DNC Leaders Clinton And Boxer Make Black Lives Much Worse Pandering To Cultural Crooks

Barbara Boxer TROLLS Bernie Sanders Supporters at Nevada Democratic Convention – YouTube: The chaos in Nevada when the Hillary crew stole the ballots basically, is now on You Tube so we can see how sister Boxer begged everyone to kneel to Hillary and shut up but instead, they booed her loudly.  Meanwhile, our media giants report that Hillary is doing OK and will beat Trump which is insane.  Further insanity is how our media giants push all sorts of bad stuff on the black community egging them all on to destroy themselves and it is succeeding.  The picture below shows how low things have gotten with black performers working hard to look like addled drug addicts with no money.

Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 6.36.47 AM

The picture of the street punk with no money is actually a rich young lady who entertains people by spewing garbage about how raw sex, raw sewage and raw rage is good for young people:  Azealia Banks apologizes on Instagram for racist Twitter rant on Zayn Malik | Daily Mail Online


Banks, who is African American, used a series of epithets targeting Muslims in a rant on Twitter late Tuesday against Zayn, whom she accused of copying her style in his new racy look after One Direction.


These wannabe thugs copy each other nonstop.  It is like there is this machine that spits out clones of this ragtag army.  Azealia wants to look like a street punk with no money while demanding huge sums to watch her pretend to be what she isn’t.  Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton both are expecting black voters to vote for them because supposedly these women are pro-black which is why we have the sight of blacks with money making money by aping thugs, street gangs and prostitutes, etc.


This degrading of black culture has gone on most of my life.  Look at the beautiful ladies here, just heart breaking where we have gone since then:

MUSIC OF THE SIXTIES The Girl Groups (Martha,Crystals,Shirelles,Ronettes,Marvelettes,Supremes) – YouTube

I adored the music, loved the style, these were great ladies, wonderful role models. Hillary and Boxer want to be role models yet are not really role models, who, in the black youth, are copying them?  White kids, ditto.  These two ladies garnered great power and both belong to the Bilderberg gang operation and have zero contact in reality with young people of any sort and both are furious that an elderly NY guy living in Vermont has played the Pied Piper and not themselves.


Black youth, in particular, have been taught to be impossible to live around or teach and things are increasingly out of control as our school system breaks down as people flee the system or change it to avoid interacting or being anywhere near violent black children.  NYPD confiscate 2000 revolvers, handguns and cleavers from New York school kids as young as 11 in NY schools in just 10 months… and the NYPD are trying to keep the problem a secret and this is inside a somewhat functional school system.


The black inner city schools are a mess.  No sane person says otherwise.  Since they are all the same and have the identical, same problems, it would be worthwhile to examine why black schools, in particular, are very violent and why the staff can’t cope with this.  You Tube helps a great deal but what is on You Tube, I have witnessed myself in inner city schools, first hand.


The invisible tax on black teachers – The Washington Post writes as the black author of this article twists reality into knots trying to avoid the reasons why black schools are terrible places.  No one at the top is even remotely wanting to figure out what has gone wrong.  Racists will blame blacks for this mess but they were led into a trap.  Look at the singers of the 1960’s and look at what is being peddled today.  Blacks have been set on this path of being degraded, deluded, and spoiled rotten like any child who is spoiled and grows up ‘bad’.  Waving the flag of racism, blacks have charged off the cliff and are in free-fall.


To address this, we need to encourage a wider array of young people to consider teaching as a career, prepare them to meet the learning needs of their diverse students and actively recruit and hire them. But we also must do more to ensure that, once hired, they will stay.


These teachers will not face ‘diverse students’ because anyone with a brain is actively fleeing any schools dominated by black children.  This is a literal life and death  measure.  Teachers can’t stay because they, too, must flee violent black children!  They are not allowed to fight back, if they do, they are punished.


Research conducted recently by the American Federation of Teachers found that, while more teachers of color are being hired than in the past, they also are leaving the profession more quickly than white teachers.


