TTIP Trade Negotiations Snag On Troublesome Citizens In EU and US Fighting International Rich People Plans

Joseph Stiglitz 2015: TTIP is a particularly bad agreement – YouTube

Majority of Germans oppose TTIP, survey shows as the majority of Bits oppose this Bilderberg scheme, too.  Oh, the humanity!  Daily attacks on anyone opposing TTIP continue as desperation rises at the top of the economic chain gang.  Opinion: Greenpeace, Trump and TTIP go hand in hand, complains a German newspaper.  That is, Greenpeace is against TTIP since it lets in Evil Food from the US and Trump is against it since Europe exports much more to the US than it buys from us leading to our huge trade deficits with Asia and Europe both.  As the EU experiment continues to collapse into chaos, 6 EU member countries ask Brussels for 2-year internal border control which the internationalists do not want, so they won’t grant this freedom to people living in a land being overrun by foreign nationals.

Julian Assange talks about Geopolitics, Hillary Clinton and TPP, TTIP, TISA – YouTube

Here in the US we are told, Trump is evil for also trying to secure our borders.  Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover – The New York Times reports from Bilderberg Tower in Manhattan.  All the traitors in the GOP who created our present chaos along with traitors in the DNC are howling like banshees even though Trump is leaning more and more towards the ruling elite’s positions on nearly everything important.  Just appealing to voters about these issues so beloved by our rulers has terminally irritated them all to the point of obvious temper tantrums in public.  We are supposed to quake in fear watching them howl at the moon.


G.O.P. leaders fear their party is on the cusp of an epochal split between familiar conservatism and a rekindled, atavistic nationalism.
The crisis over Donald J. Trump reflects years of fraying ties between party elites and voters…


But for leading Republicans, the dismay is deeper and darker. They fear their party is on the cusp of an epochal split — a historic cleaving between the familiar form of conservatism forged in the 1960s and popularized in the 1980s and a rekindled, atavistic nationalism, with roots as old as the republic, that has not flared up so intensely since the original America First movement before Pearl Harbor.


Some even point to France and other European countries, where far-right parties like the National Front have gained power because of the sort of resentments that are frequently given voice at rallies for Mr. Trump.


Yes, all of Europe is now rising up in fear and loathing seeing the plots against them.  Bringing in armies of aliens to attack citizens is a declaration of war and war it will be.  What a surprise!  What on earth did our rulers expect?  Telling us we are evil for resisting this invasion will lead to the decapitation of the ruling elites in classic fashion which has periodically happened, right?  We all know the history of this business.


Right-Wing Populists in Austria Aim for the Presidency – SPIEGEL ONLINE reports in horror.  German Populists Forge Deeper Ties with Russia – SPIEGEL ONLINE continues to be frightened by nationalist determinationism:


The far-right candidate from the Austrian Freedom Party won an unexpected 35 percent of the vote in the first round of the country’s presidential election. The established parties are largely to blame.

The right-wing populist, anti-refugee Alternative for Germany party is establishing ever-closer ties with Moscow. Now, the AfD’s youth wing has forged an alliance with the youth movement of Putin’s party United Russia. The AfD is also courting Russian-German voters.


More interesting news from Germany:  German government to grow marijuana for medical use: typical of Germany, the government issues pot:


The law stipulates that patients for whom other treatments for serious diseases are ineffective will be able to have access to medical marijuana paid for by their public health insurance. Such patients will need notification from a doctor that other treatments were ineffective.


“We want to give the best possible care to the seriously ill,” said Gröhe, a Christian Democrat, in a press release from the health ministry on Wednesday.


Pot is a very mild ‘drug’ that encourages EATING MORE FOOD.  So anyone who has health problems like AIDS or cancers that make eating hard, it is great stimulus for appetite.  It also works for anxiety and fear.  Naturally, this means an organic, easy to grow medicine has to be totally illegal and if legalized, it has to be dispensed by someone who expects profits or to be paid for doing what anyone can do with a pot, some earth and some water and set it on a window sill or under a lamp in the closet.


Way, way back in the 1960’s, I told the elites via my dad, that smoking pot is good for the elites because it makes people too stoned to do much of anything but space out.  No, they wanted us all sober and hard headed during the Vietnam War years and so we had plenty of energy for fighting the State, to the irritation of our Real Rulers.  They can’t make up their minds about all this.



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13 responses to “TTIP Trade Negotiations Snag On Troublesome Citizens In EU and US Fighting International Rich People Plans

  1. e sutton

    It´s all about control. That´s the vicious thing about our rulers. You´d think that the hatred they hold for us would manifest itself in outright extermination. While this can´t be done without sufficient backlash, they could provide more ways to make people docile and complacent while leading the herd over the cliff. Pot is perfect for this – takes your eye off the ball, at least temporarily. The war on drugs could assist in this endeavor, but no. They have to control everything.

