New York Times Leads Liberal Howling About Resegregation Of Schools Due To White Flight And Too-Smart Asians


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American Schools Are More Segregated Now Than They Were In 1968, And The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care | ThinkProgress complains that schools have resegregated.  They are liberals at this publication so they want this to stop but NOT via themselves sending their darlings to inner city black schools, of course.  For the last 60 years, liberals have railed against parents who pull their children from schools dominated by black students and all sorts of crazy schemes have been cooked up to ‘fix’ this by forcing white children to attend mostly black schools and this is an unfixable problem since black schools have gotten significantly more dangerous since 1980 and now no one wants to send their kids there and black children included, they drop out when they are able!  Nonetheless, the New York Times liberals want to revisit this endless problem with the usual tools: guilt-tripping everyone to go to school with black children even though the NYT kiddies never ever have to do this, they go to private schools or live in the far suburbs.


Here is the liberals at ThinkProgress trying to outdo the NYT in guilt tripping while keeping their charming children safe:


Opponents of integration — or, at least, parents whose support for integration is tempered by NIMBYism — are winning, and they’ve been winning for a very long time. The percentage of African American students attending majority white schools has been in decline since 1988, and it is now at its lowest point in almost half-a-century:
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White flight from the city proper to its suburbs, however, exacerbated this problem. With more and more whites moving outside the city limits, the district court determined that merely integrating the students who remained within Detroit would not succeed in diversifying many schools. Many schools would remain 75-90 percent black. As a result, the court held that “it was imperative to ‘look beyond the limits of the Detroit school district for a solution to the problem of segregation in the Detroit public schools . . .’ since ‘[s]chool district lines are simply matters of political convenience and may not be used to deny constitutional rights.’”

This plan, to cross district lines in order to integrate the Detroit metro area’s public schools, was rejected by the Supreme Court in Milliken. Though Chief Justice Warren Burger’s opinion conceded that “an interdistrict remedy might be in order where the racially discriminatory acts of one or more school districts caused racial segregation in an adjacent district, or where district lines have been deliberately drawn on the basis of race,” it denied that such a remedy was appropriate here. “Disparate treatment of white and Negro students occurred within the Detroit school system, and not elsewhere,” Burger wrote, “and on this record the remedy must be limited to that system.”


Look at the picture at the top of this story!  It is so very sad.  Note how the children, all black, have a black teacher who is also a male, they are well dressed, clean, sitting properly at their desks and not attacking the teacher, rioting, lounging about, sneering and goofing around, etc.  I remember when black schools were very similar to white schools.  They were given less money but the parents wanted their children to do their best but after more than half a century of welfare money, this has nearly totally collapsed.


I found this study from way back in 1970 talking about how great it would be if schools were integrated and how the government should ignore people and force this along and the example of a good system was…DETROIT!  What a sad example that has become.


Black Schools,WhiteSchools: A Descriptive Analysis of School Atendance Paterns in Detroit.


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Instead, both liberals and conservatives conspired to destroy Detroit.  Free trade killed Detroit.  And liberal school demands decapitated Detroit so it now has no future.  Nor do any of our manufacturing cities which have become breeding grounds for welfare mothers who make a living popping out children they refuse to civilize or teach or train simple manners.  Now on to the NYT wailing wall story:


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If you go to the NYT article, you can click on these two graphs and see how stupid things are today.  The top graph shows relative school system positions.  I was sad to see that the Kitt Peak tribe in Arizona where I lived and enjoyed during my childhood, children there went to live with my mom and dad and go to my elementary school and I have happy memories of them.


Now they go to school on the reservation and are doing very poorly.  Their reading and math abilities are now roughly the very lowest in the nation.  The second graph shows, when you click on the NYT article, where the students stand relative to each other, for example, in many large cities like NYC, the black students are far, far behind white students and so they are on opposite ends of the graph.  The Detroit school system is at the bottom of the graph and the pink bubble showing white students is extremely tiny and close in poor learning as the majority of black students which is why the NYT claims that white students are as bad as black ones…but this is only in terrible places like Detroit which is 97% black.


The NYT graph below tells us over 2/3rds of all students are not doing well in school.  In public schools in the Big Cities.  NYC isn’t in this list of losers because the City has many specialized schools you have to compete to enter which haven’t been totally destroyed…yet.  Otherwise, like I had to do, it was private schools or move many miles away.

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The above information about money spent shows that it isn’t money, much of this money doesn’t reach the classrooms but is spent on administration and goodies.  Detroit was basically abandoned and bombed to oblivion.  The New World Order ordered this to be done.  The super rich knew all very well that this school integration thing was a total farce from day one, not one of these elites sent their darlings to any ‘integrated’ school or bussed far from home to ‘fix’ things.  They often didn’t even live at home, they went to distant boarding schools at home or more likely, in England as a number of my friends went off, oh, and Switzerland like Anne who was dumped out there to be ‘finished’ like a proper lady.