The Federation of Teachers refuse to break down the statistics to show that black teachers in schools not dominated by violent black children, happily stay teachers.  It is strictly in the black schools where black teachers flee, hoping to land better jobs in mainly white districts or becoming prison officers (literally).


Improved compensation and working conditions can help address this, of course. But one factor in teachers’ decisions to leave deserves special attention: the “invisible tax.”


According to some African American male teachers, the “invisible tax” is imposed on them when they are the only or one of only a few nonwhite male educators in the building. It is paid, for example, when these teachers, who make up only 2 percent of the teaching force nationally, are expected to serve as school disciplinarians based on an assumption that they will be better able to communicate with African American boys with behavior issues.


This paragraph is the biggest lie of all.  No white teacher of any sort wants to deal with these violent black children because they are scared of being attacked, killed, etc. and so want someone else to do this.  Any black male teacher can hit a black student because the brat can’t yell, ‘Racism’.  End of the story.  Black parents want it this way, too.  They blow up if a white man beats on their children!

Black Teacher Breaks Up A Soon To Be Fight In The Classroom LIKE A BOSS – YouTube

Student fights Teacher – YouTube

Note how a grade school girl forces her way back into the classroom even after the teacher tries to hold the door shut, and she throws desks and stalks him, striking at him over and over again.  Zero fear and this is why no sane person wants to ‘teach’ black children anymore except if forced by economic circumstances, they just go through the motions hoping no one will attack them and they can survive another day.


Meanwhile, our schools which are very, very expensive, churn out an army of angry, violent, asocial children who become prison fodder or dead or drug addicts and the cycle downwards gets worse each generation.  This is sad.  I have done a great deal of work inside the black community in California, Arizona and Northeast NY and NJ and have watched this generational deterioration from close up.  The main hope here is, things can go upwards again, too.


But it requires an admission of what has gone wrong in the first place!


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8 responses to “DNC Leaders Clinton And Boxer Make Black Lives Much Worse Pandering To Cultural Crooks

  1. Christian W

    “Meanwhile, our media giants report that Hillary is doing OK and will beat Trump which is insane. Further insanity is how our media giants push all sorts of bad stuff on the black community egging them all on to destroy themselves and it is succeeding.”

    ” It is like there is this machine that spits out clones of this ragtag army.”

    There is indeed such a machine. It’s called the CIA.

  2. Christian W

    Today 16th of May, 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of the Sykes-Pikot agreement that split up the Middle East between the Imperial Powers of the day:

  3. e sutton

    Music is merely a reflection of the era in which it is born. The costumes Martha and the Vandellas wore fifty years ago reflected a different era, one more formal and socially rigid. As a country, we were coming away from the John Birch Society and moving toward the post JFK era.

    In a way, JFK was instrumental in dismantling the Wasp world that characterized pre-1960 America. The accepted norms, that sex was to be enjoyed, but in the context of marriage, was always something to be aspired to rather than a common cultural norm. The sexual revolution changed most of that, with Helen Gurley Brown´s ¨Sex and the Single Girl¨ dismantling the ünfair and stupid meme, ¨nice girls don´t have sex outside of marriage¨.

    As with so many things, we must live with the consequences. Today we have young women, both white and black, dressing and acting like whores. Vulgarity reigns supreme among all races. Expecting blacks to be anything other than what is culturally represented today is disingenuous at best and fool hardy at worst. It is merely a reflection of common societal norms.

  4. Lou

    was it the warmest April ever?

  5. Maddie's Mom

    May 18 and I turned the heat on briefly this morning to take the chill off.
    A new record-low high temp was set in our area of Oklahoma yesterday. The garden plants are not happy right now.

    If the uppity-ups were to stab their finger at me, as Boxer did, I would only be further enraged and determined to upset the status quo. I hope the idiots keep it up..they are their own worst enemy and too stupid to see it. lmao

  6. Lou

    snow in some parts of USA.

  7. emsnews

    FINALLY is it warming up here after three very cold spring months.

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