TTIP Trojan Horse In Europe And Cruz Trojan Horse Limps Onwards

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TTIP leak ‘could spell the end of controversial trade deal’ as the citizens of England protest this latest Bilderberg scam.  They are, like we are here in the US, told that our rulers are only thinking about helping us and we are stubborn fools for not rejoicing the New World Order game plans.  Meanwhile, 9/11 continues to rear its head in the hinterlands, like Dracula, it comes back over and over again.  CIA Director John Brennan says secret ’28 pages’ of 9/11 report about Saudi Arabia should remain secret | Americas | News | The Independent reports, note that this, too, is an EU newspaper, not US.  We get precious little information here at home, I use the US media only to mock it for being stupid.  Here is the key part of the story:


 A secret section of the 9/11 Commission Report that reportedly details Saudi Arabian funding for the attacks contains “uncorroborated, un-vetted” information and should not be released, the director of the CIA has said…Mr Brennan also maintained America had a “very strong” relationship with Saudi Arabia, a country from which 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers hailed.


“This chapter was kept out [of the public domain] because of concerns about sensitive methods [and] investigative actions,” he said on NBC’s Meet The Press.


Florida senator Bob Graham, who worked on the report, has pushed for its contents to be released but claimed he was impeded the authorities…“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,” Mr Graham said.


On a separate occasion, he told media: “One thing that irritates me is that the FBI has gone beyond just covering up, trying to avoid disclosure, into what I call aggressive deception.”


Bush Jr. and Cheney did the initial cover up.  Obama continued it. Hillary is part of the deception system and approves of this.  Our media is criminal in this regard since much of this news is coming in from overseas, it is reported here but on back pages or fluff stories explaining that this information is poofy and thus, unimportant.


HAHAHA.  Yes, it is ‘tenuous’ so we shouldn’t bother to see it because it isn’t important!  Yes, this is the new propaganda line.  Sheesh.  They also have to keep the ‘bombs in the building’ deception going so that anyone who is skeptical goes off the cliff on that silly wild goose chase.


The top picture today is about the protests about the trade deals which have destroyed most of our major manufacturing cities which now lie in ruins worse than German and Japanese cities in WWII after the US dropped zillions of bombs on them all.  The battle of Seattle 2016: Nine arrested and five cops hurt as May Day protesters run through the streets hurling rocks, fireworks and the usual violent stuff…the left screwed up things royally in the 1970’s when they attacked patriotism and families which turned off workers.


The left was defeated back then and Ronnie Reagan and his gang said they would ‘strengthen families’ and ‘create more US jobs’ and then did the exact opposite.  The right wing loves to blame the mess we are in on the left because ideology messes up their brains so they can’t see how they have been played the fools here.


Right wingers voted for both Bushes even after Bush Sr. boasted about how he was going to bring in ‘A New World Order’ ahem.  I warned them all way back in 1989 about this leader who is a Skull and Bones internationalist.  But no one listened.  When I and a small group began demanding the return of Geronimo’s skull from Yale’s yuppie crypt, the Apache tribe in Arizona worked with me on pressuring the Bush clan about this matter.


Bush Jr.’s uncle gave the Apaches a skull but the University of Arizona discovered it was a child’s skull (!!!!) and NONE OF THIS WAS BIG NEWS!!!  I went to the media and demanded to know whose skull it was and why the Skull and Bones gang in the Bush family had a child’s skull.  And this was zero news value!!!!  To this day, people think I am making this all up, it was very real.


The Apaches decided to give the skull back to the Bush family. They then had a (ahem) ceremony where it was decided to cease talking about the Skull and this was due to Geronimo wishing this since he has a devil’s eye on the Skull and Bones gang and a front seat to their self-annihilation as they rush into WWIII evidently which he presumably wishes on us all due to being pissed off at the White Man.


Well, that is history in a nutshell run by nut cases who rule us.  Jeb Bush Jr. wanted to carry the torch further but was slapped down by Trump who is in gravest danger now because he is talking sensibly, at least, Europeans get to read what he is really saying: Donald Trump says ‘We can’t allow China to rape our country’ on trade deficit as he promises to turn this around.| Daily Mail Online reports.


