Dead Children Due To Careless Mothers In NYC

Bronx 3-year-old fatally hit by car was 12 feet behind mother when tragedy struck, police say – YouTube

US taxpayers pay ghetto mothers billions of dollars to raise children very badly.  This has led to financial and social chaos as mothers become the head of households to collect this money and have endless children because this is how they are paid and in turn, they have each generation, gotten worse and worse at raising children.  Today we have a typical example of taxpayer-raised children and their mothers not doing their jobs correctly:  Bronx 3-year-old fatally hit by car was 12 feet behind mom: cops – NY Daily News reports.


A 3-year-old girl was trailing behind her mother by roughly 12 feet when she was fatally mowed down while crossing a South Bronx intersection, cops said Tuesday.


Surveillance video captured the moment a Nissan Altima slammed into little Mariam Dansoko as she and her mother were crossing 164th St. near Gerard Ave. against the red light Monday morning, cops said…


So, the mother wandered illegally into heavy traffic at midday in NYC and her toddler child was wandering somewhere behind trying to catch up with mommy who is darting into traffic.  The family of this neglected child rush to the media to complain about everyone else and demand the whole world look out for them when they barge illegally into traffic, etc.


“I really want to talk to him (the driver who couldn’t see the small child) and know where he was turning … if he didn’t see us?” Mariam’s distraught mom said Tuesday as her family was still finalizing funeral arrangements…In June 2012, Kebe was watching her 4-year-old brother, Ebrahim, when he darted into traffic in Mount Hope — running into the path of a Chrysler minivan.


Kebe was 39 weeks pregnant with Mariam — and unable to stop Ebrahim before he was struck.


Why isn’t this murderous mother arrested?  She did this TWICE and in a few years.  She is obviously incapable of being a mother and she should cease being on welfare which pays her to raise children.  I don’t know if rage will rise enough to do something about this horrible mother.  I don’t live in the City anymore and can’t call for her arrest down there.

Incense Fueled Bronx Fire – YouTube

Same day, a similar stupid story of parents unable to raise children properly:  Bronx mom whose daughters died in fire left tots alone often – NY Daily News


Sources told the Daily News that the mother might have disabled the alarms Wednesday before lighting some incense, heading to a laundromat and leaving the doomed toddlers unsupervised…But there was no warning of the deadly flames until smoke started pouring from the windows of third-floor apartment — too late to save the helpless girls.


“They always burn incense by the window and she leaves the kids home all alone,” neighbor Chantay Foi, 31, told The News on Thursday…Family members said the woman immigrated from Gambia in West Africa about two years ago…Her husband, Bully Jabbie, a livery cab driver, was praying in the mosque when he learned about the death of his girls. A funeral was expected Saturday for the two children.


Neither has been arrested yet.  Are they legal aliens?  I seriously doubt this.


Not just New York, we see this in California, too: Cops Bust the Potty Reporter — FTVLive


It appears that Lowe decided to relieve himself while covering a story about a man in Goodyear that is accused of sacrificing family dog in smoker because he didn’t like his daughter’s T-shirt.


The guy burning his dog is insane and I bet, probably an illegal alien this being California.  And the reporter was animalistic, too.  I thought I would post these stories today just for the hell of it.  Civilization is a slender, thin layer of socialization, isn’t it?


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10 responses to “Dead Children Due To Careless Mothers In NYC

  1. Petruchio

    Blacks in the US have a 72% chance of being born to a single mommy. Highest of any racial group. I’m always reminded of that when I see these athletes on tv saying how important family is to them. Yes, sometimes that’s true, but is FAR from typical.. Maybe f society would stop coddling single mommies there might be fewer single mommies?

  2. Lou

    seen elsewhere–Memphis, TN. I have ever seen billboards telling ghetto residents to not throw unwanted infants in the garbage.

    Memphis is also where the police put up a billboard that warned tourists about not being able to protect them.

    It is also the city that kicked out First 48 for showing what happens there.

  3. Lucinda

    So when every “ghetto mother” is cut off all the racist whites who complain non stop about ghettos would take these children in and raise them as their own and give them a proper upbringing.

    That is what will happen right? Since they all seem so concerned I’m sure that is what would happen.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Various policies prevent potential white parents from adopting minority children. This started during the 70’s when minority groups were stating that children being adopted outside their race had poor racial identity.

    That was never my problem. I never felt less Native, I can see it every time I look in the mirror. And I’m glad I was adopted before these NAZI yes, NAZI policies were instituted by the left. Because of racial identity politics less minority children are adopted. If they are, they are ripped away from white parents (this was the case with a Native American child just a few months ago). These policies hurt black children the most and they are adopted the least. And It isn’t because of uninterested or racist potential white parents.

    Children now born are already in the welfare system. But welfare should definitely be changed to not award recipients (all white, black and brown) in the future for pumping out illegitimate children. Nor should it award illegal aliens running our border so they can push out their brats on American soil.

  5. Petruchio

    @#3 Lucinda: you are extremely quick to let the black single mothers (that’s really what “ghetto mothers” are) off the hook. THEY are the ones who had sex, knew they could get pregnant–but did it anyway. And there are very effective birth control measures out there; very successful in preventing pregnancy. Letting black mothers off the hook as easy as people like you want is like saying, “Let’s not arrest Johnny for robbing the liquor store because he grew up in poverty.” Nice “Get out of Jail” card if you can get it.

  6. Lou

    Elaine, remember the junior scientist in texas with the ‘activist’ dad?
    Bomb clock boy— via ‘occidental observer’-

    the BBC, presenting views that express concern for Arab security, identity and social harmony when the same but proportionately greater threats of terrorism and non-integration exist for Europeans beset by the immigration nightmare, must be their idea of “speaking peace unto nation.”

    Qatar however reserves refuge for very special individuals, like last year’s break-out hoaxer, “Islamophobia clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed, whose bomb-looking clock in a suitcase provoked a reaction by authorities deemed racist and Islamophobic. Ahmed was uncooperative and passive-aggressive with police investigations, likely instructions provided by his Muslim activist father, who has previously been part of a media circus set up with Florida reverend Terry Jones of “Quran on trial” fame.

    Still, Ahmed became the improvised martyr for President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard and even NASA — perhaps envisaging a career in ballistics.

    Striving for social justice in America appears not to have meant much to Ahmed’s family, who promptly pulled up stakes in Irving (Texas) and left for Doha in an undisclosed arrangement. However, the Texan predilection for everything bigger seems to have rubbed off on the Mohameds, as they are suing the school and city of Irving for $15 million.

  7. emsnews

    The insanity on the right wing is equally obvious: they are totally anti-birth control so they can’t demand women stop having children.

  8. Christian W

    Well, toddlers are more dangerous to US citizens than terrorists (even Mosleem Terrarists! gasp!) and have started to fight back!

  9. Christian W

    Then again I saw someone say that the US is run by toddlers with access to money and weapons – hard to disagree with that one isn’t it. Where is the (grown up) adult supervision?

  10. Lou

    I dont know who comment #7 is aimed at. I know BC pills etc are readily available so EMS es comment 7 is at best a strawman.

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