Trump Wins, Sanders Wins Independent Indiana Which Allows Everyone To Vote In Primaries!

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Once again, voters infuriate our real rulers by voting for someone not pre-chosen by our real rulers.  Our media monsters have been howling nonstop at today’s winners and despite winning US citizen votes, the howling banshees simply screamed at jet-takeoff levels and we are all going to be deaf.  Trump is now #1 on the ‘unexpected assassination’ list.  Sanders needn’t fear, they simply rigged the DNC system so that no one can ever win it without the blessings of the super powerful thanks to rigging the system with the insiders getting nearly one third of the vote at any convention.  But his win today shows decisively that Hillary will lose to Trump, no ifs, ands or buts.

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 8.17.08 PMAnd here is the NYT headline yesterday.  Our Chinese communist rulers do not want Trump, either.  Perhaps they will pay the contract killer?  I am betting that the GOP traitors who agree with our rulers, will tell them not to fear Trump but wait until after the convention where the real rulers will fool Trump into having Jeb Bush be the VP and then have him shot like Reagan.  Think they won’t repeat history?


Of course they will if they can!  So this is a warning to Trump: choose someone the GOP and Chinese rulers hate!  Then you will be left alive.  That is, choose Sanders!  HAHAHA.  That would drive our real rulers absolutely nuts.  As in every primary, Sanders won resoundingly in all the non-city areas.  The inner city voters trooped to Hillary’s trumpet due to party machines there bringing in mainly black voter blocks.


Every one of Hillary’s early wins in the Deep South was fatal to her future election prospects since it was all in states where she has zero chance of winning, anyways.  I pointed this out as dangerous for the DNC to rely on these early states to determine who is the candidate.  The Obama/Clinton primary 8 years ago was nearly equally neck to neck as this election only the super delegates decided at the last minute to go for the minority candidate even though he was behind Clinton in the popular vote but this time around, she is the One and is determined to hang on by her bitter fingernails no matter what.


G.O.P. Steps Deeper Into the Darkness squeals the NYT editorial board.  Trump, today, petted Israel and said he would be a good buddy but the Jewish Mafia still doesn’t want him as a buddy because he will TALK TO PUTIN.  That is the big no-no here!  He will never, ever be forgiven for this. Every editorial about this election is anti-Trump and anti-Sanders and here is the list from today’s front page:  Victory for Trump Has Some in G.O.P. Bolting (to the DNC which is nearly identical) or The Defeat of True Conservatism (Bush family, anyone???) or Takeaways From the Indiana Primary (editorial wailing that the party is traumatized!) or Trump’s Uphill Fight whereby Hillary is way ahead only…she can’t win in Indiana???


HAHAHA.  Ever so popular!  A woman that, after the media shouted for months, is the undefeatable, inevitable candidate soaring to victory was shown to be a dead duck in the rotting fetid water of the DNC swamp.  The media was demanding that Sanders quit for the good of the party of looters and liars.  Instead, he stubbornly continued to ask voters, ‘What do YOU want’.


Both Sanders and Trump promise to be less internationalistic only they have to make an exception for the elephant in the room, Israel.  This means eternal wars and entanglements as both think that Jews have the right to have strong borders, build huge walls to keep non-blood pure people out, etc.  The very things many Americans want.


Our media giants today are demanding we let in more Muslims, for example, and that we are mean to Muslims and why don’t we want more Muslims here like in Europe which has been systematically destroyed by a tsunami of mostly Muslim males.  Trump, if he ran in Europe, would win hands down today!  Ditto, Sanders!


Which is why the EU is run by people who are placed in power by our real rulers and have wrecked the place pretty thoroughly now.  US media hasn’t mentioned much of the Paris worker’s riots, for example.


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10 responses to “Trump Wins, Sanders Wins Independent Indiana Which Allows Everyone To Vote In Primaries!

  1. charlottemom

    Great synopsis! Thanks

  2. Being There

    Indeed this really is no longer a modern nation state. It’s some kind of global and banking hegemon and the congress and Supremes are already completely in the globalist technocrat pocket. Call it Bilderberg or whatever. Hillary is their gal and the top brass of the Rep party and defense have already said they’re voting for her.
    Of course nobody jungle-fights like Trump so he’ll drag her through the mud and I would say there’s more than one faction running this theater. I’m sure he’ll be hand-fed much material. Joe Scarborough has already been talking about their real beef with Bill. He said they went after the sex thing when he sold nuc info to China so a big funder could make the big$$. So by inference let’s consider the end of ss and medicare for Lloyd Blankfein as a thanks from the Clinton fund.
    You are spot on about anyone who gets in the way of these elite…they aren’t gonna let him end their stranglehold of power.
    I can see the picture now. Somehow the National Enquirer will have the photo of Cruz’s dad will be standing over Trumps body.

