Washington Post Can’t Figure Out Why Black Neighborhoods See Lower And Lower Property Values

9th Grade Student Attacks Teacher For Giving Her A … – YouTube: the mother claims her darling child had the right to beat up her teacher because the teacher touched her.


For many years, I made my living building or rebuilding fine houses.  I designed and built with my own hands, my present house.  I know a great deal about real estate.  It is fairly simple, how to make money in real estate.  In places where renovation of slums is taking off, you buy cheap buildings, kick out the people who are living there and then rebuild it.  In undeveloped places, you buy land, insure roads and services are coming in and then build there.  Local policies and economic conditions determine if housing rises or fall in value.  Two of the bigger factors in all this are…the condition of schools and the job situation.  We have a new flood of stories coming in chastising everyone because ‘black’ cities and neighborhoods are seeing housing values drop all over the country whereas ‘white’ neighborhoods are mostly doing the opposite.


Right on schedule, the Washington Post begins hammering away at this by accusing whites of causing the value of homes in black cities to fall like a rock:  The nation’s housing recovery is leaving blacks behind – Washington Post:


He parks in the driveway of a spacious red-brick home with blue shutters and two maple trees out front. David Sands and his family paid $269,000 for it in 2005. The last time he tried to refinance it, he was told it was worth $189,000.


“It just does not make sense,” says Sands, a retired Air Force information manager with two grown children, sitting in his living room with Early. The two men co-chair a housing committee for the local community improvement association that is researching what’s wrong with housing values. “You’ve got doctors, lawyers, teachers, all kinds of professional people, retired military like myself, who’ve done everything right — everything right — and it never seems to work out in our favor,” Sands says. “We’re not talking about people who got fraudulent loans, who didn’t have jobs to pay for them.”


There’s something fundamentally unfair about that, he and Early believe, about all the African Americans here who got the education, to get the job, to buy the home, to create the wealth, to sustain their families — only to fall behind anyway.


I once made the mistake of renovating fine homes built during the Victorian era in South Orange, NJ.  For a while, it looked like things would go up but enough bad families lived there who then wrecked the schools so badly, I withdrew my own child and sent her to school far, far away.  As did most parents.  The problem?

Black Student Beats Up White Teacher – YouTube:

Black kids fighting inside the school.  Black kids dissing the staff and even the principal.  I witnessed this.  These ruffians cheered each other as they were suspended because this meant holiday time for them.  A vacation!  Their parents would snarl at the principal and say, ‘Don’t touch my child!’ and I remember when I was in any level of school as a child.  You touched a teacher, you were dead meat.  No cops ever came to our schools, we knew it was highly painful and dangerous to even talk back to anyone in the school.


Hell’s bells, my bus driver, a rancher who tamed wild horses, carried a sidearm when driving us and he and I used to go hunting after school since I was the last stop on his run and it was deep out in the desert and next to the mountains.  I remember when the Dean of Boys carried this big stick like the ones used to play British ball games.  He used this liberally on unruly boys.


Today, especially in black schools, the ones carrying clubs and hitting everyone are the students.  White liberals think, if only we don’t touch black kids, they would become civilized.  When I was young, white boys could be wild and unruly but they also knew that if caught, they were in real trouble and 90% of the time, if the principal called in our parents and I know this to be certainly true with my own parents who hit us, they would hit us,too, not attack the principal.


I was a very, very rowdy child and was clocked more than once by staff and parents and grew up to win a scholarship to go to college before I was 16, and better still, I so enjoyed fighting, I did both fencing and medieval armored warfare during much of my long life.  The paradox about what is happening to black children is, they are hitting each other and killing each other at a mad rate while having zero respect for anyone including themselves since they all grew up with every adult fearful of even touching them, much less, disciplining them.


I once tamed a head-strong draft horse, Sparky, who was owned by a man afraid of punishing him so the horse thought he was King of the World and convincing him otherwise took the strongest measures.  Oh, I was so mean to him!  And then after a week’s nonstop battle, he figured out he was losing every time and suddenly stopped fighting me and became my life-long buddy who was extremely affectionate and cooperative so much, I could walk him or stop him with mere touches of my hand or give instructions from far away and have him follow this.


