Goldman Sachs Tool Hillary Pretends She Hates Goldman Sachs

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Hillary’s staff issued this tweet pretending that she is against rich Wall Street operatives who bribe her millions of dollars.  This woman nakedly wants to deceive and for this reason alone, she should be shunned and not made President of anything.  She is pure evil.  Lying about her money raising with Wall Street disqualifies her for the Presidency since she is obviously taking bribes and then lying to voters about her intentions.


I used to rebuild houses for a living.  If I went to a house and lied about my intentions and collected money and then didn’t fix it, I would be quickly in court and in serious trouble.  Politicians and blatantly lie about whatever and the only repercussion is for voters to reject them and what I did in NYC so spectacularly back 35 years ago, get a bunch of thieving politicians arrested for corruption charges.  The President of Queens even committed suicide with a kitchen knife as the Feds came in the front door to arrest him.


Congressman Richardson even called me on the phone after he was arrested and cried, demanding to know why I had him arrested.  They all conspired against me to muscle me by sending a detective from Queens to threaten my life and they then foolishly put me in contact with Rudy Guiliani who was the Federal prosecutor for Mafia stuff back in the 1980’s.


Hillary is thoroughly corrupt.  She drips with corruption.  She is totally unqualified to be President, she should be arrested for taking blatant bribes but then we would have few candidates if this were enforced.  Sanders and Trump didn’t take any bribes.  Only they qualify to run for office at this point.


Can Trump match Hillary’s ground game? | Fox News


 Clinton’s reported $5 million technology and data mining operation, built upon the pioneering digital apparatus of the Obama campaigns, is allowing her to micro-target swing voters down to their purchasing, reading and media-consumption habits.


From an original launch team of dozens in her Brooklyn headquarters, Clinton’s paid staff has expanded to nearly 800 people, operating out of offices in 28 states. Published reports place her volunteer army at upwards of 10,000 and she is said to employ a squadron of paid consultants four times that maintained by Donald Trump.


The real estate mogul, by contrast, reportedly has a campaign staff of about 100 people, a skeletal infrastructure with no sizable communications team, digital operation or research division.

The squadron working for Clinton are working for Wall Street.  So when this lying bitch whines about Wall Street…she is Wall Street.  Prostitutes like to patrol Wall Street to pick up clients and she has got to be the ugliest street walker, hands down, uglier than me and we are the same age.


Our Real Rulers have toiled hard to destroy the US working class and wreck unions and the tool for this is to let in a tsunami of aliens to replace US workers.  Unions have collapsed, wages have stagnated or fallen and the rich bosses are richer.  GOP and DNC both conspired to do this and both are terrified that someone will stop them.  Half of immigrant-led households collect welfare as admission rules go unenforced – Washington Times thanks to Obama letting this happen because he likes bringing in ‘future Democratic voters’ who will stupidly support this just like blacks continue to support this even though the flood of aliens has taken away many jobs once filled by black male workers, for example.


No enforcement means more impoverished immigrants willing to test their chances, said Ian Smith, the FAIR investigator who obtained the data.


“Like all removal grounds, they’re supposed to deter that behavior, and it’s there to make sure that [those] people come into this country are at least somewhat desirable,” he said. “It was supposed to be a filtration mechanism. It’s like anything. If you don’t enforce it, the deterrence element gets turned off.”


More than half of immigrant-led households use at least one welfare program, according to research by the Center for Immigration Studies. By comparison, 30 percent of households led by native-born U.S. citizens take welfare.


Immigrants from Mexico and Central America have the highest rate, with nearly three-quarters using at least one program. The Caribbean is second, with a 51 percent use rate.