  3. Petruchio

    ” But his win today shows decisively that Hillary will lose to Trump, no ifs, ands or buts.” That’s likely true, but it doesn’t matter. The Elites, the Real Rulers, call them what you will are going to ram Hillary Clinton down our collective throats and they don’t care how obvious they are about it. If Trump really does win the General Election against Clinton, the Rulers will likely just sneer and tell theamerican Voters, “F#ck You! We are running things. If the masses don’t know how to vote, we nullify the Election.” I DO think Trump would/will crush Hillary in an HONEST Election Process, but who says the upcoming General Election will be honest? I don’t assume that.

  4. Christian W

    Meanwhile in Europe the EU is set to allow Visa free travel for Turks…

    Erdogan is dismantling democracy as we speak, cracking down on free speech, imprisoning journalists, flattening Kurdish cities, supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda outright etc yet the EU bigwigs embrace him with open arms…

    This is another deliberate stab in the back of Europe and a huge F#CK You! to democracy.

  5. Henry

    Our real rulers are preparing the Diebold voting machines for the election. The American people can vote for whoever they want, the election is already decided. As Joseph Stalin said “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

  6. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Elaine at the top of her game here; perfect pitch of outrage and cold clarity.

    ” wait until after the convention where the real rulers will fool Trump into having Jeb Bush be the VP and then have him shot like Reagan..”

    This sent a chill down my spine.

    Good comments, too.

    Of course Diebold et al wouldn’t give us honest results…But something is different this time around. The Trump phenomenon is about much more than the man himself, and even more than if he “wins” or not. I think everyone senses that. A lot at stake here.

  7. emsnews

    BOTH Trump and Sanders are ‘outsiders’ in this game. And both are doing amazingly well considering the massive forces against them.

    Sanders had a more difficult time of it: the media pretended he didn’t exist for a very long time until he began winning, then they did the character assassination bits on him rather late.

    But the character fight against Trump made him a HERO! Yes, he defied them and the voters admire this, the hate fest became a love-in with the media howling like crazy only making him more adorable the more they howled.

    Hilarious revolt of the voters!

  8. Christian W

    A lot is at stake, Mike. The US economy is tanking, Apple stocks are crashing and pulling the market with them. The value of gold has more than quadrupled in less than a decade.

    Russia was late to the game but finally figured out the concept of hybrid warfare.

    The US and EU public are under fire by their own masters using the same hybrid warfare methods they attack other nations with.

    Saudi Arabia is, on behest of their masters, waging a two front war in Syria and Yemen, while their economy is crumbling. The Bin Laden Group, one of the largest construction firms in the world just declared bankruptcy.

    Meanwhile China has been reforming it’s economic system out of being a slave to the dollar system and has grown towards being a consumer economy not only an exporting one.

    The one reason Trump is hated, if he is, by the PTB is that he is independently rich, and thus not dependent on bribe handouts like the Clintons, Blair, Merkel etc, and he is unpredictable. Meaning, the Deep State, rhe FED, the MIC etc don’t know if he will play their games at the level needed at this critical point.

    The elites have been playing their games for a very long time. I just saw that the US, under the Truman administration, was part of forming the Bilderberger/EU concept. In the 1960s the CIA wanted to assassinate Charles De Gaulle, the French President, because he was a firm nationalist and couldn’t be controlled. It was De Gaulle who broke the back of the US economy when he demanded France got it’s gold back in the early 70s.

    The flooding of the US with immigrants and the flooding of Europe with Muslims is the same game. The destruction of the political left, international law, and of unions, through money printing, bribes and cheap credit, is the same game.

  9. Lou

    Apple stocks crashing –others claim it is the most over valued stock.

  10. Lou

    .The flooding of the US with immigrants and the flooding of Europe with Muslims is the same game. The destruction of the political left, international law, and of unions, through money printing, bribes and cheap credit, is the same game—we noticed.

    The jew-inspired von Coudenhove -Kalergi plan is now in full swing, with the dilution of national identity and racial mixing as its objective in replacing the indigenous European people.
    The evil Frankfurt School, cultural marxist agenda must be laid bare before the non-thinking masses. Even so-called “conservatives” are following this agenda – one need look no further than Dodgy Dave Cameron (pigs be upon him). We must resist at every opportunity, do not use their words, agree with their decisions nor take part in their charades.
    EU: 250,000 Euro Fine (*Per* Refugee!) For Refusing Refugees …
    EU: 250,000 Euro Fine (*Per* Refugee!) … Euro Fine (*Per* Refugee!) For Refusing Refugees … for refusing refugees European countries that refuse to share the …
    [Search domain]
    More results
    EU to fine countries that refuse refugee quota –
    EU to fine countries ‘hundreds of millions … a penalty of around €250,000 euros per rejected refugee, … refugees from EU refugee camps to have papers fast …
    [Search domain]…
    EU countries to be fined €250,000 for each refugee they …
    European Union countries that refuse to accept … European Union countries that refuse to accept refugees under … for each refugee they… EU countries to be fined …
    [Search domain]…
    Refugee crisis: Sweden the only European country with a .

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