In the catalogue of ways African Americans have been hurt by the housing market, going back through history, Early says this feels like the newest affront: While home values are rising elsewhere in the recovery, something appears to be holding them back here.


“We can all guess exactly why it’s race, and we can have theories, but the facts are clear,” says John O’Callaghan, president of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership. “Values in South Metro Atlanta, particularly in African American neighborhoods, are coming back very, very slowly. And it’s going to be a long time before we get these neighborhoods back to where they were.”


The explanation isn’t simply about race itself — a house isn’t worth less because a black family owns it — but also about all the inequities that have been correlated with race over time. Black homeowners and predominantly black communities who had been barred from earlier generations of lending — victims of discrimination and government policy — were particularly likely to be targeted for predatory loans during the bubble, according to both academic research and federal lawsuits that the Justice Department brought against banks.

68-Year-Old Substitute Teacher KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS By ANGRY Student After VIOLENT ATTACK!! – YouTube

These people being interviewed know very well why their homes are increasingly worthless.  Only blacks will buy them since they must send their children to black schools where there is zero discipline.  Black schools, back when I was a child and there was segregation, were just as disciplined as my own schools.  The children there often got less money which was due to racist policies that were totally unfair.  But they still had respect for their teachers and their parents would never, ever dream of cussing out the teachers or attacking them like today where parents are highly dangerous to staff.


When I was a child, if you were naughty in school and totally uncooperative or violent, you were sent to a place we kids called ‘Mother Higgins’.  This was the reform school which was a military type operation.  We all joked about Mother Higgins and the adults had no idea what we were discussing.  I knew graduates of Mother Higgins and some went on to be full time adult criminals but most were successful in life and often, in the military (want to know where old time sergeants came from?).


Back to the clueless WP article trying to figure out why black neighborhoods see declining housing values: ‘Predominantly black neighborhoods additionally struggle from a smaller pool of demand, because non-black home buyers are less likely to look for housing there.’


And…why is that, pray tell?  The article is mute.  The article goes on to put a finger directly on the real problem only the words evade reality:


Tracey Williams bought her home for the pond out back that reflects the neighbors’ lit windows at dusk. Her subdivision was once an old dairy farm, and the scene from her deck still feels quiet, as if she owns a small piece of the country. After she bought the home in 2002, her mother planted six small Leyland cypress shrubs along the side of the property. In the years it has taken the trees to grow taller than the house, Williams has gotten no closer to getting any equity out of it, since the house has lost value faster than she’s paid down the loan.


The modest three-bedroom home, about a 15-minute drive from where David Sands lives in South DeKalb, cost $154,000 in 2002. For 13 years, Williams, an instructional coach in the Atlanta public school system, has made every payment on it. Two years ago, she started adding an extra $100 each month toward the principal.


Last year, when she tried to refinance her loan at a lower interest rate, she was told the house was worth $89,000. And then she learned from her mother, who lives nearby, that Wayne Early was collecting appraisals and stories to document what looks to everyone like evidence of an unfair system.

Detroit black student attacks teacher – YouTube

All the author of this stupid hit piece had to do was ask Tracey if her school she works in, works.  Is it safe?  Clean?  Are the students respectful and well behaved?  South Orange, NJ, attracted renovators like myself for a while and then we all left and it fell into the pit of real estate hell and this was all due 100% to the junior high and high school going bad very swiftly.


The elementary school, Marshall, was in the white section of town and was very excellent.  But the high school was for the larger region and brought in out of control black children and I watched as black parents, ESPECIALLY the high value ones who were doctors or lawyers, ordering the schools to not discipline their children who ended up being outright vandals and criminals and living next door to a family that hosts rich kids who are attacking your property causing vandalism or theft, is extremely unattractive.



Wayne Early was collecting appraisals and stories to document what looks to everyone like evidence of an unfair system.


On his list now: The grandmother who had to move back from Louisiana when the sale of her home fell through because the appraisal came in low. And the retired couple who gave up and moved to Panama because they were tired of fighting their low home value. And the family in Lavonia that can’t refinance. And the man who’s still living in the custom house he built in 2002, when he meant to stay just five years.


