Hispanics Riot At NM Trump Rally, Obamas Plan To Keep Daughter In Private DC High Class School

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Trump rally erupts in violence: New Mexico protesters storm speech and clash with police – overturning barricades, setting fires and chanting ‘shut it down’ – as many flee the sound of ‘gunshots’ as mainly Hispanic protestors show anger over any idea of stopping the flood of illegal aliens and incidentally, I would assume many of the rioters were either illegal aliens or born in the US as anchor babies.  Barack and Michelle Obama choose Kalorama suburb as their post-White House home so they can be close to the private school their youngest daughter attends which happens to be ’embassy row’ in DC and has many, many more police than the black neighborhoods and also near-zero murder rate.

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Here is a picture from the Sidwell Friends School showing how it is integrated, note the United Farm Workers emblem next to the US government emblem on the wall behind the children of the elites.  Sidwell costs $24,000 a year which is the cost of the more expensive university schools!  DC Schools: $29,349 Per Pupil, 83% Not Proficient in Reading but the money pours in, the average DC student could go to Yale on this money!

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This is what the extra $5,000 per student buys in Washington, DC: Students Riot at Dunbar High School Washington DC 9 28 2014 – YouTube

Dunbar High student arrested after allegedly attacking teacher – YouTube

I picked out this high school because it is close to the private, cheaper school.  And it is nearly totally black with increasing numbers of Hispanic students.  This is right under Obama’s nose and he didn’t send either daughter to this school.  Unlike previous Presidents, this one sold himself as ‘one of you dudes’ who came from the ghetto even though he was raised by white grandparents and didn’t know his dad virtually at all like many black children today.  Now on to the radicals fighting Trump for talking about any of this:

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Note that there are Hispanic and blacks at this event and the security is only stopping one anti-Republican demonstrator.  This story was NOT headline, top news in the major DC/NYC papers of the Washington Post nor the NYT.  Both want us to vote for the Status Quo but many demonstrators are not that at all, they want more, not less and think that rioting is the road to success.


All this ties into Crime in Washington, D.C. which ran out of control for several generations.


A number of special initiatives undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Department in order to combat violent crime have gained particular public attention. Most notable are the city’s use of “crime emergencies”, which when declared by the Chief of Police, allow the city to temporarily suspend officer schedules and assign additional overtime in order to increase police presence.[23]


Despite the fact that crime emergencies do appear to reduce crime when enacted,[24] critics fault the city for relying on such temporary stop-gap measures.[25] In 2003, the city launched its Gang Intervention Project to combat the then-recent upward trend in Latino gang violence, primarily in the Columbia Heights and Shaw neighborhoods. The initiative was claimed a success when gang-related violence declined almost 90% from the start of the program to November 2006.[26]


The most controversial program designed to deter crime was a system of police checkpoints in neighborhoods particularly affected by violence. The checkpoints, in place from April 2008 through June 2008,[27] were used in the Trinidad neighborhood of Northeast Washington. The program operated by stopping cars entering a police-designated area; officers then turned away those individuals who did not live or have business in the neighborhood. Despite protests by residents, the MPD claimed the checkpoints to be a successful tool in preventing violent crime.[28] However, in July 2010, a federal appeals court found that the checkpoints violated residents’ constitutional rights. The police had no plans to continue to use the practice—with declining crime rates—but D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles said that officers would work to find a “more creative way to deal with very unusual circumstances that is consistent with the Fourth Amendment.”[29]


What is this ‘more creative way’ of dealing with black crime?  Here are the crime stats for the new neighborhood the Obamas will live:

Screen shot 2016-05-25 at 7.58.36 AM

Kalorama, Washington, DC Crime Rates & Statistics: nearly the only crimes are muggings and stealing from homes.  In Chicago which is run by one of Obama’s buddies, has this news: Innocent Chicago woman gunned down outside Starbucks right next to the police station.  A side story from this week:  Former NBA star Etan Thomas says white woman refused to let him sit next to her but when he saw that a smaller (he is nearly seven feet tall!) white man was allowed to sit next to her, he berated her in public calling her a ‘racist’.  The idea that he is gigantic and thus, takes up a lot more room and looks kind of scary with his very long dreadlocks, didn’t occur to him at all.


The idea that dressing like a mugger causes people to be scared isn’t racism, it is rational thinking.  A seven foot tall angry black man with dreadlocks hanging below the shoulders is by definition ‘very scary’ to any woman, black or white.


Now on to more news that I saw today as headlines:  The US has seen many jobs replaced by foreign labor because the business owners don’t want to pay a fair wage and here is an example in the news this week:  For many Somali refugees, the meat industry offers hope — then takes it away | The Washington Post


 And then, one day early last year, a bus pulled up to the Greyhound station and out came the latest arrival to the growing neighborhood known as “Little Somalia.” Mohamed Ahmed, 23, held one suitcase and clutched a plastic bag with migration documents — the evidence of a trek in which he’d fled warring Somalia as a young child, lost his father and spent years living with the remainder of his family under a United Nations tent in the Kenyan desert. His journey to America had been nearly two decades in the making, and now he was coming to its heartland — as were thousands of other Somali refugees — to take a grisly job that few others in his new country wanted to take.


Ahmed had heard from a relative that the job was hard; some workers showed up and lasted a year. Others bailed within weeks. But Ahmed figured, at least at the time, that not even the United States’ bleakest economic realities could stifle his hopes for the future: He wanted to save money and, eventually, earn a high school diploma and a college degree. So after a two-day bus ride from Mobile, Ala., the city where he’d initially been settled as a refugee, Ahmed arrived in Liberal and headed straight to National Beef, the slaughterhouse on the edge of town. That week, he became the plant’s newest Somali employee.


