Liberals And Black Politicians Have Utterly Destroyed Black Schools Which Are Now Very Violent


kingstree high school fights last September…and are still at it even today!


I wondered if this school was ever in the news and lo and behold, it often is due to fights there.  Kingstree is virtually all black students and after 60 years of ‘school integration’ there is less integration than any time in our history and the reason is simple, the same reason I had to remove both of my own children from schools: black children are very violent due to the collapse in school discipline and being raised by mainly just mothers and more likely, grandmothers with near-zero male influence.  This violent black southern school, Kingstree, is in the news yet again today due to staff being forced to stop girls from viciously pummeling each other when they are supposed to be going to school, not WWIII.


The real horror about all this is, the adults who had to try to stop these fights are now being punished and this is happening all across the country mainly at black schools.  Note: staff at this school is mostly black since no sane person wants to work in this pre-prison school.  WATCH: South Carolina girl choked into unconsciousness by her assistant principal


 “My daughter was in a choke hold to the point where her feet were off the ground and she was reaching for her neck for them to turn her loose,” said the girl’s mother, Yolanda Nesmith…Nesmith told the Kingstree News that while she did not condone her daughter fighting, she did not object to her defending herself when given no other options. She also said that the incident represents something that goes beyond Burgess’ treatment of her daughter in particular.


“When this has happened to other kids in Williamsburg County at this school and other schools, what they do, they sweep all this stuff under the rug and its never let known,” she said. “This is just a fight for the kids and for other parents who don’t go through these things. I’m going through with this because this is my child. Anything could have happened to her. She could have died from this.”


This ‘mother’ doesn’t blame her near-adult, huge child (this ‘girl’ is immense!) for the fighting and for refusing to listen to the staff telling her to stop.  Even as the two huge males grappled with these gigantic teens, the teens totally ignored them and continued to fight each other.  Anyone watching the many You Tube videos of black teens attacking each other can see the pattern.  The fighters trigger others to do the same so often there are multiple grapplings going on and always there is a huge audience egging all of this on, laughing and screaming, ‘Kill, kill!’


Best fight at kingstree high school


Kingstree Fight


Fight in Kingstree

This video is so nasty, you have to be 21 years old to watch a bunch of teen girls ripping into each other at school.  We all know that blacks do not consider black lives to matter hardly at all or they would collectively work to stop all this violence.  Instead, they want the last feeble controls over black violence removed so it can run unimpeded.  This is racism at its worse and what is saddest is, it is being encouraged by black leaders, both Obama and Al Sharpton want to punish cops and teachers and encourage black riots by young people who are going down the drain, rapidly.

Screen shot 2016-05-07 at 10.01.32 AM

This news photo shows the killer in the recent school fight fest, calmly wielding his big blade to stop a fight.  He then stabbed his friend!  Mindless and cold blooded killer can’t even aim right, which is also very common.  Most group white murders are family affairs, most often, a white male is kicked out of a marriage and returns and kills everyone and then often commits suicide.


324,000 U.S. Blacks Killed by Blacks In Only 35 Years | American … and here is a typical  example: Nine people charged with murder after a fight between two high school girls over a boy escalated wildly into a street brawl with baseball bats and knives where an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death just last month.


Demajhay Bell, 18, was stabbed in the neck by a friend during a chaotic street brawl at the house of one of the feuding girls in Hephzibah, South Augusta.


The teenager, who stayed inside for most of the fighting, was wounded in the deadly melee which featured a 50-strong mob wielding baseball bats, knives and pipes last Friday. He died in hospital two days later.


The people attacking black children in school are fellow students.  Period.  Anyone else fighting with them is fighting after being attacked by them or trying to stop them from killing each other.  I am a very firm believer in ‘citizen’s arrest’ and have done several dozen of these over the years.  The method is very simple, you loudly say, ‘You are under arrest, lay down on the ground now’.  And if they refuse, you then haul them down onto the ground, even sitting on them.


I and my associates have done this over and over again.  But that was many years ago.  Today, fighting thugs believe no one else dare touch them and so they utterly ignore anyone trying to stop them from flailing away and so the obvious solution is to let them kill each other, right?  I would suggest schools follow this if the parents want this solution.  Peace and quiet at home, for certain, if they all kill each other in school.

Old School Teacher Whips Teens With A Belt To Break Up A Fight – YouTube

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15 responses to “Liberals And Black Politicians Have Utterly Destroyed Black Schools Which Are Now Very Violent

  1. e sutton

    Where you have Africans, you have Africa. They are incompatible with Western civilization and never should have been brought here to begin with. Now they´re here, slavery has ended, and there is no longer a need for the hulking, human, obsolete farm equipment negro or negress. Heck, even janitorial services are becoming mechanized. Fast food outlets now have kiosks, so you don´t even need to hire them to ax, ¨Juan fries wid dat?¨

    They eschew education and demand that standards be lowered to accommodate their lower IQ and base behavior so that they can ¨earn¨ a degree, sit on a Board of Directors at a Fortune 500 company, smirking their way through life when an average white ten year old could work mental gymnastics around them.