    Even in the face of disastrous consequences with Prohibition in the Twenties, they haven´t learned any lessons. Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that they´re just more evil than they are smart – not a good recipe for success. They are akin to an evil child who adores burning insects alive under a magnifying glass or tearing the wings off a live butterfly. They enjoy the evil of destruction and terror more than they would enjoy simply wiping us off the face of the planet.

  2. Lou

    EMS seems unable to see the connections. She sees AIPAC and various facts [like that the Jew York Times wont mention AIPAC and Bilderbergers] yet due to her own indoctrination and biases cant see the cultural rot that Jews have unleashed.

    If you are against policies that favour Jews and which severely harm your country in the process, then by the definition of ‘semitism’ you are an anti-semite.
    When Jews for example say that multiculturalism is in their interests and favours them as a group, and you disagree because you see the damage it causes to your people and culture, then you are an anti-semite because you disagree with a policy that favours Jews.
    When they call you anti-semitic they are basically saying that you disagree with them and don’t support polices in favour of Jews and which run counter to your own interests.

  3. kenogami

    Outright extermination is already programmed by these satanic monsters in the horrible glyphosate in Round-up, and the glyphosate-resistant GMO corn syrup and other frankenfoods that is found in nearly everything we eat.

    In experiments done by independent scientists independently in France, Russia, South Africa a few years ago, it was found that rats fed Monsanto corn were all sterile at the third generation. This is apart from the cancers and the destruction of many internal organs starting at the first generation already.

    I think the Monsanto psychopaths and their allies have already poisonned human DNA irreversibly.

  4. csurge

    As long as Trump doesn’t take money from the globalists, his current policies mean nothing. He’ll say whatever it takes to get into the White House with minimal damage. That’s his current goal. What he really wants and how he’ll get it remains known only to him.

    That’s the mark of negotiator, and these are the negotiations. What freaks out the Rulers is that they can’t pin him down on anything. He’s confusing them. I’ve yet to see anyone who has 100% lock on what his intentions are… even you, Elaine.

  5. Lou

    I think the Monsanto psychopaths and their allies have already poisoned human DNA irreversibly.

    but why? In the same way the open borders Jews worldwide [except in Zion] open pandoras box, I guess.

  6. tio

    Bits can byte.

  7. Raksha

    Reply to Kim Ghattas article:

    Defence Robert Gates said that “contrary to the views of some politicians, continuing American global leadership is in our own economic, political, and security interest, not simply and only an altruistic act.” He did not name Mr Trump but had a stark warning, saying “America turning inward not only will make the world more dangerous for others, but also for us.”


    This is exactly wrong Kim. We have spent decades and $Trillions interfering in the affairs of other nations.
    And what do we have to show for it? American global leadership is a disaster!
    We aren’t teaching the world democracy, we are an extension of British Global Imperialism.

    Jefferson believed all people have a right to self determination.
    The American global military empire is a disaster. It’s just like British Imperialism.
    The US does not have a right to rule the world.

    Is Abu Ghraib how we teach democracy in Iraq?
    Every country we have invaded (for their own good of course) has turned out to be a disaster.
    Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen and it goes on and on. Drone killing robots
    over Pakistan and other nations. When will the killing end?

    It is our present policy that has made “the world more dangerous for others, and also for us!”
    We have destabilized the world and driven millions into Europe with our decades of bombing.

    Gates is a global interventionist!
    The whole policy since 911 has been perpetual war and killing.
    Cui Bono? The defense industry. They make a fortune from war.
    Big Banksters and Corporations.

    Prince Charles and Hillary call Putin the new Hitler. Mature leadership?
    And then Charles goes down to Saudi and does the sword dance.
    Why is he so adoring of this dark regime? Billions of weapons sales?

    We must stop and rebuild our country and leave the world to govern itself.
    Only the Afghans can govern Afghanistan.
    Only the Vietnamese can govern Vietnam.
    It is their right and also their responsibility!

    As in Vietnam, as soon as we pulled out, the country stabilized.
    It was our presence in Vietnam that caused the chaos.

  8. shawntoh

    Here we go again about those “Jews” again. Look, they are a very diverse group of people with very diverse views. Thus–

    When someone says “the Jews”, who do they mean exactly?

    I have some distant Jewish blood in me but it doesn’t make me a “Jew” does it? Or do I need to get that handy chart reference to figure that one out? You know the one. Who’s a Jew in 1942? type chart?, –isn’t that the chart? Kinda old, kinda new?

