Entire Planet Cooling Down Rapidly, Global Warmists Still Predict Future Heat, Not Cold

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For the last three days, it has been very cold here on my upstate NY mountain.  It will finally warm up to normal by Thursday.  Crops all over the place have been ruined by these repeated cold waves that have washed over us for the last two months and it is really cold, especially on sunny days.  1980 to 2010 were warm cyclonic weather days and this is falling rapidly down to 1970 cold cycle levels.  The el Nino system is rapidly closing shop and la Nina is rapidly filling the shelves with ice cream, not hot coffee.  Even the US weather service agency, NOAA, is admitting this but still thinks we will be super duper hot until next winter then it will be arctic ice time, big time, but not for long.


I lived through an amazing number of hurricanes during the last warm cycle.  But look at what is happening now: Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) | Weather Underground

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It is dropping off a cliff.  It is lower than during the 1970’s.  These storms have nearly vanished.  This came after the global warmists announced that hurricanes would get worse and worse and worse.  The worse crime here is the attempt at installing in people’s minds the idea that climate doesn’t normally vary greatly despite all we know about Ice Ages and Interglacials and so forth.  Our rulers want people to believe there is this ideal climate that is achieved by peasants basically freezing to death.

Here is the forecast map that changes every few days.  May, for example, in upstate NY is supposed to be warmer than usual.  It is setting cold records nearly every day so far, how this will suddenly go hot is baffling since we are getting cold air from Hudson Bay, home base of all Ice Age events.

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Note that NOAA finally, just this week, decided that half of the US will see much colder than usual weather starting in December or January.  But it is seeing this today, too!  Huh?  Only Texas and Colorado are cold right now?


More snow today for south-central Wyoming – Ice Age Now reports. Note the maps above.  According to NOAA, this very  month is warmer than usual in Wyoming.  Yet more snow for Montana which is definitely ‘warmer than usual’, too.  California – “Winter-like storm in spring” today!  Wait, NOAA says put on the sun tan lotion and open the windows!


According to NOAA, the entire eastern half of the US is roasting:  Tennessee to North Carolina road closed due to ice and snow during this heat wave.  That is way south of my upstate NY mountain.  China – Unusual snow in May so this isn’t just the US seeing a cold spring.  Romania – Disaster for Beekeepers as repeated blizzards and cold waves destroy hives so Europe isn’t roasting, either.  Austria – Cold “threatening the very existence of farmers” and Extreme crop damage in Europe due to cold and this is reminding me of the famines and plagues that came with the end of the Medieval warm period.


But what about the southern hemisphere of the earth?  Oh, Argentina – Rescuing elderly during snowstorm in early fall there.  Record cold in Brazil so I would guess, the North Pole isn’t the only thing at work here, cooling the planet.  All signs point to a cooling climate now.  There are NONE, not ONE pointing to warming planet.  And this, in the wake of a major el Nino event that is still shutting down!  We haven’t even begun a la Nina deep freeze event.


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13 responses to “Entire Planet Cooling Down Rapidly, Global Warmists Still Predict Future Heat, Not Cold

  1. Reblogged this on WeatherAction News and commented:
    Good summary there Ems

  2. Jim R

    Amusingly, there is a hot spot on the map around Fort McMurray, Alberta. Where they mine the tar sands. The place is on fire, literally.

    I can’t think of a more amusing place for the industrial complex to catch fire.

  3. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Elaine, it’s my perception that in the last 5-6-7 years we are seeing more fluctuation in daily high temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic — of greater amplitude and frequency both. Is this also your impression for your area, and do you know why that would be, if so? In other words, it’s not just getting cooler, but the day to day temperature swings are getting greater, on the average. This would be a “climate change” in my observation, but I wonder if others have noticed it. I know that some global warming believers attribute that to too much CO2, and they call it “global weirding.”

  4. Petruchio

    Why wouldn’t the Elites lie through their teeth about global warming? They lie about everything else. These guys are pathological about lying. It’s in their nature, their DNA.

  5. emsnews

    Petruchio: BINGO. Nailed it on the head.

  6. Christian W

    Indeed. I often think that Uncle Sam’s forked tongue has forked tongues….

  7. emsnews

    Lou, thanks for the head’s up about MIT hosting that lunatic.

  8. All the heat fled to South and Southeast Asia. Those places are literally baking right now.

  9. Jim R

    Here’s some raw meat for you, Elaine.

    The article claims it’s all “because global warming” … In the past, they’d write articles like this, and it would be that the delta is sinking into the muck because it is no longer nourished by Mississippi mud every spring. And that was because the Army Corps of Engineers has diverted and dredged and built levees that prevent the river from performing its natural function.

    The oceans have risen maybe a few millimeters in the last fifty years, but the Mississippi delta has sunk by several feet.

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  11. mkdheyeywww

    @ #4

    You do realize that is Elaine’s DNA as well, right


  12. Lou

    thanks for the head’s up about MIT hosting that lunatic.–

    you are welcome. 10 years ago I believed the propaganda of AGW.
    AND I HAD READ ‘WHEN LIFE NEARLY DIED’ and still didnt ‘get it.’

    And MIT [and Stanford] are the premier Science colleges in the world, or the USA.

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