The NYT Discovers That Black Thugs, Not Cops, Kill 98% All Blacks

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The NYT ruling elites decided it is time, due to Trump triumphing, to talk about how blacks are victims of black murderers but not talk about why the community has disintegrated as it moved more and more into former industrial giant cities that were utterly wrecked by free trade which the NYT peddles as a great thing that has no downsides.  The key family in today’s NYT expose story is typical of the average modern black family: adult males live with their mothers, not wives and very, very few of these men ever marry anyone.  Meanwhile, they have collectively, no father figures at all, just uncles and cousins who also live with their own moms, too.

Ladies! Hes Your Son, Not Your Man!! Pt 1 – YouTube: Sotomayor is an online commentator who talks about all this stuff and is often quite rude about it because he believes one has to be very noisy to be heard when the mainstream media buries this information and pretends the black community supports crime and fatherless children.


This tidbit hit the NY news this week: NYPD confiscate 2000 revolvers, handguns and cleavers from New York school kids | Daily Mail Online but I got it from England, it being easier to find NY news over there.  99%  of the guns and knives and other weapons picked up in the public schools of NYC were from black or Hispanic children.  I used to live in the slums of NYC and know very well how this works.


‘I’ll kill you’…is screamed followed by ‘I’ll kill you deader.’  I actually heard this exchange more than once!  And in each case, someone was killed!  Today, the NYT decided to once again, try to explain what is destroying the black and now, the Hispanic community (the murder rate of Hispanics killing each other is shooting upwards, literally and figuratively).  Untold Damage: America’s Overlooked Gun Violence – The New York Times


Screen shot 2016-05-19 at 9.22.50 PM

I decided to illustrate this story with the  most expensive modern painting on earth.  Very rich people vied with each other to possess this hideous monster of a painting and they think it is very expressive and valuable. It illustrates the reality of their own inner souls as well as what they are doing to society.


Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. Some experts suggest that helps explain why the drumbeat of dead and wounded does not inspire more outrage.


If any white person points this out, they are accused of being racist and liberals go nuts denying the facts.  I used to organize street patrols in black neighborhoods and worked with the Fortune Society to get black males out of prison and into working for a living honestly.  This was very dangerous work and it worked for me because I am also armed and thus, not a pushover.  The guys all respected me and those that worked hard benefited greatly but I retired from all that when I was 45 years old, long ago.


“Clearly, if it’s black-on-black, we don’t get the same attention because most people don’t identify with that. Most Americans are white,” said James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology at Northeastern University in Boston. “People think, ‘That’s not my world. That’s not going to happen to me.’ ”


Thus speaks the lunatics in the Ivory Tower who are protected from the inner city mob by cops who this guy obviously despises.  Instead, all my own life, most white people are terrified of blacks and move away as far as humanly possible from blacks and do this due to crime above and beyond all other factors.  They are SCARED.


Even this professor is scared, I bet.  I used to go deep into Newark at night to argue with my clients when their wives called me into their homes.  That takes courage and being armed…ahem.  I bet I was the only white woman to go into Newark at night into all black neighborhoods to discuss family difficulties.  Because of this, I was called names by liberals who thought they were not racist even when living in neighborhoods protected by white cops carrying guns.


Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia mayor, who is black, said that society would not be so complacent if whites were dying from gun violence at the same rate as blacks.


This is quite true.  Whites, when killed by lunatics like the school mass shooters, get very agitated when guns are used to kill white people.  The black mayor could have done this, too, but he didn’t get all enraged about black killers because he thinks this is normal which is why he did nothing about it except blame white people.


…Ali-Rashid Abdullah, 67 and broad-shouldered with a neatly trimmed gray beard, is an ex-convict turned outreach worker for Cincinnati’s Human Relations Commission. He or his co-workers were at the scenes of all five of Cincinnati’s shootings with four or more casualties last year, working the crowds outside the yellow police tape, trying to defuse the potential for further gunfire.


