Sanders Slaughters Clinton In Oregon, Near Tie In Kentucky, Anti-Hillary Riot At Nevada Convention

Nevada dem convention chaos – YouTube

The above video showing the chaos and disenfranchisement of Sanders delegates and was posted on You Tube by this candidate:  LetsGoNevadaDan Rolle For Congress – The Progressive Champion for Nevada.  Boxer appeared and stabbed her finger at the delegates and said, ‘So keep on booing,’ (while stabbing her finger at the delegates for Sanders) ‘Hillary Clinton is going toe to toe with Donald Trump and she is going to win!’ This won loud boos from the audience.


Nevada Democratic Convention Highlights & Explanation! CHAOS! #BernieOrBust – YouTube: most of the Bernie Sanders people were shut out of the convention entirely and illicitly.  The chair (Hillary bot) calls for the ‘nay’ vote and it is thunderously loud so she ignores it.  The chair attacks them and they boo her and demand a full recount.  This ‘convention’ was in total division.

Here is Dan Rolle talking about what happened: What happened at the Nevada Convention – YouTube

From Dan Rolle, a 4th District Congressional candidate in Nevada, who was at the State Democratic Convention on Saturday, eg an actual witness to the process.  No speculation here, just the facts: 

Hi, I’m Dan Rolle. I’m a congressional candidate in Nevada. I made a quick video explaining the backstory behind the convention. It’s too important to simply watch the videos and look away. You need to understand why it happened:

Basically, NDems enacted some rules that were designed to give convention authority to the state chair. You can read about that here:

That group challenged these rules in court. That challenge was denied, essentially because the court didn’t feel it should intervene in party politics.

Fast forward – The same group gets the requisite number of signatures to change these rules. Robert ignores this, and enacts her rules:

You can see where she does this here:

Fast forward. Clinton wins by a few delegates, but over 64 delegates were rejected. By the board she chose. The argument is that with these votes, Sanders wins. Also worth noting, many were turned away because they simply could not find parking.

At the end of the convention, we motioned the party platform. I called for Roberta’s removal here. My mic was cut:

Fast forward: The delegates are counted. Roberta denies a recount, closes the convention at her discretion. She then bolts off stage. This, while being flanked by police.

Most of the videos are here:


Sanders Wins Oregon; Clinton Declares Victory in Kentucky but her ‘win’ in Kentucky was razor thin.  Not that the NYT would admit to this in their headline.  The NYT also reports this:  Pressure on Sanders After Nevada Fracas blaming him for his followers being very angry at being disfranchised.  They were supposed to be cowed sheep, not fighters!  Clinton declares victory in Kentucky; Sanders wins Oregon says the Washington Post which is now owned by Bezos the bozo.


Even though a Kentucky winner had not been officially declared, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton claimed victory, potentially disrupting a string of expected primary losses that had threatened to weaken her .


She won with virtually  no margin.  Sanders slaughtered her in Oregon.  And why are the ‘string of expected primary losses’ vanishing.  She is limping along held up by two things: black women voters who think she will continue the Obama stuff and the media owners who are now in full fear flung hysteria that Sanders might wreck Her Majesty’s rise to the throne.


Sanders won in a ‘closed election’ where independent voters are not allowed, by a stunning 10% of the vote whereas Hillary claimed a win in Kentucky by 0.5% edge.  This makes her own ‘win’ look ridiculous.  It is, at this late stage of the game, a stunning rebuke of the ‘front runner’ who supposedly was sailing to victory.  Hillary’s margin of win in Kentucky was only 1923 votes whereas Sanders won by 43,208 votes in Oregon.


Most of the wins in the southern states by Hillary were won via black voters who are mainly a minority population.  Less than 12% of the vote which can’t carry a national election. Instead of courting Sanders voters, Hillary has declared war on them and will use hook and crook to win including having the head of the DNC in Congress snarl and snap at them and tell them to go to hell…way to go!  Sure to win elections in the future!


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16 responses to “Sanders Slaughters Clinton In Oregon, Near Tie In Kentucky, Anti-Hillary Riot At Nevada Convention

  1. Lou

    Off topic—In Elaines old neighborhood—

    Susan Rice suing— This is the same “lady” that is suing North Carolina over transgender bathrooms and rights.

    Sorry to break it to you Mrs. Large and In Charge, but the black community isn’t very accepting of gays and of transgenders in particular. Here is a recent example of how their “rainbow coalition” is anything but a harmonious paradise:

    The 32-year-old victim, who police say identifies as male, was set upon by five men as he walked along Ninth St. between Seventh and Eighth Aves. in Park Slope at about 11:30 a.m. Friday.

    “What are you looking at, you white faggott?” one of the men yelled.

    They then started punching the victim repeatedly in the head and face, cops said.

    Police describe the attackers as black men, all in their late teens or early 20s.

    Beating up and killing transgenders seems to be a way of life in the black “community”.

  2. e sutton


    White people are absolutely shocked that negroes are not accepting of gays. That is why it is so funny to watch what is going down in Europe right now. All the whites who have been singing ¨Kumbaya¨ since forever are getting their asses handed to them, literally, by the new kids in town (that would be, ahem…..Muslims).