Readers are pissed off and should be very pissed off.  This is treason.  Here is one comment similar to many others:


 EmpressL Constitution First • 19 hours ago
This is what too much IMMIGRATION in general has done to California:


‘’33% of the nation’s welfare recipients are Californians – even though California has just 12% of the nation’s population. California taxes are 42% higher than Texas.…


Several hospitals, including ones in Stockton (40% Hispanic & Bankrupt), CA and Dallas, TX, report as many as 70% of their deliveries are to nonUS-residents. Similarly, the parents of infant citizens still qualify for welfare in order to protect the child.…


54.4% Hispanics enrolled in Special Education in California – average IQ of Mexicans is 89. Talk bout beating your head against the wall! They are graduating so many dumb kids that they can’t pass any SATs so they are eliminating SATS from college Admissions. AND this is why the US IQ has fallen from 103 to 98 in the last 13 years!…


1% of California’s taxpayers pay 50% of the state’s income taxes.

52,673 US 2007 Household Income INCLUDING CA
52,250 US 2013 -$423. US Drop in Household income between 2007 and 2013


62,280 California Household 2007 They have their OWN Inflation going on.
60,190 income 2013 – $2,090. California Drop in Household Income between 2007 and 2013


5 TIMES larger drop in household income in California than the rest of the nation.DEPORTATION is the only deterrent or solution.
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Nebraska town turns down 1,100 new jobs to protect rural way of life because a noisy, foul smelling chicken factory wants to be sited there and all the workers will be mostly illegal aliens.  So the town’s people voted no and are refusing to let this happen even if it means their town will suffer for this.  Rage about how we are being exploited is definitely rising.


The Hillary bots in the media are claiming, after she lost to Bernie in the latest primary, that she will sweep away Trump.  This is lunacy.  Even in California, even with recent immigrants being assisted in voting so they can defeat any attempt at stopping this flood of aliens, will not be able to overcome anger about this flood of aliens.


My family lived in California ever since the Gold Rush.  I lived there in the past, too.  It has gone off the political cliff and is a bad place to live if you expect to build anything for the future.  And we may be facing, due to global cooling which is going to be a major force in the next decades, there will be many drought periods there and there is way too many people for water resources.


Not to mention the southern half San Andreas Fault ‘Locked and Loaded,’ Seismologist Warns and will wreck LA not that LA is already being wrecked. And we are seeing a cold spring here on my mountain while elsewhere, Extreme crop damage in Europe due to cold and frosts in MAY, of all months!


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12 responses to “Goldman Sachs Tool Hillary Pretends She Hates Goldman Sachs

  1. Melponeme_k

    “And we are seeing a cold spring here on my mountain while elsewhere, Extreme crop damage in Europe due to cold and frosts in MAY, of all months!”

    THIS is what will tip the scale. THIS is what starts revolutions. Hunger. The elites should be all about planning rationing and making sure people stay healthy IF they want to stay in power. But considering how dumb they are, they won’t and we’ll all live to see the return of guillotines and firing squads.

    Unfortunately illegal aliens of all races will be caught in the crossfire. But I can’t say they haven’t courted the danger unknowingly. They are an invading minority that is easily identified. Especially when the far right takes power and actively works to kick them out in the USA and Europe.

  2. Jim R

    Yeah, like I have said, here in Occupied Mexico, we are happy. It’s the nicest spring I can remember down here. Usually it is blazing hot by this time of year.

    As for the illegal aliens, Melponeme (well at least the ones in Europe), the ‘media’ never never ever mention that they are the result of NATO and the US and its flimsy ‘coalition’ bombing the cr@p out of their home countries.

    Before Hillary’s bombing campaign, Libya was a pretty nice place to live if you were a Libyan.

  3. e sutton

    Cold, rainy, and sopping wet down here in North Carolina. Odd weather for the South.

    The country is being systematically destroyed due to unchecked immigration and the abandonment of the rule of law. Mrs. Clinton is the poster child for the common thug criminal crony class that has become the rule rather than the exception in our politicians.