    As long as I am not forced to be around them, and I´d be pleased as punch to stop funding them, color me happy. In retrospect, letting them kill each other off doesn´t seem such a bad proposition. Gnome sane?

  2. Jim R

    Only teeny tiny problem with this laissez-faire approach is the Darwinian reality of it — it selects for the largest, most aggressive individuals.

    Of course, it isn’t really laissez-faire. They won’t let the little wimpy white kids use firearms. In that case, the one with the quickest trigger finger wins.

    Maybe we should go back to the world of medieval Japan. Make all the little monsters learn martial arts. Whack each other with razor-sharp swords. Or even update the ancient Japanese curriculum with small arms…

    Just thinking out loud.


    ELAINE: 90% of the medieval Japanese were UNARMED. We call these people ‘peasants’ and in Medieval Europe, ditto in spades. My own family wore armor, had horses and were nasty, nasty people. Loved invading countries and killing.

  3. e sutton

    Maybe we should go back to the world of medieval Japan. Make all the little monsters learn martial arts.

    Sho gun or sho nuff? 😀

  4. Jim R

    Hahaha, the nuff-do!

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Many blacks in western societies are decent, civilized people, as anyone with any broad life experience knows. The problem, however, always comes back to that damned “bell curve.” Negros are just not genetically disposed, collectively speaking, to thrive and succeed according to western/white standards of civilized society. And forced mixing leads to disastrous results, including the overall degradation of those once-high standards. One of the important insights of the book “The Bell Curve” is that artificially inserting blacks into environments they are not qualified for through desegregation, affirmative (sic) action, etc, such as white schools, universities, or workplaces, has negative unintended (?) consequences, in that both the whites and the blacks can readily perceive the inferiority of the latter. This actually increases mutual racial antagonism.

    I think we’re well past the point in the U.S. where any kind of reconciliation through politics or social reform is possible.

    Cui bono?

  6. And dese ****az be putten’ dere fites awn UTube wit dere sail foams, showin all de wuhrl dat blacks be not like Colin Powell or Adam West or Ray Billingsley>/a> or eben Barack Obama, dey be da stereotype… jus’ a bunch o’ goddamn****az. And the majority of blacks just HATE this.

  7. Now what happened to my link closure? ??? :^( ???

  8. Just replace all the school staff with Black Marine Drill Sargeants. Problem solved. Of course, no one would be at school!

  9. Lou

    This kind of nonsense was started by Quakers. Picked up on by some college professor who gets money grants to do it.
    I was at a folk music event, yeah, I know. the guy used to be a fairly decent singer/songwriter. Then he goes off on a rant? a preaching? about how in his program, the families of murder victims are meeting with the murderers. I thought I was going to get ill that’s how angry I was. Look him up, his name is Charlie King.

    He wrote a song about the murderer, who was black, of course. Nothing for the victims. What the hell happened to Crime Victims Rights. I said this is so sick and left. I wanted to scream and interrupt the performance.

    I will explain this to you. It’s a ploy to get the black perpetrators an easy out or reduced sentencing. His Mammy goes and has cake with the Mammy of the murder victim’s family and they talk about how oppressed all blacks are, slavery, Harriet Tubman, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, ashy skin, fried chicken, etc. Next thing you know, murder victim’s Mammy is writing a letter to the judge to say what a good boy that son of a bitch is, I forgive him, go easy on him Mister Judge. Then Sonny is let out to harm, murder, rape and rob again.

    That is how young black perpetrators get sentenced to mental hospitals. They are full blown criminals at 14, 15, 16. But Grandmother and her church friends rally around and get this perpetrator a lighter sentence. He goes out and does it again and again, whatever he got locked up for. Next thing you know, he’s 55 years old and still singing the same song but now Church Ladies are either all dead or on to him, because he’s robbed them too.
    –via ‘sbpdl’

  10. Lou

    Many blacks in western societies are decent, civilized people, as anyone with any broad life experience knows.—–and those who lok at facts find,
    Most murderers in USA are from 3% of population.


    About the Netflix show “Dear White People”….

    Has anyone ever read Michelle’s Princeton senior thesis? It is embarrassing.
    Why are blacks so obsessed with being viewed as elite? Notice the show is about the experiences of blacks at “Ivy League” schools. Now, we all know that less than 1% of blacks deserve or merit admittance to any of the 8 Ivy League schools.
    Blacks would do themselves well merely to graduate with a STEM degree from ANY non-black state-run university.

    Yet, they not only agitate for admittance to Ivy League schools, but bitch and moan the entire time they are there. Hey black people….don’t like your Ivy League experience? Don’t go there!

