Good News For Trump: War Criminal Bush Family And Their GOP Gang Will Not Endorse Or Campaign For Him

Trump destroys Jeb Bush – YouTube

Donald Trump will NOT be endorsed by either former Republican Presidents Bush | Daily Mail Online:  all the hysterical big wigs of the GOP who are also international criminals or co-conspirators and all of whom collect bribes not only at home but abroad, all of whom talk about ‘America First’ but then attack anyone else for uttering these words and who don’t mean a word they say, these ‘GOP leaders’.  HAHAHA…these clowns are now all shrieking that they will not lift a finger to elect Trump as President!  And if he wins with zero support of the GOP leaders, this is the end of these traitors and clowns.  What will they do then?  Refuse to let him address Congress?  Want to see the whole edifice of ‘we have a democracy and citizens vote’ thing?


After hearing loud and clear from GOP voters, the leaders who spent the last 60 years lying to their own voters now being called onto the carpet.  The reason Trump won was due to him talking about the flood of illegal aliens who came after Reagan opened the borders and Carter went limp and both Bushes and both Clintons encouraged this flood of illegal competition for US jobs and all these guys excepting Carter, also made international deals to export US jobs and when the more recent free trade deals were made by both the GOP and DNC rulers, my own business was thoroughly wrecked.


For example: I used to be an active member of the Northeast Sheep and Goat Co-op.  We had festivals, ram exchanges, symposiums, etc.  When people drove through our lovely mountains here in upstate NY, Mass. and Vermont they saw large flocks of sheep grazing.  Today, there is barely one lamb to be seen!  All gone!  I quit the fastest seeing the price of my sheep drop from $200+ per adult to less than $50 in one year.


The collapse of the dairy industry is running slower downhill but going down, too.  The landscape is returning to what it was back in 1600. That is, nearly all forest now.  Our Presidents created this.  My community would vote for one or the other and each would then stab us in the back.  People are now frantic for someone, anyone to notice what is going on.  It is quite amazing watching how we have virtually no power over whoever we vote for and I used to use this power many years ago, I have been very, very politically active all my life and due to my father’s top rank in the US Real Ruler game (this is how I grew up knowing both Barry Goldwater and Mo Udall, two Arizona Senators from both parties, for example) and having moved in and out of DC politics and knowing quite a few candidates and winners of US elections, I know how the game is played on the inside.


And since I openly oppose many of the Bilderberg schemes which is why I hammer away at this international organization nonstop, this means I have had to fight my father’s associates, good friends and et cetera for years and years.  Here we are, a NON BILDERBERG guy has won the GOP nomination with ZERO support of all the Bilderberg gangsters!!!  This is epic and amazing and an open revolt of US voters who are now being told, they must vote for the very big shot Bilderberg bitch, Hillary, and not Trump because…HAHAHA.  We know why!


Sanders never went to a Bilderberg meeting in his life and I am supporting his candidacy for this reason only just like Trump.  Left or right, both angles are a menace to our Real Rulers.  Note how the media pretends that a bunch of war crime criminals like the Bush family who are also grave robbers, literally…another hilarious memory moment here…are to be our guides as to who to vote for in this election.  Vote for war criminals!  Hello, Hillary!  Up to her ass in war crimes and blood of millions like the Bushes, she didn’t join the Skull and Bones but I would suggest they make her an honorary member.


Of course, Trump will never set foot in the White House or if he does go inside, will he be shot by a good friend of the VP?  Pick carefully, Trump.  We know that the people who are determined to stop you stop and absolutely nothing to get back into full control of the White House.


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28 responses to “Good News For Trump: War Criminal Bush Family And Their GOP Gang Will Not Endorse Or Campaign For Him

  1. Jim R

    I suspect they’re flipping through their ‘deranged gunman’ rolodex right about now.

  2. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    They are training him too, like in Zoolander.

  3. From the Guardian:
    “Trump meanwhile is floating the idea that he is will consider former opponent Ted Cruz as his vice-presidential pick. He praised Cruz as “a capable guy” only 24 hours he questioned whether Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy, and Cruz called Trump “totally amoral”.
    Maybe Trump is considering Lyin’ Ted for VP as his assassination insurance policy?

  4. Christian W

    Trump is being trained alright. I bet he will end up playing for the elite team in the end, and enthusiastically so.

