Anglo Saxon America is the problem of every black American, Asian American, Amerindian, white Hispanic, black Hispanic, Asian Hispanic and every other race on the planet.

    The entire world is turning on them and they cannot beat the entire world.

  6. Melponeme_k


    Mmmmhhh, walking around with protest signs written in Spanish doesn’t really help the Illegal Alien cause. It just confirms everything that Trump says.

  7. Mike in Pennsylvania

    #7 Rob: That’s an interesting take. It would almost be coherent if you named the true enemy instead of the Anglo Saxon. You say that the whole world is rising against the Anglo-Saxon, including hyphenated Americans, and Russia; and basically, I guess all nations except those in North America and northern Europe. Is that really true? Then why do people from many of those other lands continue to come in large numbers to those same societies? Do all the legal immigrants from China, India, Japan, & Central America, for example, really hate Anglo Saxons, while simultaneously desiring to live in the societies that they built?

    What kind of a world are you expecting if the Anglo Saxons are defeated, as you say, and how will this defeat take place without the Scotch-Irish, Italians and other southern and eastern Europeans also falling to the victorious hordes? For my models of what that world where whites are put in their place may resemble, I look to places like Cologne on NY’s Eve, Calais in France or Rotheram in England, any anti-Trump rally, Baltimore during the “Freddie Gray” riots and perhaps again this summer, or Chicago on any weekend.

    Colin Flaherty’s Youtube videos are also helpful in this regard.

    I guess I qualify as a “lumpen Italian,” as three of my grandparents, and the parents of the other grandparent, all immigrated here from Italy during the “Italian wave” of the 1890s to 1920s. As far as I know, those immigrants and all of their descendants were grateful that they did and were glad to be Americans. Personally, I’m GLAD that the Italians were discriminated against by those who were already here and their adjustment made difficult. Yes, you read that right; it shouldn’t be easy for those who are not the founding stock; they should be screened carefully and should have to prove themselves. The Chinese certainly had it rough.

    Yes, it was wrong to bring Africans over here as slaves, and it was wrong to break promises with the indigenous peoples here – but that’s how most of the peoples of the world rolled up through the 19th century. The Indians here were not blameless. The Anglos are blamed because they happened to have been the most successful at it, and because our enemies are now egging people on with this anti-white campaign..

    Just remember that the Anglos were the first ones to legally RENOUNCE slavery. And don’t forget that white slavery was also a thing throughout history. You can look it up.

  8. emsnews

    All women in Saudi Arabia and the ISIS controlled lands are slaves! The US protects the enslavement of these poor people. Saudi royal women nearly uniformly live in London, Paris and Manhattan since they are free in these places and their evil husbands don’t mind this due to having female slaves at home in SA.

    I was one of the founders of the woman’s rights movement as was my grandmother way back in 1890. I am furious about our alliance with an anti-woman’s right country!

    Russian women have had full civil rights with the same limitations as men under the evils of communist dictatorship but are equals today and we are supposed to hate them, not the Saudis who are EXPORTING their evil system!!!

    Women in Syria had the same rights as the men and wherever the US/Saudi/Israel alliance operates, they lose all civil rights and are turned into slaves. This is INFURIATING.

    Hillary, the bitch who I hate these days, says nothing about all this. How dare she run on women being equal without condemning our foreign policies that do the exact opposite.

  9. floridasandy

    Hillary is the bitch everybody hates these days, except for the people who actually believe her empty promises.

    I agree with mike’s post. I found it interesting that Obama’s brother is really pro America (living in Africa) and Obama (living in America) is pro everybody but America. I am proud to be American and love this country and our people. A lot of our leaders do jackass things to enrich themselves but that isn’t our fault. We might actually be one of the first countries to elect an outsider (short of a revolution) to attempt to fix what is broken here.

  10. Petruchio

    “Hillary, the bitch who I hate these days, says nothing about all this. How dare she run on women being equal without condemning our foreign policies that do the exact opposite.” Mrs. Clinton never criticizes the Saudis because they give her gifts such as a $500,000 necklace. Maybe if someone, anyone in the media would do their jobs and hold Mrs. Clinton’s feet to the fire over her relationships with Foreign Governments–like Israel–she might stop her criminal, treasonous behavior. Mrs. Clinton isn’t gonna stop until the prospect of wearing an orange jumpsuit is a real possibility.

  11. Christian W

    Speaking of Israel – Obama is preparing a record “aid” package to Israel. He knows who will stash his coffers with speaking fees etc. once he is out of office.

  12. Petruchio

    @#13 Christian W: don’t forget about those lucrative book deals!!

  13. Mike in Pennsylvania

    True enough (RE speaking fees and book deals). But the reasons that a US President, and any candidate for the office thereof, bends the knee before the Chosen Ones predate, and go way deeper than, such lifetime perks.

    For instance, the USS Liberty was a Navy spy ship that was deliberately attacked and nearly sunk by the Israeli air force in June 1967, when it was in international waters off of Egypt. 70% of those aboard were either killed or injured. The torpedo that struck the ship was Made in the USA. *Somebody*, whether it was President Johnson or Defense Secretary McNamara, ordered that the US fighter jets that were scrambled to go to the defense of the Liberty *be called back.* And that Presidential administration and every one since has covered up this attack.

    Now, isn’t that odd behavior from the supposed leadership of “the world’s most powerful nation?”

  14. emsnews

    Yes, and we know all about this war crime against our naval people thanks to investigators revealing it and the sailors demanding our government do something about this…and we get deathly silence from the main media giants and Congress and all Presidents.

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