    Yes, those pretty blonde haired, blue eyed social justice warriors are learning the hard way (sometimes literally) just how Muslims feel about them. Seems that Europe cannot bend over enough to accomodate their newest ¨citizens¨.

    Similarly, most blacks are about as welcoming and accepting of ¨diversity¨ as a pack of wolves welcoming an aged sheep. And while I don´t mind watching a culture or civilization commit suicide in mass, I really don´t appreciate being dragged along for the ride.

    If you want to see something get seriously f*d up, hire some negroes. I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

  3. e sutton

    I suppose if Mrs. Clinton does not win this election, we can expect to see a hissy fit on a grand scale. Her latest sell is that she would put Bill in charge of the economy. The mainstream media actually reported that with a straight face. The guy who set up the crash of 2008 by dissolving Glass Steagel is going to run the economy. Wall Street probably has not heard such good news since they heard that the current Negro in Chief would be the Jews errand boy for eight years.

  4. e sutton



    I see it as a way to slap China in the face for its alliance with Russia. The US has no interest in protecting any of our industries and nothing has changed. When Trump mentioned doing this, he was pilloried by the press. Now that it is happening under the Obama Administration, it´s all good. The way to tell when the US government is lying is when its lips are moving.

    What next? Border security? Don´t hold your breath on that one, either.

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Entertaining to watch:

    Watch This Swedish Reporter Systemically Destroy Transgenderism

  6. emsnews

    I have a transgender child!!!

    And she is lovely.

    And needs protection. Yes, blacks can be racist and illiberal. The ‘liberal co-olition’ is a creaky mess. We are watching contradictions abound and clash.

    Basic civil rights are won the hard way. I remember when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act.

    iMMEDIATELY I sued to change the laws about what students learn in school, demanding I be given the right to take shop and auto classes, etc. I won my case only when I was already going to university classes but at least I set the ball rolling.

    Now, I am cautioning people about pressing white males, this is dangerous and stupid. And women who have more rights now have to change, too. I always got along with men when working and my work ended up being construction which is 90% men even today.

    I can hold my own working alongside men only I am rather old now and not as strong as back in my prime and I need young bucks to do the heavy lifting…rats.

  7. Lou

    I have a transgender child!!! and what of that?

    Some believe in this and some do not believe [gender vs gender identity].
    I can think I am Napoleon. Believing does not make it so.
    BUT I can identify as that.

    Without meaning to mock anyone, pretend–

  8. tio

    So, let me get this straight, Darth Barry can issue an imperial edict from the sacred heights of Mount Doom. Being the honourable and deeply moral being that he is, he can, apparently, right the wrongs of an oppressed people with a stroke of his mighty pen. Huh – OK then. Did he order the carpet bombing of K-Street? The reinstatement of financial regulation? The demand for a two state solution? Corporations are not people? No. Darth Bazza in His infinite wisdom rules on transgender bathroom rights, a deeply sensitive issue best addressed by ANY other means than the one chosen. The result? This thread and pretty much every other thread has been high-jacked by a discussion that distracts us from the original content posted above.

    Ever get the feeling that you are being played like a fiddle?

  9. Mike in Pennsylvania

    @ Tio: Good one…Divide, distract, dismay, disgust….and conquer. Obama knows his part and plays it well. He shall have his reward.

    Speaking of, I wonder if Trump said anything about the transgender issue today??

  10. Petruchio

    I think the Elites of DC are so arrogant and so delusional they don’t know how to deal with the REAL prospect of defeat. I think they believe they can both get Mrs. Clinton nominated at the Democratic Convention (by hook or by crook) and put her in the White House. It was a big mistake for Sanders to public state that he would support the Dem candidate whomever it would be. Maybe if he were to say otherwise he might have a convenient–for the elites–heart attack. I’m starting to think these overindulged, overly inbred, insulated Elites actually think they can pull this off and get that sleazy, vile, disgusting warmongering hag Hillary Clinton into the White House. They may be wrong this time, imho.

  11. Lou

    Elaine—this may all be old news to you, or there may be a few new things you have not read;

  12. emsnews

    Hard for people to believe but the topic of bathrooms for transgender people is very important. Just like when I sued for the right to take ‘boy’s’ classes, people mocked me for this and then shut up over time.

    I have had many transgendered friends all of whom were very lovely people who had to struggle with their situation. Their civil rights really matter.

  13. Ken

    This comment is coming in a little late, and it is possible Elaine may not notice it. But it is worth a try.

    How exactly are you defining transgender? I looked it up on the internet and the term seems to cover a lot. It includes cross dressers, sex change operation patients, and people who feel an affinity for the opposite sex. If we’re going to pass laws we need some specificity.

  14. Jim R

    Good news for plumbers and construction workers: they’ll need to construct sixteen or seventeen restrooms for every public venue.

    One for pre-op trans-women who are attracted to cis-women, another for trans- attracted to cis-men, etc. and so forth and so on…

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