The Black Muslims have been at the forefront of trying to stop black killers, they worked with me in the past.  Abdul Malik and I got along just great and he was quite eloquent when talking to black men in prison, talking about how to avoid going back in which was to marry their women and work at normal jobs!


They see themselves as stop signs for young black men bound for self-destruction. They also see themselves as truth-tellers about the intersection of race and gun violence — a topic that neither the city’s mayor, who is white, nor its police chief, who is black, publicly addresses.


Yes, the Black Muslims are talking about this and the elected mayor and top cop won’t talk about this.  I saw this myself, years ago.


“White folks don’t want to say it because it’s politically incorrect, and black folks don’t know how to deal with it because it is their children pulling the trigger as well as being shot,” said Mr. Abdullah, who is black.


No one worries more about black-on-black violence than African-Americans. Surveys show that they are more fearful than whites that they will be crime victims and that they feel less safe in their neighborhoods…


African-Americans make up 44 percent of Cincinnati’s nearly 300,000 residents. But last year they accounted for 91 percent of shooting victims, and very likely the same share of suspects arrested in shootings, according to the city’s assistant police chief, Lt. Col. Paul Neudigate.,,


The utter social disintegration hammering the black community is spreading elsewhere as US workers at the bottom tiers are replaced either by illegal aliens or their jobs are exported or global warming liberals demand whole industries be shut down forever. The NYT endorses and pushes all these dire changes.  The Democratic party will happily talk about ‘saving jobs’ etc. but then betrays working class males in particular, eliminating their jobs while ordering them to ‘go to college and get a paper pushing job’.


I went to college years ago.  I was a German Studies major and one of the top students in this area way back in 1967.  By 1973, when I was pregnant with my first child, all…ALL major German department were eliminated brutally across the country as ‘worthless’ to my horror and now any foreign language field is a minor, not a major, and people teaching it are mostly foreigners paid a pittance.


So…I went into doing construction work and made good money doing this!  But not today.  Now, illegal aliens have driven down wages at work sites and do poor work, at that.  They are disposable people so if a number of them die while working,  who cares?  So illegal aliens work alongside global trade/global warming people to destroy the black community which used to be a great pool of labor for me in the past which is why I worked with the Fortune Society’s choice of prisoners, they learned to build houses.


Nationally, nearly half of last year’s shootings with four or more casualties ended in the same way: no arrest; often, not even a suspect. At least 160 assailants, responsible for 102 murders and 635 gun injuries, were still on the streets at year’s end…In Baltimore, the police have not solved any of 11 (mass) shootings last year. New Orleans made arrests in only one of eight cases; Chicago, two of 16…


And why is that?  Well, no one talks because the black community has disintegrated so thoroughly, it can no longer demand justice, only if outsiders like white people or cops are involved, then the screams for justice are deafening.


Detective Charles Zopfi had real hopes of arresting the gunmen behind a drive-by shooting here last September. About 20 people had gathered on a warm Monday night for a cookout in a parking lot beside an apartment building. “There were kids and older people, not your usual crowd of 16- to 23-year-old guys,” the detective said.


As a car sped down the street, someone fired at least 10 bullets out a window. Detective Zopfi said he knew from experience how people respond in such situations: They look in the direction of the gunfire, and only then dive for cover.


But eight months later, he said, he has been unable even to nail down whether the vehicle was black or green. He heard that of the five victims, a 30-year-old African-American man was left paralyzed from the waist down. But that man refused to take his phone calls, then changed his telephone number.


A wounded 3-year-old named Jabarri seemed the best hope of persuading witnesses to come forward, the detective said. Sometimes, the moral outrage over a child victim overwhelms the code of silence. And Jabarri, he said, was “the cutest little boy” who had smiled beguilingly at him from a hospital gurney even after being shot in the leg.


