Both 9/11 And Sex Rear Ugly Heads During Insane Election Process

US government hid evidence that Saudi officials supported Al-Qaida in WTC attacks and didn’t investigate them fully, 9/11 Commission member says.  No kidding!  Duh!  The articles this week about the Saudis attacking the US that day never mention that Bush and Cheney both arranged for the only planes to fly after 9/11 were Saudi planes.  All Americans had to stay home and be ‘counted’.  This proved to me back then that the Saudi royals were patrons of the 9/11 attackers.  The average American is not allowed to know this information, of course.


John Lehman, who was secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration, said the 28 classified pages contain evidence that as many as six officials aided the Al-Qaida terrorists that attacked the US on September 11, 2001.


Those officials worked for the Saudi Embassy, Saudi charities and California’s King Fahd Mosque, which is funded by the Saudi government, he told CNN Thursday.


Lehman told CNN there was no ‘smoking gun’ in the classified pages and that the Saudi government itself could not be connected to the attacks, nor were any senior Saudi officials proven to be funding Al-Qaida.


But he said that there were clear connections between the attackers and Saudi Arabia. ‘It was no accident that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis,’ he told 60 Minutes in April. ‘They all went to Saudi schools. They learned from the time they were first able to go to school of this intolerant brand of Islam.


And he also said huge gaps in the Commission’s knowledge affected its ability to make conclusions, as the US government never properly investigated Saudi leads.


Of course, this was never ever investigated!  Bush Jr. and Cheney both let the potential criminals to flee the country and assisted them in this and lied about this but our major media joined forces to…assist and lie about all this, too!  Congress did this, also.  Those of us and this includes me, for I witnessed a Saudi jet flying with military escort as it flew over my property the day after 9/11, heading east towards home while Bush Jr. lied about planes flying out of the country…we knew about this and the media told us to shut up or else.


Anyone who pointed this out was attacked and if they worked in the media and talked about it, they were fired and no one hired them and it was highly dangerous to discuss this matter.  Now, everyone is suddenly tripping over each other to demand the pitiful data in the 9/11 report be released in full and the white wash of the Real Rulers who conspired to attack the US will have to be pitched so that it is…NOTHING.


Yes, they are saying, ‘We saw the secret part of the report and it says NOTHING so why is this a big matter?’  But then, the obvious question is, ‘Why make it so secret, eh?’  HAHAHA.


Both Bush Jr. and Obama attacked innocent bystanders after 9.11 and each of these attacks were all, without exception, war crimes.  An Unexpected Legacy for Obama: 2 Full Terms at War:


President Obama, who ran as an antiwar candidate, has now been at war longer than any other American president.
He has tried to reconcile this by approaching war as a chronic but manageable security challenge rather than as an all-consuming national campaign.


So here we are, having another ‘election’ and the elites hope now that one of two things happen: it gets dumped entirely like in 2000 and we have no real election or non-Bilderberg candidates get killed.  Meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang is howling like mutts at the moon:  Mitt Romney warns that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are ‘demagogues’ | Daily Mail Online


Mitt Romney warned the next generation of voters against both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Saturday when he gave a commencement speech at Trine University in Angola, Indiana.


‘We live in tumultuous times,’ he told the graduates. ‘Demagogues on the right and the left draw upon our darker angels, scapegoating immigrants and Muslims or bankers and business people.’…Romney is part of a rising chorus of GOP leaders who say they will not back Trump for the nomination. He also said he would not be attending the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.


Romney’s comments are an echo of ones made by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg last week, who said he has seen ‘more demagoguery’ in this race than in previous elections.


Good lord, most of these jerks are my age or older!  ‘No demagoguery’, eh?  Like earlier years???  Yikes. Talk about clueless.  I was called ‘The Housewife from Hell’ by the Daily News back in the early 1980’s due to my harsh words against the government which led to a conspiracy to destroy me which backfired badly when the Feds tapped my phone and discovered that a Congressman, city council members and the President of Queens were conspiring to frame me…all went to prison except for the President of Queens who killed himself.


ALL elections involve ‘demagoguery’ by someone, this is what the word means.  You make public statements designed to get people to vote for you.  This means…hold onto your panties…talking about stuff that matters to people!  The entire point is this!  Amazing, isn’t it?  Well, our Real Rulers do not want us talking about ‘immigration’ and illegal aliens, etc.  Nor are we supposed to talk about the open warfare of the Saudis who have a religious belief that the rest of us are infidels and deserve to be killed or enslaved.  Nope.