The move to Panama means they were probably aliens in the first place.  We do NOT see any of this in say, Chinese neighborhoods!  Schools there are rigorous and the students fear upsetting their parents by not being studious enough.  Showing respect is rewarded and showing defiance means great consequences and the children know this.  Only once has China experimented with letting raging youths disrespect adults, it was called ‘The Cultural Revolution’ and is universally viewed especially by the people who were the children disrespecting elders back then, as a total disaster never to be repeated!


Like Early and Sands, she looks around and worries about a wider trend.

“I hate it, but it comes down to race,” Williams says.

Williams and her neighbors say it’s that reason — the housing market’s long history of racial bias — that makes it hard to do what homeowners usually do when times are tough: Wait.


What will it take?  For years and years and years, black homeowners have refused to understand the dire connection between safe, well-run schools and their contribution towards violent, out of control schools where black children now openly attack black teachers and staff.  Who created this problem?  I know from first hand experience.  A mirror is required but no black leader dares tell the truth.  No one is going to say, ‘We did this to ourselves and the only way to fix this is for us all to return to pre-1960”s values for family and schools.’


That is, respect for the elders, hard work to get ahead in school, severe punishments for violating rules, vigilance at home instead of letting kids ape gangsters, criminals and vandals.  Neighborhood patrols that go after people for even dropping a gum wrapper on the street…yes, we ran such patrols and we had such rules and this works.  The neighborhood is clean and orderly, oh my, what a shock.


Segregation’s New Geography: The Atlanta Metro Region, Race, and the Declining Prospects for Upward Mobility | Southern Spaces is another article that desperately tries to explain why black cities become cess pools without mentioning the problems black parents are creating for themselves.


Atlanta metro region is known by many titles: as the “capital of the New South” thanks to a robust economy and rising population;1 as “the capital city of black America” thanks to its substantial black middle class and its role as a key hub for black commercial activity, political leadership, and cultural production;2 and as a place of opportunity, good jobs, and a quality of life attractive to many people whose parents or grandparents left the region and the South decades ago.


The recent history of the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)3 illustrates the shift of the US population to the South and West,4 a trend that has accelerated since 1970.5 It especially shows the effects of what demographers are calling the New Great Migration, the movement of African Americans to the South from northern and midwestern cities.6 Participants tend to have higher education and income levels than long-time southern residents, and the influx of these individuals and households into metro Atlanta has swelled the region’s black middle class, which is now bigger than metro Chicago’s and exceeded only by that of New York City and Washington, DC…


Chicago’s schools are collapsing, ditto until recently, NYC schools, and DC is a complete hell hole.  When I lived in NYC, I had to send the kids to a private school as did most sane parents in my renovator community.  The city decided to not bus children around to desegregate schools so population clusters tended to move to places with white/Asian children and prices shoot upwards due to this pressure and black and Hispanics took over the rest of the city rendering it into a barely habitable mess.


To my great amazement, the Atlanta article doe mention schools!


Second, even as Atlanta’s African American population becomes increasingly suburban, its African American public school students remain isolated in majority-minority schools. By 2013, African American students attending public schools within the Atlanta MSA were more likely to attend majority-minority schools (64 percent did so) than they had been in 2000 (58 percent). This is accompanied by disparities between majority-white and majority-minority schools in terms of both school quality and student achievement, which hampers black children’s (particularly low-income black children’s) access to upward mobility.8 This is evidenced by the region’s “especially low” upward mobility among children in low-income families, something “especially noteworthy” given the MSA’s strong growth.9


It mentions schools and then points the blame away from families that don’t want their darlings disciplined, who let their children worship rap stars who are pretend or actual thugs and criminals, who boast about how everyone is scared of them and how they win fights by being violent and vicious, etc. etc.  Disrespect is rewarded and parents blame everyone but themselves for raising hellions bent on wrecking society.


I knew Al Sharpton because he tried to have me assassinated when I was working with black men in Brooklyn way back in 1979.  I am a nobody for the news media today and he is the top representative of Brooklyn blacks today and he is an evil man who is actively destroying his people.  Here he is in the news: Larry Wilmore’s N-word during White House Correspondents’ dinner ‘poor taste’ says Al Sharpton.  HAHAHA.  I recall this creep’s loud mouth really well.  What a prissy jerk.  Now he is Miss Manners.  HAHAHA.  Someone should jump him.