At the detective’s request, Jabarri’s mother agreed to meet with a reporter. But when the reporter showed up at her home, she backed out, pleading a haircut appointment. “The code of silence is strictly enforced,” the detective said.


I had one iron rule when taking on prisoners in New Jersey: they had to tell me the truth and admit their bad behavior.  Word spread quickly inside the prison that lying or excusing one’s crimes meant I would terminate the interview immediately.  I also had them talk to their mothers and girlfriends honestly, too.  It was a group effort and paid off.


Today, we have to coddle and lie about things and when cops learn there is omerta going on in black neighborhoods, they just give up.  They really don’t care in the end because it is a worthless effort, anyways.  So long as Al Sharpton who attacked me many years ago in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn when I was giving a speech in a black church, as long as that creep is the official spokesman for Brooklyn and NY we will have criminals running riot because he is a criminal and most of our politicians are literal crooks, the latest Democrats being Shelly Silver, once the head of the state legislator who was arrested and convicted for being a crook.

Pt 2 Ladies..He’s Your Son Not Your Man! Mom Painfully Shames Her Son On Americas Got Talent! – YouTube

And yes, Sotomayor hits the nail on the head when he talks about how black males are living with momma when they are middle aged men or younger and they leech off of her.  Here is a comment to the NYT article I liked:


Steve Sailer America 7 hours ago
The endless gun-control brouhaha, which on the surface appears to be a bitter battle between liberal and conservative whites, also features a cryptic racial angle. What blue-region white liberals actually want is for the government to disarm the dangerous urban minorities that threaten their safety. Red-region white conservatives, insulated by distance from the Crips and the Bloods, don’t care that white liberals are in peril. Besides, in sparsely populated Republican areas, where police response times are slow and the chances of drilling an innocent bystander are slim, guns make more sense for self-defense than in the cities and suburbs.


White liberals, angered by white conservatives’ lack of racial solidarity with them, yet bereft of any vocabulary for expressing such a verboten concept, pretend that they need gun control to protect them from gun-crazy rural rednecks, such as the ones Michael Moore demonized in “Bowling for Columbine,” thus further enraging red-region Republicans.


Very true indeed.  Rural rednecks are the villains de jure for liberals.  Rednecks are lower working class males like say, coal miners who were just dumped into the garbage pit by Obama because we are going to roast to death.

Screen shot 2016-05-23 at 8.42.37 AM

Speaking of the sun, we have some sun spot activity!  This solar cycle is very weak and thanks to this sun spot activity, the next five days will be warm…the first really warm weather for me since February!   The sun spot business has been utterly annihilated from discussion about how warm it is even as we are nearing the end of the present Interglacial.


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25 responses to “The NYT Discovers That Black Thugs, Not Cops, Kill 98% All Blacks

  1. Lou

    Leftists, Liberals, feminists dont want to face the facts.
    Theres a book, ‘Against Our Will, Men, Women and Rape.’ Does not mention race.

    Look at the race of the rapist. Murder?
    Blacks kill a lot of Whites as well.
    Meanwhile Ms Rice [white mama, black dad and married to Yt -whitey]

  2. Christian W

    Sorry, don’t want to hog all the comment section but some thoughts struck me reading this piece by Elaine:

    ALL major German department were eliminated brutally across the country as ‘worthless’ to my horror and now any foreign language field is a minor, not a major, and people teaching it are mostly foreigners paid a pittance.

    Now this is an interesting phenomenon. I could understand it if some specific university or college decided to stop teaching a language or two. But when all foreign languages were eliminated across the board and at the same time someone must have made a big decision, and the universities didn’t dare say no.

    So, who made this decision and why? I have my suspicions but maybe someone with direct knowledge can chime in here?


    ELAINE: NIXON. It was him, damn it.

  3. Christian W

    Compare: Instead, all my own life, most white people are terrified of blacks and move away as far as humanly possible from blacks and do this due to crime above and beyond all other factors. They are SCARED.