We are to act as if this manic religion is harmless.  Back to the top of the story and why 9/11 happened…this is exactly why it happened.


The other big topic each election is sex.  Sex is always there.  It doesn’t go away.  We have all sorts of sex problems and we want to fix these but sex is unfixable, people want sex, hate sex, are duplicitous about sex, we lie, cheat and steal because of sex and it is the monster within created by a billion years of evolution that started very suddenly in distant deep oceans way back long ago when we had only asexual reproduction…isn’t evolution fun?


Well, we can’t have any elections without sex.  It is the life blood of the media, after all.  Who votes for a sexless person, even Saunders is ‘sexy’ in an elderly way!  Report: Bill Clinton jumped aboard disgraced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ plane for junkets 26 TIMES in just three years | Daily Mail Online reports.  Old Bill is required for sex romps, he gets sympathy because he has to pretend to sleep with Hillary.  Castrato express time.


‘He took me into a room and asked me to put on a swimsuit’: Dozens of women from Trump’s past come forward to paint a picture of his alleged unsettling behavior and lewd comments.  HAHAHAHA…the poor babies!  They flung themselves at him begging for attention, going on TV to do this, chased him down the street, shrieking for his attention, they were absolutely desperate for him to notice them and would strip down, grab a pole and tear their hair pieces out for him if only he would glance their way.
Me?  Trump actually was so pissed off at me for winning every time I came to his casinos, my picture was in his office and all the offices of his staff so they would remember my face and stop me from coming to visit him!  HAHAHA.  Any of these bimbos could do the same but they were all too dumb to figure this out, they wanted to be part of his machine, not fight it like me.


Trump’s ex-girlfriend, model Rowanne Brewer Lane (bottom left), recalled how she had barely met Trump during a pool party in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where he asked her to change out of her clothes and into a swimsuit.


Look at this stupid Victorian female!!!  She went to a SWIM PARTY and the bastard asked her to go swimming!  I hope she fainted.  Poor darling.  When I was 14 years old, I had all this figured out.  Sheesh.


The New York Times has the same article but not so hysterical since this story is all about how ALL ‘fashion model types’ are picked and if there are any girls out there who think the casting couch doesn’t exist….How Trump Has Treated Women in Private, why he acted like all these guys (many of whom are Jewish) who want to gawk at Nordic women with natural blonde hair.  These sleaze balls are celebrated by the NYT such as George Balanchine who I not only knew but argued about his choice of ladies with him…sigh…the NYT thinks Balanchine was a genius and a great man but he was also a dirty old man who demanded a certain type of lady and so ballet young girls were basically treated exactly like Trump candidates when he went shopping for more dancers.


Up close with Huma and Anthony in crisis: Behind-the-scenes film shows Weiner patching things up with his wife after first sexting scandal… then more photos emerge as Hillary and Huma have identical spouse problems while telling us they are pro-women.


‘What’s Donald Trump hiding?’ Clinton campaign releases ad attacking the billionaire for refusing to release his tax returns shows desperation, she won’t release her ‘prostitute sucking d…k at Goldman Sachs meetings’ stuff.  I know porn is pure evil but she has no right to demand Trump not do porn when she is a porn queen.


Republican congressman Peter King under fire for using anti-Asian racial slur ‘Japs’ while slamming Donald Trump on Morning Joe which is funny, lunatics attacking Trump for talking like they do in private, gets in trouble by imitating him in public.  Mirror mirror on the wall…


These ruling elites all go to Harvard and Yale and hire people from these joints:  Harvard Investigates “Unprecedented” Academic Dishonesty Case | News | The Harvard Crimson


Harvard College’s disciplinary board is investigating nearly half of the 279 students who enrolled in Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress” last spring for allegedly plagiarizing answers or inappropriately collaborating on the class’ final take-home exam.


Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris said the magnitude of the case was “unprecedented in anyone’s living memory.”


Harris declined to name the course, but several students familiar with the investigation confirmed that Professor Matthew B. Platt’s spring government lecture course was the class in question.


The real kicker here is, the students who cheated were the ones who should pass the class since it shows they know perfectly how Congress works.


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28 responses to “Both 9/11 And Sex Rear Ugly Heads During Insane Election Process

  1. melponeme_k

    “These sleaze balls are celebrated by the NYT such as George Balanchine who I not only knew but argued about his choice of ladies with him…sigh…the NYT thinks Balanchine was a genius and a great man but he was also a dirty old man who demanded a certain type of lady and so ballet young girls were basically treated exactly like Trump candidates when he went shopping for more dancers.”