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9 responses to “Washington Post Can’t Figure Out Why Black Neighborhoods See Lower And Lower Property Values

  1. Melponeme_k

    I grew up in the 70’s right at the beginning of “Don’t touch the child!”. Even still, I saw kids get screeched at, forced to stand in corners, the occasional pinch and slap. But none of us kids EVER ran home to tell. There was a kid Omerta that stated what happened in the classroom STAYED in the classroom. Because most likely telling about it would get you slapped at home as well.

    I think we all made it through ok. And I can speak without dooling. So good did come out of it all. LOL

    What is happening now in minority communities is the result of money being used to train people to be perpetual victims. Even when running wild, it is still victimhood. The only way to fix this is to stop the money and spend it on law enforcement.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “….who let their children worship rap stars who are pretend or actual thugs and criminals, who boast about how everyone is scared of them and how they win fights by being violent and vicious, etc. etc.”

    I can attest that almost all of the “music” stars (if Rap can even be called that, and to think black musicians were once at the forefront of musical innovation) are criminals. I worked at a music magazine that used to receive calls and mail from prisons around the U.S. That was who was generating the “Rap music”. At the beginning of Rap, it was mostly a protest against degenerating black culture. But once it got popular, the thugs took over.

  3. Christian W

    This gangsta video by “Blackstreet” (sic) is from 1996. I picked that one from two decades ago exactly to show the programming has gone on for a long time. Ofc there are better examples of gangsta crap out there but this particular video but I knew it was from 1996:

  4. Mike in Pennsylvania

    I have read or heard stories that the shift of rap music from criticizing degenerate black culture or oppressive powers-that-be or just having fun or whatever, to the gangster/thug hateful form it now takes, was a conscious decision taking by music company executives in the late 80’s, i.e., that they were going to find, encourage and promote those kinds of ….artists (sic). (And maybe even write the “songs” for them.) I haven’t looked into this claim enough to know how much credence to give it, but it’s certainly plausible. After all, especially knowing what ethnicity of people tend to be executives in music and other media, and knowing their intent to subvert and tear down white societies, what better way to do it in the U.S. than to weaponize the blacks and exploit the existing racial divisions?

    Anyway, the rule of White Supremacy is that if there is any social indicator or measure in which blacks or Hispanics do more poorly than whites, it is *a priori* the fault of the racism of whites, ie, the legacy of slavery or Jim Crow, or continuing institutional racism. This is what passes for critical thinking by the social justice warrior or craven race-baiting opportunist.

    “Jimmy (Crow), we hardly knew ye.”

  5. Lou

    I, like most White adults, dislike ‘Rap’ and I do not understand its popularity.

  6. e sutton

    America is irredeemable.

  7. Petruchio

    And what do we hear from agit-prop RAGS like WaPo and the NYT? That every problem with Public Education is because of TEACHER UNIONS!! The Republicans always throw that lie out there and of course no one in the MSM EVER challenges them on it. It’s strange. The solutions to regaining control over the schools is POWER. The power to expel unruly students. The power to give students a failing grade when they deserve it. The power to withhold a students high school diploma IF they don’t deserve to graduate. It isn’t a mystery how to maintain an orderly, civilized system of Education. And the folks leading the charge for maintaining the staus quo with the current school system know FULL WELL how destructive what they are preaching is; that’s the objective. Keep the masses from being/getting educated. Notice how the schools in affluent areas are a world apart from those of the inner city?

  8. Christian W

    Anyway, the rule of White Supremacy is that if there is any social indicator or measure in which blacks or Hispanics do more poorly than whites, it is *a priori* the fault of the racism of whites, ie, the legacy of slavery or Jim Crow, or continuing institutional racism. This is what passes for critical thinking by the social justice warrior or craven race-baiting opportunist

    Never mind the Jim Crow crap, that was also nonsense. The real reason the White population was check mated using culture in this fashion was to forestall any criticism of the real holders of power in the US and Europe.

    There is a similar system in place in Europe, that has nothing to do with Jim Crow, but is equally efficient in disrupting criticism of a present day operation that makes Jim Crow look like a walk in the park.

  9. Pingback: Are Black People World’s Largest Liability? | al fin next level

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