Multi-Mansion, Yacht Owning Actor DiCaprio Lectures Us On Consuming Energy Is Evil

Peek Inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s $23-Million Malibu Mansion – YouTube

Leonardo DiCaprio accused of hypocrisy after taking a private jet to pick up an ENVIRONMENTAL award in New York… before flying back for another star-studded gala in France because, like all the other super-rich, he loves to lord it over all of us while preaching to us how we must downsize to save the planet.  Stop consuming and live in huts, he demands, while living in multiple mansions and flying private jets just like the Pope who loves doing this sort of thing, it comes with his job.  Al Gore does this, too, as does Hillary Clinton.  All of these utter hypocrites want US to run around wearing hair shirts, whipping our backs for ‘destroying the earth’ while they devour massive amounts of natural resources, living a super-high life of luxury and fun.


But a source told Page Six the actor didn’t book his own trips but instead ‘hitched a ride’ with someone doing the same journey. DiCaprio, who devoted his Oscars speech to climate change, took six private jets in six weeks in 2014 according to leaked documents…


The actor was also criticized in July last year when he spent a week sailing around the Mediterranean on his luxury yacht – right after receiving another award for his environmental work.


So, his lame excuse is, he merely ‘hitches rides’ with the super rich?  So, it is perfectly OK to destroy the planet earth so long as one is doing this at another rich person’s request?  This isn’t mere hypocrisy, it is criminal excuses.  Either this stupid clown is too dumb to figure out that if he constantly ‘hitches rides’ on private jets so he can roam the planet for fun or he is…pure evil and actively enjoys tormenting the rest of us like a lad pulling wings off a flies for fun while bored in school.


What do all these fake environmentalists do when hobnobbing and hitching rides with each other as they span the planet, just to go to parties?  Well, I can guess: they laugh at the rest of us, the sincere believers who do as these creeps say, and try desperately to save our planet.  But then, ask any ‘environmentalist’ young person about future plans and that person will boast about all the travel plans, via jets, he or she will do for various flimsy excuses to travel.


Leonardo also has multiple expensive mansions so he has homes away from home when he is jet-setting around the dying planet earth that is dangerously too hot:  Leonardo DiCaprio auctions off week at his mansion yesterday.


A week-long vacation for 12 guests at DiCaprio’s house in Palm Springs from from 16 to 23 January next year sold for $336,000 at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, a second week in DiCaprio’s home was then put up for sale at the the French resort’s Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc, which fetched a comparatively paltry $112,000 (83,777).


At last year’s amfAR Gala, Leonardo sold off the chance to have dinner with him on his yacht for $280,000.


And yes, he has a yacht, too.  So surprise.  And it isn’t a sail boat, either.


Inside Leo DiCaprio’s $5,000 a night Hamptons rental | Page Six


Leonardo DiCaprio found the perfect Hamptons party house — if only for a weekend.  Sources tell Page Six the “Titanic” actor shelled out a whopping $5,000 to spend Saturday at the 8,000-square-foot home at 2 Oakwood Ct. in Wainscott, NY.


Maybe a shark will eat him this weekend.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Environmental Hypocrite | Fellowship of the Minds

Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 6.25.21 AM

Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 6.25.43 AM

And this is how our preachers live.  In olden days, the Catholic Church would preach about how poverty was holy while living in huge palaces and taxing the peasants at a ferocious rate and burning at the stake, anyone who questioned this.  The modern Pope and his minions want to punish anyone who dares to live slightly higher than medieval serfs, too.


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8 responses to “Multi-Mansion, Yacht Owning Actor DiCaprio Lectures Us On Consuming Energy Is Evil

  1. Jim R

    There are a few examples of rich people who live in relatively modest houses, but of course they are the exception rather than the rule. Some of the ‘Doomstead Diner’ folks have also adopted energy conserving lifestyles.

    And Elaine’s hand-built chateau in the hills of Rensselaer looks like a comfy place as well.

    By the logic of modern banking, where they count those nothing-down mortgages they wrote in 2006 as if it were 30 years from now and they had been fully paid off, the posession of a single maple seed should entitle you to about a squdgintillion-dollar carbon credit, because that seed counts as a great carbon-eating maple forest!

    … guess the check got lost in the mail …

  2. “Posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring”
    There are more ways to separate the rich and foolish from their money than I knew.

  3. Lou

    He had his jet fly ‘across the pond’ to retrieve a personal item?

    and off topic but you may enjoy—-this is real snowflake stuff–

  4. Lou

    Beatles song, ‘Blue Jay way’ is about one of teh ‘bird named streets’ above sunset.
    A limo driver to the stars told me Leo had or has a house there. Near Courtney Coxe? and That jazz singer from Canada [who doesnt tip] Mike Bublet? Boobley?

  5. Petruchio

    “At last year’s amfAR Gala, Leonardo sold off the chance to have dinner with him on his yacht for $280,000” I want to see a picture of the absolute moron who paid $280 G’s to have steak and lobster with Leo! First off, I need to know if this story is true or just some kind of publicity stunt. Who is dumb enough to do this??!! BTW: I will mention just in passing how many homeless people could be helped with a $280,000 donation.

  6. Petruchio

    Well I can cut Leo a little slack here. When you make the amounts of money DiCaprio makes, why NOT spend $5 G’s at the Hamptons? DiCaprio can afford it. You can’t expect guys like Leo DiCaprio to live in $1500 a month apartments. No, it’s the hypocrisy that gets to me. Folks like DiCaprio should just stay out of certain issues and concentrate on things like bedding down the latest and hottest supermodel of the moment. That’s their style. Now Mrs. Clinton and Al Gore and those types, they are members of the political wh#re class. No excuses for them. Arrest all of them.

  7. Seraphim

    Do I remember correctly that one of the most “attaching” characters played by Di Caprio, which propelled him from “heartthrob to Hollywood heavyweight” was that of a swindler con man cum forger of cheques, impersonating a Pan American World Airways pilot? He showed a precocious love for aviation, money and the big life. The American Dream.

  8. Jim R

    Damn, look what the Arctic ice cap just did:

    I suppose it’s just a glitch, and they were adjusting their lens cap or smth…

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