Though meatpacking plants have long relied on labor by immigrants, particularly Hispanics, major companies have moved to hire Somalis, who have the dual advantage for employers of being legal and relatively cheap. In one slice of a changing low-wage America, these are the new ideal workers.


Only a decade earlier, meatpacking jobs went almost exclusively to Hispanics. But now more Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States than coming to work, and the number of unauthorized immigrants is receding after decades of growth…industries like meatpacking that had also been stung by a wave of immigration raids.


This is why our media owners push for more illegal and legal aliens: it makes our rulers and owners of industries richer.


Meanwhile, Goodbye, empty nest: Millennials staying longer with parents | Daily Mail Online


Median rents nationwide were surging at a 6 percent annual pace as recently as August, though they have slowed since. In fast-growing cities like San Francisco, Denver, and Portland, Oregon, rents rose last year at a double-digit pace.


Heavier student debt loads have sent more young people back to their parents’ nests, according to research last year by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


Other economists aren’t convinced that student debt plays a dominant role. They note that the proportion of young adults without college degrees who live with parents is especially high: Nearly 39 percent of those with only a high school degree were living with a parent in 2014, up from around 26 percent in 2000.


That compares with just 19 percent of young adult college grads living at home in 2014. That figure, though, is up sharply from 11 percent in 2000.


This story doesn’t cover everything at all.  The near 40% of young people living with momma are mainly black and Hispanic and are mostly males with children out of wedlock.  Girls get pregnant young and get their own domicile from the government.  This is yet another sign how our present society is set up to lock people into poverty via handouts that don’t require some sort of compromise such as women receiving it must be on birth controls so they can’t increase the family as they need more money.


On to other news, MS804 showed no sign of any technical fault ahead of take-off, say Egypt state media and since we are betting that Muslim radicals in Europe probably planted a bomb on the plane, it is already known that radical ISIS members have had jobs at the airport there in the past, there is now Not a visitor in sight at the Pyramids as Egypt’s tourism industry goes into freefall: Normally bustling site is deserted as fear of terror attacks keeps people away which is the intention of the terrorists.


Turkish Airlines plane with 134 people on board evacuated after bomb threat found on note in cabin shows that this sort of thing is spreading as fighting roars onwards in the Middle East.  No end in sight, nothing.  Everything the US does makes things worse, of course.


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12 responses to “Hispanics Riot At NM Trump Rally, Obamas Plan To Keep Daughter In Private DC High Class School

  1. Melponeme_k

    I love how Illegal Aliens rampage here because they are coddled by the elites wanting cheap labor. Illegals would never do this in their countries of origin in South America or Mexico because those countries would call out the army with orders to shoot to kill.

  2. Christian W

    Call out the army is exactly what the US elites did when the socialists wanted more power back in the day. The US government murdered over 1000 US citizens when workers demanded rights.

    Now, when the elites find ‘illegal aliens’ useful (breaking union power etc), it is as Mel points out.

  3. Petruchio

    “The idea that he is gigantic and thus, takes up a lot more room and looks kind of scary with his very long dreadlocks, didn’t occur to him at all.” For some people, anytime they can play the “Victim card”, they will.

  4. Melponeme_k


    The Mcdonald’s CEO issued this as a threat. But to me, it means he is already going to switch over to robot serviced fast food spots.


  5. Christian W

    Lots of “journalists” are being laid off too now. Why bother with “journalists” when all you need to get the propaganda out into the MSM is a bot or two? Critical thinking skills are superfluous and not wanted.

  6. Lou

    the reason for layoffs in Newspapers is our fault. people go to the web instead.

  7. Christian W

    People go to the web because the MSM is full of crap. And that is the fault of the “journalists” and their owners, not the readers who are being misinformed and lied to. It is not a “fault” for regular people to want to know what is really going on in the world.

  8. Petruchio

    @#’s 6,7 and 8: The owners of these giant media corporations do not want a lot of employees. They cost money for one thing, but even more important is the “fewer employees, the fewer the risk” factor. The more employees you have the better the likelihood that you will have to deal with a rebel. Someone who will note the BS/propaganda the networks are troweling out and expose it for what it is is a threat to the Media Co. owners and their agenda driven “Journalism”. Watch for it now: if the media owners layoff enough employees, the better the chances are that some small number of them will come forward with their behind-the-scenes stories. These are going to be stories the media rulers do not want to deal with–but they will have to. I wonder how long it will take for some of these former ‘journalists’ to figure out that they were HIGHLY disposable all along? Here’s to hoping the tell-all stories from the former employees are juicy ones. Everyone likes a scandal.

  9. Christian W

    In related news:

    “In Today’s Layoff News: Microsoft Fires 1,850; Intel Cuts 350; Shell Terminating 2,200”


    @ Petruchio

    Every now and then a journalist comes out and tells the truth about how manipulated MSM is – like Udo Ulfkotte in Germany eg

  10. Petruchio

    I noticed that our honorable president, Barack Obama bought a house in the DC area for $6.3 million. I guess being a thoroughly bought-and-paid-for President is starting to pay off for Barack and Michelle. I know Obama wrote a book, but that couldn’t have paid him a lot of dough and his job as President only pays about $280,000 (officially). Only leaves one other source of income. I wonder how they access their bribe money without getting caught?

  11. Lou

    Petruchio—the Obamas have been the recipients of much ‘generosity’ since their Chicago days. Are you aware of Michelles ‘fake’ job at the hospital? When she left, the ‘job’ disappeared.

    Elaine is good at ‘sleuthing’ these things and finding out the who-what-why aspects.

    On a very separate note, I turned on the radio at the end of a clip—another Indian won the big spelling bee, I guess by the sounds of it.

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