  5. Petruchio

    ” We know that the people who are determined to stop you stop and absolutely nothing to get back into full control of the White House.” Yeah, I think that’s true. I do not advocate violence, but there is one and only one solution. The Real Rulers are going to have to be tracked down, ID’ed and FORCIBLY removed from their Power Status. If that means some of them end up getting shot at so be it. These guys don’t plan on tapping out—EVER. They think nothing of assassinating US President’s who don’t tow the line. Or starting wars that kill 100’s of thousands of people. Millions of refugees? Nothing to these guys. You have to get in the faces of the Elites and ram it down their throats that the war is here and it’s in their faces.

  6. Jim R

    pmt9, that sounds like more of an assassination assurance policy.

    He needs a more definitive outsider, like Jesse Ventura.

  7. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Elaine, I’m curious, why do you like Bernie Sanders? I just can’t see it. He would be the oldest elected president ever, by 5 years more than Reagan. Not to mention the first Jewish president (unless Lincoln was…). Do you like his positions? For me, when I think of Sanders I can’t get the scene out of my mind where he lets the corpulent Black lives matter loudmouth females take over his public speech in Seattle. An incredible scene.

  8. floridasandy

    my guess is Trump is just trying to appease the Kasich and Cruz voters, and won’t tap either one for VP. I think Hillary will do the same thing when Sanders loses.

    I have taken a disliking to Sanders recently because of his attacks on Trump. Trump is the only real outsider in this lineup, but he didn’t attack Sanders and now Sanders is saying that Trump will never be president.

    Not for you to decide, jackass.

    He also often comes across as weak, although getting better in that dept. The way he kissed Hillary’s butt in the first 2 debates was flat out embarrassing.

  9. Maddie's Mom

    I’m not sure if I will even vote when the time comes. I think they are all psychopaths. And if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it. However, i can’t quit smiling when I hear Trump speaking (mostly) the truth and annihilating these clowns (choosing a nice word here).

    I will never believe ANY of them, past, present or future, intend to truly help the ‘little people’, which is 99% of us.

  10. Lou

    why do you like Bernie Sanders? I do not like him but some do. Has he taken corporate money? He did vote for war. Did he vote for Patriot Act?

  11. MadSklz

    Did no one notice #DropOutHillary is trending on Twitter and had almost 500k posts? That was enjoyable to watch 🙂

  12. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @ Maddie’s Mom

    “However, i can’t quit smiling when I hear Trump speaking (mostly) the truth and annihilating these clowns (choosing a nice word here).”

    That’s what I mean by the Trump phenomenon. You don’t necessarily like or trust the guy, or believe that he’s going to be able to do what he says, or even that he will actually get to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But you love what he’s doing as a candidate. Me too.

    I don’t believe he exhibits the characteristics of a psychopath. Unlike the Clintons, who have left a trail of bodies behind them in their political careers, and I’m not just talking about Kosovars, Sudanese, Syrians, and Libyans. I mean right here in the USA.

    I think some Presidents have tried to represent the ‘little people’. Andrew Jackson comes to mind. It’s not impossible that Trump really means what he says.

    In any case, I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever see another viable candidate like him, one who speaks truth to [some] power and doesn’t pander [except to jews…]. Like E. Sutton, I think America is irredeemable. But the good people have to make a stand anyway, maybe to get us through to whatever comes next. We have to die with our boots on… and help to leave something worth building from in the future. Go Trump!

  13. Tunetopper

    Has anyone seen Trumps tax returns? Does it make sense that he has borrowed enormous sums from Wall St banks to finance 18 golf courses and many resort hotels – as well as office buildings. His hotel in SoHo, NYC is never close to fully occupied, asking $999 per night for a regular room. THE APPRENTICE- a game show, and Miss USA pageant was a low point – one of the contestants saw a list the day before the judges voted- and the list proved to be correct – they came in the order that the list said. Trump sued her.

  14. Ziff

    Trump could just be playing the crowd .

  15. DM

    I know I shouldn’t, but what the hell …

    Um, Tunetopper @ #13 – and your point is ??