    I´m not sure how sincere Trump is in his platform about building a wall, but he has clearly hit a nerve with the population of the country that is still paying attention. People are fed up with the tsunami of immigrants that Obama and his predecessors have allowed into the United States.

    Jim R. is correct. Even the Daily Mail never seems to ask why all these immigrants are suddenly appearing on Europe´s doorstep. We have been bombing the bejeezus out of the Middle East for over fifteen years now. There is blood all over the rulers´ hands and Mrs. Clinton is our very own Lady Macbeth. Heaven help us if she makes it to the White House.

  4. Christian W

    @ #3

    The reason for ‘unchecked immigration’ is the abandonment of the rule of law. The reason for the abandonment of the rule of law is that the top is looting the US clean and as much of the rest of the planet they can get away with. And they can only do that if they put themselves above and beyond the law, while holding everybody else to completely different standards.

    “Voting” (what little voting is allowed, accepted or relevant) for this oligarch or that oligarch tool is not going to fix this dynamic. It will take direct action of the US citizens themselves to restore the rule of law. Otherwise the citizens will be downgraded to outright serfdom as the next step.

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    The migrant invasion is not spontaneous or organic, nor directly the result of bombing. It is *planned and organized.* (Someone on another thread mentioned the Coudonhove-Kalergi plan. Here for example: ) Most Euro “refugees” are not refugees, most of them are not Syrian, most are military-age males, and someone is giving them transportation and routes within Europe and money and cell phones. Gaddafi himself predicted the invasion that would happen if Libyan fell, because a functioning Libya provided a check on migrants coming from within Africa, into the Med and across to Europe. And the same people who decide on the bombing and destruction of Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. are also the ones who are welcoming people from there and from Somalia, Sudan, or wherever else. It’s all of a piece for them and they play the gullible public like suckers.

    Why are there so many Somalis in Minneapolis/St. Paul, for instance? How does that happen? Look, they’re just like the Norwegians on Prairie Home Companion:

  6. JimmyJ

    Even Dr. Cliff Mass, Weather Prof at UW, says the ridge bringing fire to Alberta and BC is seasonally rooted not climate change, and he’s a pro climate change prof. This despite local politicians justifying poor wildfire management practises by invoking climate change “ate my homework”.

    In Vancouver BC its 29C up the valley today but near the water there’s a nice cool breeze and I’m not complaining at all, well about the weather at least. I moved down from fire country last year and the air is much fresher here. Even with all the vehicles.

    From up here your 2016 election is the scariest I’ve seen yet but not unexpected. Trump will sellout to survive, you can already see this by his campaign personnel choices. The scary part is how much farther over the cliff your politics will go before the disenfranchised do something tangible or the elites do something drastic to distract them first ie world war.

  7. Petruchio

    I just want to point out that that vile, despicable Hag Mrs. Clinton is NOT being insincere when she tweets, “The Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers…”. That’s true. Mrs. Clinton won’t be happy until, say, the top 2 or 3 Hedge Fund Vultures make more than all American Kindergarten teachers combined. It’s just really disturbing to me to see Hillary Clinton’s level of support among the Average Voter!! How can ANYONE support such a sleazy, corrupt political wh#re like Hillary Clinton??? Ya got me.

  8. Mike in Pennsylvania

    11th straight day of the same weather here in SE Pennsylvania: cloudy, rainy (9 or 10 of those days), and averaging 15 degrees below normal. Even thunderstorms several times when the temperature was in the 50s. I’ve lived nearly all of the last 40 years in the mid-Atlantic and don’t recall anything like this in mid-Spring….Is someone monkeying with the weather?

  9. floridasandy

    we were in the 60s this morning in florida, very cool for us.

    I don’t see ANY Hillary support here.

  10. Mike in Pennsylvania


    Day 12 of the new “rainy season” in SE PA, but it looks like it’s finally breaking up for now. At least it’s better than Japan’s “tsuyu”, which starts in about a month. Their rainy season is warmer and a lot more humid.

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