    It’s semantix, I tell you! But before I go any further here–

    I am not, I repeat, I am not anti-semantic towards Jews, either! Okay, so I admit, I don’t have any Jewish neighbors or friends. Let’s be fair about this–

    Don’t tell anybody this, but I was down at the St. Vincent De Paul Mission recently attempting to get help and they turned me down for food and rent assistance. Why?

    The nice man asked me if I had any family or friends who could help me. I hesitated and said, no. He looked at me very sternly and said, are you sure about that? You seem a little unsure about that question!

    I replied, okay, I suppose I’m lying because, –because…

    Well? The nice man interrupted me. I paused and looked down and–

    Then I said, with a guilty conscience, well–

    –I guess I always have a friend in Jesus!

    Then I got up and left immediately and I haven’t gone there since– This is a true story. Seriously. Quit laughing. As for Jesus, with friends like that, I don’t think he wants me for a friend either! Won’t you be my friend?

  9. emsnews

    There are many levels at work here. Jews, for example, and my family is half Jewish, have both been ‘beloved by our own god’ and then THIS SAME GOD turns on them and crushes them flat! Over and over again!

    And if we read the Torah and I have, in Hebrew, no less, this god says over and over, it is when Jews are the most arrogant and powerful, he then crushes them!

    It has got to be the strangest religion on earth, no ifs ands or buts.

    But then there is Christianity worshipping an out of wedlock kid who is killed for starting a riot and then is turned into a god who supports emperors who kill people for starting riots…if I were insane, I couldn’t come up with a better bizarre religion but then there is Islam! Another creation out of thin air that is utterly insane.

  10. shawntoh

    Good points, Elaine, and I’d like to make a suggestion and I know this will be difficult for you and your family, and all the communities concerned–

    We need to work with the Jewish communities who are willing to cooperate to do a family intervention on this G_d of theirs. That’s the only solution that I can come up with at this time. It’s clear that this G_d of theirs is having some kind of problem or problems.

    Most likely it’s anger management issues, coupled with possible drug abuse issues, most likely alcohol, I would imagine, since that’s one of the most socially acceptable of drugs to abuse –especially considering the behavior displayed as you noted by this G_d with the symptoms you found from your research by reading the original Hebrew in the Torah.

    Now it may take an eternity to get through to this G_d, and that’s the best solution for humanity that I can come up with right now –and with a possible supernova always hanging over us with our sun in our solar system, we’d better start on this right away.

    It will probably take seven generations to get somewhere with this ongoing project, I would imagine, from what you have described, but it may take many, many more generations until we get a sense of closure with these complex issues with this G_d.

    IMHO, we must work with the Jewish communities and support them in this as it will be extremely difficult for all of them confronting this behavior by this G_d and we must be tactful in working with them due to their past traumas and ongoing issues they are having dealing with their problematic relationship with their G_d and humanity.

    As for when this G_d engaged in the behavior described in “Christianity”, we have an even bigger problem, I fear. My question for all of you, including myself and Elaine is this–

    When this G_d decided to make his one and only child take the rap for all humanity for all time and then literally hang his child out to dry then we have to ask the “Christian” communities this awkward and difficult question–

    Why didn’t SOMEBODY call Child Protection Services?

    If somebody would have just made the call, maybe we could have stopped this G_d from continuing this self-destructive and negative behavior that this G_d started with the Jewish people when we had the indications of symptoms that would have required a family intervention at that time on earth.

    As for Allah, we can’t even go there just yet. Why?

    IMHO, I feel we need to start with first things first, as the success coaches advise! Otherwise, we may spread our resources too thin to tackle this problem.

    It’s clear that this G_d may be working under a series of various names as this G_d may be having identity issues that this G_d is struggling with to find meaning in this vast Universe.

    We need to “chunk it down”, as in, we need to make the solution workable in small steps that will add up to a big impact and that’s going to take a lot of work on everyone’s part. We all need to pitch in on this one. Please!

    Here’s what I suggest for the first step–

    Let’s find quiet time in the morning, night, or what ever time when we wake up from resting and sleeping and say a prayer of thanks to our parents or guardians who reared us and pray that they get the help that they only and truly need.

    Then say a prayer for our neighbor and neighbors. Specifically–

    The neighbors we are aware of and not aware of, the neighbors we love, hate and are indifferent to in our lives that we encounter in a our brief lifespan on earth. Always pray that our neighbor and neighbors receive the help that they only and truly need in their lives.

    Lastly, then I suggest we pray for help in completing this impossible mission of getting through to this G_d to stop the socially-acceptable insanity in actions by all parties concerned in the affairs of humanity.

    As for atheists who object to praying for help for a G_d, I suggest that they pray to universal principals that have only healthy humanistic values for a collective solution that will serve all of humanity for all time.

    As for “Devil worshipers” or the so-called “Satanic Churches”, I don’t have an answer on that one just yet.