I am partially directly responsible for this situation.  Way back in 1982, my father called me from Beijing and said that the Chinese government has decided to send over party officials to learn about America and could I host them at my house in New Jersey.  I agreed and six Chinese officials all of whom were dressed the same, showed up at my house.


They gave me Mao’s red book.  I began teaching them about capitalism.  At first they argued with me until I showed them how to make money in various ways.  Sheng came over to my side first.  ‘I like money,’ he said.  That led to him ending up in great power in China when he returned, totally convinced that capitalism would work great in China.


Back to today’s news:  Ted Cruz-backer Lindsey Graham says Trump ‘polls like Lucifer’ among women and Hispanics | Daily Mail Online


Graham initially endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and later switched allegiances to back Cruz, a Texas senator.

‘I’m advising Ted: “Go to the last vote”,’ he said. ‘Trump’s gotten 40 percent of the popular vote. That doesn’t give you 1,237 delegates. I think you could still stop [him], even if you lose in Indiana.’

Trump shrugged off Graham’s criticism on Sunday in Terre Haute.

‘I don’t want his endorsement or anything. Who cares?’ he asked.

The billionaire added Sunday that he’s finished calling Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich the ‘leftovers’ in a primary contest he’s been dominating for months.

Instead, he called them ‘the two guys who are hanging by their fingernails.’

‘They’re choking! “Don’t let me fall! Don’t let me fall!”‘ he mocked.


Trump is going for the jugular.  He is also reckless talking ‘smack’ this way because…aw, it doesn’t matter, since Day One, he has a target on his back and the elites are going to pull the trigger and they don’t give a damn if anyone knows this, they will do it, lie about it and so forth.


Ted Cruz has secured 10 of 13 at-large delegates in Virginia | Daily Mail Online reports as he desperately tries to steal the nomination from the voters.  I am off to the hospital now to take care of my husband who collapsed badly this morning.  See you all later.


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10 responses to “TTIP Trojan Horse In Europe And Cruz Trojan Horse Limps Onwards

  1. DM

    Your “crappy building” theory is God-damned stupid. No one is buying it anyway, but I guess you will persist because you are a female and will never admit to getting something wrong.

  2. e sutton

    Sorry to hear about your husband´s newest ailment. Sending positive thoughts your way. Take care of yourself as well as your husband!

  3. Petruchio

    “Trump is going for the jugular. He is also reckless talking ‘smack’ this way because…aw, it doesn’t matter, since Day One, he has a target on his back and the elites are going to pull the trigger and they don’t give a damn if anyone knows this, they will do it, lie about it and so forth.” They WILL start to care. As soon as bullseyes are placed on THEM. The Elites, the 1%’ers can be identified if so desired. And the day may come when it will be desired. Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake.” Look what happened to her.

  4. Lisa

    The conniving and underhandedness of Ted Cruz, joined with videos like this:

    always reminds me of the beloved children’s poem:

    Cheater, cheater
    Booger Eater

  5. Mewswithaview

    Mr. Brennan was once CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia and most likely had some financial incentives provided by that regime that determine his opinion.

  6. Being There

    Saudi Arabia threatened to dump all their US Treasuries, and we are living in a financial house of cards.

  7. Petruchio

    I don’t care for Ted Cruz at all, but I have to give him credit on the subject of illegal immigrants. Cruz said one time that if it were Bankers and journalists crossing into the US from Mexico, the screams of outrage in Washington DC would be deafening.

  8. Jim R

    In FX news, 106 Yen to the Dollar and falling.

    A few years ago, moves like this used to inspire apocalyptic visions.

  9. Mike in Pennsylvania


    Wishing a speedy recovery for your husband and your own continuing good health.

  10. Lou

    I do not think EMS is to blame. [ I am partially directly responsible for this situation.]

    However her ongoing, ‘right wing is to blame’ and ‘Geronimos skull’ gets tiresome after reading the umpteenth time.

    Clinton signed NAFTA and who ever may sign TPP.

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