Fixing Our Schools Means Empowering Staff To Punish Violent Students

Caught on video: Brawl breaks out at LA high school – YouTube


Like clockwork these days, students in minority schools riot.  The fix is always to make the students bolder and to stop staff from interacting with them.  More white families move or put children in private schools.  This cycle is so ferocious now, we have more segregated schools than in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed.  Today, we visit a school in Los Angeles which hosted a movie star who talked about how evil white people are and begging the violent students who are almost all black or Hispanic, to be nice to each other.


A side story today is the overflow of law students graduating with deep debts and few job offers.  These poor kiddies thought they were so smart, learning about the laws, and understanding nothing since they were easily conned out of a million bucks, going into deep and unescapable student debt at 7%+ interest due over eternity, that is, it can’t be ditched!  And they think they are lawyers???  HAHAHA.  Conned so easily…indeed.

Law Grads Now ‘Indentured Servants’ To US Government – YouTube


Schools like the one today in the news, are paid by taxpayers on their property which they, too, cannot escape.  I pay over $2,000 a year to educate children in my community.  I don’t really mind doing this because my neighboring children are not mugging me, burning down my house, stealing my truck, etc.


Everyone here is also armed with multiple guns so I can see why some kid raised here would  hesitate.  They know reality here but in the cities we have this fantasy land.  Children shoot adults, fight in school, wreck everything and sneer while dealing drugs and end up either dead, on welfare or in prison.


Middle class kids simply end up in debt prison with no bars and the only escape is to go to a bar and get drunk.  The saddest of all are kids who want to be lawyers.  They get as much debt as doctors and have poor job prospects unless they are the top 1% and join the Skull and Bones and then, even if they are stupid, they get jobs all the way to the top if Daddy Warbucks can engineer it by getting the Supreme Court to suspend the Constitution and cancel an election.


The kids in the slums know they are dead meat for the monkey grinder.  Still, liberals have to pretend to save these kids from their obvious doom.  Three days ago, after students rioted, Danny Trejo speaks out at LA school where massive lunchtime brawl broke out | Daily Mail Online


 Mexican-American Actor Danny Trejo attended a safety meeting at a California high school on Wednesday night two days after a massive melee broke out over what may have been a race related issue.


While some at the Sylmar High School safety meeting in the San Fernando Valley argued that tensions between black and Hispanic students had nothing to do with the brawl, Trejo apparently disagreed.


‘There IS a race problem. Your heads are in the sand,’ Trejo said at the meeting, according to Beverly White of NBCLA who tweeted a photo of the actor as he spoke with passion.


Trejo has two children thought they are not students at the school. He decided to attend the meeting because he is a member of the community, according to Fox 11.


Trejo has starred in several films and television shows and is most recognized as the character Machete, originally made for the Spy Kids series of movies. The role was later expanded into Trejo’s own series of films.


It seems that some students became angry at the suggestion that Hispanic and black students are fighting each other.  So they pretended this never happens which is bizarre since even when I was in school in Tucson we all knew that the Hispanic and black students fought each other for ‘territory’ all the time!

‘It’s not about race’: Defiant students hold a ‘peace rally’ to DISMISS Danny Trejo’s claims that their high school has a ‘race problem’ after mass brawl caught on video


Speaking about the rally, senior Luis Abundez told the LA Times: ‘We’re not doing this out of defiance. We’re doing this out of unity.


‘We want everybody to know that this little incident that happened at our school doesn’t define Sylmar High School.’


This battle isn’t new.  It is very old.  Has gone on for years and is painfully obvious to the point that when I looked for similar riots at this very same school, up pops all of these from the past:

2 Fights at Sylmar Park – YouTube January 2015

Sylmar high school riot – YouTube March 2014

Sylmar vs San Fernando Football 2015 – YouTube: yes, they have a football team, I decided to show this video for the hell of it.


Remember this winter’s agitation for whites to give even more goodies to minority students who have to do less and less effort because they feel they deserve degrees for existing?  University of Missouri’s hunger strike activist has history of ‘stealing and misogyny’ | Daily Mail Online discovers.


Here is the story:  University of Missouri hunger strike protester is dropped by talent agency | Daily Mail Online


A student who led a seven-day hunger strike at University of Missouri last year that caused the school’s president and chancellor to resign had a history of stealing and misogyny, it has been revealed.


Johnathan Butler, who has since gone on to do a speaking tour, stole breakfast food from hotels, according to Fox News, posted videos calling women ‘ratchet’ and sang about crack cocaine.


Butler created a blog where he detailed ‘trying to get caught stealing “free” breakfast items’ from a hotel that he would go to before work.


He is middle class and had to pretend he was a thug in the hood.  Sad, isn’t it?  How inspirational.  He should be sentenced to walk from one end of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn to Queens.  Give the boy a lesson in reality.


Last, here is GOOD NEWS:  Obama to order all public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity which I 100% support.  I knew cross gender kids when I was in high school and they were attacked in bathrooms and had to walk to gas stations to use toilets due to this and I had to do this too due to being controversial.


My youngest daughter is transsexual, too.  And it is a hard world for them all.  This is one time I totally agree with the President.  Bravo.


