NYT and WP Continue Freaking Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Crash And Burn

Guess Who’s Coming to the 2015 Bilderberg Meeting? – YouTube: Two dudes try to figure out why the Bilderberg meetings are totally secretive and utterly hidden from view.


The New York Times has been pushing Hillary since Day One and has freaked out over the voter revolt against her and only today has admitted that she is doing very poorly as time passes:  Rift Between Key Democratic Factions Could Hurt Turnout is a surprise.  The ‘global warming’ issue is a major force driving the left insane especially during this very cold spring, for example, there is not a peep about this in our mainstream media:  Brrrrr-ing back Spring! New England is covered in a record-breaking seven inches of SNOW, turning it back into a winter-wonderland in mid May according to the news in England.  Yes, it snowed heavily north of where I live, we got a dusting here.  The global warming issue is going to loom large in the coming defeat of the left in Europe and the US as we slide into a nasty la Nina cold cycle.  The left is also clinging hard to the idea that letting in millions of angry Muslim males is a great idea, too.


Big unions threatened to boycott a get-out-the-vote operation unless a wealthy hedge fund manager committed to combating climate change was barred from it.
The building-trades unions view his environmental agenda as a threat to the jobs that can be created through infrastructure projects like new gas pipelines.


The threat of the global warming business is quite real.  Already, ‘liberalism’ in the form of ‘free trade’ has ravaged the working class in Europe and America and worldwide as jobs are rapidly transferred out to third world countries where pennies are paid on the dollar.  The DNC doesn’t want to ‘get out the vote’ in having Americans vote, it wants to give the vote to illegal aliens so they can vote for more things aliens want, for example.  Like ‘open borders’.


Trump Borrows From Sanders’s Playbook to Woo Democrats is another NYT headline that is funny as hell.  How dare he woo traditional Democrats with claims he will protect their jobs and shut down illegal aliens from coming here and bidding down wages!  The DNC solution is simple: more illegal aliens!  How they can pitch this as ‘pro-labor’ baffles me.  All they have to do is say, ‘Illegal aliens are bad for US workers so they must be deported and our borders made more secure’ and voila: the Democrats will win.


Ditto with Islamic aliens: the recent shooting of workers in California by a woman brought over from Saudi Arabia is typical.  The 9/11 attackers were all foreigners brought in to ‘learn how to fly’ which they did in spades.  We were all promised after 9/11 to keep out these sort of terrorists only now we are told, we must let them in and then after they attack us yet again and again, we then sort it out and arrest or kill them after they kill and terrorize many people causing great damage to our culture, economy and security.  Why the Democrats think ‘let more Muslims in’ is a winning strategy baffles me.


Of course, what they are doing is claiming that warm weather will kill us and white males are evil because they don’t want a flood of illegal aliens to come in an steal jobs or get on welfare…that white males are evil and should be utterly defeated.  This is, of course, quite racist but the DNC thinks being racist against white males is not only OK but required.  Then they whine that white males won’t vote for them.  Yet white males do, if a socialist like Bernie Sanders is running.  But Sanders is also unable to collect more than a fringe of the white male vote due to his belief Vermont will roast next year and we will all be wearing swim suits in January.


On top of all this, Barriers to Board Positions Persist for Minorities and Women, Report Shows – The New York Times mostly Jewish board of directors complain.  I will note that this article doesn’t break down ruling elite numbers by religion, only ‘race’.

Screen shot 2016-05-17 at 6.20.55 AM

Who Controls Wall Street? (Part 1) | Who Controls America?  We are not supposed to know. 48 Percent Of U.S. Billionaires Are Jewish – Discussion on Topix tries to make a verboten list of this vital topic.   World’s 50 most influential Jews – Jewish World – Jerusalem Post boasts in Israel but we are not going to see this article in the New York Times, no way in hell.  It is OK to boast about Jewish economic power while in Israel but then omerta reigns when overseas.


Some conservatives still plotting to stop Trump at GOP convention claims the Washington Post.  Not an hour passes without both the WP and NYT attacking Trump.  They can’t figure out how this is badly backfiring.  Both push Hillary which is like pushing an elephant through a cat door.  Meow. Donald Trump’s complicated relationships with women, as told by a ‘Trump girl’ sounds sexy bad, no?  The headline is propaganda, of course, the WP doesn’t have the correct headline which is:


Rowanne Brewer Lane isn’t happy about a New York Times story involving her. Her complaints say a lot.


No, the article is all about how this fine lass says what I said yesterday: the females around Trump WANTED to be there were HOPING he would notice their sexy sex stuff flashing in public, they desperately wanted to have him notice their tushes and their gaping mouths lined with red waxy stuff to make it look like a vagina (yes, red lipstick is all about the vagina!) etc. in the hopes of striking it rich.  Duh.  Lane is honest in explaining the obvious.