    With: No one worries more about black-on-black violence than African-Americans. Surveys show that they are more fearful than whites that they will be crime victims and that they feel less safe in their neighborhoods…

    So, white people move away while the black people are trapped, even if they are equally, or even more, scared.

  4. Lou

    Christian, you are in Europe and have spent little time around Africans, yes?
    Elaine and many at this blog have spent much time around Africans.
    One reason black areas [I wont call such places communities] are so dangerous is the ‘no snitch’ rule.


    And only Blacks are to blame for this rule. And Blacks observe it.

    Serial Killer Lon Franklin might not have killed 100-300? women IF
    Blacks had turned him in for the stolen car crimes he also committed.
    ‘Thats just Lonnie’ is a news quote.

  5. Lou

    There is an excellent website that covers the carnage in Chicago, damn near in real time: The numbers just for this weekend are worse than some cities will see for ALL of 2016 . . .

    From their front page
    “This Weekend’s Stupidity”

    The last two years saw summer kick off this very weekend with the annual Memorial Day – This year, we get another week of practice in before the summer shooting season officially begins on the 27th.

    Stupidity Tally as of 8:00p: 5 killed, 32 wounded

    2015 Memorial Day* tally: 12 killed, 45 wounded

    2014 Memorial Day* tally: 8 killed, 21 wounded

    Friday 5/20
    3:50p 3500 S State, Douglas, F/49 (story)
    3:50p 3500 S State, Douglas, M/19
    7:10p 5100 W Division, Austin, M/18
    8:00p 12300 S Wentworth, West Pullman, M/22
    9:40p 300 S Cicero, Austin, M/23
    9:40p 300 S Cicero, Austin, F/24

    Friday- 6 shootings. 1 killed, 5 wounded.
    Batting Average: .166

    Saturday 5/21
    12:20a 4300 S State, Grand Boulevard, M/23
    12:20a 100 W Garfield, Washington Park,M/30
    12:30a 2400 N Laramie, Belmont Cragin, M/23
    2:00a 2700 W North, West Town, M/24
    3:00a 7900 S Ellis, Chatham, M/35
    6:55a 900 N Homan, Humboldt Park, M/33
    4:35p 3600 W 13th, North Lawndale, M/21
    6:10p 6600 S Champlain, Woodlawn, F/28
    6:15p 1000 W 92nd, Washington Heights, M/20
    7:00p 4300 W Hirsch, Humboldt Park, M/18
    7:00p 4300 W Hirsch, Humboldt Park, M/19
    7:00p 4300 W Hirsch, Humboldt Park, M/29
    7:30p 11500 S Stewart, West Pullman, M/19
    7:40p 1600 W 89th, Auburn Gresham, F/26
    7:40p 7000 S Carpenter, Englewood, M/26
    8:40p 6300 S Normal, Englewood, M/21
    8:40p 6300 S Normal, Englewood, M/27
    8:40p 6300 S Normal, Englewood, M/31
    9:55p 4700 S Evans, Grand Boulevard, M/18
    11:50p 520 S Cicero, Austin, M/27

    Saturday- 20 shootings. 3 killed, 17 wounded. Batting average: .150

    Sunday 5/22
    2:40a 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/27
    2:40a 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, F/37
    2:45a 5100 W Madison, Austin, M/20
    2:45a 5100 W Madison, Austin, M/35
    2:45a 5100 W Madison, Austin, M/36
    4:30a 4100 W Adams, Garfield Park, F/25
    6:30a 3100 W Division, West Town, M/23
    10:00a 3000 W 59th, Gage Park, M/17
    10:00a 3600 W Lexington, Garfield Park,M/26
    4:00p 6900 S Wabash, Grand Crossing, M/20

    So far for Sunday: 10 shootings. 1 dead, 9 injured. Batting average: .100

    These stats are for the weekend in progress, current as of 8PM CDT. These stats ONLY cover the TNB within the Chicago City Limits. NONE of the die-veristy in the suburbs or North West Indiana (the rest of Chicagoland) is included. Nor are any of the OTHER hotspots in Illinois or the rest of the USSA included. Chicago will break the 1400 mark for shootings tonight, about 62% of the total number for 2015, and it’s only May 22nd. The REAL fun starts NEXT weekend with Memorial Day – all this has just been “spring training.”

