Bushes Will Not Support Trump Which Is Best News For Him

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Is Trump More Dangerous as Friend or Foe? asks the Bilderberg gang running the NYT and Washington Post.  The elites are in hysterics now that Trump has triumphed.  The picture above is from the Washington Post and it is supposed to make us fear Trump since he wants ‘America great again.’  How bizarre is this?  These same Bilderberg bimbos told us the Bushes would do that for us, didn’t they?  And they are shrieking that Hillary will do this, too, the same way the Bushes operated.  Americans thought the Clinton and Bushes were against each other even though there is plenty of proof they are buddies aside from secret meetings.  And the Democratic candidate in one election was a fellow Skull and Bones buddy of the Bush family that stole Geronimo’s skull so they could use this for nefarious magical spells at Yale.


I remain angry about the Skull and Bones and the Apaches being dissed by the media back when we were negotiating with the Bush clan for the return of Geronimo’s skull, one would imagine this would be gigantic news especially inside the ‘conspiracy’ community and…it wasn’t!  The harsh facts remain that the Bushes did give the Apaches a skull from the Skull and Bones crypt and a professor at the University of Arizona tested it and discovered it was a child’s skull (!!!) so the Apaches returned it and then dropped the matter after a ceremony whereby the tribe learned that Geronimo was happy these guys were using him to be a Portal to Power because he wanted to destroy America.


And so we have one Bush after another.  Hilariously, in this article, Trump-Clinton matchup is ‘nightmare’ for some Republicans – The Washington Post there is this line:


 The last two GOP presidents — George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush — said they wouldn’t attend the party’s July convention where Trump awaits the nomination.

After voters absolutely rejected Jeb Bush and his Skullduggery family, the Bush criminal operation has decided to desert their party and camp out on Jupiter Island which is right next door to the airport in Florida where the 9/11 attackers learned how to fly…sigh.  The Bush/Cheney grip on the GOP is fading fast and I hope they exile themselves forever but you can bet, they most certainly will not do this…no way in  hell.  They are hoping all the top GOP beasties will join them in fighting off Trump and return the entire party to the Skull and Bones crypt.


The Washington Post is desperate to prove that Hillary will win in Utah because the Mormons who are a cult with a bizarre past indeed involving all sorts of goofy things similar to Skull and Bones stuff (as was my own clan for the last 500 years doing all sorts of similar stuff indeed!  This is why we always lived on frontiers!)…the Mormons will reject Trump because he had several wives!  HAHAHA, it is so easy to die laughing.  The founder of their cult did this!  They should be celebrating Trump doing this, too!


Tammy Pawlowski, 58, was horrified when Trump said this year that he never had asked God for forgiveness. She’s Mormon, “and repentance is a big thing for us,” Pawlowski said. “We have to be accountable to somebody — we need to be accountable to God for what we do and to people. If you’re not going to be accountable to anyone, then you don’t care about anyone but yourself.”


Pawlowski said she might actually end up voting for Clinton: “I would actually pick her over Trump.”


In more than two dozen interviews of Republicans in Orem, Pawlowski was the only one who said she might vote for Clinton. But some were seeking third-party escape hatches from what they considered to be an impossible choice. “I keep hoping for a do-over,” said Amy Gertsch, 40, a professional pet blogger who preferred Sen. Rand Paul, an early dropout.


So, due to having multiple wives, Trump is evil?  She should commit hari kari when she learns her top magician did this, too, and so did all his followers.  This is why they were in Utah, the US government forbade multiple wives.  I believe most Mormons have some mental acuity and can figure out that multiple wives are OK since they worship a guy who did this thing.  So the hatred of Trump will fade very fast.


The NYT reports this story:  Trump Warning to Ryan Signals Further Discord in the G.O.P.


Donald J. Trump’s refusal to rule out removing Paul D. Ryan, the speaker of the House, as the chairman of the Republican convention deepened a rift in the party.
Mr. Trump’s comments were his latest affront to those who have urged him to adopt a more cooperative tone.