    They want a Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, gold-grills, Dayton Wheels, Filet Mignon, crab legs, the Ivy Leagues, the best….and their IQ’s hover in the 70s- 80’s. [and criminality worldwide sky high].
    Meanwhile on the Daily Show,

    I watched some of the early episodes with Noah [1/2 jew, ½ Black].
    he began his global perspective by lampooning some of the despots from his home continent. The problem with making fun of Africa is there’s too much material and it’s too black. This is the place where albino limbs are magic and you can cure AIDS by f–king a baby. Mugabe eats baby elephant for dinner. This doesn’t fit the lib narrative.

    The left prefers to rag on the white male dentists who kill lions (even though their sport culls the lion population to the point where it saves African lives). So Africa-bashing was quickly abandoned and they yanked Noah’s perspective back down to exposing the sheer ignorance of white male dads.

    Please share this article

  11. shawntoh

    Do I really have to be a candidate for a rocket scientist factory to conclude that the African-American communities in various places, especially the Midwest and the East Coast of the USA, are going through “cultural collapse”?

    I think that Mr. Dmitri Orlov would point that out, and I’m not affiliated with him or anyone close to him.

    I may not agree with him on everything but he seems pretty close on his assessments about cultures collapsing, especially with what’s going to happen here in the USA.

    Sure, I wish he was wrong, and even he might feel the same way except he’s a practical engineer type from what I can tell and he’s NOT willing to tell us the truth as long as it’s what we want to hear.

    Concerning Elaine, she’s got that ’60s wild child routine down with the chops to back up her assertions with facts and I fear she goes too much for the Cassandra role sometimes when she could get better roles but the damn networks on TV won’t let that happen or even give her a chance to talk about these matters in an open national dialog that is needed crucially.

    Historically, the African-American community in America has gone through various crisis situations with different outcomes, and folks will be debating what happened exactly in that regard until time on earth ends.

    This latest crisis is really nasty because I note the unresolved issues of the contradiction of having a “free” country such as ours built on violence, slavery and fine words. Fine words such as “Life, Liberty, and The-Pursuit-Of-Happiness”

    Putting your personal pursuits for your own happiness aside for a moment, are you happy now with what we have today?

    How do you like your America now?

    I love rhetorical questions. Hee, hee!

  12. emsnews

    Once, Phil Donahue decided to put me on national TV. He even sent a big, fat black limo to pick me up. At the studio, he ran out to me wailing, ‘Get out! Get out! Stay away!’

    I laughed at him. ‘So, Bush called, didn’t he?’ I said, and he blanched and ran away, terrified. The Chinese students standing with me wanted to rip apart the studio but I told them to not do this, this was normal behavior towards me and I didn’t want bad publicity for them due to this.

    The ruling elites know exactly who I am.

  13. Petruchio

    @#11 shawntoh: the leading cause of death among black males aged 18 to 35? HOMICIDE. I can’t remember the guys name, but this happened only about a month ago. Former NFL player with the New Orleans Saints ( I think he played for other NFL teams, too), out partying in New Orleans. Some sort of shouting match starts up. They take it to the streets in their cars, following each other bumper to bumper. Then some slight “bumps” at stop lights. Shouting continues, the drivers of both cars, both proud black men–who obviously never heard of Black Lives Matter–get out of their cars. Both have guns. Former NFL’er ends up with one bullet in the front and EIGHT bullets in the back. This goes a long way to explain what is wrong with black culture. Too many black males will turn homicidal on a dime. (Wait until they find out they aren’t the only gun owners out there!!). I hate to say that, but violence begets violence. If Society tolerates violence, Society just gets more of it.

  14. Lou

    Pet, his last name is Smith and over the weekend another NFL guy was shot and killed. There are lists online of all the NFL ers [negro felons league, NFL bad dudes.]

    Redskins safety Taylor dies day after being shot –
    Redskins safety Taylor dies day after being shot. … We will honor the memory of Sean Taylor at all games this weekend.” … NFL Player Care;
    [Search domain]…
    More results
    Chris Johnson — NFL Star Shot in Drive-By … One Person …
    If he wasn’t leaning back that shot would have killed … Unbreakable gym but went home for the weekend to hang with … Is Dangerous For NFL Players;
    [Search domain]…
    Will Smith, former New Orleans Saints player, shot, killed …
    Jerry Jones lost sleep over missing out … defensive end Will Smith shot to death. NFL players, … officers after police shot and killed his …
    [Search domain]…
    Former NFL player Marvin Harrison and another man shot at by …
    … Philadelphia … Former NFL player Marvin Harrison and another man shot at by … and pl

  15. melponeme_k

    Actor Danny Trejo attends meeting of his neighborhood school which just experienced mob violence. And he says the unmentionable, that the cause was racism.

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