    Maybe we need to calmly negotiate with the so-called Wiccan, Pagan and Satanic communities that they respectfully and quietly wait in the outer reception areas until we can get this G_d to calm down during the family intervention without getting a certain former so-called and disgruntled employee and other former employees of this G_d involved since that’s a really complex relationship that will require lots of counseling and even group therapy work including all the angels and their codependency issues with this G_d enabling much of this G_d’s behavior.

    This isn’t going to be easy, folks, that’s all I can promise at this time. But what can I say? The dream is not over and illusion IS over!

    Can you do better for a solution? Then get to work on it and I’m sure Elaine will consider it as she is committed like all of us to finding a solution that’s realistic and workable for EVERYONE!

    If you can do better, then more power to you and just jump in where you can and hang on! Peace.

  11. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Elaine hits the nail pretty solidly on the head, IMO, in her comment. Note that the “big 3” religions are all SEMITIC religions out of the Mideast desert. Christianity and Islam weren’t created out of thin air, they were concocted out of the HEBREW religion and have the same psychopathic god, Yahweh, whom I consider to be the “Demiurge” in the Gnostic sense, the “jealous God” of the Hebrews’ Old Testament. (Why is he so jealous, and who is he jealous of? This is conduct unbecoming of a “god,” if you ask me.) Why should non-Semitic peoples have anything to do with this Demiurge?

    To answer shawntoh’s question about who do people mean by “the Jews” would take an entire blog post or an entire book or set of books. Fortunately that has been done many times over (plus videos). You need two qualities to find the answer to that question:(1) You have to be willing to do a *lot* of studying, i.e., reading and looking at videos, and (2) You have to be willing to discard current beliefs if you find they have been implanted in you from outside and they don’t match reality. The vast majority of people can’t meet (2) because they cling to their belief systems that they have not come to on their own, but that have been placed in them by the cultural programmers and social engineers.

    Here is a great article to start; it may not make sense at first, but if you keep researching, you’ll see it eventually, it will be impossible NOT to:

    After that, might I recommend the third book in Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s 3-part series on the Jews, “The Culture of Critique”:

    But you have to be willing to at least entertain the notion that no, Jews are NOT like Gentiles. If that idea is already unacceptable to you, don’t bother going any further.

    MacDonald’s book (linked above) was a game-changer for me.

    I enjoy your comments above, Shawntoh, but I can’t agree with the idea of “working with the Jewish communities.” Their collective behavior, so damaging to the world, is *genetic* as well as cultural, and will not yield to well-meaning Gentiles, or “goyim,” as they say. Centuries of experience had taught Europeans this, although present generations have largely forgotten it. Read “Culture of Critique” to find out how and why.

  12. emsnews

    I took a crash course in ‘Who is a God?’ way back on August 24, 1967 at the University of Kansas during one night’s work in the Outer Darkness.

    This even featured a debate with It while going round and round a big stone in a cave arguing about how Jesus died. Half of this argument was in a gas chamber at Dachau which I visited later to confirm the reality of it all and half was inside a cave where the Nazis built rockets with one view of nuclear tests in Nevada which I saw as a child.

    During this night which I succeeded in terminating a nasty critter, I went from being a dutiful Christian child to something utterly different.

    The Catholic Church was so interested in all this, they sent s Jesuit priest to my dormitory the next morning to demand to know what I did and I told him and he took this information to the Vatican.

    Exactly a year later, I got in an argument with a teacher in Germany whose name was RATZINGER and I zapped him and he said he would destroy me and I laughed at him. HAHAHA.

    Now this story is unbelievable but so what? The auditorium at the center of my battle within the Outer Darkness burned down via lightning bolts to my total non-surprise.

    The Outer Darkness is occupied by Watchers who are sort of like Vultures and they amuse themselves greatly by creating coincidences. Anyone who tries to make a religion about the Watchers end up insane or dead in horrible ways.

    They just exist. You can’t appeal to them for anything (though you can tell them to shut up!). They don’t care about your health or happiness. They just are and you simply have to respect Them, that is, not pretend you are better or smarter than They.

    I have always gotten along just fine with Natives who still have the Older Religions and they understand the Watchers perfectly well and don’t mess with lightning and this is why they all and I got along, the natives in Arizona even did a protection thing for me when I was still only a child and immersed in Christianity.

    Wonderful people, very troubled by being enclosed inside of modern society, trying to cope with all this stuff, ask the Apaches about Geronimo’s skull and they won’t talk to anyone about this matter. They would just stare hard at you.

  13. Jim R

    Elaine, this comment reminds me of John Michael Greer's recent essay "Dawn of the Cthulucene". In which he explains 'indifferentism' — as in, Cthulu is a god, but just doesn't care.

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