    Unfortunately, he WAS a great choreographer AND he was a predator. Gelsey Kirkland spilled some of these beans about this and was ignored. But she was too famous and too talented to be ignored totally.

    In any art or glamor profession that interests women, there will be predators. It is our culture that at its base demeans women and teaches males that women are not worth anything more than sex. It is a culture that sexualizes children and teenagers encouraging predators to target them. This isn’t new. Even in the gilded age we had the supremely talented Stanford White procuring young teenaged girls.

    I’ve thought about this problem and the common theme regarding this fetishizing of children is religion. Religion is at the horrific heart of it all. Stop Religion and it will most likely end.

    But the human brain loves to create religions. It can’t stand the thought of death. We are even witnessing the birth of the religion called singularity.

  2. Lou

    off topic–kinda related to Chelseas hubby and his hedge closing—
    I feel for the investors,

    I wonder if it is “ante-semitic persecution” when a jew finds out, in a
    Yale-published study, that American-jewish elites commit an “astonishing 23.9% of financial crime in America.”
    the study is mentioned in pt 1

  3. Peter C.

    There were the 5 Dancing Jews on 9/11. All Mossad and failed lie detector tests while incarcerated. Israel obviously at least knew of the attack ahead of time.Israel and the Saudis are still working together.
    One theory says the Saudis are actually Jews that converted to their own weird Whabbi Islamic offshoot.

  4. Lisa

    There’s a reason the Ivy League schools have been called “Diploma mills for the rich.”

  5. Er cel

    Hi Elaine,
    If you explained the hole in Pentagon’s outer and inner walls that was three metres wideth&height on the ground level and a clean lawn without any wreckage of a plane or dead bodies of passengers, then your thesis would be more solid. The conspiracy theory: No plane in Pentagon attack…(Disapperaring plane).

    If Saudies are good friend of Bushies, it would be a good jest for them to give a few Saudi names to Americans to help their buddies in a critical moment to divert the attention of public and the world…

  6. ziff

    what would be the Saudi motive ? Are they all Al Queda?

  7. Petruchio

    “the NYT thinks Balanchine was a genius and a great man but he was also a dirty old man …” Dirty old man? Why so? Because he finds younger women who are at the peaks of their physical beauty more appealing than women in their 40’s who are gaining weight, starting to sag here and there and are slightly bitter over their previous relationships? Elaine!!!! This is nothing new!. The Egyptians were lusting after younger women when they were building the pyramids. This is a story as old as history. Younger women ARE and always will be more attractive than aging women. Why did George Balanchine date (and presumably have sex with) younger women?? The same reason as ANY man: BECAUSE HE CAN!! Being attracted to younger women is as normal as things get. Older women just have to deal with it.

  8. Lou

    Ziff– there is speculation that the Sauds are Jews or Israeli sympathizers. I do not know.

  9. Lou

    ‘There were the 5 Dancing Jews on 9/11. All Mossad’–
    A few years back there was an earthquake in CC, New Zealand. A few Mossad were injured or killed in it. What were they doing in NZ?

  10. melponeme_k


    I think you should do some research on the famous men in question before spouting off nonsense. We weren’t discussing women in their 20s. We were discussing these men preying on children who are younger than 14. They are still children. Or are they included in your “women” at the peak of their beauty definition? If so, you are lucky you haven’t been arrested yet.

    White preyed on Evelyn Nesbitt who was barely past 14 probably even younger when she met him. Balanchine was into “Baby” Ballerinas not older than 14. His early successes were choreographed on children of that age. Gelsey Kirkland was pushed into the limelight when she was 16. Suzanne Farrell was about the same age and ultimately ran away from him when he tried to push marriage on her.

  11. Maddie's Mom

    OT…Younger men ARE and always will be more attractive than aging men.

  12. nclaughlin

    My impression is that the Saudis were contract workers. The question is, who were the contractors?

  13. Lou

    off topic—this is HYSTERICAL—-


  14. Petruchio

    melponeme_k: get control of your anger issues. A brief look into George Balanchine’s bio does not reveal any preying on 14 year olds. Balanchine was never arrested for these alleged predatory behaviors you claim. Who IS this 14 year old Balanchine allegedly preyed upon? WHY are you so concerned about someone–George Balanchine–who died in 1983?? How about worrying about Bill Clinton, who is very much still alive and active in the sexual predator field. Witness all of Clinton’s trips on the so-called “Lolita Express”? How about attacking a Roman Polanski? Someone who actually DID rape a 13 year old and can not enter the USA because he will be imprisoned? Yes, that’s right, melponeme_k, arrest everyone who disagrees with you. You’d like that wouldn’t you? I will continue this debate if you like, but first you have to identify this 14 year old, allegedly abused by some guy who died in 1983. I am waiting for your response–if you have one.