Many years ago when I wanted to make a lot of money while working fewest hours so I could go to university and not starve to death, I worked in a strip club.  Yes, I did!  HAHAHA.  Made most of my money in tips.  The men liked me because I would talk to them about male stuff that is, construction business things, automobile stuff, etc.  They loved this and the other strippers were pissed at me for making more money while not doing any sex stuff at all.  I just gave the guys simple attention to things they liked doing which is car stuff, etc.


The hysteria about Trump troubles the Real Rulers as we see yet again here:  The rank nihilism driving the GOP’s acceptance of Trump complains the Editorial Board of the Washington Post which is identical to the New York Times board of directors who say the same thing over and over again. Jeff Bezos owns the WP and so it is He who is whining about Trump nonstop.  So, we should listen to Amazon.com’s ruler, not Trump.  HAHAHA.


EXCLUSIVE Another limousine liberal unloads on Donald Trump: Patricia Arquette claims he will bring back ‘internment camps’ in repeat of Japanese-Americans’ ordeal in WWII  while Angelina Jolie slams Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim comments as ‘hard to hear’ – as she insists America has always been ‘built on people coming together’ like after 9/11 when we were supposed to ‘come together’ while Bush Jr. and Cheney lied about letting all the Saudis flee when all jets were grounded except for their own private jets.


Calling all celebs: Clinton is so frantic to stop Bernie from killing her campaign buzz in California that she’s tapped Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Ricky Martin, Stevie Wonder, and more for a sizzling fundraiser because she needs endless funds to advertise total lies about her past and future.  Lying about nearly everything is not going to work since this woman has a trail of destroyed countries and dead bodies lying in her wake.  How ‘liberal’ is this?  Kill everyone?  Evidently, this is her plan.  What a great plan this is, perhaps she can let us in on what she says to Goldman Sachs and at Bilderberg meetings which are top secret?


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10 responses to “NYT and WP Continue Freaking Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Crash And Burn

  1. Melponeme_k

    Library of Congress stops using the term Illegal Alien because they need to hide the fact that they are indeed illegal criminals breaking the rule of law. The elites are laugh riots thinking a few word changes will change the truth of the matter.



  2. Jim R

    The climate experts have been circulating a map with even more red ink on it, and even some purple and black areas! So hot, it’s already burnt!

    Dunno, it doesn’t jibe with what I see when I look out the window.

  3. Christian W


    The US Senate passes bill that allows Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11…



    Two comments:

    A. There has already been a sentence against Iran in a 9/11 lawsuit… So is it Iran or Saudi Arabia that were responsible (I know I am posing a false dilemma here).

    B. Obviously this is yet another red herring thrown out to disguise the patent US and Israeli fingerprints all over 9/11.

  4. e sutton


    Cold and rainy here again in the South, Jimbo! It´s my party, I´ll cry if I want to! Where be duh warming, bitchez?

  5. shawntoh

    Elaine, I’m become very worried here.

    From what you are describing, how soon and where can we expect the really bad remake of the policies you have pointed out that are coming at us that involve someone stepping into the spotlight of our collective attention and using an exact impersonation of Charles Laughton, circa 1932, announcing to us over the Public Saxophone, as Jimi used to call it, saying in a clear tone to all of us —

    “What is the law?”

  6. Petruchio

    Elaine: THANK YOU for not printing a picture of that revolting, disgusting hag Mrs. Clinton. Just looking at her makes my stomach churn. BTW: what are the chances, do you think, of Clinton being indicted for her emails?

  7. Ziff

    JIm , yes those lurid temp maps are over the top!

  8. Our local CTV news every night runs a piece of canned ‘ hate Trump ‘ , love Silliary . I don’t know why we get it , not our country.

  9. floridasandy

    A lot of the unions have been useless for a long time.(especially the AFL/CIO) I salute the one in the article if they try to stop the global warming/environmental/world domination globalists. We are going to get so screwed on energy prices.

    They need a recount in Kentucky. They have been reporting 99% counted since 10:00 PM last night. What’s up with that?

  10. Petruchio

    Patricia Arquette, Angelina Jolie. Kinda curious when you think of it. They have to trot out actresses to promote a US Presidential candidate? Not to put down the acting profession, but since WHEN are these two actors authorities on anything other than the acting biz? I wonder why TPTB don’t trot out the Kardashians. They are the biggest wh#res in the Entertainment biz, they’re a perfect match for Hillary and the rest of the political wh#re class in Washington DC.

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