This has got to be the funniest article on earth, by the way, the graphs above come from this and 100% of the children of the people running the NYT are private school tots or live in ‘safe’ neighborhoods with good local schools and few black kids:  Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares -Sixth graders in the richest school districts are four grade levels ahead of children in the poorest districts. The New York Times


 Even more sobering, the analysis shows that the largest gaps between white children and their minority classmates emerge in some of the wealthiest communities, such as Berkeley, Calif.; Chapel Hill, N.C.; and Evanston, Ill. (Reliable estimates were not available for Asian-Americans.)


The study, by Sean F. Reardon, Demetra Kalogrides and Kenneth Shores of Stanford, also reveals large academic gaps in places like Atlanta and Menlo Park, Calif., which have high levels of segregation in the public schools…


The wealthier students tend to come from families where, “let’s face it, both the parents are Ph.D.s, and that kid, no matter what happens in the school, is pressured from kindergarten to succeed,” Mr. Nash said. “So even though our minority students are outscoring minority students in other districts near us, there is still a bigger gap here because of that.”..
Why racial achievement gaps were so pronounced in affluent school districts is a puzzling question raised by the data. Part of the answer might be that in such communities, students and parents from wealthier families are constantly competing for ever more academic success. As parents hire tutors, enroll their children in robotics classes and push them to solve obscure math theorems, those children keep pulling away from those who can’t afford the enrichment.


Good lord, the fakers writing this tripe know perfectly well why these gaps are the size of the Grand Canyon. I know Asian illiterates who raise children who go to top universities.  They make their children study!  Even if they can’t read, they stand guard while the child does homework.  They expect the child to succeed.  They don’t shower goodies on the child when the child misbehaves.  Spoiled rich kids do badly in school and I have seen this, too, when I was young!  From rags to riches to back to rags again is an old story.


The NYT knows perfectly well why minority students are in a downward spiral.  If any black child shows even the slightest ability to think, learn and write they are showered with rewards and handed everything on a silver platter while Asian students must to intellectual battles across all fronts to get the same.  Ethnic Asian Students Totally Dominate Math Competition…I wrote not all that long ago.  Only a couple of Slavs and one WASP kid made the grade last year.  All the rest were from Asia.


Far from being punished and pushed down, black students can do the least possible work and get the maximum profit.  This is the true racism.


Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math because no one can learn nothin’ in schools at any level at this point.  The parents don’t want learning, the teachers can’t discipline the children anymore, 10 year olds attack teachers and send them to hospitals, the kids kill each other in school, parking lots and around the corner at a mad rate.  It is open warfare, nonstop.  Look at the photo from the 1960’s.  Competent, well-dressed, sitting erect, paying attention to the black teacher…students of yore, now no more.


 Only 4 percent of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient or better in math and only 7 percent in reading. This is despite the fact that in the 2011-2012 school year—the latest for which the Department of Education has reported the financial data—the Detroit public schools had “total expenditures” of $18,361 per student and “current expenditures” of $13,330 per student…In reading, the Cleveland public schools were next to last among the large urban school districts with only 11 percent scoring proficient or better. Baltimore and Fresno were tied for third worst with only 13 percent scoring proficient or better; and Philadelphia ranked fifth worst with only 16 percent scoring proficient or better…


The Role of School Discipline in the Race-Based Achievement Gap – The Atlantic Monthly, a very liberal publication tried to explain how we can introduce ‘discipline’ in schools…mainly by eliminating police, telling everyone to give in to violent students and to not put anyone in detention or expel anyone!  This is the most insane proposal on earth.


 …a recent study published in the journal Social Problems concludes that differences by race in suspensions—over which schools do have some control—could be a key reason so many black children fall behind their white peers. In fact, as the study points out, progress on closing the achievement gap leveled off in 1990. And (coincidence or not), it was around that same time that schools started ramping up their disciplinary practices and, in many cases, embracing zero-tolerance tactics.


My own child I pulled out of a NJ school when she was suspended for three days because three black kids (Jr. High!) were fighting and threw a padlock in her direction and she kicked it back to them.  The three brats who were fighting were in the office when I talked with the principal.  I told him, I was going to have my child do school work during the suspension and wanted to discuss what this should be with her teachers.  But then the black kids strolled in, learned they were suspended, to and they OPENLY celebrated and high-fived each other and yelled they would have fun.


I turned to the principal and said, ‘Aren’t you going to punish them for this open disrespect?’  He said, ‘Why?’  I then said, ‘I am withdrawing my child from this school’ and voila: did exactly that.  The principal didn’t have a clue about how to run a school or teach unruly children.

More Black Parents Picking Homeschool Over Public School – YouTube as even black parents are getting fed up with things.


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