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18 responses to “Fixing Our Schools Means Empowering Staff To Punish Violent Students

  1. Jim R

    I’ve been cheated all my life.
    I should have been playing pro basketball, because I’m white and just short of 6′ tall, and always bounce the ball off the toe of my gym shoe out of bounds… life’s not fair, and they’re being mean to me.

  2. Christian W

    OT: Brazil succumbs to US orchestrated coup.

  3. Jim R

    In other news, riots in Venezuela as their economy breaks down completely.

    The ideologues like to blame it on Venezuelan socialism, but it’s my guess that they had some help along the road to chaos. Like Brazil and like all those little Central American countries since forever.

    Anyhow, their economy is now broken and they have devolved into chaos. Can’t really call it socialism any more, since it’s just a big disorganized riot.

  4. Petruchio

    “Middle class kids simply end up in debt prison with no bars and the only escape is to go to a bar and get drunk. ” What I think is interesting–and this is only from my own observation, nothing scientific–is how College Grad 20-somethings and non College Grad 20-somethings have such different perspectives on the Labor Market. College grads get hit with Reality quicker than non College grads, right after graduation College Grads face a HUGE student loan burden AND a lousy job market. Non College grads face the same job market, but no student loan debt. What does this mean, just based on my observations?
    I think 20-something Non College Grads STILL figure that working their a##es off will get them promoted. You can notice this attitude by how the non College Grads still think brown nosing and giving it the old !20% effort will pay off for them. Of course this isn’t true of all non College grad 20-somethings, but I think there is a high incidence of it in this group of 20-somethings.
    Bottom line is it takes awhile longer for the non College grads to get slapped with a dose of reality because they don’t enter the workforce with crippling debt. I have seen in multiple job environments who think sucking d##k is gonna get them somewhere. Same thing happened when women entered the workforce in large numbers; they didn’t know what they were in for, whereas the men already knew their value in the labor market was dropping in value like the Titanic.

  5. Maddie's Mom

    Violence in schools?..

    Just wait til the boys, you know, the ones with a penis, start showing up in the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

  6. emsnews

    EVERY transexual male I have known all my life and there are many, are anti-violence, they are actually the ones I trust the most in the bathroom, women attack EACH OTHER in the bathrooms in schools and at work fighting over men, you know.

    Oh, males don’t know this fact. Go look up on You Tube women attacking other women in bathrooms. Just this week, a group of black student females MURDERED another black female in the bathrooms in high school.

  7. melponeme_k

    “EVERY transexual male I have known all my life and there are many, are anti-violence, they are actually the ones I trust the most in the bathroom, women attack EACH OTHER in the bathrooms in schools and at work fighting over men, you know.”

    It isn’t the actual Transexual males that everyone is worried about, it is the PREDATORS who will take advantage of this loophole that will profit.

  8. Maddie's Mom


    And when the girls defend themselves, THEY will be the ones suspended or expelled from school. At the very least, any means they might use to defend themselves will be prohibited by school policy.

    Remove your daughters from public schools now.

    The world we live in is about to be twisted even tighter.

    Normal people no longer allowed.

  9. Petruchio

    @#6 Elaine: I don’t think so. I think trans-sexuals, gay men, gay women are as capable of violence as straights. Sexual preference has nothing to do with it.

  10. Petruchio

    The first step in reforming schools is to identify the ringleaders of the violence and EXPEL them from school!! I’d wager you that, in most cases, the violence is started by a handful of creeps who goad the others into acts of violence. Doing this AND putting punk kids in jail–a REAL jail–for assaulting teachers and staff at schools are two big first steps.

  11. Lou

    Just this week, a group of black student females MURDERED another black female in the bathrooms in high school.–you are starting to see the light but I dont think you will be a race realist. You have had too much conditioning.

    The fact is Blkack women are very different from White women and will attack, if the BW are in a group.

    Horrible impulse control is what they are cursed with. This week a 19 year old female groid ran over a bicyclist during her road rage incident. The man survived. The groid has one of those ‘ghetto scrabble’ names.

    Taj’zanae Zakira Thomas, an 18-year-old Oakland resident, was driving with two others in her car when she and a 26-year-old man on a bicycle started arguing at 4th and Market streets downtown about 5 p.m., said San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza. Witnesses reported hearing a thud when the bicyclist pounded on Thomas’ car, then saw him pull ahead, police said.
    Then Thomas allegedly hit the man’s bicycle, knocking him over.

    She then drove directly over him and paused, witnesses told police.
    reminds me of the other female groid in vegas who ran thru a crowd on the strip. media quickly buried the story.
    Taj’zanae Zakira –another murderous Black parasite.
    Here— a great article —so many serial killas are Black.
    according to one study—- but lame stream media wont tell ya—

  12. Lou

    Sexual preference has nothing to do with it.–But race does.

  13. Lou

    Another one of their honor students has been punching women in the face in NY:
    Photo bombs her, she is nice enough to offer this smelly street rat a hug, and in return he hits her when she doesn’t ‘tip’ him for it.

    A black guy expecting White women to pay for the privilege of being groped. I thought I had seen it all.