  16. Tacitus

    I’m not sure of Trump as a real outsider – and he certainly swinging with the neocon / CFR space in recent weeks. I think he’s controlled opposition as in the Quigley Formula, so clearly explained in this very good video by G. Edwin Griffin (skip the first 11 minutes, tape is garbled):

  17. Tacitus

    Also, what about Trump being close to Roy Cohn in the 70s! For an insight into the corruption of Congress and Cohn’s closeness to Hoover, watch this great video (FBI’s role and Cohn from 40mins onward, but the whole thing is worth listening to. Hale Boggs has been completely forgotten about).

  18. emsnews

    The US is an OLIGARCHY. At least Sanders isn’t an oligarch. Trump is.

    On the other hand, being rich means Trump doesn’t need to watch what he says and pretend to be humble. He is anything but humble! This sort of ‘truth in packaging’ is what is going to lead to him winning over Hillary who is fake.

  19. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Yeah, I saw that (Adelson backs Trump). The idea of Trump as an independent multi-millionaire and self-funding maverick is kind of a comfortable illusion. In this day and age where money is conjured out of thin air and everyone is leveraged to the hilt, there’s no such thing IMO. Today is the 6th. On even-numbered days, I think that Trump has long been purchased and owned by (((Big Banking/Finance))). And in that sense he could just be the most sophisticated election psy-op they’ve run yet. They got sizable numbers to “believe” in Bush Jr. and Obama, why not push it even further/

    I mean, look at who he named as his fundraising chairman: No, I mean literally look at him.

    So the Trump Train has to be about much more than DJT.

  20. Lou

    Sanders is a millionaire or rich as well. Just not as rich as Trump.
    Did BS ever hold a job outside politics?

  21. Christian W

    Trump came out in favor of Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, saying that Israel should keep building settlements in Palestine (the West Bank). So, Adelson endorsed him.

    Trump is just another corrupt Oligarch.

  22. Mike in Pennsylvania

    So he’s going full ashkenazi on us. Some Hitler he’s turning out to be… I guess this is what “behind Israel 1000%” means….

  23. Petruchio

    I don’t know what to make of Trump. Who really knows what kind of President he would be? Take Barack Obama as an example. He was the “Change You Can Believe In” candidate. Obama turned out to be the “Out-Bush the Bush Crime Family” President. Some change. Before that, there was Billy Clinton, the “Putting People First” President. A lot of people thought Clinton meant putting the Average Joe and Jane First, the less fortunate. No, it turns out the People Bill Clinton planned on “Putting First” were Wall Street Banksters and the like. Trump being a phony just like the rest wouldn’t surprise me at all; I just don’t know if he is a fraud yet. He might be. Anyways, I don’t think it matters. Clinton is the Chosen One and by hook or by crook that vile, hideous disgusting hag is going into the White House. The Elites don’t care if you like them or not; this is about POWER. Keeping it. Maintaining it. Growing it.

  24. emsnews

    Well, this is an oligarchy, after all!

    Seriously. Trump showed that being popular is possible but now he must revert to type and haul in as many oligarchs as possible and that is the end of it.

    Remember: the ONLY President who didn’t become super rich after collecting bribes is Jimmy Carter who everyone is taught, they must hate him and despise him, etc.

    He was also a family friend of ours and I am amazed at how he is mistreated but not surprised.

  25. Elaine Meinel Supkis said…

    HAHAHA…these clowns are now all shrieking that they will not lift a finger to elect Trump as President! And if he wins with zero support of the GOP leaders, this is the end of these traitors and clowns. What will they do then? Refuse to let him address Congress? Want to see the whole edifice of ‘we have a democracy and citizens vote’ thing?

    Which is why Mittens Romney recently called for a conference with GOP bigwigs to draft someone to run in an independent bid… this is a clear conspiracy to attempt to throw the election into the GOP House where they’ll get to pick their own. I guess they’ve decided to keep their election theft constitutional this time, instead of going to the Supremes to save Jeb’s butt, like they did Dubya’s in 2000.

  26. Donald should pick Ivanka Trump and have her relocate to Greenwich, Connecticut. She’ll still be around rich friends and the two would be in different states instead of one. If not Connecticut, how about Dallas? Or Palm Beach? Or Beverly Hills?

  27. Clz

    Bin a while since I came thru and ? read down the list of articles and reminded of how accurate you are Elaine.
    The reality news network. Nice Job.

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