    We get stuck with the tab for ALL of this. ER costs, transport, hospitalization, surgery, rehab, medication and long term care. The big Health Care Networks own almost all the hospitals, so all these “write-downs” get spread out across thier holdings. Even if you live 5 states away and hardly ever go to see a GP, let alone to the ER, you get gouged to pay for the cost of saving

  6. Lou

    Cities ruined by LBJs policies and Blacks,
    , I can name you five without leaving my own state!

    1. Newark
    2. Passaic
    3. Camden
    4. Trenton
    5. Atlantic City
    Sadly, I must add the following to your NJ formerly lovely, but now negro-infested violent hellholes list

    East Orange
    New Brunswick
    The Plainfields
    I’ll take your five and raise you five.
    1. Detroit 2. Flint. 3. Saginaw 4. Pontiac. 5. Muskegon.
    Jersey ain’t got nothin on Michigan.

    St. Louis
    Kansas City

    — Hmmm, wonder why Portland and Seattle didn’t make this list?

    Detroit is the standard bearer, but Chicago is giving them a run for their money. The Somalis in Milwaukee give it a fighting chance, but Baltimore still has the Freddy Gray show trial that Mosby completely botched. This is the last summer that Bantus are going to be able to riot, assault, and loot without fear of consequence- since Trump is already ahead/neck and neck with Clinton she is royally screwed. Thanks BLM! Couldn’t have done it without you

  7. emsnews

    Every one of those cities were still habitable until the stupid free trade thing came along. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL HERE.

    Black workers were valuable once upon a time but then were found to be useless and DITTO WHITE LOWER CLASS MALES. Into the garbage heap for them all!

    I watched that happen in my own industry, close up.

  8. Christian W


    Well the Middle class is next. The economic model currently dominating can’t help but eat from below and swallow more and more people and classes. This is why the elites are desperate to feed more and more people into the monster they created. Right now it is the people in Africa, Latin America, Middle East (but not the Jews they are sacrosanct), Asia where they can, Eastern Europe and Russia if they can get at it, but also increasingly in the US and Southern Europe. 50% of Americans don’t have a dollar to their name.

    That is the ball game here. The elites will create more and more killing fields and waste lands to keep their own ball (as in party) going.

  9. Christian W

    So Nixon ended the language programs, but why? Did he do it on his own initiative? What was the logic behind this rather extreme move?

  10. Lou

    Every one of those cities were still habitable until the stupid free trade thing came along. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL HERE.

    That is a lie.

    I am keeping my eye out for facts.

    Those cities went downhill in the 1960s. Riots, Drugs, Crime. TNB.

    Due to LBJs ‘give away, great society’ and you have mentioned that yourself.
    plus the ‘you breed em we feed em’ Great Society has caused the ‘ferals’ to go from 12? million to 43? million.
    Facts are facts. NAFTA did not ruin those cities, ferals did.

  11. Lou

    Well the Middle class is next. Agreed.

    What is left of the middle class is being taxed and ‘bred’ to death.
    The mexicans and blacks can ‘afford’ to have 3-12 children. Whites 0-3.

  12. Lou

    Perhaps EMS can do a thread on the [kid you not] ‘Freddie Grey Memorial center’ and Beyonce has Freddies mom in her latest movie clip.

    Oh, did I post this?
    The Portland School Board

    The school board of Portland, Oregon, has passed a resolution banning any books that express any skepticism about climate change alarmism:

    The Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution this week that bans textbooks and other teaching materials that deny climate change exists or cast doubt on whether humans are to blame.