  15. Melponeme_k


    The one with anger issues is you, my dear. Just a quick look on the internet will reveal loads of information. Why didn’t you search?

    Look at all those children pushed into careers before their bodies were ready for regular performance. And just because the choreographer liked children. This is not even counting the younger dancers who never made a name for themselves and never left the Corps.

    Balanchine preyed on children. He wielded power over them because they wanted to be dancers and he was the founder/director of the most famous company in the USA. Kirkland was the only one who wrote in her biography that Balanchine took advantage of young dancers, buying them gifts both large and small in the hopes he would cast them. She also stated that he tried to kiss her inappropriately. She was the only one who came forward and was subsequently tarred and feathered for it.

    The point is once the men are dead, it is so easy to whitewash their behavior.

  16. At this link you’ll find the YouTube video that exposes real Donald Trump… a total, bullying jerk who doesn’t respect the working class OR their traditional values, nor the middle class and THEIR values and certainly not the environment.

    You’ve Been Trumped! — Donald Trump Steamrollers Everybody and Everything until He Comes up against Corporate Interests, HAHAHA.

  17. @nclaughlin, Always the Deep State of the USA, which Eisenhower WARNED us (that is, our parents and grandparents) against. Ike originally included Congress, cause they were feeding it. But people (grown-ups) had good memories of it from WWII so they ignored him.

  18. emsnews

    Yes, Trump is a bully. When I won against him, he was royally pissed off at me. HAHAHA. A sore loser, he is.

    But…look who ran against him. HAHAHA. The seven dwarves.

  19. Christian W

    @ #18

    JFK warned many times against the secret government (Deep State), and the various secret societies within it, before he was murdered.

  20. Petruchio

    Balanchine wasn’t the only one pushing young girls into ballet. Lots of parents did it. Sure it is a form of abuse; pushing young people that hard IS very harsh. Why not go to a Little League game sometime? Watch all the parents yell at the coaches and the kids because they think their little darling is going to make the Big Leagues and make $25 million per year. Ever hear of a stage MOTHER? Oh yes, women can abuse kiddies just like the men do.%%%As for Petruchio, I have no anger issues. I’m cute, cuddly and I have a charming personality. Just ask Elaine or any of the other posters here.

  21. e sutton


    Yeah, Pet, but getting back to Banlanchine – I read on wiki that he was actually four years YOUNGER than Evelyn Nesbitt! So how he could have seduced a minor who was older than he thoroughly confounds me. (I didn´t want to say anything to Mel. Thought I´d pass it by you, first.) 🙂

  22. melponeme_k


    No parent pushes their children into ballet thinking that they will be abused, bullied or molested. In fact Ballet was thought of as a safe haven. I like how you keep ignoring the evidence to change the subject of attack. Classic form of a troll. Keep going.

    @ elution

    If you learn to READ, you will see that I was referring to Stanford White. Quite clear for everyone with reading comprehension.

  23. emsnews

    Yes, it was a famous Victorian scandal with White and the young lady.

  24. Petruchio

    mel, Elaine: the current year is 2016. You know that, don’t you? BTW: why not focus on the pedophile scandals of the Roman Catholic Church? Much bigger and much nastier than some Russian born ballet teacher…..

  25. Petruchio

    @#22 e Sutton: the focus on a Russian Ballet teacher–who DIED in 1983–indicates another motivation is operative besides the one stated. That’s fine, but just as a reflex I’m wary of people who state one thing but are really focused on something else. Why not be upfront? No one likes a child abuser, but hiding behind that accusation to make your REAL point is dishonest. Just as an aside, why not focus on someone like Arthur Miller the playwright? This is a guy in his 50’s who was nailing a 14 year old Natalee Wood? Or Bill “Lolita Express” Clinton? Or all the Pro Athletes who have never been married but have 6-9 kids between four different women?

  26. emsnews

    We are just chatting here.

    Look, I happen to directly know what I am discussing, I even once had an argument with Balanchine about all this way back when I lived in NYC.

  27. Lou

    What was JFK Jr like?

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