Trump isn’t a puppet or a dummy.  He is ruthless and knows how to run an organization sort of like the Mafia but then our government is sort of Mafia, too.  He will fit right in DC.  He is talking ‘sort of liberal’ on various topics which is why the right wing is freaking out, that is, the Bilderberg gang who inhabit part of the right wing government matrix.


The media owners are freaking out more and more so they are hauling out the Dracula corpses to scare Americans again:  Bush’s agony at 9/11 attacks: Fascinating never-before-seen photos show President in immediate aftermath of tragedy as crisis engulfed the White House.  Good lord, there is a VIDEO of Bush when he was told the WTC was attacked by terrorists flying jets.  He was reading to school kids near Jupiter Island and he SMILED when he heard the news!  And went on reading a children’s book!


We demanded this video be put on TV to show how happy he was thousands of New Yorkers were being crushed or incinerated.  My dear family member who once worked on the 64th floor of Building #2 watched a jet fly into where his office once was and was so freaked out, he had to be put in a mental hospital for a month!  I was screaming and hitting my head on the floor for I knew people in the buildings and had begged all my friends to leave several years earlier due to fears of a terrorist attack supported by the CIA, succeeding in destroying these buildings.


Cheney was so distraught that day, he sat alone at his desk savoring the day with his feet up, and both criminals, Bush and Cheney, needed this attack to succeed so they could attack Iraq which had nothing to do with all this and is a war crime.  And led to all the other war crimes that are ongoing with Obama and Hillary playing their Nüremberg roles of being good Nazis to the Bush Nazis and guess which side the Bush clan supported before WWII?  Heil Hilter!


News about the election from a former colony of the US, the Philippines:  Mayor who joked about raping a missionary and boasted his mistresses will not cost much as he meets them in cheap motels is favourite to win Philippine elections as millions vote.  At least he doesn’t rob graves or practice black magic.


Prince Harry and George W Bush make the case to end mental health stigma for veterans before the opening of the Invictus Games in Orlando as both men who never saw a minute of combat ever, talk about people sent to die on behalf of the Real Rulers.  The British royals are, by definition, Real Rulers going back to…well the present crew isn’t even slightly related to the previous rulers of England who knocked themselves to oblivion by 1650 with some help from my own family who fought them periodically in between joining in various invasions starting with the Battle of Hastings.


I am more royal than Prince Hal, for example, but then I am also half German…like Prince Hal so we are actually rather similar though my hair is straight and blonde, not curly and red like his.  Maybe we could rule humanity!  Naw.  He is just the useful tool of the Bilderberg operation. In exchange for being the happy face of the Real Rulers (bankers in London) the royals get to live in palaces and not work except to do publicity stuff and go to horse events and such.  Hard work for them all.


Meanwhile, we get to vote in elections and the freak-outs in DC are funny to watch in a horrible way.  I am betting on this: every Republican even Bushes, will support Trump not because they want him but because they will fool him into choosing a Bilderberg gangster to be VP and thus…we know what happens next!


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4 responses to “Bushes Will Not Support Trump Which Is Best News For Him

  1. tio

    The ginge has trigger time and a pair.

  2. Melponeme_k

    This is what has them really hyperventilating. Even a tax raise of 25 cents makes them howl.


  3. The harsh facts remain that the Bushes did give the Apaches a skull from the Skull and Bones crypt and a professor at the University of Arizona tested it and discovered it was a child’s skull (!!!) so the Apaches returned it and then dropped the matter after a ceremony whereby the tribe learned that Geronimo was happy these guys were using him to be a Portal to Power because he wanted to destroy America.

    Geronimo’s not the only one who wants America dead… so does Allah and Jesus Christ — if he ever wants the book of Revelation fulfilled — and even Mam Gaia (Mother Earth) is in on the act. There’s a lithosphere collapse ongoing underneath the Eastern USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIe11kkM26I, RT report begins at 12:30 of the vid. HAHAHA We will sink like Atlantis!

  4. Peter C.

    Speaking of hair colour ,Evolution still happening,English selecting for blonde hair blue eyes and wider hips…story over on Unzi.

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