    It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,” Lincoln High School student Gaby Lemieux said during board testimony Tuesday. “Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.”

    Bill Bigelow, editor of the ReThinking Schools online magazine and co-author of a textbook on environmental education, worked with several environmental groups to present the resolution, the Tribune reported.

    “A lot of the text materials are kind of thick with the language of doubt, and obviously the science says otherwise,” Mr. Bigelow said. “We don’t want kids in Portland learning material courtesy of the fossil fuel industry.”

    He took particular issue with teaching materials that used iffy language when discussing climate change, like “might,” “may” and “could.”

    I’ve highlighted this last sentence because it means that Portland schools cannot use the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports on climate science, because those reports use the words “might,” “may,” and “could” throughout, along with the term “uncertain” or “uncertainty” (both of which appear hundreds of times in the IPCC reports on climate science).

    This, for example, from the summary of the 2013 IPCC climate science report:

    The size of this warming is broadly consistent with predictions of climate models, but it is also of the same magnitude as natural

  13. Lou

    Andlook— in every place where blacks are they cause havoc all out of whack with their numbers.
    Just saw a little town in Washington State which is the most unsafe city in the USA with a population of ~20K. Looked it up on Wikipedia and their Dindu population is nearly 20%! Whooda thunkit?

  14. Lou

    The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) employs 3000 drivers of subways and buses. The last I read was the drivers consist of 14 white females, 38 Hispanics and the rest African-American.

    The Metro (subway) has been rated one of the worst in the world. Many safety, maintenance, filthy stations, customer service, waste and crime related issues abound.
    The restrooms are always “out of service”. There is serious talk of shutting down portions of the system for months at a time in order to bring it up to minimum standards. Every day, there are negative articles in the Washington Post about the Metro. Please do a column on it.

  15. Lou

    .Rice, the half White married to a White, wants less Whites in leadership;\

    “According to Susan Rice, “Minorities still make up less than 20 percent of our senior diplomats,” and “less than 15 percent of senior military officers and senior intelligence officials.”

    Rice said the thing that “distinguishes” America “from so many other countries is not just the might of our military or the size of our economy,” but “our innovation, our fearlessness, and our diversity.””

    Rice is clueless to the fact that the reason for what she states in her second paragraph is completely explained by her first. Irony Of The Cenury!

    “Without tapping into America’s full range of backgrounds, ethnicity, language skills, and social and economic experiences, we’re leading in a complex world with one hand tied behind our back.”

    Yeah, nothing hampers success like a lack of black Africans. Honestly, not even negroes believe this. They know damn well they’d be starving and living in mud huts without YTs largesse.

  16. Lou

    Last one for now, I promise. I could go on but those who refuse to see will continue to be blind.

    I’m aware of black privilege.

    Black privilege is a condition where laws do not apply to you, you are not judged by school performance and grades, your work experience doesn’t matter, your criminal history does not matter, your behavior cannot be judged, how you dress, groom or speak cannot be judged.

    Your sobriety is never considered, you don’t need to earn money to eat or pay for a roof above your head. Your health costs have no relation to any behavior you engage in and are paid for you in any case.

    Despite being a predator, you are judged a victim. There is no expectation that you raise children you produce. You are celebrated by society for the simplest tasks, maybe graduating from high school or not killing another human being for 60 days.

    This is the world we live in. You tired of it?

  17. Lou

    I watched that happen in my own industry, close up.
    What industry?


    ELAINE: Construction. I built houses and built the house I live in.

  18. Petruchio

    “ALL major German department were eliminated brutally across the country as ‘worthless’ to my horror….” This is all part and parcel of the Ruling Elites plan to dumb down the average American. The Ruling Elites who run the USA were and ARE big fans of the Nazis. American-based Elites want to do to the average American what the Nazis wanted to do to the Russians after they conquered the Soviet Union. In a perfect Nazi world, Russians would only be educated enough to read traffic signs and count to 100. This is the America-based Elites plan for the USA. To see the progress of this, go on YouTube and search “How stupid are Americans?” I think the ignorance shown in these videos is disturbing.