  14. Lou

    In the ‘why are they not like us’ category–from SBPDL blog— Pat Boyle said

    Politics has tried to obscure the issue and the mistakes are routinely cited because they serve the liberal agenda.
    Let me try to explain some of the confusing MAOA facts.

    When I took genetics as an undergraduate the professor laid emphasis on the “Central Dogma”. This was an idea of Crick’s. Most laymen if they know any genetics at all think in terms of the Central Dogma. Unfortunately it is wrong and out of date.

    The Central Dogma is that you have your genetic information coded in DNA. The DNA is transcribed to RNA and the RNA codes for proteins. When Crick created the Central Dogma it was thought to explain everything about heredity.

    But then we discovered RNA only coding and processes that seem to go backwards.

    Then science discovered that there didn’t seem to be enough DNA to account for the complexity of humans. Many lower organisms had more protein coding genetic material. It didn’t make sense that yeast had a bigger genome than a person.

    That was about the time that the literature began to refer to ‘junk DNA’. It came to be believed that most of the human genome was filled with non-functional DNA that had merely took up space.
    At this time liberal ‘pseudo scientists’ used to say that Africans had a bigger genome than other races. Steve Sailer replied that this was most this was mostly useless ‘junk DNA’. The prevailing view was that older races accumulated DNA snipets that didn’t do anything.

    But this was wrong. Relatively little of the human genome is dedicated to coding proteins. And the coding system is not obvious. Most of the proteins coded are coded in several parts. So different proteins are assembled from the same sequences. The order and procedure for assembling proteins is in that so called junk DNA. These are the exxons and introns you may have read about. The so called junk DNA specifies how the exxons are to be assembled into complete proteins.

    MAOA is part of this assembler DNA. It is not a gene in the old sense of a DNA sequence that codes for a specific protein. It is what is called a ‘promoter’. It specifies how many times a coding sequence is to be used. If you have a four sequence rather than a three you will code up more of the end resulting protein.

    In MAOA apparently over time humans gradually developed more and more copies of the target gene and the promoter sequences grew longer. This gets a little confusing because MAOA doesn’t code directly for a hormone, it codes for the enzyme that destroys a hormone. So those people with higher sequences of promoters have less of a certain neurotransmitter not more.

    Also there are some serious mistakes in the literature that persist in the article cited.
    These mistakes lead you think that Chinese are more aggressive than blacks and Maori not less. This isn’t so. The more primitive people on Earth have shorter promoter sequences. The advanced races have longer promoter sequences.
    But politics has tried to obscure the issue and the mistakes are routinely cited because they serve the liberal agenda.

    The short answer is that Whites clear their synapses of dopamine faster. The Maori and Africans stew in their neurotransmitter longer and while in that state tend to pick up a gun and shoot someone.

  15. Petruchio

    @#14 Lou: If a white male had done what this black guy had done, he would have been arrested and forced to live with being legally labeled a sex offender. BTW: have you noticed that in some of the MANY TV commercials with black actors in them more than a couple of these commercials have black man and white woman as a couple? I’ll bet those kinds of commercials go down big in Southern states–and elsewhere in the country.

  16. Lou

    Have I seen commercials have black man and white woman as a couple—yup. I dont watch much TV but I see so many youtube ads.

    White men are shown as weak–even the teletubbies are propaganda
    #1 kids show according to this— take 8 minutes—-its shocking–

    Vanguard News Network – Anti-White Media
    Anti-White Media – Exposing the Anti-White propaganda the jews push through their controlled media on you and your family 24/7. Hit them where it hurts- the Wallet!

    [Search domain]
    Anti-White Media – YouTube
    Documenting attacks against White people by the mass media under the guise of “advertising” and “entertainment.”

    [Search domain]
    AWM: Anti-White Media – Facebook
    AWM: Anti-White Media. 525 likes · 4 talking about this. Exposing the Subtle and Blatant Ways in Which the Media Seeks to Denigrate, Humiliate, and…

    [Search domain]

  17. Lou

    Angry White Dude blog–Image of the Black Knight in story is priceless—-

    AWD— things is not like the others…
    Controversy exploded Monday as this Old Navy ad was set upon by alt-righters, primarily in the Twittersphere. Mainstream commentators are predictably outraged but there is, as always, much more to the discussion than mere “racism.”

    Why are images like this, in which traditional Western types are replaced by or intermingled with blacks (and browns) now the rule and not the exception in all of our media?

    In my book, I speculate that the prevalence of clean-cut blacks in all ads, TV programs and Hollywood productions is just liberal media operatives engaging in wishful thinking.

    I treat the topic like fun and games. Yes, black murder and illegitimacy are, statistically speaking, up in the stratosphere, while black test scores and income are miles below sea level. But I conjecture that the pop media Bizarro World, in which all blacks are gallant fighters, dedicated dads or driven geniuses, is not necessarily an attempt to hide the ugly truth. It is just a form of white lib charity. Baby boomer squishes want to make blacks, and themselves, feel good.

    That was what I thought when I pondered the topic in “The Black Hole of Equality” (Chapter 5 of Under Bastard Christianity). The reality, I have become convinced, is much more sinister.

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