  19. Petruchio

    @#5 Lou: The ruling elites LOVE to see this kind of violence among the black community; it’s what they wanted all along. I believe the gameplan of the ruling elites was, “Let the black people kill each other off. Problem solved”. Not so fast, ruling elites! I don’t know what the numbers truly are, but I am guessing that black women today in 2016 are having babies at as fast if not a faster rate than black women did in the 1950’s and 60’s. Blacks are killing each other at higher rates than than any other group. That’s the good part from the point of view of the elites. The bad part–according to the elites–is that black women are keeping up the pace of replacing every gang banging black boy who gets killed with at least one–and maybe two–to replace him.

  20. Lou

    Petruchio, IF Obama is the elite, he luvs Blacks.
    If he is a puppet, why is he doing so much for Blacks?

    ELAINE: Construction. I built houses and built the house I live in.
    How did the industry collapse?
    I thought that you had been a professional writer.

    $22 Billion in California Homes Sold to Chinese All-Cash …
    $22 Billion in California Homes Sold to Chinese All … $22 Billion in California Homes Sold to Chinese All-Cash … at Stonegate community in Irvine, …–most homes in Irvine sold to Chinese, for cash.

  21. Petruchio

    Lou: I think the elites are not nearly as clever as they think they are. The elites are overindulged, over protected and overinsulated from ANY consequences for their actions. I use the phrase supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. I think the elites make plans, but they don’t anticipate some of the results. That’s where, imho, the inconsistencies come from…

  22. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    S2-D2 – Same stuff – different day!

    In the 1990s the LA Police Dept. “planned” the locations of their new stations, by reading the annual report from the DSHS on which neighborhoods the welfare moms & kids were being dumped in.

    The placement of new stations in the ‘quiet’ San Fernando Valley shocked some residents until the kids grew-up and started shooting each other in the 2000s.

    A friend in Long Beach saw the ‘new police station’ in his neighborhood and asked the LB cops why. They essentially answered, ‘too many welfare families.’ He now lives in Missouri.

    By-the-way this whole social cluster-frag is caused by one factor and one factor only:


    Since it is now literally a ‘crime’ to act like, much less be a Father in the united-satanic-feminist-state, there will be NO solution to urban warfare among teenagers of any color until they are in the custody of their Fathers!

    Note how Tommy Sotomayor sees the problem, but can’t connect the dots with Fatherless-ness:

    Stay in there and pitch!



    ELAINE: Thank you for repeating the videos I posted above. 🙂

  23. Lou

    PFO — I have been to the valley many times. Some parts are third world.

    In Mexico, families are intact, usually. Yet Mexico is a mess [and no Hitlery ‘USA is not to blame’].
    So I disagree with—– this whole social cluster-frag is caused by one factor and one factor only: NO FATHERS!

  24. PFO

    Hello Lou,

    My last visit to the San Fernando Valley was in 2007 and I also saw 2nd. & 3rd. world areas. Yet in 1977, when I first visited it was just another quiet, shady suburb of LA. It seems we saw the same results LAPD anticipated with the help of California DSHS data in 1992 – Fatherless 15 year olds of ALL colors fighting an urban war with each other.

    As for Mexico, or any other European or Asian country I’ve visited – I also noted Father led “families are intact, usually”, even though the society around them has degenerated into high-crime and street violence, again fomented by predominately fatherless boys.

    In ALL the countries I’ve visited the “feminist” father hating – family busting social manipulation imposed upon them by the imperial US was so bad, that even Pope John Paul II noted this imperial hegemony in several of his encyclicals in the 1990s.

    You can call it “Hitlery ‘USA” [whatever that means], capitalism – chauvinism – communism – socialism – etc. but it ALL results in the same thing. And the universal result is busted fatherless families.


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